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Since Levi Strauss invented jeans at the turn of the 20th century, there hasnt been a more versatile fashion staple. So picking the right shoes to go with your jeans is the next logical step. Get it right, with VideoJugs help on picking the right shoes to go with jeans.自20世纪初Levi Strauss发明了牛仔裤以来,就再也没有比牛仔裤更加多功能的款式了。所以,下一步就是选择合适的鞋子来搭配。现在就在VideoJug的帮助下选择合适的鞋子来搭配牛仔裤。Step 1: Leather and Lace1.皮革和鞋带The thing about jeans is that you can mix your shoe fabric and the weight of your denim in almost any combination. For instance, heavy, dark denim can be dressed up with a silky top and a colorful heel. Additionally, a lighter weight jean can be worn with a tank top and flip flops or high heels.关于牛仔裤的优势就是,你可以将任何布料,任何重量的鞋子与牛仔裤进行随意搭配。例如,颜色较深,质地较重的牛仔布可以与丝质上衣和颜色鲜艳的高跟鞋搭配。此外,重量较轻的牛仔裤可以跟背心式上衣,夹趾拖鞋或高跟鞋搭配。Step 2: Giddy-Up2.靴子Wear cowboy or knee-high boots with boot or skinny cut jeans. If you want to feature the boot your wearing, tuck jeans into mid-calf or tall boots. This is a great look and a nice twist on the traditional equestrian look.穿牛仔靴或及膝长靴来搭配靴裤或紧身牛仔裤。如果你想突出靴子,把牛仔裤脚塞到中筒或长筒靴里面。这是非常酷的造型,扭转了传统的骑手造型。Step 3: The Preppy Look3.更加时尚的造型Don jeans with loafers and match your socks to your shirt or try argyle socks for even more style.牛仔裤搭配拖鞋,短袜与衬衣搭配,或者尝试多色菱形花纹短袜,打造更加多变时尚的造型。视频听力译文由。201405/301076Jeremy Lin: I dont focus on race Jeremy Lin on whether its more difficult to make it as an Asian-American player in the NBA.You are the NBAs first Asian American player. What do you think of that title? I think there is some controversy behind that. I dont know, I’ve heard different.All right, then you are very prominent Asian American player for the NBA right now. What you think of that title .Well, you know I tried not to think about too much, caz I think that goes back to kind of identity thing its just like if I focus too much on that ,you know, make the too big apart of what I am trying to do , then I am thinking it gets me off track of where I need to be.That’s what are people seeing me and thats what are people gravitated towards, thats what people look up to then and thats great. But I think the end of the day I just want to be myself.Do you think that stops you and it has been a roadblock to getting you to a point to where you are today and may if happen sooner? otherwise?Being Asian American? I have always said its both, its not really quantifiable in terms of how much harm versus good, I think in the end of the day, maybe I have proved myself more or maybe I had those hard for me to get opportunity initially, but then also, you know, the big reason why there is so much tension or the fame aspect or why so many more people care about the story. Its just ,there is an Asian element to it ,so it’s definitely there is poses(positives) and negatives. /201311/263124Although too late to save the calf,虽然对于挽救小象为时已晚a few months later, the rains did finally return.几个月之后 雨水最终降下了When we returned, it was amazing.当我们返回这里 眼前的景象令人惊叹It was lush and green again.草原又变得郁郁葱葱And the elephants in the rains, they all tend to come together,象群聚集在雨下 他们喜欢群居生活so it was like all these groups which had been dispersed,就像是之前被迫分离which had been just somehow coping on their own,独自应对苦难的象群all got back together again,如今又聚在了一起so it was almost a sort of festival type atmosphere.气氛简直就像是在过节一般That was when, essentially, they come together,他们差不多就是在那时候相聚they mate and then, after that,进行交配 而随之lots of young calves are being born.就诞生了许多小象Since the end of the drought,自大旱结束以来over 220 calves have been born in Amboseli,在安波塞利平原诞生了220多只小象and that number is still rising.数目还在持续攀升Its the biggest elephant baby boom on record.那是有史记载以来象群最高的出生率I think whats lovely to see in that situation is that我觉得最让人感到欣慰的是having been through such a terrible drought,熬过那次可怕的大旱之后to see the way in which, you know, if you let things alone,你会发现 如果你不去干涉you know, they do have incredible capacity to bounce back.他们有令人惊讶的能力反弹重生201312/270695

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