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  • Q: I have an active social and business life, and I worry about repeating outfits. Is there anything out there, like a clothing calendar, that can help me keep track of what I wore when and who saw me?问:我需要参加社交和商务活动,但担心衣重样。有没有一种工具,比如穿衣日历一类的东西,可以帮我记录下来我何时见何人时,穿了什么衣? /201008/111799
  • Moms pass on experience without even tryingMothers can pass along their experiences to their children without even trying, researchers reported in a surprising study on Tuesday that showed baby mice could inherit the benefits of "education" that their mothers received before they became pregnant.The study shows that inheritance can go far beyond the classic genetic theories, researchers report in The Journal of Neuroscience.They found that young mice raised in an enriched environment -- with toys and other stimulation -- passed along the learning benefits to pups they had after they grew up.The stimulated mothers did not simply have better parenting skills, because the researchers showed pups swapped at birth still learned better if their biological mothers - but not their foster parents - had been raised with the extra toys."You inherit to some degree some aspects of your parent's experience," Larry Feig, a professor of biochemistry at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, said in a telephone interview."This is a protective mechanism a mother passes on to her offspring," Feig, who helped lead the study, added.Feig and colleagues raised mice, some in plain cases with wood chips and others in "enriched" cages with boxes, a running wheel, toys, and constant rearrangements of nesting material.They tested learning with an unpleasant "shock chamber" to condition the mice to be afraid.Mice born to mothers raised in the "enriched" cages learned much more quickly that the shock chamber was a scary place, Feig's team found. This was true even when the mothers did not become pregnant until weeks after they lived in the special cages. /200902/61801
  • 1. We evolve hotter.A recent study revealed that women are getting better looking through evolution; meanwhile, men are staying the same. After following more than 2,000 people through four decades of life, the study showed that attractive women had 16 percent more children than average-looking chicks and that beautiful people are 36 percent more likely to have a daughter as their firstborn. All those gorgeous daughters mean more beautiful women than in past generations.1. 我们比男人进化的更美在进化中,女性变得更加出众,但男性在外貌上的进化微乎其微。而且数据也表明,漂亮姑娘会生育更多的孩子,而这些孩子中,女孩又比男孩的比例高,这就是为什么漂亮女孩会越来越多。 /201002/96949
  • 7 Steps To Make Her Heart Belongs To You For the Guys!!!!Gals pls pass to your guy frenz!!All of you guys out there might be wondering exactly what you need to do to win a girl's heart? This may seem like a difficult task, but it doesn't have to be. If you are one of the many men who want to learn how to win a girl's heart, you should our steps and tips for ways to win a girl over. Here are the Top 7 steps what every guy should do to win a girl's heart!Steps1. Always Be Confidence Women absolutely love guys who are comfortable with themselves. To them, a confident man demonstrates a level of high status where he doesn't worry about the outcome of any conversation. A confident guy enjoys time spent with women, instead of focusing on everything that could go wrong.2. Always be FlirtingThe best kind of flirtation with a woman is to tease her, to bust her balls, to let her know that she is not on a pedestal. Make fun of her. Be indifferent to her interest.3. Send mixed signals.Yeah, it's a bit childish but necessary. One day call her and compliment her, then don't call or speak to her for two days. She'll wonder why you haven't called, which means you'll be on her mind. Never go so far as to compliment her one day and make fun of her the next. Subtlety is key.4. Make her Laugh.Women love to laugh! So, use a good sense of humor is one of the best tactics a man can have in attracting a girl. It will impress them and she may think that you are an interesting guy.5. Always Have FunIf you're not having fun when you go out, then you've killed any chance of attracting women. Instead, the more you can do to relax and enjoy yourself, the more you'll be able to project an aura of positive energy and confidence. When you learn to have fun, you'll have incredible success with women.6. Be A Romantic Guy.If you want to steal her heart and make it yours, then you should be a romantic guy. Instead of just looking at the surface of a woman, you should looks within her to find the beautiful part and use your imagination for making poetic comments, interesting stories, and emotional interpretation in everything.7. Respect yourself and keep your own interestsWhen a guy meets a woman he likes, he often wants to spend as much time as possible with her. This is natural, but there is a big danger here as well. If you put your life aside for a woman, you will become less interesting to her. As soon as you start acting like she's going to be around forever, she'll start feeling less and less ATTRACTION for youTipsPay Attention to your appearance. Be a gentleman without hanging all over her. Never forget to always act yourself and never try to be someone you aren't. Never Become A Boring Person. Do not cheat on her. You may never win her heart back. Don't tell her everything about yourself because women like a man with a bit of mystery to him and vice-versa Finally if you follow the top 7 steps on how to win a girl's heart, then I am sure her heart will belong to you before you know it. But remember the most importantly is that you need to demonstrate that you are a "prize" worth fighting for. You need to turn the woman's mindset around and have her thinking that she needs to pursue you. You have to convince her that you are one that she definitely doesn't want to let get away. /200903/63565
  • 大号手提包--女性健康杀手Handbags a health hazard for women, experts warnedLarge handbags are a health hazard for women, experts warned.With big handbags becoming a key fashion accessory for working women, health experts are warning they can also become a key health concern.Bags for women have become bigger and heavier as designers combinebriefcaseswith handbags and straps have become longer but the extra leverage has many patients complaining of neck, shoulder and back problems."I see so many women with neck pains and headaches and what I usually do is look for their purse and pick it up," said Jane Sadler, a family practice physician at Baylor Medical Center in Garland, Texas."We take it over to the scale and weigh it and usually they're anywhere from 7 to 10 pounds (3.1-4.5 kgs)...We're really going to see women with more and more problems later on if we continue the big purse craze."William Case, a physical therapist in Houston, Texas, said an aggravated neck or shoulder can lead to upper back problems, meaning pain may then be felt while working at a computer or playing sports.He urged designers "to place a cute, educational caution tag on all bags to inform of potential neck and shoulder dangers."Above all, he recommended correct posture while carryingbulkypurses, keeping the head and shoulders aligned upright. Patients should also frequently change the size and weight of purses carried."The extra-large purses are quite phenomenal. They look beautiful when the women wear them, but I don't know how aware they are of the potential problems," Case said.如今,大手提包已成为职业女性一个不可缺少的时尚配件,而健康专家们日前发出警告,手提包也可能会成为一个不可小视的“健康杀手”。随着设计师将公文包和手提包的功能不断融合,女性用的手提包变得越来越大、越来越重,包带也随之加长,而这种额外的负担则让很多女性感到脖子、肩膀和背部不适。德克萨斯州加兰市贝勒医疗中心的家庭医生简·萨德勒说:“很多女性都有颈椎病和头疼病,而我通常则会从她们用的手提包来找原因。”“我们给她们用的手提包称重后发现,这些包的重量通常在6.2斤至9斤之间。如果女性继续用这种包,问题会越来越多。”德克萨斯州休斯敦的治疗专家威廉姆·凯斯说,颈部和肩膀问题的加重会影响到上背部,也就是说,坐在电脑前工作及进行体育运动时可能会感到上背部疼痛。他建议设计师们“在所有的包里加上一个可爱的‘温馨提示’标签,以提示女性朋友注意颈部和肩部健康。”他还特别强调了拎大手提包时要挺直身体。而且,颈椎和肩部有问题的女性应该经常交替使用不同大小和不同重量的包。凯斯说:“超大号的手提包确实很‘酷’,拎起来也很漂亮。但我不知道女性对于这种包可能带来的潜在健康问题究竟了解多少。”Vocabulary: briefcase: 公文包bulky: of large size(体积大的) /200803/30371
  • The way you hold your glass can reveal much more than you might realise, a psychologist has warned.一位心理学家提醒,拿酒杯的姿势所透露出的个性特征会比你自己意识到的还要多。Dr Glenn Wilson observed the body language of 500 drinkers and divided them into eight personality types.格兰·威尔森士研究了500名饮酒者的肢体语言,并将他们归结为八类人。These were the flirt, the gossip, fun lover, wallflower, the ice-queen, the playboy, Jack-the-lad and browbeater.他们分别是:调情女、闲聊女、享乐人、壁花、冰美人、、酷哥和吹胡子瞪眼男。He said the most open to being chatted up were "the flirt, the playboy, and the funlover". Harder to crack are the jack the lad, the ice queen, the wallflower and the gossip. The browbeater should be avoided.威尔森表示,调情女、和享乐人这三类人最平易近人;酷哥、冰美人、壁花与闲聊女则不容易对付;而吹胡子瞪眼男最好敬而远之。 Dr. Wilson said: "The simple act of holding a drink displays a lot more about us than we realise. "威尔森士说:“拿酒杯这样简单的动作实际上透露的信息比人们意识到的要多得多。”But he warned: "The next time you're in a bar, it might be worth thinking about what you're saying to the people around you, just by the way you're holding your glass."他提醒:“下次你在酒吧的时候,除了该想想自己对身边的人说些什么话,还要看看自己是怎么握酒杯的。”flirt 调情;打情骂俏She flirts with every man she meets.她同她遇到的每个男人调情。【词组讲解】chat up 闲谈I wouldn't try chatting her up if I were you.我要是你,就不会设法跟她搭讪。 /200906/72777
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