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The majority of the world#39;s most powerful and influential positions remain in men#39;s hands. But the imbalance is gradually tilting -- and it shows. In 2015, some of the biggest news and successes resulted from the actions of women. Here are the new faces who inspired, defied, guided or moved the world.男性掌握着这个世界绝大多数的权力,他们担任有影响力的职位,但如今这种不平衡正在逐渐倾斜。在2015年,一些重大的新闻及成功源自于女性的作为。以下几位就是鼓舞、反抗、引领乃至推动当今世界的现代女性。Loretta Lynch洛雷塔·林奇Traditionally, the top U.S. law-enforcement official is not well-known outside of the ed States, but Attorney General Loretta Lynch not only made headlines around the world, she also brought a particular kind of change that billions of people had yearned for but thought was out of reach.一般来说,美国最高执法官员在国外并不知名,但总检察长洛雷塔·林奇不仅占据了世界各地的头条新闻,她还带来了一个数十亿人都希冀却遥不可及的改变。Lynch stunned the world by taking on the entrenched, corrupt officials of FIFA, the governing body of the world#39;s most popular sport, soccer. She had the guts to do what nobody else had dared. FIFA officials, she declared, had engaged in ;rampant, systematic and deep-rooted; corruption, and it was time to ;bring wrongdoers to justice.;林奇因对世界上最受欢迎的运动管理机构--国际足联根深蒂固的贪污腐败官员有所行动而一鸣惊人。她有胆量为他人所不敢为。她宣布,国际足联官员曾参与“猖獗的、系统化的、根深蒂固的”腐败活动,我们是时候将违法者绳之于法了!Ellen Johnson Sirleaf埃伦·约翰逊·瑟利夫When the Ebola epidemic took on alarming proportions in West Africa, it was tough for Liberia, one of the epicenters of the crisis.当埃拉疫情肆虐西非时,这对于疫情危机中心之一的利比里亚而言,是一个极其艰难的时期。Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, the leader of Liberia, pleaded for international help. One reason the world responded is because the indefatigable President has international moral stature. She played a key role in guiding her country after brutal civil wars and received the Nobel Peace Prize for her effort.埃伦·约翰逊·瑟利夫,利比里亚领导人,呼吁国际援助。国际社会予以援的原因之一是因为这位打不垮的总统拥有极高的国际道德声誉。在残酷的内战后,她引领国家发挥了关键作用,并因其努力获得了诺贝尔和平奖。Johnson Sirleaf not only helped bring an end to the epidemic, she did something just as remarkable: She revealed her emotions and admitted her faults. When it was all over she said she had been afraid, and conceded she had made big mistakes as a result of her fear. Then she showed gratitude. Instead of collecting laurels, she thanked all the people and countries who made victory against Ebola possible.约翰逊·瑟利夫不仅努力结束疫情,还做了一件同样卓著的事:她表露了自己的情绪,并承认自己的缺点。当一切都结束后,她说,她一直都很害怕,并承认因其恐惧而犯了很大的错误。随后,她表现出感激之情。她感谢所有与埃拉疫情斗争中取得胜利的人民和国家。Aung San Suu Kyi昂山素季The iconic Burmese leader, also a Nobel Peace Prize winner, put the skeptics and the cynics to shame. To those who said nonviolent resistance could not defeat a vicious armed opponent, she seemed to say ;just watch.;缅甸标志性的领导人,同时也是诺贝尔和平奖得主,她让怀疑和愤世嫉俗者汗颜。对于那些表示非暴力抵抗不可能击败恶性武装对手的人,她似乎在说:“只要看着就好。”Following the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., she endured a long struggle against the ruthless military rulers of Myanmar. She enlisted international support for economic sanctions that helped persuade the generals to loosen their grip, leading to elections in 2015 and an overwhelming victory for her National League for Democracy. She remains a global icon of peaceful resistance.继圣雄甘地和牧师马丁·路德·金的脚步,她与缅甸残酷的军事统治者进行了长期的斗争。她说军事大将放松管制,并向国际社会请求经济制裁以获得国际持,在2015年的选举中,她为全国民主联盟取得了压倒性的胜利。她是和平抵抗的全球偶像。Tu Youyou屠呦呦It#39;s a tough challenge to find a single human being who may be responsible for saving as many lives. The Chinese pharmacologist Tu Youyou, one of three winners of this year#39;s Nobel Prize for Medicine, took an unconventional route in attacking one of the world#39;s biggest killers, malaria.一个人挽救大多数人的生命,这是一项巨大的挑战。中国药理学家屠呦呦,今年诺贝尔医学奖的三位获奖者之一,采取了非常规的方式,在攻击世界上最大的疟疾杀手方面取得了巨大成功。Research into ancient Chinese texts led her to discover the compounds that help prevent a disease that still kills about half a million people every year, transmitted by mosquitoes in water-logged jungles. The discovery has resulted in medication that has saved millions of lives.通过研究中国古籍,屠呦呦发现了抗疟有效化合物。疟疾通过积水丛林的蚊虫传播,每年夺走大约50万人的生命。这一发现挽救了数百万人的生命。 /201601/4196511.Conversations matter more than chiseled features.1.与欺骗人的特征相比,对话更重要。Dating in Los Angeles provides a fair share of ;slashers; (actor/model, musician/actor, actor/waiter), and plenty of people who are still relying on their good looks from high school to replace substantive conversations. It quickly became clear that I much preferred going out with an intelligent, clever guy than a hot one. I#39;ll take the brains over the body, any day.洛杉矶的约会能提供不少的;配对项;(演员配模特、音乐家配演员、演员配招待员),还有很多人仍(在相亲时)仰赖他们高中时期的好相貌,而无视意义重大的对话。很快我便明白了,比起身材好的男生,我更喜欢跟头脑好的聪明男生约会。不管是哪一天,我都更看重对方的头脑而非身材外貌。2.Being a woman with a great job is polarizing.2.拥有一份好工作的女性正在极化。But it weeds out the bad guys who are intimidated by your success and attracts the good ones.不过这也排除了被你事业成功吓呆了的不良对象,并吸引来优质男。3.It#39;s OK to walk away from something and not apologize for it.3.你并不用为自己逃避问题而道歉。I went out with plenty of men who seemed nervous or shy online thinking that maybe they were really great guys that I#39;d click with in person. But when we met, I was usually bored to tears. Feeling obliged to give them a shot anyway didn#39;t do either of us any favors.我同许多在网上看上去紧张或害羞的男性出去约会过,我想也许他们真的是不错的男性。我应该亲自去见见面。然而当我们碰上面,我总会无聊到眼泪都要流出来了。觉得无论如何都应该给他们一次机会这种想法,对我们双方都没多大帮助。4.There#39;s no such thing as becoming just friends.4.与相亲对象只做朋友,绝无可能。After going on a date where zero romantic attraction manifested, but the guy was seemingly interesting or cool, friends often said, ;Well maybe you guys can be friends!; Nope. That never happened -- and that#39;s fine! Got plenty of friends.赴约后,两人之间没有擦出任何恋爱火花,而对方看上去又属于有趣或酷酷的类型时,朋友们便老是说:;恩,也许你们能成为朋友!;不要。这绝不会发生。(而且也不需要!我有这么多朋友。)5.Talking about yourself is exhausting.5.谈论自己很费神。I much prefer to ask questions and listen. Explaining your own career trajectory over and over again feels more like an interview than it does a fun night out on the town.我更喜欢问对方问题并倾听。一次又一次地解释你自己的职业道路更像一场面试,比不上城里的一次欢快夜游。6.I got a new motto: life before love.6.我有了一句新格言:先享受人生再去爱。If you aren#39;t out there going on adventures, traveling, learning new things and ing new books, you won#39;t have much to talk to your date about. Always choose the experience. It will make you far more interesting.如果你没有出门冒险、旅游、学习新事物、读新书,你便不会有多少话题与约会对象谈论。总是选择去体验吧,它将让你更有趣。7.Reading between the lines is important.7.读懂话外音很重要。I quickly learned that lines like ;I just want to meet someone I can have fun with; and ;everyone takes this dating thing so seriously,; really mean ;I just want to have sex.; If that#39;s what you#39;re looking for, then great! If not, move along.当对方对我说;我只想见能一起愉快玩耍的人;或是;每个人对待约会都这么严肃;这样的话时,我很快就明白他们的真实意思是;我就想和你上床。;如果这是你在寻求的,那么太棒了!如果不是,那便转身离开吧。8.I have a really strong stomach.8.我承受力真的很强。I#39;m not talking 7-minute abs. Trusting your gut is one of the greatest superpowers that human women possess. When someone wrote something slightly off-color over text, it was usually just the tip of the iceberg. Seven-minute gut checks became the theme of online dating, and learning that my intuition was usually right was one of the best assurances I#39;ve ever had.我并不是在说七分钟练出腹肌。相信直觉是人类女性所拥有的最伟大超能力之一。当某些人写的内容稍微有点黄段子的意味时,这往往只是冰山一角。;七分钟直觉确认;成为了网络约会的一大主题,而我也知道了自己的第六感总没错,这一点是我目前最确定的事情之一。 /201511/411213

Eastern Jin东晋After the collapse of the Western Jin Dynasty (265—316), the Han government retreated to the east of the Yangtze River.西晋(265——316)灭亡后,汉室撤退到了扬子江的东边。In 317, Sima Rui, a member of the Jin royal family stationed in Jiankang (present city of Nanjing in Jiangsu Province), re-established Jin supremacy, through what has become known as the Eastern Jin Dynasty (317—420).317年,晋王室的一员——司马睿在建康(今天的江苏省南京)称帝,重建了晋政权,也就是我们所知道的东晋王朝(317——420)。The Eastern Jin Dynasty had lasted for 103 years with eleven emperors over fourteen generations until it was substituted by the Song Dynasty founded in 420.东晋持续了103年,期间共有超过14代的11位皇帝,420年它被宋朝所灭。 /201510/398403

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