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When Apple (AAPL) released a pair of new iPhones in September, demand was so lopsided in favor of the more expensive (by 0) model that many on Wall Street assumed that the pricing on the cheaper iPhone was some kind of blunder.苹果公司(Apple)在九月份发布了两款新的iPhone机型。当时,售价较高(高出100美元)的iPhone 5S销量占据绝对优势,许多华尔街人士因此认为,售价较低的iPhone 5C机型的定价很有问题。The iPhone 5S continues to outsell its more moderately price sibling -- by three to one in the U.K., according to a Kantar World Panel report released Monday -- but somebody is buying the iPhone 5C.目前,iPhone 5S的销量继续领先iPhone 5C。市场研究机构Kantar Worldpanel于本周一发布报告称,在英国,iPhone 5S与iPhone 5C的销量为3:1。但是,iPhone 5C也并不是无人问津。Who are these mysterious customers?那么,到底是哪些人在购买iPhone 5C?In Monday#39;s news release, Kantar#39;s Dominic Sunnebo offers some clues.周一发布的新闻稿中,Kantar公司的多米尼克?桑尼为我们提供了一些线索。;The cheaper 5C,; he writes, ;appeals to a broader audience than Apple usually attracts. In the US, the biggest demand for these mid-end models is coming from lower income households. Some 42% of iPhone 5C owners earn less than ,000 compared with just 21% for iPhone 5S. iPhone 5C customers also tend to be slightly older at an average of 38 years compared to 34 years for the 5S. The good news for Apple is that this wider appeal is attracting significant switching from competitors. Almost half of iPhone 5C owners switched from competitor brands, particularly Samsung and LG, compared with 80% of 5S owners who upgraded from a previous iPhone model.;桑尼写道:“售价较低的5C吸引的用户群比苹果一贯的用户群更广。在美国,这款中端机型的需求主要来自较低收入家庭。iPhone 5C的买家中,约42%收入低于49000美元,而iPhone 5S的买家中,这一比例只有21%。此外,iPhone 5C的客户通常年龄也稍大一点,平均年龄为38岁,而5S用户的平均年龄是34岁。由于5C目标用户群更广,因此许多其它手机品牌的老用户纷纷转投苹果怀抱,这对苹果而言无疑是好事。iPhone 5C的用户中,几乎有一半是其它品牌,特别是三星(Samsung)和LG的老用户。而5S的用户中,有80%之前就是iPhone用户。”Below, Kantar#39;s report on 10 selected smartphone markets for the three months that ended Oct. 31. The Sept. 20 release of the new iPhones gave Apple a ;significant bounce,; according to Kantar, but not enough to make a dent in Android#39;s 70.9% share of sales in August, September and October.下面是Kantar公司关于中国、美国、英国、德国、日本等10个智能手机市场三个月(截至10月31日)的销量报告。Kantar称,9月20日发布的新款iPhone令苹果销量大增,但仍然不足以撼动同期Android手机70.9%的市场份额。The conspicuous exception was Japan, where Apple#39;s share of sales hit 76.1% in October thanks to the company#39;s new distribution deal with NTT DoCoMo.一个明显的例外是日本。由于与NTT DoCoMo公司签订了新的分销协议,苹果在日本市场的份额在10月份达到了76.1%。 /201312/268903

Investors for years have been searching in vain for a formula to replicate Warren Buffett#39;s legendary returns over the past 50 years.多年来,投资者一直在寻找一套公式,以图复制沃伦#12539;巴菲特(Warren Buffett)50年取得的神奇回报,但都徒劳无功。The wait could be over.或许不必再找了。A new study that claims to have uncovered this formula was published last month by the National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Mass. Its authors, all of whom have strong academic credentials, work for AQR Capital Management, a firm that manages several hedge funds and other investment offerings and has billion in assets.马萨诸塞州坎布里奇国家经济研究局(National Bureau of Economic Research)11月份发表一项新研究成果,声称找到了这套公式。论文作者都有深厚的学术资历,他们供职的AQR资产管理公司(AQR Capital Management)管理着多只对冲基金和其他一些投资产品,资产规模达900亿美元。The study#39;s authors analyzed Mr. Buffett#39;s record since he acquired Berkshire Hathaway in 1964. Their formula, which has more than a dozen individual components, comes in two major parts.论文作者分析了巴菲特从1964年收购伯克希尔#12539;哈撒韦公司(Berkshire Hathaway)以来的投资成绩。他们的公式含有十多个单项,可以归纳为两个主要部分。The first is a #39;focus on cheap, safe, quality stocks,#39; defined as those that have exhibited below-average volatility and sport low ratios of price-to-book value -- a measure of net worth. In addition, the researchers looked for stocks whose profits are growing at an above-average pace and that pay out a significant portion of their earnings as dividends.第一部分是“专注于便宜、安全、优质的股票”,即波动性低于平均水平、股价与每股账面价值之比(市净率,一种净值衡量指标)不高的股票。除此以外,研究人员还看好利润增长高于平均速度、相当大一部分利润当作股息派发出去的股票。The second part of the formula will raise eyebrows: It calls for investing in these stocks #39;on margin#39; -- that is, borrowing money to buy more shares than could otherwise be purchased. To match Mr. Buffett#39;s long-term return, the researchers found, a portfolio would need to be 60% on margin -- borrowing enough so that it owned 0 of #39;cheap, safe, quality stocks#39; for every 0 of portfolio value.公式的第二部分将会令人错愕:它要求用“保金交易”来投资这些股票,也就是借钱买股,买进的数量比不借钱能够买到的更多。研究人员发现,要达到巴菲特那样的长期回报,投资组合需要有60%的借入比例,也就是说,借款比例足以让每100美元的投资组合持有160美元“便宜、安全、优质的股票”。Andrea Frazzini, one of the study#39;s authors, a finance professor at New York University and a vice president at AQR, said the Berkshire portfolio has, on average, been leveraged to a similar extent through Mr. Buffett#39;s career.论文作者之一、纽约大学(New York University)金融学教授、AQR公司副总裁安德烈亚#12539;弗拉奇尼 (Andrea Frazzini)说,在巴菲特整个职业生涯中,伯克希尔投资组合的平均杠杆率一直与上述水平相当。It can be easy to overlook the extent of this leverage, since Mr. Buffett is able to borrow from other parts of his business. But that doesn#39;t mean the company isn#39;t still leveraged, Mr. Frazzini argues. According to its most recent annual report, for example, the total value of Berkshire#39;s holdings are double the company#39;s net worth, implying that its current leverage is about 2-to-1 -- somewhat higher than its long-term average.这样的杠杆率很容易被忽略,因为巴菲特可以从他公司的其他部门借款。但弗拉奇尼说,这并不意味着该公司就没有杠杆了。比如从最近年报来看,伯克希尔的持股总值是其净值的两倍,说明它当前的杠杆率约为2比1──比它的长期平均水平还要高一些。Employing margin can magnify profits, of course. It also increases potential losses when things go wrong. But note that the formula combines a heavy use of margin with stocks that tend to be much less risky than the market, so the net result can still be a portfolio that is no riskier than the market as a whole.采用保金交易当然可以放大利润。当行情不妙的时候,它也会增加潜在损失。但请注意,前面说的那套公式是将保金交易的大量使用同风险远低于市场的股票结合,所以综合来看的话,投资组合的风险仍然可以不高于大市。To be sure, a heavily margined portfolio will always run the risk of getting a #39;margin call#39; -- the need to come up with additional cash -- if its holdings fall too far. Berkshire Hathaway has been able to sidestep that risk over the last 50 years. Despite a heavily reliance on leverage, its worst return in any calendar year was a loss of 9.6%. And its book value has been less volatile than the Samp;P 500. Volatility is a common measure of a portfolio#39;s risk.无可否认的是,大量使用保金交易的投资组合始终存在收到“追加保金通知”的风险──如果所持资产跌幅太大,那么就要存入更多的现金。伯克希尔#12539;哈撒韦在过去50年里一直能够避开这种风险。虽然严重依赖于杠杆,其自然年度最差的回报率也就是亏损9.6%。而且其账面价值的波动性也低于标准普尔500种股票指数(Samp;P 500)。波动性是衡量投资组合风险的一个常用指标。One factor that is conspicuous in its absence from the formula is anything to account for Mr. Buffett#39;s significant investments in privately owned companies. But that isn#39;t necessary, according to the researchers, because the public companies in which he has invested have outperformed the private ones.公式中明显缺失的一个因素,是它没有解释巴菲特为什么大量投资非上市公司。但研究人员说,这没有必要,因为他所投上市公司的表现好于非上市公司。This is somewhat surprising, given that Mr. Buffett has often trumpeted his abilities to pick good managers. Yet the researchers nevertheless find that his #39;returns are more due to stock selection than to his effect on management.#39; (A Berkshire Hathaway spokeswoman said that Mr. Buffett declined to be interviewed.)考虑到巴菲特常常鼓吹他挑选优秀管理人员的能力,这一点多少让人吃惊。但研究人员还是发现,其回报“更多地源于选股,而非他对管理层的影响”。(伯克希尔#12539;哈撒韦发言人表示巴菲特不接受采访。)Lasse Pedersen, another of the study#39;s authors, a finance professor at New York University and a principal at AQR, stressed that Mr. Buffett still deserves plenty of credit. After all, he says, it has taken years for researchers to come up with a formula that, after the fact, does as well as Mr. Buffett has been doing for nearly 50 years. In addition, he had the discipline to stick to his approach through both thick and thin.论文的另一名作者、纽约大学金融学教授、AQR主要负责人之一拉斯#12539;佩德森(Lasse Pedersen)强调,巴菲特并非浪得虚名。他说,毕竟研究人员花了数年时间才总结出一套“马后炮”表现与巴菲特近50年投资成绩相当的公式。除此以外,他还拥有不论丰歉都坚守既定方针的自控力。Unfortunately, the investment formula that the researchers devised isn#39;t necessarily easy for individual investors to follow. It requires investing in a large and diversified basket of stocks, for example. Furthermore, adhering to the formula can be challenging for a portfolio that relies on margin.不幸的是,研究人员总结出来的这套投资公式散户应用起来不一定容易。比如它要求投资一大篮子多样化的股票。另外,对于一个依靠保金交易的投资组合来说,坚守这套公式也有可能遇到挑战。Nevertheless, it may be possible for you to at least partially follow the researchers#39; formula without actually resorting to borrowed money. If you have cash in your portfolio, for example, you could add it to the portion you aly have allocated to equities-achieving the equivalent of going on margin by, in effect, #39;borrowing#39; from yourself. This, of course, is what Mr. Buffett does by borrowing from other parts of his business.但是,你或许还是能够在不借钱的情况下至少部分地运用研究人员总结出的这套公式。比如,如果你的投资组合里面有现金,你可以把这些现金加到已经配置于股市的那部分中去。这在事实上是自己给自己借钱,也就相当于做保金交易。巴菲特从他公司的其他部门借钱,当然也就是这种办法。Even if you decide not to follow the researchers#39; investment formula precisely, this new study has important investment implications. For example, since the study#39;s authors find that Mr. Buffett#39;s record is due to #39;neither luck nor magic,#39; Berkshire#39;s performance need not suffer after Mr. Buffett retires -- so long as his successor is able to do just as good a job picking stocks.即使你决定不完全按照研究人员的投资公式去做,这项新研究也有着重要的投资含义。比如论文作者发现巴菲特的成绩“既不是因为运气,也不是因为魔力”,所以如果继任者的选股能力跟他一样好,伯克希尔在巴菲特退休之后的表现就不一定很差。That#39;s a pretty big #39;if,#39; of course, but the researchers#39; findings imply that a strict adherence to the same investment principles could, over time, do as well as Mr. Buffett has done historically.当然这个“如果”是个很大的假设,但研究人员的发现意味着,如果严格遵守同样投资原则的话,随着时间的推移,投资成绩是可以达到巴菲特的历史水平的。The study also holds out the tantalizing possibility that an investor following the formula can perform even better than Berkshire. That#39;s because, as Mr. Buffett has pointed out, his portfolio has grown so large that it will be difficult for it to perform as well in the future. In contrast, a smaller portfolio can profit from investing in stocks that are too small to make any meaningful difference to Berkshire#39;s bottom line.另外,这项研究也展示了一种撩拨人心的可能性:遵守这套公式的投资者甚至可以取得比伯克希尔还要好的成绩。因为巴菲特自己也说过,他的投资组合已经变得十分庞大,将来会很难拥有同样的表现。相比之下,规模更小的投资组合可以投资于因为太小、不足以给伯克希尔利润表现带来实质性改变的股票,从而获利。The following stocks from within the Samp;P 1500 index score favorably along each of the five dimensions that the researchers employ in defining #39;cheap, safe, quality stocks,#39; according to FactSet. The ratios of their prices to per-share book values are below average, as are their #39;betas#39; -- a measure of the extent to which their prices move in lock step with the overall market.据FactSet说,以下取自标准普尔1500种股票指数(Samp;P 1500)的股票非常符合研究人员在定义“便宜、安全、优质股票”时确定的五个维度。它们的价格相对于每股账面价值的比率低于平均水平,衡量股价与大市联动程度的“beta系数”也低于平均水平。In addition, these stocks are of companies whose #39;profitability#39; -- or total profits as a percentage of assets -- is above average, as is the five-year growth rate of that profitability. And, finally, these stocks are of firms whose dividends represent an above-average proportion of their earnings.除此以外,这些股票代表的公司“盈利能力”(总利润除以资产总额)高于平均水平,“盈利能力”五年增长率也高于平均水平。最后,这些股票所代表公司的派息额占其利润的比重也高于平均水平。Examples include drug retailer CVS Caremark; Devry Education Group, a for-profit education company; chipmaker Intel, Owens amp; Minor, a medical-supplies distributor; grocery distributor Spartan Stores; and Vectren, an energy holding company.这些股票包括:药品零售企业CVS Caremark;营利性教育企业Devry Education Group;芯片制造企业英特尔(Intel);医药用品经销商Owens amp; Minor;百货经销企业Spartan Stores;能源控股公司Vectren。Though there are no mutual funds that pick stocks according to the precise formula the researchers devise, several come close. One is offered by AQR: the U.S. Defensive Equity Fund, with an annual 0.51% expense ratio, or for every ,000 invested. Though the fund has a high minimum for those investing in it directly, it is available to investors through their financial advisers.虽然没有哪只共同基金是完全根据研究人员总结的公式来选股,但也有好几只比较接近。有一只是AQR销售的“防守型美股基金”(U.S. Defensive Equity Fund),年费率0.51%,即投资1万美元要交51美元的费用。这只基金为直接投资的人设定了一个很高的最低额度,但投资者可以通过他们的投资顾问机构来投资。Another fund that focuses on some of the same stock-picking methods is the DFA US Large Cap Equity Portfolio. It is available to individuals only through their financial advisers or certain retirement and 529 plans, and fees vary.另一只侧重于上述一部分选股方法的基金是“DFA大盘美股投资组合”(DFA US Large Cap Equity Portfolio)。散户只能通过投资顾问机构或某些退休金计划、529大学储蓄计划来投资,费率各有差别。The exchange-traded fund that perhaps come closest to following the researchers#39; stock-picking methodology is iShares MSCI USA Quality Factor, with an expense ratio of 0.15%. It invests in stocks with a high return on equity and stable earnings growth.最接近研究人员选股方法的交易所交易基金,可能是“iShares MSCI USA Quality Factor”。费率为0.15%。它投资的是净资产收益率高、利润增长稳定的股票。 /201312/270455

  Nokia Corp. warned Thursday that its cellphone business is quickly deteriorating and that it will cut 10,000 workers, a setback that threatens partner Microsoft Corp.#39;s mobile aspirations. 诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)周四警告说,其手机业务正在迅速恶化,公司将裁员1万人。这一挫折对其合作伙伴微软(Microsoft Corp.)在手机领域的梦想构成了威胁。The companies bound themselves together last year in a last-ditch effort to compete in a smartphone market dominated by Apple Inc. and Google Inc. Now, Microsoft faces the possibility that the company responsible for two-thirds of its mobile software shipments may not be strong enough to give it influence in mobile computing.去年两家公司结成同盟,准备在由苹果(Apple Inc.)和谷歌(Google Inc.)主导的智能手机市场背水一战。现在微软面临着这样一种可能:占其手机软件发货量三分之二的诺基亚,它的实力或许不足以使之在移动计算领域产生影响。Until this year, Nokia enjoyed a 14-year-run as the world#39;s largest maker of mobile phones. But the company raised new doubts about its future Thursday by warning its losses will be worse than it expected just two months ago. It would not predict when the losses might end. Associated Press周四,印度新德里的一家手机商店。在今年之前,诺基亚曾连续14年稳居世界最大手机生产商的位置。但该公司周四表示,其亏损情况将比两个月前预计的更加严重,这让外界对诺基亚的未来前景产生了新的怀疑。诺基亚拒绝给出亏损何时结束的预测。The news sent Nokia#39;s shares down 16% to .35 in New York trading, the lowest point since 1996. Nokia has lost more than three-quarters of its market value since Chief Executive Stephen Elop arrived in September 2010 and decided to bet the company on phones powered by Microsoft#39;s operating system.这一消息导致纽约市场上诺基亚的股价下跌了16%至2.35美元,创出1996年以来的最低价格。自首席执行长埃洛普(Stephen Elop)2010年9月份上任以来,诺基亚的市值已经蒸发掉四分之三有余。埃洛普决定把整个公司的前途都押在安装微软操作系统的手机上。Its market value is now at .8 billion, 92% lower than where it stood when Apple released the iPhone and just above the price Microsoft paid last year for Internet phone company Skype.诺基亚目前市值为88亿美元,较苹果发布iPhone时减少92%,仅比微软去年收购网络电话公司Skype的价格高一点。Microsoft, which made its own big bet by choosing Nokia to build its flagship Windows Phone devices, is responding by increasing its aid for the handset maker. But if Nokia continues to struggle, the software giant may have to start searching for other options.微软选择由诺基亚生产其Windows Phone手机也是一次豪赌。面对诺基亚的困境,微软正以加大对其援助来应对。但如果这家手机生产商依旧无法摆脱困境,微软可能就得着手寻觅其他选项了。Microsoft declined to comment. Its shares Thursday rose 21 cents to .34 on the Nasdaq Stock Market, and are up 13% year-to-date.微软拒绝对诺基亚的最新情况发表。微软股价周四在纳斯达克市场上涨0.21美元至29.34美元,该股今年以来的涨幅为13%。Mr. Elop said on a conference call that Nokia plans to address its market share by competing more aggressively for low-end smartphone business ;specific support from Microsoft.;埃诺普在电话会议上说,为解决市场份额问题,诺基亚打算在微软的“特别持”下在低端智能手机领域加大竞争力度。Nokia, he said, would pull back from many areas to focus its resources on a relatively small number of big markets, including the U.S., China, and certain other European and Asian markets.他说,诺基亚将从诸多领域退出,把资源集中在数量相对少的大型市场上,如美国、中国,以及其他某些欧亚市场。;The challenge, therefore, is how do you break through?; said Mr. Elop.;We#39;re now in a situation where we#39;ve got to make sure that we#39;re breaking through in selling.;埃洛普说,诺基亚面临的挑战在于如何取得突破。他说,在现在的处境之下,我们得确保销量取得突破。As the iPhone and Android took off and Windows foundered, Microsoft wagered last year that a partnership with the Finnish giant could make it a credible No. 3 player in the fast-growing smartphone market.由于iPhone和安卓(Android)手机开始腾飞、Windows手机一败涂地,微软去年把宝押在了诺基亚身上,指望跟这家芬兰巨头的合作能使它在成长迅速的智能手机市场稳居第三。Nokia agreed to adopt Windows Phone as its principal operating system, replacing its own Symbian software, and to pay licensing fees to Microsoft. In exchange, Nokia said Microsoft would provide it with billions of dollars to help develop and market products.诺基亚同意采用Windows Phone替代塞班(Symbian)作为自己的主要操作系统,并向微软付授权费。据诺基亚说,作为交换,微软将提供数十亿美元资金帮它开发、推广产品。Nokia, however, has continued to lose ground around the globe. Analysts say that Korea#39;s Samsung Electronics Co. dethroned Nokia in the first quarter of the year as the world#39;s biggest cellphone maker.然而从全球来看,诺基亚仍是节节失利。分析人士说,韩国三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)今年第一季度赶超诺基亚,成为全球最大手机生产商。Nokia for the first time accounted for less than half of the total cellphone market in its home country of Finland, according to IDC.据国际数据公司(IDC)统计,诺基亚在本土芬兰手机市场上所占份额首次不足一半。The company has struggled on the low end in emerging markets that have long been key to its success. In Indonesia, for example, Nokia#39;s market share dropped to 24% early this year from 52% in early 2010, according to IDC. Nokia lagged behind smaller competitors in launching ;dual-SIM; phones, which let consumers save money by combining deals from two different service providers.诺基亚一直挣扎于新兴市场的低端手机业务。新兴市场始终是诺基亚制胜的关键所在。据IDC统计,诺基亚在印尼市场上的份额从2010年初的52%跌至今年初的24%。在发布双卡手机方面,诺基亚落到了规模较小的竞争对手的后面。这种手机综合了两个不同电信务提供商的协议,从而让消费者省了钱。The loss of market share has weakened Nokia financially. In an effort to cut costs as its market position erodes, Nokia said it would cut 10,000 jobs in its mobile division by the end of next year. The cuts follow plans to eliminate about 14,000 jobs announced last year, but questions remained whether it would be enough.市场份额的丧失削弱了诺基亚的财务实力。诺基亚说,由于公司的市场地位受到侵蚀,将在明年底之前削减1万个移动部门工作岗位,以削减成本。而在此之前,诺基亚去年就已宣布,打算削减1.4万个工作岗位,但外界质疑此举是否足够有力。Nokia#39;s mobile devices division employs 53,000, compared with 20,500 at rival Motorola Mobility Holdings, bought last month by Google.Reuters周四,诺基亚公司宣布裁员1万人。诺基亚移动产品部门现有雇员5.3万名,其竞争对手托罗拉移动公司(Motorola Mobility Holdings)仅有雇员2.05万名。后者上个月被谷歌收购。On Thursday, Nokia warned that the operating loss at its mobile devices unit would be larger than it had previously thought, saying it would post a negative margin greater than 3%.诺基亚周四警告说,移动产品部门的营业亏损将比之前估计的要大,该部门利润率将低于负3%。The company doesn#39;t appear to be improving in the smartphone market either, saying competition had hit that business ;to a somewhat greater extent than previously expected.;诺基亚在智能手机市场的状况似乎也并无改善。该公司说,竞争对这块业务产生的冲击力度比之前预计的要大。Nokia said it shipped more than 2 million Lumias world-wide in the first quarter, compared with Apple#39;s 35 million iPhones. In Western Europe, the Lumia#39;s biggest market, IDC estimates Nokia sold 980,000 Lumias - compared with 15.5 million Android phones, 7 million iPhones, and 2.5 million BlackBerrys.诺基亚说,今年第一季度Lumia的全球发货量超过200万部,而苹果iPhone同期发货量为3,500万部。据IDC估计,诺基亚在西欧(Lumia的最大市场)出售了98万部Lumia。相比之下,安卓手机在西欧卖出了1,550万部,iPhone卖出了700万部,黑莓手机250万部。Those sales numbers are hurting Microsoft as well. In the first quarter, Apple had 23% of the global market for smartphones, Android had 59%, and both were growing, according to IDC.这些销售数据同时也在冲击着微软。IDC数据显示,今年第一季度,苹果智能手机在全球占据了23%的市场份额,安卓手机占59%,这两个比例还在不断增长。Microsoft#39;s operating system, meanwhile, came in sixth place, powering just 2.2% of smartphones, down from 2.6% a year earlier. Nokia and Microsoft are aiming for a 10% share of the smartphone market, though they haven#39;t put a timetable on that target.此外,微软的操作系统排名第六位,仅有2.2%的智能手机用的是这种系统,低于上年的2.6%。诺基亚和微软目前均力争在智能手机市场上获得10%的份额,不过它们并没有给出实现这个目标的时间表。For now, Nokia and Microsoft still have the support of wireless carriers, which are looking for a competitor to Apple and Google. T-Mobile USA said its Nokia Lumia phone has been one of its five best-selling smartphones since January, and ATamp;T Inc. said it was pleased with sales of the device.目前,诺基亚和微软仍拥有无线运营商的持,这些运营商正在寻找能跟苹果和谷歌对抗的竞争者。T-Mobile USA说,诺基亚的Lumia手机是该公司今年1月以来最畅销的五款智能手机之一。美国电话电报公司(ATamp;T Inc.)说,对Lumia的销售情况感到满意。An important test for the company will come later this year when Nokia is expected to roll out a new smartphone based on the expected fall release of Windows Phone 8.诺基亚将于今年晚些时候迎来重要考验,预计该公司届时将发布一款搭载微软Windows Phone 8系统的新智能手机。Windows Phone 8的预计发布时间是今年秋季。Nokia, however, hasn#39;t been specific about when the new phones will launch. Until it sees more success in the market, it likely will grow more dependent on Microsoft#39;s support.不过,诺基亚尚未具体说明这款新手机的发布时间。诺基亚在市场上取得更多成功之前,该公司可能会愈发依赖微软的持。 /201206/187119

  Headphones let us escape to our own private bubble─which is not a good idea when walking, running or bicycling on busy streets.耳机让我们得以沉浸在自己的小世界里──而在繁忙的街道上行走、跑步或骑自行车时,这不是个好主意。This year#39;s Consumer-Electronics winner, AfterShokz, addresses this problem with sports headphones that loop over the ears like other headphones but send sound waves through the listener#39;s cheekbones.今年的消费电子产品类获奖产品AfterShokz解决了这个问题。这款运动耳机像其他耳机一样挂在耳朵上,但却是通过佩戴者的颧骨来传递声波。Environmental isolation is a serious problem; a recent study of pedestrian injuries found that three-quarters of people hurt or killed after colliding with a car or train were wearing headphones.AfterShokzAfterShokz耳机与周围环境隔绝是个大问题;最近一项有关行人受伤的研究发现,被汽车或火车撞倒后受伤或身亡的人当中,有四分之三的人戴着耳机。By transmitting music directly to the inner ear, AfterShokz headphones don#39;t block out sirens, warning shouts and other background noises.AfterShokz耳机将音乐直接传送至内耳,而不会隔绝汽车喇叭声、警告的叫喊声和其他背景声音。The bone-conduction technology used by AfterShokz was developed in 2001 by Shenzen, China-based Voxtech Ltd. to help soldiers in the field listen to radio-based commands while staying alert to their surroundings. A Voxtech unit, VoxLinc LLC of East Syracuse, N.Y., introduced the product in January.AfterShokz使用的骨传导技术是由中国深圳的韶音科技有限公司(Voxtech Ltd.)于2001年开发的,用于帮助战场上的士兵听到用无线电发出的命令,同时又能对周围保持警觉。韶音科技的分公司VoxLinc LLC今年1月将该产品引入美国。VoxLinc位于纽约州东锡拉库兹(East Syracuse)。 /201212/214605。


  For those keeping score of women on the Fortune 500, here’s some good news: The definitive ranking of America’s biggest companies boasts some 24 female CEOs, up from 20 a year ago, and more than at any point since Fortune started compiling executive gender in 1998.长期跟踪《财富》美国500强(Fortune 500)企业女性发展情况的人们现在迎来了个好消息:最终榜单上全美最大公司中共有24位女性首席执行官,而一年前仅有20位。自《财富》杂志(Fortune)从1998年起开始收集整理不同性别高管的情况以来,这个数字创下了有史以来的最高纪录。The “meh” news: That still represents a small percentage —4.8% to be exact — of the overall CEOs on the list. While just one woman led a Fortune 500 company in 1998, that number slowly rose to 15 in 2009 before declining to 12 women by 2011.而比较不给力的一点是:这个数字占上榜首席执行官总人数的比例仍然很小——准确地说就是4.8%。1998年《财富》美国500强中仅有一位女性掌门人,2009年这个数字慢慢爬升到15位,2011年又掉到了12位。This year’s list comes with six new women CEOs, two of whom will be defined by how the deal with huge corporate crises in their first year as CEO. Mary Barra became the first woman to lead a major automotive company in January when she took over as chief executive of General Motors. Barra is currently navigating GM through a recall of millions of vehicles linked to a 2005 faulty ignition problem. Lynn Good, the CEO of Duke Energy, became CEO last August and is now dealing with one of Duke’s biggest environment crises in the company 100-year history. More than 30,000 tons of Duke’s coal waste accidentally spilled into a North Carolina river in February.今年的榜单上共有6位新任女掌门,其中有2位因其在出任首席执行官的第一年就面对公司的重大危机力挽狂澜而引人瞩目。今年1月当玛丽o巴拉出任通用汽车公司(General Motors)的首席执行官后,她就成为了历史上第一位领导大型汽车公司的女性。现在,巴拉正带领通用汽车全力应对一次上百万规模的召回,这次召回是因2005年遗留的点火装置隐患而引起的。林恩o古德是杜克能源公司(Duke Energy)的首席执行官。她去年8月上任,现在正在着手解决杜克公司百年历史上的最大环境危机。今年2月,杜克能源的三万多吨煤矸石被不慎倒进北卡罗来纳州的一条河流。Engineering company CH2M Hill announced in January that company-insider Jacqueline Himan would be taking over the CEO spot and convenience retailer CST Brands also announced that month Kimberly Bowers would become CEO. Tobacco giant Reynolds American brought back former CEO Susan Cameron to lead the company effective May 1st and just last month Ross Stores announced Chief Merchandising Officer Barbara Rentler would take over the C-suite.今年1月,工程公司西图公司(CH2M Hill)宣布来自公司内部的杰奎琳o海曼出任首席执行官,同时汽油零售商CST Brands公司也宣布金柏莉o鲍尔斯出任首席执行官。烟草巨头雷诺美国公司(Reynolds American)请回了前任首席执行官苏珊o卡梅隆从5月1日开始重新领导公司,而上个月罗斯百货公司(Ross Stores)宣布首席商品官芭芭拉o兰特尔将出任首席执行官一职。The 2014 Fortune 500 CEO list is also noticeable lacking one high-powered female tech executive. This year, for the first time in nine years, Yahoo is not a part of the Fortune 500 and CEO Marissa Mayer has fallen off the list after making her debut last year.另外2014年《财富》美国500强‘首席执行官”名单中引人注意的一点是,科技公司的女性高管缺席。由于雅虎公司(Yahoo)九年来首次跌出《财富》美国500强排行榜,公司首席执行官玛丽莎o梅耶尔继去年履新后今年也缺席了本榜单。And while women make up a small percentage of the Fortune 500 CEOs, American companies are slightly more balanced than those of some of our peer economies. Despite droves of policies in place to support bringing women into executive leadership, only 3% of Scandinavia’s largest firms are led by women. Stay tuned for Fortune’s upcoming Global 500 to see how women CEOs fare on the ranking of the world’s largest companies.尽管女性在《财富》美国500强首席执行官队伍中占比较小,但比起一些同处一个阵营的经济体来说,美国公司的高管性别比例还是要均衡一些。北欧四国尽管出台了一系列持将女性推到首席执行官位置的政策,但这些国家的大公司却仅有3%的高管是女性。请继续关注即将出炉的《财富》世界全球500强榜单,看看全球大公司中女性首席执行官的情况如何。Here is the full list of Fortune 500 women CEOs:“财富500强”全部女性首席执行官如下:1. Mary Barra – General Motors (No. 7 on the 2014 Fortune 500)玛丽·芭拉——通用汽车公司(“2014财富500强”第7位)2. Margaret Whitman – Hewlett-Packard (No. 17)玛格丽特·惠特曼——惠普公司(第17位)3. Virginia Rometty – International Business Machines (No. 23)弗吉尼亚·罗曼提——IBM公司(第23位)4. Patricia Woertz – Archer Daniels Midland (No. 27)帕特丽霞·伍尔丝——阿彻丹尼尔斯米德兰公司(第27位)5. IndraNooyi – Pepsi Co (No. 43)英德拉·诺伊——百事公司(第43位)6. MarillynHewson – Lockheed Martin (No. 59)玛丽莲·休森——洛克希德马丁公司(第59位)7. Ellen Kullman – DuPont (No. 86)艾伦·库尔曼——杜邦公司(第86位)8. Irene Rosenfeld – Mondelez International (No. 89)艾琳·罗森菲尔德——蒙德雷兹国际食品公司(第89位)9. PhebeNovakovic – General Dynamics (No. 99)菲比·诺瓦科维奇——通用动力公司(第99位)10. Carol Meyrowitz – TJX (No. 108)卡罗尔·梅罗维茨——TJX公司(第108位)11 Lynn Good – Duke Energy (No. 123)林恩·古德——杜克能源公司(第123位)12. Ursula Burns – Xerox (No. 137)乌苏拉·伯恩斯——施乐公司(第137位)13. Deanna Mulligan – Guardian Line Ins. Co. of America (No. 245)狄安娜·玛丽甘——Guardian Line Ins. Co. of America公司(第245位)14. Kimberly Bowers – CST Brands (No. 266)金伯莉·鲍尔斯——CST Brands公司(第266位)15. Debra Reed – Sempra Energy (No. 267)黛布拉·里德——桑普拉能源公司(第267位)16. Barbara Rentler – Ross Stores (No. 277)芭芭拉·兰特尔——罗斯百货公司(第277位)17. Sherylin McCoy – Avon Products (No. 282)雪琳·麦考伊——雅芳公司(第282位)18. Denise Morrison – Campbell Soup (No. 315)德尼丝·莫里森——金宝汤公司(第315位)19. Susan Cameron – Reynolds American (No. 329)苏珊·卡梅伦——雷诺美国烟草公司(第329位)20. Heather Bresch – Mylan (No. 377)希瑟·布莱什——迈兰公司(第377位)21. Ilene Gordon – Ingredion (No. 412)艾琳·高登——宜瑞安公司(第412位)22. Jacqueline Himan – CH2M Hill (No. 437)杰奎琳·海曼——西图公司(第437位)23. Kathleen Mazzarella – Graybar Electric (No. 449)凯思琳·马扎雷拉——葛雷巴电气公司(第449位)24. GraciaMartore – Gannett (No. 481)格蕾西亚·马特罗——甘乃特公司(第481位) /201406/305347

  Shares in Huishang Bank recorded a modest rise yesterday, as trading began in the biggest Chinese banking initial public offering for three years.昨日,徽商(Huishang Bank)股价小幅上涨。三年来最大的中资首次公开发行(IPO)开始交易。Huishang rose 2 per cent, while the Hang Seng index closed down 0.7 per cent.徽商收涨2%,香港大盘恒生指数(Hang Seng index)则收跌0.7%。The Huishang debut is the third Chinese bank IPO in Hong Kong in the past month, following Huirong Financial’s 0m listing, and Bank of Chongqing, which raised 0m.徽商IPO是过去一个月里第三宗中资IPO。此前,中国汇融金融控股有限公司(China Huirong Financial)和重庆(Bank of Chongqing)先后上市,融资额分别达2亿美元和6亿美元。At .3bn, the Huishang deal is the largest by a Chinese lender since Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank listed in the city in 2010.徽商融资额达到13亿美元,是自重庆农村商业(Chongqing Rural Commercial Bank)2010年在香港上市以来中资最大的一宗IPO。Huirong and Bank of Chongqing have struggled to top their issue prices since listing. Huirong has endured volatile trading in its two weeks as a listed company, dropping about 9 per cent in that time. Bank of Chongqing, which started trading last week, has lost about 0.5 per cent.自上市以来,汇融与重庆的股价一直低于发行价。汇融上市两周以来,股价出现了大幅波动,跌幅约为9%。重庆上周开始上市交易,股价跌幅约为0.5%。The performances of Huishang and of the other financial listings are being closely watched ahead of the planned bn IPO of Chinese “bad bank” Cinda, which is due to file its prospectus on November 22.徽商和其他金融上市企业的表现正受到市场的密切关注。不久之后,中国一家“坏”——中国信达资产管理公司(Cinda)将于11月22日发布招股说明书,计划通过IPO融资20亿美元。Huishang’s first trading session was expected to be muted because of the heavy involvement of cornerstone investors, who are subject to a lock-up period during which they cannot sell shares.由于基石投资者的大举介入,徽商在首个交易日的表现本来就预计将波澜不兴。基石投资者需要经历一段锁定期,在此期间不能出售所持股票。Ahead of the trading debut, Huishang secured support from five such cornerstones, who together bought more than half the shares being sold, leading some to describe it as a “friends and family” deal.首日交易之前,徽商已获得了5家基石投资者的认购,这些投资者总共购入半数以上发行的股票,导致有些人将这次IPO称为一次“家人与朋友占主角的”交易。Property developer China Vanke alone took up almost 40 per cent of the deal, according to a person familiar with the listing.据一位了解徽商IPO的人士表示,仅房地产开发商万科(China Vanke)就购入了徽商所发行股票的近40%。Huishang also hired 19 bookrunners to help get its listing over the line, an increasingly common feature of Hong Kong’s fragile market for financial IPOs.徽商在IPO中聘用了19家账簿管理人。在金融企业IPO销路不畅的香港市场,多聘账簿管理人的现象已变得越来越普遍。Investors have voiced some frustration at the number of Chinese lenders choosing to list in Hong Kong, which has been reflected by the relatively small involvement of institutional investors and large global fund managers in the recent deals.投资者对赴香港上市的中资数量之多表示了失望。最近几宗上市交易中,机构投资者和大型全球性基金公司参与力度相对较低,就反映了这一心态。In contrast, Boyaa – a Chinese online gaming company – also began trading yesterday, and saw its shares rise almost 14 per cent, the latest sign of strong appetite for technology stocks in Hong Kong.相比之下,中国在线游戏公司雅互动(Boyaa)昨日也开始上市交易,其股价涨幅接近14%,这是表明香港市场强烈看好科技股的最新迹象。Chinese bank shares have been on a rollercoaster ride this year, falling to record low valuations in June when a credit crunch on the mainland raised concerns about the stability of the financial system. Although share prices have staged something of a recovery since then, many investors remain wary about the long-term health of a sector heavily exposed to China’s rampant credit growth.今年以来,中资股一直在上演“过山车”行情。今年6月,中国内地信贷紧缩引发市场担忧中国金融体系稳定,股跌至历史最低点。虽然此后股收复了部分失地,但许多投资者仍对中国业的长期健康状况感到担心——信贷疯狂增长给中国业留下巨大的风险敞口。 /201311/264633

  With the world buzzing over Apple’s reveal this month of the iPhone 6 and Apple Watch, it’s hard to believe that this multi-trillion-dollar tech giant was once a small computer startup.如今,全世界都在谈论苹果公司(Apple)刚推出的iPhone 6和苹果手表(Apple Watch),人们很难相信,这家价值数万亿美元的科技巨头曾经也只是一家很小的初创电脑公司。For many entrepreneurs, the epic trajectory of Apple AAPL -0.87% — or Facebook FB -1.63% or Twitter TWTR 0.07% , for that matter — serves as evidence that the consumer space is where you go to launch a winning startup.对于许多创业者们而言,苹果、Facebook或Twitter的发展轨迹,明消费者市场才是创业的蓝海。But that doesn’t always hold true. By foregoing the potentials of selling to business (as opposed to consumers), entrepreneurs are missing out on a world of opportunities — and lucrative ones at that.但这一点并非始终都是正确的。如果放弃与公司做生意(与消费者市场相反)的潜力,创业者们将错失大量有利可图的好机遇。As a board member at 1871, Chicago’s entrepreneurial hub for startups, I see a lot of startups and know what B2C companies can learn from B2B startups, including Fieldglass, MarkITx and Eved.作为芝加哥创业务组织1871的董事会成员,笔者接触过许多初创企业,因此很清楚B2C(企业对消费者)公司可以从B2B(企业对企业)初创公司学到什么,包括人力资源管理公司Fieldglass、在线企业硬件交易平台MarkITx和会议与活动在线交易市场Eved。The B2B space is rife with potential; by integrating new technologies into traditional businesses, entrepreneurs can dramatically improve efficiencies, uncover new markets, solve longstanding problems and, in some cases, disrupt entire industries. Indeed, an increasing number of B2B startups are experiencing rapid growth while achieving enviable profit margins.B2B领域有巨大的潜力;通过将新技术整合到传统业务当中,创业者们可以显著提高效率,开发新市场,解决长期存在的问题,在某些情况下,甚至会颠覆整个行业。事实上,越来越多的B2B初创公司正在经历快速增长,同时获取了令人艳羡的利润。Take Fieldglass, for example. Once a small startup, the Chicago-based software company is now the biggest vendor management system (VMS) provider in the world. In May, it was reportedly acquired by SAP for more than billion, one of the largest sales of a privately held tech company in recent years.以Fieldglass为例。这家芝加哥软件公司最初规模很小,如今已成为全世界最大的供应商管理系统(VMS)提供商。据报道,该公司在今年五月被SAP公司以超过10亿美元的价格收购,这是近几年规模最大的私人科技公司交易。Or consider MarkITx, an online marketplace to trade enterprise IT hardware, which earned a million valuation after only eight months of operations. After speaking with its co-founder Frank Muscarello, the company’s revenues are up 300 percent this year compared to last.再比如企业IT硬件在线交易平台MarkITx,公司成立仅8个月,市值便已经达到1,200万美元。笔者从公司联合创始人弗兰克o姆斯卡莱罗那里了解到,公司今年的收入同比增长了300%。To launch the next great startup, here are six lessons that entrepreneurs can learn from B2B companies about how to launch the next great startup:要创建下一家伟大的初创公司,创业者们应该从B2B公司学会以下六条经验:Target your first customers wisely明智地确定第一批客户Many B2B businesses design their products and services around their initial clients, making it critically important to take a strategic approach to recruiting those first customers. Talia Mashiach, founder and CEO of Eved, went after large firms like Dell when her company was still in its early stages. She then designed Eved’s platform and online marketplace to address those customers’ needs and provide visibility into their meeting and the total amount spent on an event. That set the stage for the recruitment of other large-scale firms and helped her stock her online marketplace with more than 5,000 companies.许多B2B公司往往会围绕最初客户来设计产品与务,因此通过战略方法吸引第一批客户就变得至关重要。Eved成立之初,公司创始人兼CEO塔利亚o弥赛亚追逐的目标是戴尔(Dell)等大公司。后来,她设计了Eved平台和在线市场,以解决这些客户的需求,使客户可以直观了解会议和活动的总开。而这为吸引其他大公司奠定了基础,帮助她将客户增加到5,000多家公司。Long-term value of customers is critical客户的长期价值至关重要Generally speaking, B2B companies have longer sales cycles than B2C firms. However, most B2B customers are long-term customers and, in the end, companies can extract greater value from them. After Jai Shekhawat founded Fieldglass in 1999, it took him more than a year to land his first customers, which included Verizon VZ -0.80% , AIGAIG -3.34% , GlaxoSmithKline GSK -1.33% and Johnson amp; Johnson JNJ -2.36% . But he held on to them, and now each spend billions on contract labor annually. To date, Fieldglass boasts a customer retention rate of more than 99%.一般而言,B2B公司的销售周期比B2C公司更长。但大多数B2B客户都是长期客户,最终,B2B公司可以从客户获取更多价值。1999年,贾伊o谢卡瓦特成立Fieldglass,他花了超过一年时间才找到第一批客户,其中包括威瑞森(Verizon)、美国国际集团(AIG)、葛兰素史克(GlaxoSmithKline)和强生(Johnson amp; Johnson)。但他一直紧紧抓住这批客户,现在这些客户每年在合同雇工方面的开都达到数十亿美元。到目前为止,Fieldglass的客户保持率超过99%。To generate steady revenue, focus on opportunities to generate reoccurring revenue要获得稳定的收入,应该抓住能够产生经常性收入的机会。Prioritize customers that are most likely to use your product or service repeatedly.将最有可能重复使用公司产品或务的客户放在首位。Muscarello knew that financial companies would serve as ideal suppliers for his online exchange because they invest heavily in IT and frequently purge their inventory to make room for the latest technology. MarkITx’s first customer, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, is now on its 22nd trade since August 2013.姆斯卡莱罗深知,金融公司将是其在线交易平台的理想供应商,因为金融公司会在IT方面进行大量投入,并且经常要清理库存,为最新技术腾出空间。MarkITx的第一家客户是芝加哥商业交易所(Chicago Mercantile Exchange),从2013年8月以来已进行了22次交易。Build something that sticks开发有粘性的务或产品To develop a long-term relationship with your customers, you need to create products or services that are inherently “sticky” and provide several levels of integration within a company. MarkITx’s dashboard plugs into companies via API and provides real-time data about the mark-to-market value of their assets and the optimal time to refresh their IT infrastructure. As a result, these companies regularly check the dashboard and are more apt to use MarkITx when it comes time to sell their assets. Fieldglass takes integration a step further by staying enmeshed in its customers’ problems. It monitors, for example, changes in labor laws (in Europe alone, Shekhawat estimates that there are 25-30 changes per month) and ensures that its software immediately reflect those shifts. In turn, customers grow more dependent on Fieldglass to manage their problem for them.要与客户保持长期关系,必须创建天生具有“粘性”的产品与务,并且为同一家公司客户包含多个层级的整合务。MarkITx的仪表板可以通过应用程序接口(API)连接到客户公司,为客户提供其资产的实时市场价值数据,以及更新IT基础设施的最佳时间。结果,这些公司会经常查看仪表板,而且在需要出售资产的时候,会更倾向于使用MarkITx。通过投身客户遇到的实际困难当中,Fieldglass可以提前为客户打造整合性务。例如,公司会密切关注劳动法的变化(谢卡瓦特估计,仅在欧洲,每月便会有25-30处变化),并确保其软件能及时反映这些变化。因此,为了解决问题,客户对Fieldglass变得越来越依赖。Look for a business idea on your desk从眼前寻找商机Think about the problems your company is facing or how you might address issues in your industry. There are business ideas there — maybe not sexy ones, but solid, profitable ones. Shekhawat came up with the idea for Fieldglass after serving as a contract developer, working for a technology vendor and consulting for buyers and customers, where he witnessed the challenges of managing contract labor. That insider knowledge also enabled him to build a company that easily overshadowed the five preceding competitors (all have since gone out of business).思考一下你的公司目前面临的问题,或者你会如何解决行业内的问题。商机无处不在——或许这些机遇没有那么令人兴奋,但却非常可靠且有利可图。谢卡瓦特在产生创建Fieldglass的想法之前,曾做过合同程序开发员,为一家技术供应商工作,并为买方和客户提供咨询,后来他发现了管理合同雇工所面临的挑战。对行业内情的了解,也使他创建的公司轻松打败了其他5家竞争对手(这些公司都已破产)。Know when to venture further清楚何时采取下一步行动Consider whether the work you’re doing now could parlay into something bigger. Before Eved went global in 2010, it was a local service company that grew to million in four years and landed on the Inc. 500. But Mashiach knew that there was a bigger opportunity out there. So she sold Eved’s service side, took its Ramp;D and re-launched it as a global company, with her sights set on a billion-dollar goal.思考一下,你现在的工作能否变成更大的事业。2010年,Eved进军国际市场之前,还是一家本土务公司,公司规模在4年内增长到1,000万美元,并入选Inc. 500强(Inc. 500)排行榜。但弥赛亚清楚,海外有更多机会。于是,她出售了Eved的务部门,保留了研发部,将其重新打造成一家全球性公司,她的目标是公司市值达到十亿美元。 /201410/336511





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