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2018年12月17日 10:59:49

三水人民医院治疗龟头炎多少钱The military government published AI-5, Institutional Act No.5, which suspended habeas corpus, allowing houses to be searched without warrant, and anyone to be jailed without reason being given. 军事政府公布了AI-5,制度行动5号,暂停人身保护令, 无正当理由允许房屋搜索,任何人都可以无理由被监禁。Torture became commonplace, thousands simply disappeared. 折磨成了家常便饭,数以千计的人简简单单就完全消失了。The military didnt arrest left wing musicians, but instead, targeted the leaders of Tropicalia, Caetano Veloso and Gilberto Gil.军方没有逮捕左翼的音乐家们,但相反,针对领导人哥塔诺·维罗索和吉尔伯托·吉尔。What scared, what bothered the military, was basically behaviours. You know. 让军队感到害怕,困扰的基本上是各种行动。你知道的。The way, I mean, we were sort of dressing and manifesting, and dealing ideas, you know, trading ideas. 我的意思是,我们需要打扮并明,交换想法,你知道, 交换想法。Thats sort of things. The behaviourists revolution element.这一类的东西。行为学家革命的元素。On December 27th, 1968, Gil and Veloso were detained in Sao Paolo and driven to Rio, where they were held without charge.1968年12月27日, 吉尔和维罗索被拘留在圣保罗和里约热内卢,在那里,他们没有指控的被关押着。注:听力文本来源于普特201303/230241佛山新世纪男科怎么走南海区第二人民医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱

佛山第二医院男性专科顺德区大良医院新地址Once all the kinks in this computerized cooking are worked out, your Fabber may become an essential kitchen appliance. And expectations for the device dont stop there.一旦所有突发奇想都实现,电脑控制的烹饪系统被计算出来,那么Fabber将变成你厨房里不可或缺的家电。对这些设备的预期还远远没有结束。;This is a very universal type of technology thats applicable to a wide variety of things, and it is conceivable that you could print even large things such as cars or houses.;“这是一类很普遍的技术,适用于各式各样的事物。可想而知,你能“打印”巨大的物体,例如汽车或者房子。”While printing your own house seems like a stretch, your Fabber could download and print the latest must-haves for your home and eliminate the need for replacement parts. You will be your own factory and builder. And with the Fabber, youll never again have to make that last-minute run to the home-improvement store.“打印”房子,这听起来似乎有点不真实,但Fabber会帮你“下载”并“打印”出房屋的必需品,并且一次到位不需要再更换材料重修。就像是你自己成立的工厂,而自己就是工厂工人。有了Fabber,你就再也不用花费精力奔向装修市场。You could imagine in the future where you shop online for items, and once you find what you want, youll essentially purchase the blueprint and print the device youve purchased on your own desk at home.可以想象在盛行网购的未来世界里,当你发现你想要的东西时,只要购买产品的蓝图,就能在自家桌面上打印出那个设备。Futuristic homes, humanoid robots, superhuman powers all represent science fiction fantasies come to life.未来的房屋,类人机器人,超能量都代表着科幻小说变成现实。And those fantasies are not limited to earth. Your future home may actually have a lot fewer objects than today, thats because the objects you have will be infinitely more flexible. A chair will morph into a shears, or anything else you want, through a new technology known as claytronics.这些幻想并不仅仅局限于地球。在你未来的家里,家具可能比现在少得多,那是因为家具会变得无限灵活。通过一项新的科技(即claytronics),一把椅子可能演变成一把大剪刀,或者其它你想要的事物。Claytronics is essentially gonna create a new media type. Way back from the telephone, weve had audio which allowed us to send voice; and then we had which allowed us to send voice and pictures. So, with claytronics, the idea is we can send not just sound and picture, but actually the 3-D shape itself.Claytronics本质上是要创建一种新型的媒体。跟电话的原理一样,有了音频我们可以传递声音;然后出现了视频,让我们可以传递声音和图片。因此claytronics的理念是不仅可以传递声音和图片,还能传递3D空间。Seth Goldstein, a professor at Carnegie Mellon, is one of the developers of claytronics.卡内基梅隆大学的教授塞斯#8226;高德斯坦是claytronics的创始人之一。原文译文属!201208/193300A recent survey conducted by the Department of Health (DOH) showed that one out of every four junior high school students is currently overweight. The survey sample included roughly 4,400 junior high students in Taiwan. It found that 35% of boys and 22% of girls are carrying excess kilos, setting themselves up for a host of future medical problems including diabetes.近期一项由卫生部发起的调查研究显示有1/4的初中生体重超过正常标准。研究样本大约包括4400个台湾初中生。研究发现35%的男孩和22%的女孩体内带有多余的卡路里,这会使他们将来面临很多健康问题,包括糖尿病。One culprit is bad food. The survey also showed that soda and other sugar-based drinks are the choice of 80% of junior high school students at least twice a week. Exercise is a daily recommendation for children, but the survey claims 40% of kids in Taiwan are not even breaking a sweat three times a week.劣质食物就是罪魁祸首之一。调查也显示80%的台湾初中生一周至少会饮用两次苏打和含糖饮料。依照建议,儿童每天都要运动,但是这项调查显示,台湾有四成孩童一周运动不到三次。Chairman Chuang Lee-ming of the Diabetes Association of the Republic of China says the time for action has come: ;Prevention is more effective than treatment. Since we know that being overweight is one of the risk factors for diabetes in children, we should take the problem seriously.;台湾地区糖尿病协会的主席张利民指出,应对这一状况应该采取相应措施:“预防比治疗更有效。既然知道体重过胖是导致儿童患糖尿病的一个危险因素,我们就应该严肃对待。While severely obese people are currently a rarity in Taiwan, the experiences of the U.S., Canada and much of Western Europe show that weight can sneak up on a population quickly. Taiwan should endeavor to nip obesity in the bud, before its too late.虽然目前有严重肥胖问题的人在台湾很罕见,但是美国、加拿大和西欧许多国家的经验都显示,肥胖问题可能很快便不知不觉地找上许多人。台湾当局应积极应对,将肥胖症扼杀在萌芽状态,以免悔之不及。201206/186016大良新世纪医院路线佛山市新世纪医院看前列腺炎好吗

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