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Tossing coins in a fountain luck is a popular superstition, but a similar belief brought misery to a sea turtle in Thailand from whom doctors have removed 9 coins.往喷泉里扔硬币来求取好运是一种很常见的迷信活动,但类似的信仰却把一只泰国海龟害苦了,医生从他肚子里取出了9枚硬币Veterinarians in Bangkok operated last Monday on the 5-year-old female green sea turtle nicknamed ;Bank,; whose indigestible diet was a result of many tourists seeking good tune tossing coins into her pool over many years in the eastern town of Sri Racha.上周一,曼谷的兽医对一只5岁雌性绿海龟做了手术,这只海龟名叫“Bank”,由于常年来东部是拉差镇的游客都喜欢往它所居住的水池扔硬币以求好运,这使得它严重消化不良Many Thais believe that throwing coins on turtles will bring longevity.很多泰国人认为朝海龟扔硬币可以带来长寿Typically, a green sea turtle has a lifespan of around 80 years, said Roongroje Thanawongnuwech, dean of Chulalongkorn University veterinary faculty. It is listed as an endangered species by the International Union Conservation of Nature.朱拉隆功大学兽医学院院长荣格罗·松索功表示,绿海龟一般有80年左右的寿命,目前已被国际自然保护联盟列为濒危物种The loose change eventually med a heavy ball in her stomach weighing 5 kilograms ( pounds). The weight cracked the turtle ventral shell, causing a life-threatening infection.最终这些被它吃掉的零钱在它的胃里形成了一个重达5公斤(磅)的球这不仅压破了它的腹壳,更造成了致命的感染Five surgeons from Chulalongkorn University veterinary faculty patiently removed the coins over four hours while ;Bank; was under general anesthesia.五名来自朱拉隆功大学兽医学院的外科医生,在Bank全身麻醉的状态下,花费了四个多小时耐心地取出了硬币The stash was too big to take out through the -cm (-inch) incision they had made, so it had to be removed a few coins at a time. Many of them had corroded or partially dissolved.这个藏在胃里的硬币球实在太大,通过厘米(英寸)的口子,他们一次只能取出几个硬币其中很多已经腐蚀或部分溶解了The result is satisfactory. Now it up to Bank how much she can recover, said Pasakorn Briksawan, one of the surgical team.手术小组一位名叫帕萨功·普列斯威的医生说道:“手术结果还是很令人满意的,现在能恢复多少就要看Bank自己了” 80A Chinese tourist spent nearly two weeks in a German migrant hostel after mistakenly applying asylum when he actually wanted to report a theft.一名中国游客本想就失窃报警,但却被误认成寻求庇护的难民,无奈在德国移民宿舍滞留了周German media say the 31-year-old backpacker, who spoke neither German nor English, underwent a medical check and his fingerprints were taken.据德国媒体表示,这名31岁的背包客既不会说德语也不会说英语,目前他已经接受了医疗检查,并且采集了指纹A Red Cross worker later found out that the man wallet had been stolen in Stuttgart. But instead of going to the police the man registered as a migrant.一名红十字会工作人员随后了解到,该名男子在斯图加特被偷了钱包但该男子却没有像警察求助,而是登记成为一名移民A Mandarin speaker solved the puzzle. The translator was found at a Chinese restaurant near the migrant hostel where the tourist was staying.最终,一个会说汉语的人解决了这个难题据悉,这名翻译就在该游客居住的难民宿舍附近的一家中餐馆里工作In early July the tourist arrived at the hostel on a bus with migrants, from Dortmund.在7月上旬,这名游客乘坐一辆巴士,从多特蒙德和一些移民一起抵达了这座难民宿舍;He was so different from the others. Very, very helpless,; said Red Cross worker Christoph Schluetermann.红十字会工作人员克里斯托弗·史律特曼表示:“他是如此的与众不同他非常非常的无助”A translation app confirmed Mr Schluetermann suspicions that the tourist had got entangled in the asylum system by mistake.一个翻译软件实了克里斯托弗的怀疑--这名游客被误登入了移民庇护系统;It came up with phrases like I want to go on a trip abroad,; he said. It emerged that the tourist had plans to visit Italy and France.克里斯托弗说道:“它(翻译软件)蹦出了一些短句,例如我想出国旅行”这名游客之前曾计划造访意大利和法国The man, from northern China, had calmly allowed the authorities to take away his passport and visa, and take his fingerprints. He then had a medical check and was given the standard papers that migrants get on arrival in Germany.这名男子来自中国北方,他之前没有任何抵抗地就让有关部门拿走了他的护照的签,并采集了他的指纹随后他接受了医疗检查,还拿到了前往德国的移民都会领到的标准文件Mr Schluetermann said hostel staff made futile calls to various consulates, hoping to identify the tourist. An error over the man visa caused further delay. Finally his asylum application was stopped and he was able to continue his European tour.据克里斯托弗表示,移民宿舍的工作人员给许多国家的大使馆都打了电话,希望查明这名游客的身份,但是却徒劳无功而该名男子签的一个错误又使得事情进一步延误最终他的移民庇护申请被取消,而他也得以够继续自己的欧洲之旅According to German broadcaster WDR, the man did not get angry but left Germany saying simply that he had imagined Europe to be quite different.据德国广播电视台WDR表示,这名男子一点都没有生气,但是在离开德国之前,他曾轻描淡写地表示,这和想象中的欧洲完全不一样 688Life is incredibly short, as the following last photos will show you. We must learn to appreciate each and every day we wake up on Earth, and enjoy the company of our loved ones as much as possible. If you take away anything from the following final photographs to make you appreciate life, we hope it just how lucky we all are to be here.就像以下的照片所呈现的一样,生命极其短暂我们必须学会感激生活中的每一天,尽可能享受我们所爱之人的陪伴如果你能从以下张让你感激生活的照片中收获些东西,我们希望那是你意识到了,每个人都能相安无事地生活是一件多么幸运的事.Jackie and John Knill.洁姬·尼尔和约翰·尼尔On th January , the bodies of John and Jackie Knill, a Canadian couple, were found on a beach resort in Thailand, following the tragic tsunami that struck on 6th December, . The Ocean earthquake resulted in the death of approximately 30,000 people in countries. Weeks later, a Seattle man, who was in Thailand relief work, discovered a damage camera. While he discarded the camera, he kept the memory card. Later, he downloaded the images to discover photos of the Knills enjoying their holiday. The above photo is the last image of the sea bee the wave hit the shore, and it was taken at 8.30am on 6th December by the Knills. The man who discovered the camera luckily recognised the couple from the missing person website, and so contacted their two sons in Vancouver, Canada. The man even drove all the way from Seattle to Vancouver to present the sons with the final images of their parents and their holiday.年1月日,人们在泰国的海边度假胜地发现了加拿大夫妇洁姬和约翰的尸体这件事发生在年的海啸灾难之后,当时这场印度洋地震袭击了个国家,约3万人而丧生几周后,一个在泰国从事救援工作的西雅图人发现了一个损坏的相机他丢掉了相机,却留下了记忆卡后来他把卡里的图片下载下来,发现是尼尔夫妇在海边度假时拍摄的照片上图是海啸袭击前最后一张印度洋的照片,由尼尔夫妇拍摄于月6日早晨8点30分发现相机的西雅图人很巧合地在失踪人口网站上找到了该夫妻,从而联系到他们在加拿大温哥华的两个儿子这个男人甚至从西雅图一路驱车到温哥华,只为把这对父母度假时最后拍摄的照片交还给他们的儿子9.Robert Budd Dwyer9.罗伯特·巴德·德怀尔Robert Budd Dwyer was a politician who years served at a Republican member of the Pennsylvania State Senate, and went onto serve as the Treasurer of Pennsylvania until his death in 1987. He was, however, convicted of accepting a bribe, and so called a press conference to announce his resignation. Facing a punishment of up to 55 years imprisonment and a 0,000 fine, Dwyer took matters into his own hands. At the press conference, which was broadcast live on TV to Pennsylvania audiences, he out his speech and began to hand out enveloped to staff. Holding the final envelope in his hand, Dwyer pulled out a gun and said: ;Please leave the room if this will offend you;. His friends and cabinet members pleaded with Dwyer to put the gun down, leading him to stutter as he spoke to his audience. Bee anyone could stop him, Robert Budd Dwyer pulled the trigger, dying in his office.罗伯特·巴德·德怀尔是宾夕法尼亚州参议院的一名共和党成员,其任期长达年之久之后他又效力于宾夕法尼亚州的财政部直至1987年离世然而罗伯特却因受贿而被判刑,接着召开记者招待会来宣布辞职面对长达55年之久的监狱之灾和高达30万美元的罚款,德怀尔决定自己了结一切在向宾夕法尼亚州观众直播放送的记者会上,他发表讲话并把信封分发给工作人员之后德怀尔手里拿着最后一个信封,从里面掏出一把,并说到:;如果这会冒犯你,请离开这个房间; 朋友和内阁成员恳求德怀尔把放下,德怀尔只是结结巴巴地跟观众说话由于在此的人都没能阻止他,罗伯特·巴德·德怀尔扣动扳机,在办公室当场身亡8.RMS Titanic8.英国邮船泰坦尼克号This is believed to be the last photo of RMS Titanic, as she embarked on her maiden voyage to New York. However, the ill-fated liner never completed her journey, as she collided with an iceberg 00 nautical miles south of Newfoundland, Canada, on th April 19 at .0pm. A few hours later, the ship sank, taking the lives of over 1,500 people. Only 7 people survived the maritime disaster.据说,这是泰坦尼克号在开启它前往纽约的处女航前拍摄的最后一张照片然而这倒霉的邮轮并没能完成它的旅程19年月日晚上点0分,邮轮撞上加拿大纽芬兰以南00航里处的冰山几小时后,邮轮沉没,超过00人葬身大海,仅7人在这场海难中得以幸存7.Rysard Siwiec7.雷塞德·斯威斯Rysard Siwiece was a Polish ant and is known as the first person to commit suicide by self-immolation in protest against the Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia. Whilst the image was captured on camera (shown above) on th September 1968, the Polish press did not mention the incident. His story was gotten until the fall of communism in 1989.雷塞德·斯威斯是波兰的一名会计师,因率先以自焚的方式来抗议苏联入侵捷克斯诺伐克而出名尽管照片拍摄于1968年9月日,但波兰媒体并未对此事进行报道直到1989年共产主义垮台之前,雷塞德的事迹都不为人们所知晓6.Jim Clark6.吉姆·克拉克This is the last close-up image of the two-time Scottish mula 1 World Champion, Jim Clark On 7th April 1968. Here he can be seen sitting on the grid in the mula vehicle he later lost his life in. Jim Lotus 8 untunately veered off the race track and crashed into trees. Many people recalled his unease the entire weekend, which some believe is shown in the above photograph.这是摄于1968年月7号,两届苏格兰一级方程式锦标赛冠军吉姆·克拉克最后的特写镜头照片里的吉姆坐在位于比赛始发处令他丧命的次级F赛车里,悲剧产生的原因是他的车;莲花8;号不幸偏离赛道而撞到树上事件发生后的整整一个星期,很多人回忆说吉姆当时显得有些不安关于这一点,一些人认为可以在上面的照片中发现5.Jewish Ghetto5.犹太人区,000 Jews were killed during the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 193, which was an act of Jewish resistance that occurred in the Warsaw Ghetto in German-occupied Poland during WWII. The remaining 50,000 residents were captured and transported to either concentration or extermination camps. The above image shows an unnamed Jewish man leaping to his death from the top story window of an apartment block. It was taken at 3 and 5 Niska Street.在193年的华沙犹太区起义期间,1.3万犹太人被杀这场起义是二战时犹太人为了反对德国占领波兰在华沙区进行的抵制运动区内剩下的5万名犹太居民被捕,并送到了集中营或屠杀场照片中,一个不知名的犹太人从公寓楼的顶层窗户跳下,不幸坠亡拍摄地点位于尼斯卡大街的3号到5号.Indonesia AirAsia Flight 850.印度尼西亚亚洲航空8501航班This photo was taken by 3-year-old Hendra Gunawan Syawal, a passenger on the doomed AirAsia flight QZ8501. Here he can be seen smiling with friends in the cabin, as the plane prepares take-off from Surabaya airport in Indonesia. The friends were heading off to Singapore to celebrate New Year, and sent the photo to a friend shortly bee take-off. On th December , the aircraft crashed into the Java Sea due to bad weather. All 5 passengers onboard, and seven crew members, lost their lives.这张照片的拍摄者是3岁的亨得利·古纳万·施娅,QZ8501航班悲剧的乘客之一照片上可以看到一脸笑容的亨德利与朋友们坐在机舱里,当时飞机正准备从苏腊巴亚机场起飞他们将要前往新加坡庆祝新年,并且在飞机起飞前不久把这张照片发给了一个朋友年月号,由于天气恶劣,飞机在爪哇海坠毁,5个乘客和7位机组人员全部丧生3.Anne Frank3.安妮·弗兰克This is believed to be the last photograph of Anne Frank, standing with her sister, Margot, in 19. It is thought to have been taken bee her family were discovered and arrested on th August, 19. Sadly, Anne died a few days after Margot at Bergen-Belsen, a Nazi concentration camp in 195. The exact date of their deaths were not recorded.据说这是安妮·弗兰克生前的最后一张照片,拍摄于19年,当时她和玛格特站在一起人们认为在19年8月日,安妮的家人暴露行踪、被纳粹党逮捕之前这张照片就已经存在了195年,玛格特被关进位于卑尔根-贝尔森的纳粹集中营,没过几天安妮也不幸去世没有相关记录表明这些人具体的死亡时间.St Louis Mayor.圣路易斯市长William Becker, Mayor of St Louis, can be seen above buckling in a flight with fellow dignitaries on 1st August, 193. Following this photo, the glider tragically crashed and no-one survived the untunate accident.由图片可见,193年8月1日,圣路易斯市的市长威廉贝克和其他的政要官员一起搭乘飞机不幸的是,滑翔机后来意外坠毁,无人生还1.Moira Smith1.莫伊拉·史密斯Moira Smith was just another NYC police officer on th September, 01, but when the World Trade Center began to collapse following a terrorist attack, she proved she was no ordinary officer. The above photograph shows Moira helping Ed Nicholls into an ambulance, just bee she headed into the lobby of the south tower to find another person to help. minutes after this photo was taken, the building collapsed with Moira inside. May we never get the heroism shown that day, and the many lives lost in this tragic event.在01年的;9;事件中,莫伊拉·史密斯原本只是纽约市的一名普通警员,然而当世界贸易中心遭受恐怖主义袭击开始坍塌时,她明了自己并不是一个普通的警察上面的照片中,莫伊拉帮助爱德华·尼克尔斯进入救护车进行医治,当时她正要到南边大楼的大厅去救其他人但就在这张照片拍摄的分钟后,莫伊拉所在的大楼倒塌了愿我们永不会忘记莫伊拉在那天所展现出的英勇气魄,也不会忘记在这场悲剧里逝去的诸多生命翻译:lisha 编辑:烟囱 来源:前十网 8A: I need to make a copy of a document as soon as possible.B: No problem, sir. There's a copy machine in our computer lab.A: Very good. How much does each copy cost?B: Each copy will cost you a dime, sir.A: A dime? I remember when copies used to cost a nickel.B: There aren't many things you can get a nickel, sir

A woman has been arrested after police found cyanide in the iced coffee that she ordered her friend in the moments bee she dropped to the floor, started convulsing and died.一名女子因涉嫌在朋友的冰咖啡里下毒而被警方逮捕,她的朋友喝了她点的咖啡之后倒地抽搐,最后死亡Indonesian police arrested Jessica Kumala last Saturday over the murder of her friend Wayan Mirna Salihin, who died in Olivier restaurant in Central Jakarta on January 6.印尼警方上周六逮捕了因涉嫌谋杀朋友韦恩·米尔娜·萨里因的杰西卡·库马拉米尔娜是在今年1月6日在雅加达中区的奥利维尔餐厅死亡的The 7-year-old newlywed reportedly complained that her coffee tasted quite bitter bee she fell to the ground, started foaming at the mouth and convulsed while at the restaurant with Ms Kumala and another friend Hani.当时7岁、刚刚完婚的米尔娜抱怨咖啡“特别苦”,然后就倒在了地上,口吐白沫、不停抽搐,当时餐厅里还有库马拉以及另一个朋友哈尼Testing revealed that the coffee had been laced with the deadly chemical, according to reports. Indonesian authorities searched Ms Kumala home the pants she was wearing that day but according to local media outlets she said her maid had discarded them.报道指出,检测报告显示,咖啡中有剧毒化学成分随后印尼当局搜查了库马拉的住所,寻找她当天穿的裤子但是据当地媒体报道,库马拉表示她的女仆已经把裤子扔了According to Adelaidenow, Chief Detective Krishna Murti said officers have collected about witness statements and have conducted a re-enactment of the events.据阿德雷德时事新闻网报道,克里施纳·穆尔提警长已经搜集了近条目击者的词,并还原了现场Local authorities made inquires with the Australian Federal Police about the relationship between the two friends, who had studied together in Sydney and Melbourne bee moving to Indonesia.当地警方还向澳大利亚联邦警察局询问两人的关系,因为在来印尼之前两人同在悉尼和墨尔本学习We have contacted the Australian Federal Police because we need some inmation, the head of Jakarta Police general crime division, Senior Commander Khrisna Murti, told the Jakarta Post.雅加达警察局刑事案件分局局长、高级警督克里施纳·穆尔提在接受《雅加达邮报采访时表示:“我们联系了澳大利亚联邦警察局,因为我们需要一些信息”According to the Jakarta Post, Mirna and Jessica studied together at the Billy Blue College of Design in Sydney bee moving on to the Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne. The paper said that Jessica continued to work in Australia following her graduation in bee finding a job in Indonesia last month.据《雅加达邮报报道,米尔娜和杰西卡曾先后在悉尼比利布鲁设计学院和墨尔本斯威本科技大学共同学习该报称,杰西卡在年毕业后就一直在澳大利亚工作,上个月在印尼找到了一份工作 690

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