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Part . They are the champion.A. Keywords. adventurer, round-the-world journey, human power, circumnavigate, globe, Moksha, transport, route.Vocabulary. circumnavigate, do sth under one own steam, Greenwich Meridian Line, custom-designed, pedal-power boat,epic, kayak, in-line-skate, limb, amputate, spy, charity, hang up one boots, rolling, cozy, take the mickey, Colorado.A1. Listen to a passage about Jason Lewis, the circumnavigator.While listening, pay special attention to numbers and dates, write down in the blanks what those numbers or dates refer to.After years and 6,000 miles, a British adventurer has completed a round-the-world journey, using human power alone.Jason Lewis, 0, crossed 5 continents, oceans and 1 sea to become the first person to circumnavigate the globe under his own steam.He finally returned to the UK on Saturday, crossing the GreenWich Meridian Line, in his custom-designed 6 feet pedal-powered boat, Moksha.It was the same point where his journey began on ,July 199, when he was just 6 years old.Jason used a variety of modes of transport his epic journey, including cycling, swimming, kayaking and in-line skating.His route took him west from Britain to the USA, and then on to Australia, Asia and Africa, bee returning to Europe from the East.The journey was not without dangers.In Colorado, Jason was run over by a drunk driver while in-line skating at the side of the road.His spent 6 weeks in hospital and nearly had a limb amputated.As well as surviving the car accident, Jason was robbed and beaten several times on his journey, chased by a giant crocodile in Australia, and arrested by the Egyptian Military as a suspected spy.But on the way, he has raised money children charities around the world, as well as developing an education program school children based on his travels.What now the world traveller?Jason is happy to be back and may hang up his boots a while.;Ive seen enough deserts, Ive missed green rolling hills and cozy pubs, sitting by the fire drinking a pint of warm bear;, said Jason.;I do miss British humor, it nice to be with people who take the mickey out of each other.;A. Now listen again, after that, youre going to hear 5 statements.Decide whether they are true or false.Statements.1. Jason Lewis sailed around the world in a sailing boat.. He used only his own body to power a variety of vehicles.3. He returned to the same place where his journey began.. Doctors removed one of his legs after a traffic accident.5. He has generated funds charitable organizations.B. Keywords. ace, racing driver, mula 1, world champion.Vocabulary. ace, phenomenal, secure, consecutive, lap, reputed, spa, Ferrari.Listen to a passage about Michael Schumacher. Complete the fast facts about him.German ace Michael Schumacher is widely recognized as being the world best ever racing driver.In 1995, Michael became the youngest double mula 1 world champion (199 and 1995 seasons) ever.He is also the 00, 01 , and world champion.These phenomenal records speaks itself.In , he beat Juan Manuel Fangio five championships from the 1950, by taking his sixth.He has now retired from F1, at the end of season.The championship was secured by Michael bee its conclusion, making it title number 7.He did it by finishing second at Spa in Belgium, in Ferrari 700th race, to accumulate enough points to seal the deal.Michael also holds the F1 records : most career wins (91), most wins in a season ( in ),most career pole positions (66), most points during a season (8 in ),most consecutive world championships (5 from 00 to ), most consecutive race wins (7 in ),most laps leading (69), most fastest laps (76), plus several others.Michael is the highest paid racing driver in the world and second highest earning sportsman in the world,earning a reputed US 80 million dollars in (0 million dollars of which was his salary from Ferrari). 353585Today Minnesota, Interjections, Would rather, rather than, and rather prefer, ;smoking gun;Words:FargocurlingGeez!Man!Whoa!Oops!Ugh!Boo!Aha!Duh! 6001

Xf1kA#ibvOZ6P)EpW9fFqzr]bLFNm1|6uy0YKpI+Larry has the flu. His nose is running. He coughs a lot. He sneezes a lot. When he coughs, he covers his mouth. When he sneezes, he covers his mouth. When his nose is running, he wipes his nose with a tissue. Larry’s mother is taking care of him. She makes hot soup him. She gives him fresh orange juice. She makes him comtable in his bed. She turns on the TV so he can watch TV in his bed. She turns out the light so he can sleep in his bed. She gives him medicine so he will get better. Larry will get better soon.(KIxUegTb##b1UnqW|6Xn(gihyDW-HBPz5(PT9N|u.;B!lb3LTCcujJ(QrdAf9# 38A Word Warrior: Maxine Hong Kingston 文字勇士:汤婷婷Kingston was born in Stockton, Calinia 190, she was the 3rd of eight children to a Chinese immigrant parents, and the first to be born in America. Her American name, Maxine, was after a blonde who was always lucky in gambling. Ting Ting, her Chinese name, comes from a Chinese poem about self-reliance.汤婷婷于190年出生于加利福尼亚斯托克顿的一个中国移民家庭,家中有8个孩子,她排行第三,是家里第一个在美国出生的孩子她的英文名玛克辛取自一个赌运奇佳的金发女郎,中文名婷婷则来自一首关于自强自立的中文诗At the early part of her school education, she kept silent and her talking was terrible. When she was in the fourth grade and all of a sudden a poem came out of her. By the age of nine, her progress in English enabled her to write poems in her new language, and though she was a gifted story-teller, she preferred the solitary task of writing. An extremely bright student, she won eleven scholarship that allowed her to attend the University of Calinia at Berkeley. She began as an engineering major, but soon she switched to English literature.刚上学时,她十分沉默,不敢开口说话,后来读年级时,她的脑海里突然涌出一首诗9岁时,她的英语取得了很大进步,使她可以用英语写诗了她生来擅长讲故事,但她更喜欢静静地写作天资聪颖的她获得了项奖学金,并得到了去加利福尼亚伯克利分校学习的机会她开始攻读工程学,不久转读英国文学In 1976,while Kingston was teaching creative writing at a private school, she published her first book, The Woman Warrior. It details the experiences of first-generation Chinese Americans. It combines Chinese folk stories, myth, and her family’s experience as immigrants in the ed States. Though considered as a memoir, it was, in fact, a novel about Chinese in the world. It won the national Book Critics Circle Award, and became a literary classic.1976年,汤婷婷在一家私立学校教写作,当时出版了她的第一部作品《女战士,该书详细描述了第一代美籍华人的经历,巧妙地将中国民间故事、神话传说以及她的家庭漂洋过海到美国的经历揉合在一起尽管被视为传记,该书则是描述全球华人的作品并赢得了国家书籍奖,成为文学经典As well as being praised her literary works, Kingston must also be noted her vision of the kind of borderless world we could create if we try -now that we are all more or less world citizens, regardless of our origins. But more than that, if you substitute the word “Chinese” with “human” in Kingston’s passage, you have a question to pose the whole world. Kingston’s is a moral vision, one to guide not only writers, but all who challenge tradition, history and old-fashioned notions of identity.汤婷婷不仅以其文学作品广受赞誉,也因对世界无国界的展望而闻名:我们同为世界公民,不管我们是何种血统,只要努力,就可以创造出一个无国界的世界不仅如此,如果你将汤婷婷作品中的“华人”全部换成“人类”,你就对整个世界提出了问题她的作品是一种道德洞察,不仅可以指导作家,还可以指导所有挑战传统、挑战历史和挑战旧式身份认同观念的人 Kingston, writing has been central in her life. “My writing is an ongoing function, like breathing or eating,” she explains. “I have this habit of writing things down. Anything, and then some of it falls into place as in China Men and Woman Warrior.She admired the changes a storyteller can implement when she or he tells the same tale many times, and in her work, she tries to remain this freedom to change a story’s interpretation by guarding ambiguity in the static writing. Doubt is part of every story, not certainty, and this is part of what makes her writing unique.对汤婷婷来说,写作就是她的生活中心她解释道:“我觉得写作对我来说就像呼吸或吃饭,是种持续不断的技能我习惯随时随地写作,任何东西都可以写其中有些随笔写进了《唐人和《女战士中”她很羡慕那些讲故事的人,在每次复述故事时总能自如地使每次讲的故事有所不同在她自己的作品中,也尝试保持静态文字的模糊性,保留自由发挥的余地,令不同的读者有不同的阐释不确定性成为她作品的组成部分,这也是她的作品独一无二的部分原因 05[00:.37]知行英语[00:.35]Listen and Share[00:.6]Which tire was flat 哪个车胎爆了?[00:1.81]词汇扫描[00:5.81]Commy 社区[00:9.33]Flat tire 爆胎[00:33.]Understanding 通情达理的[00:38.99]英文原文[00:39.78]Four students walked in halfway through the American history test[00:3.6]my father was giving at the local commy college.[00:6.]"Sorry," they said, "we had a flat tire."[00:8.85]An understanding man,[00:50.9]Dad said that if they could all answer just one question correctly,[00:53.89]he would give them each an A the exam.[00:56.51]The students agreed.[00:57.80]So my father handed each one a piece of paper,[01:00.31]placed them in four separate corners and said,[01:.37]"Write down which tire was flat." [01:.7]中文大意[01:.67]逐句对照[01:8.81]Four students walked in halfway through the American history test[01:5.33]my father was giving at the local commy college.[:.80]"Sorry," they said, "we had a flat tire."[:.91]An understanding man,[:.]Dad said that if they could all answer just one question correctly,[:.90]he would give them each an A the exam.[:5.73]The students agreed.[:7.]So my father handed each one a piece of paper,[:9.3]placed them in four separate corners and said,[:31.50]"Write down which tire was flat." [:6.]多学一点[:9.70]commy 社区[:5.5]commy college 社区大学[:5.88]commy 居民区[:.55]Tragedy strikes the swimming commy.[:.3]commy[:3.31]flat tire 爆胎[:.]flat 平的[:30.]flat tire[:36.56]understanding 通情达理[:3.87]understanding 理解[:7.91]My understanding of the word does not agree with yours.[:57.58]重新听一次故事原文[:00.39]Four students walked in halfway through the American history test[:.51]my father was giving at the local commy college.[:.79]"Sorry," they said, "we had a flat tire."[:.3]An understanding man,[:.91]Dad said that if they could all answer just one question correctly,[:.]he would give them each an A the exam.[:.96]The students agreed.[:18.3]So my father handed each one a piece of paper,[:.88]placed them in four separate corners and said,[:.81]"Write down which tire was flat." 1977

American Playwrights–Arthur Miller; Mister RogersNeighborhood; to evoke versus to invoke; fluently versus fluency; pronouncing bought and boat, late and let, and beer and bearWords:povertyworking classanti-Semitismfaultyillusioncontemptto airbrainchildscriptto hostcardigansegmentto evoketo invokefluentlyfluency 7听笑话学英语:A good chess player 优秀象棋手一男士去拜访一位朋友,令他惊讶的是,他朋友竟然在和他的下象棋 他惊讶地看了会棋局,“我几乎无法相信自己的眼睛!”他叫道,“这是我见过的最聪明的了” “不,他没那么聪明,”朋友回答说:“五盘里面我赢了三盘” 7

American Presidents-Ronald Reagan; using suffixes; to persuade versus to convince; to bring aroundroundWords:to come to famewelfareincumbentwhoppingassassinationsupply-side economicslaissez-fairetrickle-down economicsdétenteto denouncewarmongeringto persuadeto convinceto bring aroundround 3898Voice : Our last letter today comes from Brother Sylvester in Kenya. He writes:声音:今天最后一封来信来自肯尼亚的西尔威斯特教友他写道:Voice 3: ;Dear Brothers and Sisters, praise the Lord! ... Your radio ... program is a blessing to everyone here in our church and we pray our heavenly Father God to strengthen you up and enable you to continue making programs.;声音3:亲爱的兄弟,赞美主!你们的广播节目对我们教会的所有人来说是种祝福,我们向父神祈祷,希望你们的节目越来越好,希望你们能一直制作这个节目Voice 1: We are happy that you enjoy our programs. Thank you the encouragement. And thank you so much your prayers. At Spotlight, we believe that prayer is very powerful. We will also pray you and your whole church!声音1:我们很高兴你喜欢我们的节目谢谢你的鼓励非常感谢你们的祷告在重点报道节目里,我们认为祷告的力量很强大我们也会为你和你所在的教会祈祷!Voice : Well, those are all the letters we have time today. Thank you listening to Spotlight. And thank you to Augusto, Victor, Jozef, and Brother Sylvester writing to us.声音:以上就是今天的所有来信谢谢大家收听重点报道节目谢谢奥古斯托、维克多、乔泽夫和西尔威斯特教友的来信译文属 6565iRe^~6|]Q#A-zP(zB*E*s_l|[[tABA*[C@KR#JbBrian sat down dinner. He sat down in the chair. He sat down at the table. He looked at his white plate. He looked at his silver k. He looked at his silver spoon. His dad said, “Pass me your plate, Brian.”His dad put white rice on the plate. His dad put yellow corn on the plate. His dad put green peas on theplate. He gave the plate back to Brian. “This looks delicious,” Brian said. “It is delicious,” his dadsaid. Brian wondered why corn was yellow. He wondered why peas were green. He wondered if there were yellow peas and green corn.z+;JFtQ%kGb3squI^~RllTfATamgfUaH.TGEdWN.6[!_a1l7PhIo9;U^pgZ 3735

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