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All wise people know that it takes sometime before a person can reach their goals and improve their life. And while this is a an unquestionable fact still this doesn#39;t mean that you can#39;t make small changes to your life to make it better in few weeks if not in few days!聪明人都知道,要实现自己的目标改善生活需要花费不少时间。这个事实毋庸置疑,但我们也可以做一些小的改变,来使得自己的生活在几周甚至几天之内得到改善!While you can#39;t reach your life goals overnight you still can take small actions that can help you live a better life almost instantly. Here is what you can do:你当然不可能一夜之间实现自己的人生目标,但你绝对可以通过一些小事来使自己的生活立马得到改善。这些都是你可以做的:1.Start waking up earlier : one of the main causes of stress is finding yourself out of time while being loaded with lots of tasks. When you wake up earlier you won#39;t only become more productive but you will also reduce the amount of stress in your life to a great extent.1.开始早起:感到压力的主要原因之一,就是在面对大量的任务时你的时间不够用。如果早点起床,你不但会更加有效率,还会减少生活中的压力。2.Get organized and write a plan: the main reasons we worry and become anxious is that we don#39;t trust our actions or current plans. When you write down a plan your subconscious mind starts feeling more comfortable about your future and as a result you will reduce the amount of worrying in your life. Writing down a plan using a pen and a paper will make the plan settle in your subconscious mind and as a result you will feel much safer than if you didn#39;t have a plan.2.计划好自己的生活并写下来:我们担忧和焦虑的主要原因,在于我们对自己目前所做的和计划做的并不十分自信。如果你写下潜意识里觉得应该做的会让你未来更美好的计划,生活中的担忧便会减少。用笔和纸写下计划会让你潜意识觉得这个事情已成定局,这样你的心里要比你毫无计划时踏实得多。3.Break a simple bad habit: I know that some habits take a lot of time to break but what about simple habits that can be broken immediately? When you break a habit that you have been doing for a long time your mood will improve and your life will become better almost instantly.3.改掉小的坏习惯:我知道,要想改掉一些习惯需要花很长时间,但那些能够立马改掉的小习惯呢?改掉了一个长期的坏习惯,你的心态和生活都会立马得到改善。4.Adjust your eating habits: do you drink enough water? Do you know that you might be feeling tired because your body needs more water? Do you know that unhealthy food can make you feel unhappy? Do you know that your mood is in many cases a reflection of your overall health? Once you start eating healthy foods and a balanced diet your health will become way better and so will your life.4.调整你的饮食习惯:你喝的水够?你知道吗?如果身体缺水你会容易疲劳;不健康的食物会让你不开心;你的心情在很多情况下可以反映你的整体健康状况...一旦你开始吃健康食品,有了一个均衡的饮食安排,你的健康和生活便会更好。5.Apologize to someone: did you fight with someone lately? Is there someone out there who is sad right now because of what you did to him? call that person and say sorry, not only you will make another person happy but you will also feel better as a result of the disappearance of guilt from the back of your mind.5.向某人道歉:最近和别人有争执吗?有人现在正因为你对他干的一些事而伤心难过吗?给那个人打电话,说句对不起吧,这样不但会让别人开心,你自己也会因不再愧疚而感到开心。Just as you saw simple actions such as the ones mentioned can help you live a better life. Use these simple actions to improve your mood and to give yourself a mood boost so that you can pursue your bigger goals.这些都是简单的小事,但足以让你的生活变得更好。做到这些事,改善你的心情,使心情舒适从而追求更高的目标。 /201207/189152

10. 蕾丝花边 Either you completely cover the wedding dress with lace or you only embellish a part of your wedding dress. The lace part you will surely make you look the best. 不论你是想穿着布满蕾丝的婚纱还是只想用蕾丝装饰花边,蕾丝这个元素必定会让身着婚纱的你成为最美的新娘。 /201108/148754

1.Leaving hostility and depression unchecked1.放任敌意和沮丧的情绪Are you feeling stressed, hostile, or depressed? It can take a toll on your heart. While everyone feels this way some of the time, how you handle these emotions can affect your heart health. ;Those likely to internalize stress are in greater danger; research has shown a benefit to laughter and social support,; Dr. Reynolds says.你是否感到压力大、有敌意或是沮丧?这些都对你的心脏有害。虽然所有人都会偶尔经历这些,但你处理这些情绪的方式能够极大地影响到你的心脏健康。;常把情绪压在心里的人很危险,研究表明大笑或是社交活动有利于健康。;Reynolds医生说。2.Not flossing2.牙齿不清洁While the exact reason is unknown, there is a strong link between gum disease and heart disease, Dr. Ostfeld says. If you don#39;t floss, sticky, bacteria-laden plaque build up over time, which can lead to gum disease. One theory is that these bacteria trigger inflammation in the body.Ostfeld医生说,虽然确切的关联尚不清楚,但牙齿疾病与心脏病的确有着强烈的关联。如果你不清洁牙齿,时间长了,那些黏糊糊充满细菌的牙垢就会积累起来,造成牙龈疾病。有一种理论认为这些细菌会引发机体炎症。3.Avoiding fruits and vegetables3.不吃水果和蔬菜;The most heart-healthy diet is a plant-based diet,; Dr. Ostfeld says. That means loading up on fruits and vegetables, nuts, whole grains, low-fat dairy, and protein, and keeping junk food to a minimum. In fact, new federal dietary guidelines recommend that half of each meal should be composed of fruits and vegetables.对心脏最有好处的食物大多是植物,;Ostfeld医生说。这意味着要多吃水果和蔬菜,坚果,全麦食品,低脂牛奶和蛋白质,别吃垃圾食品。事实上,最新的联邦饮食建议每顿饭应该至少有一半是水果和蔬菜。 /201206/188200

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