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2018年12月10日 16:16:50 | 作者:百家大夫 | 来源:新华社
US public relations firm Ogilvy And Mather identified 12 emerging markets that will be key to middle-class consumer growth over the next decade - showing a shift to South Asia as the epicenter of future middle-class growth, according to its new report released Tuesday.美国公关公司奥美在周二发布的最新报告中确定了12个新兴市场,它们将是未来10年中产消费者增长的关键市场,预示着未来中产阶级增长的中心地带将转移至南亚。The South Asian markets focus principally on India, but include Pakistan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Indonesia and the Philippines. The vast arc of future growth extends up to China, and to Egypt, Nigeria, Mexico and Brazil in the other direction.南亚市场的中心主要在印度,但也包括巴基斯坦、孟加拉国、缅甸、印度尼西亚和菲律宾,一端延伸到中国,另一端则拓展到埃及、尼日利亚、墨西哥和巴西,它们在地图上连出了一条未来增长的巨大弧线。In the next 10 years, these 12 markets will be the source of the next billion middle-class consumers, Ogilvy And Mather said. They will create a critical tipping point as the middle class moves from a minority to the majority of the local population in many of these markets.奥美称,未来10年,这12个市场将涌现出10亿新的中产消费者。在这些市场当中,随着中产阶级的人数在当地人口中从少数变为多数,他们将会创造出一个关键的转折点。;The research shows the world as it will be in the not-too-distant future. A billion new middle-class members will literally change its shape.; said Miles Young, chairman and CEO of Ogilvy And Mather.奥美董事长兼首席执行官杨名皓称:“该研究呈现了世界市场在不太遥远的未来的样子,10亿新生中产阶层将确实地改变世界格局。”;Most Western businesses simply are not used to thinking this way. This means finding a new lexicon of growth, as the phrase #39;emerging market#39; now doesn#39;t fully describe the new realities.;“大多数西方企业根本就不习惯这样的思维方式。这意味着要找到一个新的描述增长的词汇,因为“新兴市场”这个短语现在并没有完全描述现在新的实际情况。”;These new dynamics are particularly relevant to China and Chinese businesses,; Young said.杨名皓表示,这些新变化对中国及中国企业尤其重要。 /201609/464309

Japanese carmaker Toyota says it will recall 1.43 million vehicles worldwide over faulty airbags. The cars affected are Prius and Lexus models from 2008 to 2012.日本汽车制造商丰田汽车今日表示,因安全气囊出现故障,将在全球范围内召回143万辆汽车。受影响的是2008年至2012年之间的普锐斯和雷克萨斯车型。Toyota and other carmakers have over the past years been rocked by millions of recalls over problems with airbags from Japanese supplier company Takata.在过去几年里,丰田和其他汽车制造商因日本供应商高田公司生产的安全气囊出现问题而召回了数百万辆车。The latest recall does not involve Takata products and the problem has not been linked to any fatalities or injuries.不过最新的召回不涉及高田的产品,且该问题还没有与任何死亡或受伤事件相关联。The recall includes some 495,000 cars sold in North America, 743,000 in Japan as well as vehicles in Europe, China and other regions.此次召回包括在北美销售的495000辆,日本的743000辆,以及在欧洲、中国和其他地区的车辆。In a statement relating to the US recall, the carmaker said the vehicles had an airbag inflator that could have a small crack in a weld which could widen over time.在有关美国销售车辆的召回声明中,该汽车制造商表示,这些车辆的安全气囊充气器的焊接中有个小裂缝,随着时间推移可能变大。The airbag could partially inflate and parts of the inflator could enter the vehicle interior, leading to ;an increased risk of injury;.该缺陷还可能造成安全气囊充气不足,使气体发生器弹入车内,增加事故受伤风险。Safety devices made by Takata have been linked to 11 deaths and more than 100 injuries. Globally, 12 carmakers have been affected with more than 100 million Takata-related recalls under way or expected.由高田公司生产的安全设备已经与11人死亡、100余人的受伤事件相关联。而在全球范围内,12家汽车制造商的1亿辆汽车正在或将要受到与高田相关的召回的影响。 /201607/453474

How To Teach Your Children Money Management如何教孩子理财In an uncertain economy, it’s important to provide young people with the tools they’ll need to make prudent financial decisions. Here are The Onion’s tips for talking to your children about money management:在一个不确定的经济环境中,为年轻人提供他们需要的理财工具很重要。下面就是“洋葱”为家长列出的帮助孩子理财的小贴士:#8226;Provide your child invaluable real-world experience by paying them below the poverty level for their manual labor.#8226;通过给孩子的体力劳动付贫困线以下的报酬,给孩子提供体验真实世界的宝贵机会。#8226;Require a PowerPoint presentation detailing projected quarterly profits before you agree to invest any of your capital in powdered lemonade mix.#8226;在你决定投资柠檬混合粉之前,要做一个季度利润ppt报告。#8226;Simulate the free market by having all of your children compete for a single allowance.#8226;通过让你的孩子们竞争独生子女费来模仿一个自由市场。#8226;Demonstrate the importance of proper savings by repeatedly overdrawing your family’s checking account and suffering devastating ulcers as a result.#8226;用不断透家庭票账户和承受严重溃疡的折磨,来明适当存款的重要性。#8226;Get your child excited about personal finance! Make some fun fake currency out of colorful construction paper and have your child put it in a pretend high-interest CD that they can’t touch for five years!#8226;让你的孩子对个人理财感兴趣!用各色画纸做一些假币,让孩子把它们投到一个假设的高收益CD上,5年不能碰。#8226;It might seem like a lot of work now, but investing a little extra time will ensure you find the translation of Marx’s Das Kapital that’s right for your kids.#8226;现在看起来可能有很多工作要做,但是投入一点额外时间就会让你的孩子发现马克思的《资本论》是很适合他们的。#8226;Make sure you’re very clear with your college-bound teen about the long-term risks of accumulating credit card debt, as they’ll have to weigh your warnings against the benefits of Capital One T-shirts and Frisbees.#8226;你要确保非常清楚自己上大学的孩子们的长期信用卡债务积累的风险。并且他们必须用你曾经给他们的警告来权衡买一件T恤和飞盘是否划算。#8226;Personal accountability is key. Remind your child that although you pay their bills now, they won’t be 33 forever.#8226;个人负责制是关键。要提醒你的孩子虽然你现在还为他们付账单,但他们不会永远是33岁。译文属! /201605/446227

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