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The Cobbler and the Banker By La FontaineA cobbler passed his time in singing from morning till night;it was wonderful to see,wonderful to hear him;he was more contented in shoes,than was any of the seven sages.His neighbor,on the contrary,who was rolling in wealth,sung but little and slept less.He was a banker;when by chance he fell into a doze at day-break,the cobbler awoke him with his song.The banker complained sadly that Providence had not made sleep a saleable commodity,like edibles or drinkables.Having at length sent the songster,he said to him,"How much a year do you earn,Master Gregory?""How much a year,sir?"said the merry cobbler laughing,"I have reckon in that way,living as I do from one day to another;somehow I manage to reach the end of the year;each day brings its meal.""Well then!How much a day do you earn,my friend?""Sometimes more,sometimes less;but the worst of it is,-and,without that our earnings would be very tolerable, a number of days occur in the year on which we are bidden to work;and the curate,moreover,is constantly adding some new saint to the list.The banker,laughing at his simplicity,said,"In the future I shall place you above want.Take this hundred crowns,preserve them carefully,and make use of them in time of need."The cobbler fancied he beheld all the wealth which the earth had produced in the past century the use of mankind.Returning home,he buried his money and his happiness at the same time,No more singin;he lost his voice,the moment he acquired that which is the source of so much grief.Sleep quitted his dwelling; and cares,suspicions,and false alarms took its place,All day,his eye wandered in the direction of his treasure;and at night,if some stray cat made a noise,the cat was robbing him.At length the poor man ran to the house of his rich neighbor;"Give my back." said he,"sleep and my voice,and take your hundred crowns." 9[19] 7口语句型天天讲:jazz (something) up 让(一件事物)变得有趣些 -01-7 19:: 来源: jazz (something) up 让(一件事物)变得有趣些  A: What do you think of this?  A: 你觉得这怎么样?  B: It's kind of dead. Maybe you want to add more graphics to jazz it up.  B: 有点闷也许你可以加点图让它变得生动有趣些  "jazz (something) up" 是使一件原本可能有点沉闷的事变得有趣些好比有人在一个冗长的会议里作些说些笑话之类的事, 企图让大家从昏迷中醒来, 就可以说"He tried to jazz the meeting up." 事物 变得 有趣 天天

Collectibles CollectiblesCollectibles have been a part of almost every culture since ancient times. Whereas some objects have been collected their usefulness, others have been selected their aesthetic beauty alone. In the ed States, the kinds of collectibles currently popular range from traditional objects such as stamps, coins, rare books, and art to more recent items of interest like dolls, bottles, baseball cards, and comic books.Interest in collectibles has increased enormously during the past decade, in part because some collectibles have demonstrated their value as investments. Especially during cycles of high inflation, investors try to purchase tangibles that will at least retain their current market values. In general, the most traditional collectibles will be sought because they have preserved their value over the years, there is an organized auction market them, and they are most easily sold in the event that cash is needed. Some examples of the most stable collectibles are old masters, Chinese ceramics, stamps, coins, rare books, antique jewelry, silver, porcelain, art by well-known artists, autographs, and period furniture. Other items of more recent interest include old photograph records, old magazines, post cards, baseball cards, art glass, dolls, classic cars, old bottles, and comic books. These relatively new kinds of collectibles may actually appreciate faster as short-term investments, but may not hold their value as long-term investments. Once a collectible has had its initial play, it appreciates at a fairly steady rate, supported by an increasing number of enthusiastic collectors competing the limited supply of collectibles that become increasingly more difficult to locate.3亨利#86;福特尽管亨利#86;福特的名字和大生产的概念相连,但他在劳工保护上得到同样的赞誉,因为他早在19年便实行了用今天的标准来衡量依然是先进的标准安全措施得到改进,日工作时间从当时普遍的或小时减少到8小时为了适应更短的日工作时间,整个工厂从双班变成了三班而且,病假和改善了的工伤医疗得以制度化福特汽车公司是最早建立技术学校来培训专门技工和为移民开设英语学校的工厂之一公司甚至为雇佣残疾人和有前科的人而作出了一些努力最受广泛称赞的革新是实行五美元一天的最低工资其目的是招收和留住那些最好的技工并阻碍工会的发展福特从效率和利润分享的角度来解释这项新的工资政策他也提到这样一个事实,他的员工可以买他们生产的汽车--这实际上是为其产品另开辟了一个市场为了够资格得到最低工资,员工必须建立一个得体的家庭并显示出良好的个人习惯,包括节制、俭省、勤勉和可靠虽然有人批评福特过多地干涉了员工的私人生活,但毫无疑问,在移民们被用恶劣的方式剥削的时代,亨利#86;福特却帮助了许多人在美国扎下根来 569

从我头一次见到他起,他便总是出现在我的周围每次他向我投以微笑时,他同时也将一丝丝的温暖和友情送入我的心房我想每一天结束时,一定是他给了我无论如何也要继续下去的力量About A FriendHe wasn't a guy of big words1),and he seemed to live entirely in his own world.I remember that during the days he worked with us none of us exactly knew who he was,where he came from or what he was looking ,and afterwards he disappeared.Nobody knew where he had gone,what he was doing or if he had friends or a family to stay with.I guess,we didn't even know his name--and even if we did,I've gotten it anyway.Those days were more than hard all of us.There seemed to be no escape from the greyness )of our everyday life which was the only colour that surrounded us.The huge concrete blocks we lived in was grey,the grey of the factory dust,even the colour of our clothes,that once might have been white was grey.It must have been a bright and shining white...and I can't exactly recall how much time I spent trying to imagine the kind of white it might have been.Since white was the colour of the kind of paradise3) I so much longed) to live in some day,grey left behind nothing more than a bitter taste of emptiness5) and depression.I can remember how I noticed once,that any other colour must be a symbol something,a feeling or whatever.Only grey seemed to stand absolutely nothing.This was the world I lived in,and so did he.Having our job in the factory was still luxury though,considering the fact that most of us had families to feed.And not long after he started to work there,I would always find him working at the machine next to mine.We'd work hours next to each other,staying quiet,with our thoughts drifting away6) to a different place but still aware of our hands doing the same movements over and over again.We were doing that until the bell would ring to end the work the day.I used to work in a mechanical way,following the same rhythm over and over again,and so did he.But every time I was about to give up,he would lift his head and give me a little smile,as if he could guess my thoughts.I think it was actually his eyes that impressed me most.They were so dark and straight,and though they seem to be hiding anything,I couldn't get rid of the impression that somehow he must be hiding something.Since I first saw him,he had always been around,and every time he gave me one of those smiles,he would sp a bit of warmth into my heart,a bit of friendliness.I guess,at the end of the day it must have been him who gave me the strength to go on somehow,just by being there.Well,to make a long story short,he died only a year after he started working with us.It was a car accident and he didn't have to suffer very long.I must have been his only friend in town,at least that was what I thought when I went to his funeral.The only person I met there was an old lady,maybe his mother.She told me that he had lost his family just the year bee and after that he didn't speak any more.He hadn't said a single word.First I didn't believe her.I just thought that he was a fairly quiet person;besides there was nothing much to say anyway.But suddenly I realized that I couldn't recall ever having heard his voice at all.Only then did I realize it.He gave me so much and I knew so little about him.He had been my friend and now I had lost him without having had the chance to give anything back.He had been so strong that he was able to give whatever had happened.I felt weak in those days.And guilty7).But after that I started to care the people around me.I think I started to live.□by Claudia Duwe 78

英语口语:-7 全天候、随时 --19 :30: 来源: Michael和李华正在尽情享受这星期才开始的假期今天他们去参加了一个音乐会L: Michael,这音乐会真不错,就是太长了我啊快要饿死了!快去找个地方吃东西吧!M: Alright. There’s a cafe on the corner over there, I think it’s open -7.L: 对,前面就有家咖啡馆你说那个cafe -7, -7是什么意思呀?M: I said it’s open -7. You know the number , and seven, right? -7 means it is open all the time.L: 我知道了!就是说一天二十四小时,一个星期七天它都开门对不对?M: You’ve got it! In the U.S. a lot of small diners, convenience stores and gas stations are open -7.L: 对,我看到一些小饭馆,还有一些杂货店还有加油站,他们都是二十四小时营业的Michael, 那-7是不是只能用在商店哪?M: Not at all! It can be used anything. instance, Li Hua, if you ever have an emergency, you can call me any time, -7.L: 噢,-7可以用在任何场合你说要是我遇到紧急情况,可以在任何时候打电话给你Michael, 你真是太好了不过,我想我可能会先打9M: Yeah, that’s probably a better idea. 9 operates -7. Li Hua, can you use this phrase now?L: 让我想想有了期终考试前,我肯定很多人为了准备考试,交报告晚上开夜车,所以可以说:Many students worked -7 bee the finals. 对不对?M: You’re right. I was also up -7 studying and writing bee the finals.L: 那最后一个礼拜真够呛现在总算轻松了M: That’s right! Woo Hoo! Hey, after we eat, let’s go dancing somewhere.L: Michael,你还没有玩够呀!M: Now that we are on vacation, I’m y to party -7! 英语口语 -7 全天候

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