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佛山市第二人民医院前列腺炎多少钱Looks no longer center only on the face in beauty-obsessed South Korea, where more women are hitting the gym to improve muscle tone and physical health.在专注于美丽的韩国,一个人的相貌不再只是看脸,更多的女性都去健身房锻炼肌肉改善体质。As the ideal of beauty evolves in a country that is a trend setter in cosmetics and the pursuit of plastic surgery, women#39;s fitness has become a growth business, say purveyors of health products, from diet supplements to dumb-bells.韩国引领着化妆品和整形的潮流,随着美的典范在完善,女性的健康成为一项重要的事业——从补充营养到练哑铃,保健产品的承办商这样说。;Women used to starve in order to lose weight. Now they exercise,; said celebrity trainer Ray Yang, who leads a workout session during the Body Show, a weekly television event targeted at women that is now in its second season.“以前女性常常通过挨饿来减肥。现在她们在锻炼,”明星教练杨雷说,他在每周针对女性的宝丁秀上主持一场运动座谈,现在正值第二季。South Korea is a beauty powerhouse, with a -billion cosmetics industry and home-grown brands from the likes of Amore pacific Corp and LG Household and Healthcare riding a wave, or ;hallyu;, of cultural exports, from television dramas to pop music.韩国是美貌的重要阵地,拥有120亿美元资产的化妆品工厂和国产品牌,有顺应潮流的爱茉莉太平洋集团公司和LG生活健康株式会社,或者说从电视剧到流行音乐等文化输出的“韩流”。In July, Olive Young, a health and beauty chain owned by CJ Corp, began selling health products targeted at women, including dumb-bells and a mini gym ball.7月,希杰公司旗下的健康和美丽连锁店Olive Young(欧利芙洋)开始针对女性卖一些保健产品,包括哑铃和迷你健身球。Lotte Shopping#39;s rival chain LOHB#39;s said annual sales of items such as gym balls, jump ropes and dumb-bells were up 9 percent this year by Oct. 15.乐天购物旗下的竞争链LOHB#39;s 称截止到2015年10月其公司像健身球、跳绳和哑铃一类的项目年销售额比去年增长了百分之九。As in other Asian countries, the popular depiction of Korean women has tended towards the slim, fair-skinned and demure, reinforcing gender stereotypes in a male-dominated society.和其他亚洲国家一样,对韩国女性最普遍的描述已经趋向于苗条、白皙和文静,巩固了在这个男性为主导的社会中性别的角色定性。Until recently, physical fitness was not much of a priority for Korean women, despite an emphasis on appearance that has fueled a -billion plastic surgery industry, which accounts for a quarter of the global market.直到最近,对于韩国女性来说身体健康还并不算是优先考虑的事情。尽管对于外貌的重视已经促成了50亿美元的整形产业,占整个全球市场的四分之一。Thinness was so prized that young women often steered clear of sports such as hiking and cycling, for fear they would leave them with thicker legs.瘦身对于年轻女性如此重要以至于她们常常绕开徒步和骑车这种运动以免腿会变粗。;Women used to think muscles would have side effects, or negative effects, on their body type and looks,; said Kim Min-jeong, a professor of global sports science at Hankuk University of Foreign Studies.“女性过去常常以为肌肉会对她们的体型和外貌有副影响或消极影响,”韩国外国语大学环球运动科学的教授金敏贞这样说道。The desire for a more robust physique comes as female workforce participation reached a record high this year, while Koreans of both sexes are delaying marriage and childbirth.伴随着女性就业问题,对更强健体格的追求在今年创历史新高,而韩国的男性女性却在延迟结婚和生育。Many fitness conscious Korean women are adopting as role models well-toned celebrities, from domestic K-pop girl group Sistar#39;s Hyorin, to global figures such as U.S. first lady Michelle Obama and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge.韩国很多有健康意识的女性把那些线条优美的名人当作楷模,范围包括国内的流行音乐女孩组合Sistar#39;s Hyorin(明星组合),还有国际人物,比如美国第一夫人米歇尔?奥巴马和剑桥公爵夫人凯特?米德尔顿。;The strength, the outer beauty of muscles, the positive attitudes and energetic images of these women become the motivation,; said Kim. ;Women now have higher social status and bigger roles in society.;“推动她们的是力量,是肌肉的外在美,是女性积极的态度和充满活力的形象,”金敏贞这样说。“现在女性有着更高的社会地位,扮演着更重要的角色。”The number of fitness centers registered in South Korea has increased steadily, growing more than 5 percent last year to stand at 7,363 outlets, government data show.政府数据显示,韩国已注册的健身中心在稳定地增加,已达到7363个,比去年增长了5%。At one exercise center in Seoul recently, 29-year-old You Ri-seul followed the same routine as the men, from barbell drills to a rowing-machine session and dead lifts. ;Female celebrities with healthy images became popular in the mass media in recent years, so I think a more healthy-looking body is ultimately becoming the wannabe model,; she said.最近在首尔一个运动中心,29岁的You Ri-seul和男人走一样的路线,如杠铃,划船机和蹲举。“近几年,以健康的形象而著名的女性在大众媒体上很受人欢迎,所以我认为看起来更健康的身体将最终成为人们的模范,”她说。 /201510/406907佛山妇幼保健医院男性专科佛山第一人民医院龟头炎症

佛山治疗包皮费用佛山男性医院去哪个最好Anyone who has ever taken a digital stroll through their Instagram feed is likely to be confronted with the same envy inducing pictures - endless blue skies, impressive yoga posturing and stylish breakfast sps.任何一位刷过照片社交网Instagram的人,很可能都看到过那些让人羡慕嫉妒恨的美图——一望无际的蓝天、令人钦佩的瑜伽动作和有格调的早餐陈列。But Thai photographer, Chompoo Baritone has created a photo series to reveal what really goes on outside of Instagram#39;s square frame.但泰国摄影师冲蒲·巴里顿(Chompoo Baritone)却创作了一系列照片,向我们解释了Instagram的方形相框之外的玄机。By super-imposing the Instagram image on top of another scene, the collection shows the pictures Instagram photographers don#39;t want you to see.通过将Instagram上的照片叠加到别的场景上,他的这一系列照片展示的恰恰是Instagram用户不想让你看见的情景。With careful cropping a packed beach becomes empty, a cramped roof terrace provides epic views and a chaotic breakfast table exudes calm.仅需仔细裁剪,人山人海的海滩就可以变得空空荡荡,狭窄的屋顶露台也能让我们看见绝佳的风景,而混乱不堪的早餐桌也能流露出平静的气息。To create the series, Baritone has placed an Instagram picture into fake surroundings to show how easy it is for social media users to make their lives look perfect.为了创作这系列作品,巴里顿将来自Instagram的照片放进各种伪造的背景,来展示社交媒体用户想让他们的生活看起来光鲜是多么容易。Travellers are often the biggest offenders of stretching the truth in pictures by tweaking colours and angles to induce wanderlust but Baritone hones in on all lifestyle photography.游客们往往最爱干这种事,他们调整色和角度来美化图片,勾起别人的旅游欲。但巴里顿却专注于拍摄富有生活气息的照片。The collection has been curated to expose the Instagram tricks that many users are guilty of - whether it#39;s pretending that they have a yoga prowess beyond their actual ability or that their messy bedroom is a calm, minimalist work space.他创作这系列作品就是为了曝光许多Instagram用户都用过的拍照小窍门——不管是假装能摆出超出自己实际能力的瑜伽姿势,还是将他们混乱不堪的卧室伪装成宁静、极简主义的的工作室。Through the satirical series Baritone challenges the perfect online lives we are presented suggesting that there is more to most images than meets the eye.通过这一系列反讽照片,巴里顿质疑了人们在网上展现出的完美生活,也向我们表明,大多数照片远不是我们所看到的那样。 /201509/400479佛山哪家医院泌尿科比较好佛山市南海区里水医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

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