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Delta CEO: Customer convenience is key CNNs Richard Quest speaks to Delta CEO Richard Anderson about the importance of keeping the customer happy.Atlanta is fortress Delta when it comes to aviation, isnt it? You are a vast presence here. So I ask you how important is Atlanta to you?Oh,Atlanta is incredibly important. It is the largest hub in the world; we have takeoff and landing every 45 seconds. And if you look at the DOT statistics, it is one of the most reliable hubs in the world.So when you look at a place like Atlanta, how did Delta and how did the Atlanta airport grow so big?A great long term partnership between mayor Hartsfield and Mr. Volkmann the founder of delta that started in 1940 and has been carried on until today with the mayor, the leadership of the city of Atlanta, the leadership of Delta decade after decade after decade.And yet at the same time, you have great temptations and you have other hubs that you build out at the west coast, the north east, so as the chief executive how do you prioritize when you still got this big hub here Atlanta?Well, the world is a big place, and we now have 6 hubs in the US and we have 3 hubs outside the US. And the key privatization is where do our customers originate and where do our customer want to go and build the most convenient network to service the customer.But Delta sends many more people to a central hub like Atlanta than the other airlines, dont you? You perfected maximize the use of the Atlanta hub.We do, I mean pretty much everything in the ed States, large population center within 750 miles in Atlanta and any other real airports in the sanity of Atlanta, so we collect the enormous traffic here.What do you do next with Atlanta because clearly you are not going to be attacked by any other major airlines on your home base here?Well, we are going through a massive transformation right now at Delta and we are turning Delta back into a mainline airline. What that means we are up-gagging the flee and we are growing the mainline airline which is airplane flown and operated by Delta employees and dramatically reducing the connection operation rather than what has happened in this industry of the last 25 years which is we put too many people on 50 seats jets for thousand miles, we are stopping that at Delta.Why?Because one the economic in the airplane. Number two I dont believe that customers expect to take a 50 seats jet more than about 250 to 500 miles at the most and number three what allowed us to do in Atlanta is to take a market we would serve with 10-50 seats regional jets 10 flights a day and replaced with 6 a day on a bigger plan.So what is your priority as the chief executive in 2014?Well, we want to continue to successfully up gate the airline the airline. Second we are going to continue to improve the incredible performance from a reliability perspective that Delta so this year today completion factors 1997 and on time performances are 87 per cent those numbers are unheard of in terms of reliability. But we are going the raise the bar next year. /201401/274228。

Iconic Got Milk? slogan gets replaced The iconic tagline behind the milk industry, ;Got Milk?,; has been replaced with ;Milk Life; in hopes of higher sales.-Well, you know, you have to change it, because its all about rebranding. And then you have milk sales suddenly declining, but they had to come up with something new. But its crazy to think that these two words Got Milk could have got such an impact on American pop culture. Obviously, we all remember those ads, beautiful women back in the early 90s, wear the milk mustaches around their lips. N* being one of them. Also David Beckham, he was pictured as well. We also had Alten John. With that types of celebrites that was used very widely. Harrison Ford was included, too, Murande Lamber. But the idea of the campaign was really to push people, Hey, listen, you know, successful cool people, celebrities are drinking milk. You should, too. But as I mentioned milk sales is steadily declining, so the ads come up with something new. The new campaign is referred to Milk Life. So its less focused on celebrities, more on the nutritional content, focusing on the protein of the milk, less about the celebrities. The idea is that really will help the milk sales pick up.-Wait, you said Milk Life? Like a life? Milk Life.-Milk Life, OK. Thats it. Milk Life.-OK, Im just meritting, meritting on it. See, if I like it. As we talk milk, I know prices of milk going up across the country.-Yeah, exactlly, let me just show you what the milk prices are right now. They currently stand at 3 dollars and 55 cents a gallon. Theyve been spiking steadily since back in September when they were 3 dollars and 42 cents a gallon. So a couple of factors are going to this. First of all, the demand. As people make more money, they tend to spend more in the grocery store. And obviously, demand tends to push the prices up, but also another factor thats kind of link to demand as well. Its really exports. Milk, more and more milk is being exported. More and more dairy products are being exported. Exports are all-time high. That is actually, ovbiously affecting demand, which pushes prices high again. And then theres a wild cause, with the draught in California. Obviously, the cows need water and pasture. Obviously, we have a draught, and that might actually impact milk prices later down the line. /201402/277816。

Certain foods are more nutritious when eaten together. Improve your diet by learning a few of the power couples.有些食物搭配食用更加有营养。学习一些神奇的搭配法则,改善日常饮食。You Will Need你需要Tomatoes and broccoli西红柿和西兰花Vitamin C-rich foods维生素C含量丰富的食品Iron-rich foods含铁丰富的食品Olive oil, nuts, or avocados橄榄油,坚果或鳄梨Onions and garlic洋葱和蒜Herbs and spices香草和调味品Steps步骤Step 1 Eat tomatoes with broccoli1.西红柿和西兰花搭配Eat cooked tomatoes with broccoli. One study indicated that eating those two foods at the same time may enhance their cancer-fighting abilities.煮熟的西红柿和西兰花一起食用。一项研究表明,两种蔬菜同时食用可以增强抗癌能力。Step 2 Throw oranges into your salad2.沙拉中加入桔子Throw oranges into your salad, or cook bell peppers with your greens. Both are good sources of vitamin C, which helps your body absorb the iron in leafy veggies like spinach, Swiss chard, and kale.沙拉中加点桔子,或者灯笼椒和青菜一起煮。两者都富含维生素C,帮助身体吸收绿色蔬菜,比如菠菜,唐莴苣和甘蓝菜中的铁。Step 3 Put olive oil on vegetables3.蔬菜中加橄榄油Eat your vegetables with a little fat; it helps release their antioxidants. Stick to unsaturated fat – like the kind found in olive oil, nuts, and avocados.吃蔬菜时加入一点脂肪,可以帮助释放抗氧化剂。坚持食用不饱和脂肪,例如橄榄油,坚果和鳄梨中的脂肪。Skip the fat-free salad dressings; they dont enhance your greens nutrients, and most are loaded with sugar and artificial additives.避免不含脂肪的沙拉调味品,因为它们不能增强蔬菜的营养,而且通常含有很多糖和人工添加剂。Step 4 Cook onions with garlic4.洋葱和蒜一起煮Cook onions with garlic; it makes the onions antioxidants more powerful.洋葱和蒜一起煮,可以让洋葱中的抗氧化剂更加有效。Step 5 Spice up your barbecues5.为烧烤增加味道Marinate meat headed for the barbecue with lots of herbs and spices; they can reduce the carcinogenic compounds grilling can cause.用来烧烤的卤肉中多加一些香草和香料,可以减少烧烤过程造成的致癌物质。Oregano has the most antioxidants, followed by marjoram, dill, thyme, and rosemary.牛至叶中含有的抗氧化剂最多,其次是小叶薄荷,莳萝,麝香和迷迭香。Step 6 Follow this formula6.遵循以下准则Make nutritious eating automatic by including vegetables or fruits in three different colors – plus one healthy fat – at each meal.饮食中包含三种不同颜色的蔬菜和水果,加上一种健康的脂肪,这样的饮食自然富含营养。Five of the healthiest foods are almonds, blueberries, broccoli, spinach, and sweet potatoes.五种最健康的食品包括杏仁,蓝莓,西兰花,菠菜和甜土豆。视频听力由。 /201311/266693。


Is avoiding carbohydrates keeping you away from your favorite pasta dishes? Incorporate them into your weight-loss program the right way with these tips.避免碳水化合物导致你不敢享用最喜欢的大餐?根据以下建议,合理地把最喜欢的美食纳入减肥工程。You Will Need你需要Whole grain or quinoa pasta全谷意大利面Sensible portion sizes合理的分量Vegetables蔬菜Olive oil橄榄油Low-fat cheese低脂肪奶酪4-6 oz. skinless poultry or fish4-6盎司去皮禽肉或鱼肉Steps步骤Step 1 Choose healthier pasta1.选择更健康的意大利面Choose whole-grain pasta, gluten-free pasta, or quinoa. Unlike refined pasta, these have protein, antioxidants, B vitamins,minerals, and plenty of fiber, which is important when following a weight-loss program.选择全谷,无面筋的意大利面。与精制意大利面不同,这样的面含有蛋白质,抗氧化物,维他命B,矿物质和足够的纤维,这对于减肥计划来说是非常重要的。To identify a pasta as whole grain, look for whole grain to be first on the products ingredient list.要鉴别全谷食品,在生产厂家的成份列表中查看。Step 2 Practice portion control2.分量控制Practice portion control. A true, one-serving size of pasta is 1/2 cup cooked -- about the size of a can of tuna.进行分量控制。一份意大利面大概是半杯的样子,大约是一罐金鱼的分量。Step 3 Add veggies3.加入蔬菜To bulk up your meal, add a cup of chopped cooked vegetables to your pasta.要让你的大餐看上去分量更多,可以加一杯切好煮好的蔬菜。Step 4 Top with cheese4.覆盖奶酪Toss the pasta and vegetables with a teaspoon of olive oil, a tomato-based pasta sauce. If you want to add cheese, top with a naturally low-fat cheese like mozzarella or goat cheese.向意大利面和蔬菜中加入一茶匙橄榄油,番茄沙司。如果想加奶酪,加入天然的低脂肪奶酪,例如莫泽雷勒干酪或羊奶酪。Adding small amounts of healthy fats like cheese adds flavor, which helps you savor the meal, without adding a lot of calories.加入少量健康的脂肪,例如奶酪,可以更加美味,帮助你增加食欲,而摄入的热量不会增加很多。Step 5 Add protein5.加入蛋白质Add a serving of lean protein to your meal to help you feel fuller longer. Four ounces of skinless poultry or fish is ideal.加入一份瘦肉蛋白,帮助你更耐饥饿。4盎司无皮禽肉或鱼肉是最理想的。Step 6 Lose weight6.减肥Satisfy your hunger and your craving for pasta while losing weight at the same time.在减肥的同时填饱肚子,享受美食。A study by Louisiana State University found that the single greatest predictor of obesity in middle-aged women was a lack of fiber in their diets.路易斯安那州立大学一份研究发现,中年女性肥胖一个最大的原因就是饮食中缺乏纤维。视频听力由。 /201310/261082。