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How To Make Public Displays Of Affection公共场合亲热应注意的VideoJug has taken it upon itself to show you how to make public displays of affection. Learn how to be appropriately affectionate to your partner, without disgusting those around you, the VideoJug way.Step 1: Location, location, location地点,地点,还是地点There are some places you really shouldn't share your uncontrollable passion, they include:Areas where other people can't get away, such as an aeroplane.The office. Public areas are not for private activites- especially if you're sitting at someone else's desk. A night out with other friends. Yes they're happy for you, but some things you just shouldn't share. The cinema. A bit of snogging is generally acceptable, but try and keep it to the back row.Art galleries and libraries are places of learning, not loving. Get a room!Step 2: Body talk身体语言As a general rule of thumb, any expression of feeling where you're not both upright is unacceptable. However innocent what you're doing may be, doing it together, intimately, and horizontally will get the backs up of those around you.When touching each other, think sweet and innocent; and avoid doing anything that you wouldn't want your mother to see.. Holding hands, hugging or bum grabbing are fine, anything else probably isn't.WARNING Putting hands in the back pocket of each other jeans is one of the most sickly things you can do in public, and it should be banned on taste grounds.Step 3: Kissing亲亲Of course you can kiss your partner in public. Playing five sets of tonsil tennis, however, may put others off their food. Yes, your new love is as exquisite and delicate as a rosebud, but you may be sitting next to some poor sod who's just been dumped. Be together, but not TOGETHER and try not to get in other peoples' way.201108/150185How To Argue With Your Partner on HowcastChannel those inevitable couples spats into constructive, conflict-resolution sessions.You Will NeedA fair fight A time-out A schedule Communication skills amp;amp;;Iamp;amp;; or amp;amp;;Weamp;amp;; statements Positive affirmation Listening skills Follow up (optional) Step 1: Take a time out(生气的时候,都先冷静一下)If you feel yourself getting angry, gauge your emotion level on a scale from one to 10. Take a time-out if you or your spouse feels your emotions running too high.Step 2: Have a schedule(腾出一定的时间来讨论争执的问题)Schedule a time to discuss the conflict, so you can be civil. Avoid bringing up hot-button topics while one or both of you are running out the door.Pick your battles wisely. The things you argue about should be things that really matter – try not to sweat the small stuff.Step 3: Communicate(好好交流)When the scheduled time arrives, start by communicating your desired outcome, as well as your feelings and needs. Invite your spouse to brainstorm ways to fix the problem. Cooperating to find solutions will avoid urges to place blame and help satisfy a mutual goal.Follow up at a later date on any resolutions made to avoid broken agreements.Step 4: Use "I" or "We" statements(不要说“你”怎么怎么,说“我”“我们”)Use I" or “We” statements and avoid using “You” messages. “We need to find a way to save more money,” is more positive and constructive than saying, “You spend too much money.”Step 5: Affirm(承认对方正确的观点)Acknowledge something positive about your spouse before segueing to the issue. Knowing they are appreciated may help balance any perceived criticism.Step 6: Listen(仔细聆听)Listen to your spouse and make sure they feel heard. Acknowledge their point of view and validate their position before stating your own.Step 7: Fight fair(不要大吵大闹,就事论事)Fight fair. Stick to the argument at hand, and don’t make generalizations or bring up past conflicts. Avoid yelling, dominating the discussion, and unconstructive criticism and insults.A University of Michigan study found that earlier death is twice as likely in couples who suppress anger when unfairly attacked.201006/105421Eating healthy food is extremely important, especially for kids and teenagers who are still growing. As they get older, your child is going to have increasing control over what they eat - particularly if they have lunch provided at school. VideoJug shows you how to encourage your child to eat healthily when theyre at school.饮食健康是非常重要的,尤其是身体仍然在生长发育的儿童和青少年。随着他们长大,你的孩子应该增加在饮食方面的控制,尤其是如果他们食用学校提供的午餐。VideoJug向你示范,怎样鼓励孩子在学校健康饮食。Educate your child about what food is good for them. Talk to them about what food they like and dislike. Let them have some input into what kind of food they eat.教给孩子哪些食物是对他们有益的。跟他们讨论他们喜欢和不喜欢的食物。让他们自己添加一些自己喜欢吃的东西。Make food exciting for your child by experimenting with lots of new types of food theyve never had. Remember that even if they dont like something the first time, it doesnt mean they wont grow to like it in the future.让你的孩子尝试很多以前没有吃过的新种类食品,让他们对食物感到更加有。记住,即使他们第一次并不喜欢某种食物,这并不意味着将来他们长大后也不喜欢。Your child will feel much more involved if they are allowed help with the cooking. This is your opportunity to educate them about healthy cooking and eating habits. All family should be involved in changing eating habits.如果让你的孩子帮忙煮饭,他们会感到跟自己有密切关联。这是你教育他们健康烹饪和良好饮食习惯的好机会。所有家庭成员都应该参与改变饮食习惯。Thanks for watching How To Get Your Child To Eat Healthily At School感谢收看“怎样让孩子在学校健康饮食”视频节目。 /201209/20083210/86431How To Make Your Girlfriend's Parents Like You on HowcastStep 1: Find out about themFind out as much as you can about her parents. Are they ultra-conservative? Aging hippies? Avid travelers? Obsessed golfers?第一步:查找女友父母的信息尽可能查找女友父母的信息。他们过于保守吗?还是上了年纪的嬉皮士?是热心的旅行者还是爱好高尔夫的人?Tip:Knowing a bit about them will help you decide how to dress and which way to steer the conversation.小贴士:知道关于他们的一些信息会帮你决定如何打扮自己以及用什么方式来控制对话。Step 2: Get haircut amp; clean nailsGet a haircut—even if it’s just a trim—and clean your fingernails. This tells her parents that you think enough of their daughter to make an effort.第二步:理发或修剪指甲理个发——即使理发只是修饰——修剪指甲。这会让女友的父母知道你很看重他们的女儿而且为之奋斗。Step 3: Ask girlfriend what to wearAsk your girlfriend’s advice on what you should wear—and then take it. If you have any doubt, go for pants and a button-down or collared shirt.第三步:询问女友穿什么询问女友你应该穿什么——并且照做。如果你拿不定主意,穿长裤和有衣领扣的衬衫或是有领衬衫。Step 4: Bring a giftBring a gift. A bouquet of flowers or a bottle of wine are usually appropriate.第四步:带份礼物。带份礼物。带一束鲜花或是一瓶酒通常都是合适的。Tip:If you bring flowers, include an inexpensive vase so your hosts don’t have to scramble around for one.小贴士;如果你买鲜花,要记得带一个不贵的花瓶,以免主人四处寻找花瓶。Step 5: Introduce yourselfWhen you’re introduced, smile, look her parents directly in the eyes, and extend your hand. Nothing says “I can take care of your daughter” better than a firm handshake.第五步:介绍你自己当介绍你时,要微笑并直视她的父母,并主动伸手去握手。什么也比上有力的握手更能说明“我能照顾好你的女儿”。Step 6: Ask lots of questionsAsk lots of questions; people love to talk about themselves.Score extra points by asking what your girlfriend was like as a child.第六步:多问问题多问问题:人们喜欢谈论自己。询问女友小时候是什么样的也是很多的办法。Step 7: Use etiquetteRemember those little etiquette rules your mom used to nag you about? Use them! Hold doors open, pull out the ladies’ chairs, and stand up anytime a woman enters or leaves the room.第七步:注重礼节记得你妈妈经常告诉你的那些细微的礼节吗?一定要照做。为他人开门,为女士拖椅子,当有女士进入或离开时要站起来。Step 8: Be preparedBe prepared to answer lots of probing questions about your background and life goals. Grin and bear it.第八步:要有准备。准备好回答关于你的背景和生活目标等棘手的问题。要微笑并能容忍。Step 9: Say thank youWhen you leave, thank her parents for the evening. Single out something to make it sound sincere, such as, “Thanks so much for dinner. That pot roast was really delicious.”第九步:表达感谢当你离开时,要感谢女友父母对你的款待。注意措辞让你的话语听起来更加诚恳,比如:“多谢你们的款待。炖肉很好吃。”201010/115546

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