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佛山人民医院有做包皮手术的吗伦教医院正规吗?怎么样China leader on visit to JapanB:Chinese President Hu Jintao is set to begin a five-day state visit to Japan, the first such trip in a decadeThis Japanese company makes diggers. One in ten is sold to the Chinese. It expects its sales to China will grow 16-fold within 3 years, such is the pace of Chinese growth. But the boss says Beijing’s influence doesn’t end there. Countries that produce the resources China needs, like Russia, South Africa, Indonesia and Brazil are using the money they have made to invest in their own infrastructure. That helps to increase demand for our machines, so China’s economic growth is hugely important to them and to us. China became Japan’s largest trading partner last year, overtaking the ed States. Cheap Chinese-made goods have lowered prices in the shops here, boosting profits for the firms that sell them. But many in Japan worry that China’s exporting its problems too. Poisoned Chinese dumplings were blamed for a spate of illnesses recently. Look at these labels making clear where these herbs come from. In this case, Japan. And on this sign up here, reassuring people that none of the produce in this cabinet comes from China. Such is the level of concern about safety of Chinese-made products. Shoppers seem skeptical that enough is being done to protect them. The rowover dumplings is leading some people here to question Japan’s relationship with its powerful neighbor. China has been the superpower now, I think all the governments are afraid to offend them. But then, you know, you have to worry about domestic, you know, like voters that who has(have) to have their own concerns. So they have to play delicate juggling act. But nonetheless, you know, people’s health comes first. Could poisoned dumplings sour this relationship? It’s possible. Both countries' leaders pledged cooperation to find a corporate. But so far, little progress. Tibet is another difficult issue. China’s supporters were out in force when Japan hosted the Olympic torch, urging people here not to interfere. Hu Jintao’s visit is, was scheduled to be the final stage of improvement of the relationship which became worsened under the time of Koizumi. But we had trouble over the dumpling issue and then of course the Tibet issue. So these have posed us very new difficult challenges. There are problems, though, the shared history between the two countries presents difficulties that people in Japan and China are unwilling to put aside. To me, more difficulty lies in the perception of Chinese people over international order, and they still have a tendency to think the international order in a hierarchical terms, China top and followed by such countries. Chinese Prime Minister has described his own meetings with Japanese leaders as helping to break the ice. Now both sides will be hoping the president’s visit will ensure that thaw continues. Chris Hogg, B News, Tokyo. juggling act: a difficult situation in which you are trying to do several things at the same timethaw: To become warm enough for snow and ice to melt. If something thaws relations between people or if relations thaw, they become friendly again after a period of being unfriendly.01/60612顺德新世纪男科医院怎么预约 Linguistics语言学Say what?你说什么?To find new subjects of study, some linguists simply open their front doors要寻找新的研究主题,一些语言学家只须打开前门Sep 10th 2011 | NEW YORK | from the print edition WHERE in the world is the largest number of different languages spoken? Most linguists would probably plump for New Guinea, an island that has 830 recognised tongues scattered around its isolated, jungle-covered valleys. But a place on the other side of the world runs it close. The five boroughs of New York City are reckoned to be home to speakers of around 800 languages, many of them close to extinction.世界上哪一个地区使用的语言种类最多?大部分语言学家可能都会坚决地认为是新几内亚,在这个岛上,有830种已被认可的语言散布在丛林广布的偏远山谷中。但在地球的另一端,有一个地方的语言数目几乎能赶上新几内亚。纽约市的五个区被认为是约八百种语言使用者的聚居地,其中很多语种濒临灭绝。New York is also home, of course, to a lot of academic linguists, and three of them have got together to create an organisation called the Endangered Language Alliance (ELA), which is ferreting out speakers of unusual tongues from the city’s huddled immigrant masses. The ELA, which was set up last year by Daniel Kaufman, Juliette Blevins and Bob Holman, has worked in detail on 12 languages since its inception. It has codified their grammars, their pronunciations and their word-formation patterns, as well as their songs and legends. Among the specimens in its collection are Garifuna, which is spoken by descendants of African slaves who made their homes on St Vincent after a shipwreck unexpectedly liberated them; Mamuju, from Sulawesi in Indonesia; Mahongwe, a language from Gabon; Shughni, from the Pamirian region of Tajikistan; and an unusual variant of a Mexican language called Totonac.当然,纽约也有许多学术界的语言学家,其中有三人就已一起成立了名为濒危语言联盟的组织(简称ELA),该组织正从城市聚居在一起的移民百姓中搜寻出使用罕见语种的人。去年,丹尼尔#8226;考夫曼、朱丽叶#8226;布莱文思和鲍伯#8226;霍尔曼成立了这个联盟。联盟自创始以来,已对12种语言进行了详细研究,并已将这些语言的语法、发音、构词法还有歌曲、传说等编纂成典。其作品集的语言样本包括:加利弗那语,即非洲奴隶的后代所使用的语言(从前一次海难意外地解放了他们,之后他们就在圣文森特安家);马穆朱语,源自印度尼西亚的苏拉威西岛;马宏威语,一种来自加蓬的语言;舒格尼语,源自塔吉克斯坦的帕米尔地区;还有一种墨西哥语的特别变体,名为托托纳克语。201109/153664On the ninth anniversary of the 9-11 attacks, U.S. President Barack Obama has emphasized that America is not at war with Islam. The president made his remarks at the Pentagon Memorial.在9/11恐怖袭击九周年之际,奥巴马总统强调说,美国不是在和伊斯兰作战。奥巴马总统是在五角大楼纪念地说这番话的。President Obama spoke after laying a wreath at the memorial to the 184 people killed when Islamist militants hijacked a commercial airliner and slammed it into the side of the Defense Department headquarters.奥巴马总统在发表讲话前,向缅怀184名死难者的纪念地敬献了花圈。事发当天,伊斯兰激进分子劫持了一架商务客机,并使飞机撞上了国防部总部大楼的一角。Flowers had been placed on many of the memorial's stone benches, each of which bears the name of one of that day's victims.纪念地的很多石凳已经摆放了鲜花。每一张石凳上都刻着当天一位死难者的姓名。Calling the Pentagon "hallowed ground," the president told the families of those who died nine years ago their loved ones will not be forgotten.奥巴马总统将五角大楼纪念地称为“神圣的地点”。他对九年前那些遇难者的家人说,他们的亲人将不会被忘却。"I thought it must seem some days the world has moved on to other things. I say to you today, that your loved ones endure in the heart of our nation now and forever," he said.“我想,有时候世界看起来一定已经转向了其它事情。我今天要对你们说,你们的亲人将永远被铭记在我们国家的心中。”The president alluded indirectly to the controversy over a plan to build an Islamic center and mosque near the area of the 9-11 attacks in New York, and to a Christian minister who Friday called off his plan to burn the Quran in protest.奥巴马总统在讲话中间接提到了近期的两起争议事件:在纽约市9/11袭击遗址附近建造一个伊斯兰活动中心和一座清真寺的计划以及一位基督教牧师星期五称他将取消焚烧《可兰经》以示抗议的计划。201009/113593佛山男科医院在哪

三水中医院治疗前列腺疾病多少钱Brown To Blame Says Whistleblower The HBOS whistleblower sacked after he warned about reckless lending has told Sky News he will release more than 30 documents that prove Gordon Brown is to blame for Britain's banking crisis. Alistair Bunkall reports on the furore.So who knew what, when and where do we point the finger of blame? The paper trail is working its way up Downing Street as allegations threatened to become corroborations. The charge is that Gordon Brown as chancellor knew that HBOS was taking risks and failed to do anything about it. Paul Moore the whistleblower says he has proof, the Prime Minister says there is nothing to prove. "The reason that HBOS failed was not because of these specific allegations and the result of them, the reason it failed was because of its business model, its whole business model was wrong." But not so, says Mr. Moore who claims to have 30 documents which showed responsibility lies firmly at the feet of Gordon Brown. In the statement to Sky News last night, he said that “I have detailed corroborative evidence that supports my allegations, and I maintain in the strongest possible way that the KPMG report that Gordon Brown, the FSA and Sir James Crosby rely on will not withstand truly independent public scrutiny.” It could very well be just the evidence that the opposition has so desperately wanted in order to link Gordon Brown to the financial crisis. "These papers, if they bear out what Mr. Moore says will certainly be valuable ammunition for the Tories(英国保守党), for what they have been trying to do is link Gordon Brown directly to the failure of the banks to say that this crisis happened on his watch, and that as chancellor he failed in the key job of monitoring and regulating the banks." And the dark cloud of nationalization still hangs ominously over the Lloyds Banking Group. It's today defended decision to award bonuses to retail and commercial staff. But the troubled tie between Lloyds and HBOS is being criticized as a shotgun marriage. The reason that Paul Morre's allegations are potentially so important, is because for the first time in this financial crisis, accountability is creeping up towards the door of No.10, But they said they are still just allegations and some might say, from a man who has an axe to grind against companies who sacked him. It also remains to be seen just what are in all those thirty documents that he intends to make available. Alistair Bunkall, Sky News, Downing Street. 02/62763佛山男子男科医院 Electronic education电子教学Flipping the classroom电子教学——跃然于教室间Sep 17th 2011 | LOS ALTOS | from the print edition Hopes that the internet can improve teaching may at last be bearing fruit但愿旨在改善教学互联网终能修成正果THE 12-year-olds filing into Courtney Cadwell’s classroom at Egan Junior High in Los Altos, a leafy suburb of Silicon Valley, each take a white MacBook from a trolley, log on to a website called KhanAcademy.org and begin doing maths exercises. They will not get a lecture from Ms Cadwell, because they have aly viewed, at home, various lectures as clips on KhanAcademy (given by Salman Khan, its founder). And Ms, logged in as a “coach”, can see exactly who has watched which. This means that class time is now free for something else: one-on-one instruction by Ms Cadwell, or what used to be known as tutoring.Egan初中坐落于硅谷郊外郁郁葱葱的洛斯拉图斯,那里12岁的孩子们选了Courtney Cadwell老师的课程,他们每个人都从手推车里拿一部白色笔记本电脑,然后登陆到KhanAcademy.org网站去做数学题。Cadwell老师用不着再给他们上课,因为学生们已经在家看过了Khan教育网站上的各种授课视频(该网站得名于其创始人Salman Khan)。Cadwell老师以“指导老师”的身份登陆便可以对每位同学的学习进度了如指掌。这样一来,课堂时间就可以留作他用,Cadwell老师可以给学生们作一对一的指导,也就是相当于平常说的家教。So Ms Cadwell, in her own web browser, pulls up a dashboard where KhanAcademy’s software presents, through the internet, the data the children are producing at that instant. She can view information for the entire class or any individual pupil. Just then she sees two fields, representing modules, turning from green to red, one for Andrea, the other for Asia. Ms Cadwell sees that Andrea is struggling with exponents, Asia with fractions. “Instead of having to guess where my students have gaps, I can see it, at that moment, and I walk over to that one student,” says Ms Cadwell, as she arrives at Asia’s chair.于是,Cadwell老师在自己的浏览器上调出了Khan教育软件,它可以通过网络即时传输孩子们的学习数据,这样她就可以看到整个课堂或者每一个学生的信息。就在这时,代表教学模块个两个板块的由绿变红,分别显示出了Andrea和Asia两位同学。Cadwell老师发现Andrea不太会做代数题,而Asia的在做分数题时遇到了困难。“我用不着去猜学生们哪里会有问题,我可以即时发现并走到学生的面前去做单独辅导”,Cadwell一边说一边走到了Asia的座位旁。While the other pupils continue to work at their own pace and at different problems, Ms Cadwell now spends a few minutes just with Andrea and Asia. Soon Andrea has an epiphany and starts firing correct answers, getting, in KhanAcademy’s jargon, a “badge”, then going “transonic”. A few minutes later, Asia also gets a “streak”. She lets out a shriek. Ms Cadwell, with a big smile, is off to another pupil. “The growth in these kids is just staggering,” she says. “This is the future. I don’t see how it couldn’t be.”其他同学继续按照自己的节奏去攻克不同的难题,Cadwell老师则用几分钟的时间指导Andrea和Aisa。很快Andrea恍然大悟并火速的写出了正确,用Khan网站上的话说,她得到了一个“徽章”,然后开始了“超音速”的进步。几分钟之后,Asia叫了一声,她也突然“灵光一闪”。Cadwell老师笑容满面并走向了其他学生。“孩子们取得了惊人的进步,”她说,“将来用这用教育模式,在我看来未尝不可。”201109/154818佛山新世纪医院解脲支原体的治疗费用

佛山新世纪医院做包皮多少钱Obama Likely to Change US Leadership Style奥巴马称将外交上更多使用软实力  President-elect Barack Obama has indicated his administration is likely to be less reliant on the threat of military force to persuade and influence other countries, and more likely to use so-called "soft power," the attractiveness of a nation's ideals, culture and way of life. 美国当选总统奥巴马表示,他的政府很可能减少通过军事威胁的力量来说或影响其他国家的做法,而更多地使用所谓的“软实力”,也就是美国的理念、文化和生活方式等。The sheer military might of the ed States is unquestioned - U.S. troops are among the best trained and equipped in the world and they are stationed in some 130 countries. But as American military superiority has increased, its reputation and ability to persuade others appear to have taken a hit.  美国军力的绝对优势是不容质疑的,美国的军队在世界上是经受过最好的训练、配备最精良装备的军队之一,他们在130来个国家有驻军。但是在美国军力独占鳌头的势力不断加强的时候,它的声望和说力却似乎有所减弱。A recent Pew Global Attitudes survey shows that positive views of the ed States declined in 26 of the 33 countries where the question was posed in 2002 and 2007, with even close U.S. allies critical of American foreign policy. Recent surveys show majorities in nearly all countries think it is time for U.S. troops to leave Iraq and Afghanistan. 民意调查机构皮尤公司最近所作的全球态度调查显示,2002年和2007年,该机构在33个发放了调查问卷的国家中,有26个国家对美国的正面看法有所下降,有些美国的紧密盟国也对美国的外交政策持批评的态度。最近的调查显示,几乎所有国家中的多数人都认为,现在是美国军队撤离伊拉克和阿富汗的时候了。Nancy Snow is associate professor of public diplomacy at Syracuse University in New York. She says the election of Barack Obama itself is likely to boost America's standing in the world, before he even sets foot in the White House.  南希.斯诺是纽约州雪城大学公共外交副教授,她说奥巴马当选总统这件事本身就很可能提高美国在世界上的地位,甚至在他入主白宫之前就显现效应了。"The world was holding its collective breath, hoping that the outcome would favor Obama-Biden," said Snow. "And it did. And I think there was an immediate downtick of the anti-American sentiment. Now how long that will last is another thing. Because now he has to govern. But just as candidate, a candidate of change, to use his words, really symbolically represented a release from a very unpopular president worldwide."During his victory speech on election night in Chicago, President-elect Obama promised "a new dawn" of American leadership in the world. 奥巴马赢得选举当天晚上在芝加哥所做的胜选演讲中承诺要开启美国在世界上领导地位的“新曙光”。"And to all those who have wondered if America's beacon still burns as bright - tonight we proved once more that the true strength of our nation comes not from our the might of our arms or the scale of our wealth, but from the enduring power of our ideals: democracy, liberty, opportunity, and unyielding hope," he said.  “对这些想知道美国的灯塔是否还依然明亮的人们来说,今天晚上我们再次明,美国真正的力量不是靠我们军队的威力,不是靠我们国家的财富,而是来自我们理想持久的威力,这就是民主、自由、机会和坚定不移的希望。”Mr. Obama has promised to take the nation in a different direction than the Bush administration. He has said he will close down the prison at Guantanamo Bay as one of his first acts in office, and declared the ed States will not use techniques such as water-boarding to obtain information.  奥巴马承诺将领导美国走向与布什政府不同的方向。他说过,他要关闭设在关塔纳湾的拘押中心,以此作为他执政的以后最新的行动之一,他还宣布美国将不再利用把犯人的头部强按到水里等手段获取口供。Nancy Snow say Mr. Obama knows that restoring trust is key. 南希.斯诺说,奥巴马知道,恢复信誉才是关键。"He said he wants to restore trust in government. He wants to restore trust in American leadership, both abroad, and at also here at home," she said. "I think what is required now through soft power, it includes non-violent practices of attracting people, through what you represent, and what you do, and that is the type of president he has said he would be." “他说,他要恢复人们对政府的信任。他要恢复人们对美国的领导地位的信任,不仅让国内民众,也让海外民众信任。我认为这就要通过软实力,包括吸引民众的非暴力行为,通过你所代表的政策,通过你的所作所为来说话,这就是奥巴马所说的,他要当这样的总统。”Snow says Mr. Obama can make use of his excellent communication skills and his multi-cultural background to restore America's ability to wield soft power through diplomacy and development programs.  斯诺说,奥巴马可以利用他优秀的沟通技巧和他多元的文化背景来恢复美国通过外交和发展项目来运用软实力的能力。Kristen Lord is an expert on U.S. relations with the Islamic world at the Brookings Institution in Washington. She says she is optimistic Mr. Obama will immediately change the tone of dialogue with other countries, from a "go it alone" approach, to one of mutual respect and cooperation. 克里斯顿.洛德是华盛顿布鲁金斯学会中美国伊斯兰世界关系研究部门的专家,她说,她对奥巴马保持乐观态度,他认为新政府会在和其他国家对话中改变腔调,从过去美国特立独行的做法,改变为相互尊重、相互合作。"When Americans show that they are willing to listen, when they are willing to engage, when they are willing to address some of the underlying challenges that Muslim societies are facing, perhaps paradoxically to some, that actually makes the ed States more secure," said Lord. 她说:“当美国人显示出他们愿意听取别人的意见,愿意接触,愿意应对穆斯林社会所面临的挑战,那么 ,尽管有些人认为这自相矛盾,这样实际上可以让美国更安全。”At her Senate confirmation hearing, Mr. Obama's choice to be Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, vowed to move away from what she called the "rigid ideology" that many analysts have associated with President Bush's foreign policy.  在奥巴马提名希拉里.克林顿为国务卿的参议院听会上,克林顿参议员强调要摈弃她所称的“僵化的意识形态”。很多分析人士把这种僵化的意识形态和布什总统的外交政策联系起来。"I believe that American leadership has been wanting, but is still wanted. We must use what has been called smart power, the full range of tools at our disposal - diplomatic, economic, military, political, legal, and cultural - picking the right tool or combination of tools for each situation. With smart power, diplomacy will be the vanguard of our foreign policy," she said. 希拉里.克林顿说:“我认为美国过去和现在都没有展现领导力量。我们必须巧妙地使用我们的实力,就是充分利用我们的各种手段,以外交、经济、军事、政治、法律和文化手段,选择最恰当的方法,或者结合某些方法,来处理具体情况。巧妙的使用实力,让外交将成为我们对外政策的先锋。”Clinton said she and Mr. Obama would always try persuasion first, and would rely on military force only as a last resort. Mrs. Clinton said the ed States needs to make more friends and fewer enemies, and called for the State Department to be fully empowered and funded to seize the many opportunities for leadership. 克林顿说,她和奥巴马都将首先尝试说对方,军事能力只能作为最后的手段。克林顿说,美国需要结交更多的朋友,减少敌人,并呼吁国务院能得到充分授权和充足资金来抓住巩固领导地位的机会。President Bush's former defense secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, was a well known skeptic of the notion of soft power, saying popularity is fleeting and should not guide U.S. foreign policy. Rumsfeld maintained the U.S. is strong enough to pursue its interests as it sees fit, and must accept that others will sometimes resent it. 布什总统前国防部长拉姆斯菲尔德被认为是怀疑软实力的代表人物,他说,美国是否受欢迎是经常变化的,不能用它来指导美国的外交政策。拉姆斯菲尔德坚持认为,美国有足够能力以恰当的方式来追求自己的利益,并且必须接受别人有时会产生反感这样的事实。Others caution that many people in the ed States and abroad have such high expectations for Mr. Obama to resolve the world's many problems, that some measure of disappointment is inevitable.  还有一些人警告说,很多美国人和外国人都对奥巴马解决国际问题抱有过高的期待,这将不可避免地带来失望。But millions of people across the world are expected to watch the inauguration of the new president with a sense of pride and hope for a better future, and will look to Mr. Obama's administration for a new kind of American leadership. 但是世界上数以百万计的人们都以一种自豪和对未来希望的心情期待着观看新总统的宣誓就职仪式,希望奥巴马政府让美国展现一种新的领导能力。01/61105 Climate-change talks气候变化会谈Wilted greenery凋零的青葱The UNrsquo;s latest round of climate-change talks open in Durban. Even avoiding deadlock would be an achievement联合国最新一轮气候变化会谈在德班开幕,这次会谈只要不走进死胡同就算不错了THOUSANDS of anxious environmentalists, hard-eyed negotiators and bemused journalists gathered in Durban this week for the UNrsquo;s annual climate-change circus. Saving the planet, the main item on its agenda two years ago, in Copenhagen, was not uppermost in their minds. Saving the circus was: the failure in Copenhagen to forge a binding agreement to mitigate the worldrsquo;s carbon emissions could yet lead to a breakdown of the whole UN process in Durban.本周无数焦虑的环保人士、针锋相对的谈判代表和迷茫的记者在德班聚集,参加联合国一年一度热闹的气候变化会谈。对于他们来说,最重要的不是两年前在哥本哈根议事日程上的主要议题;;拯救我们的地球,而是拯救这一次的会谈。因为哥本哈根会谈没能打造出有约束力的协议来减少世界二氧化碳排放量,这有可能导致本次联合国在德班的整个会议进程土崩瓦解。To avoid that, negotiators have until December 9th to reach three goals. Least dauntingly, they must nail down the details of initiatives agreed on in Cancuacute;n last year, chiefly the Green Climate Fund. This aims to help poor countries curb their emissions and adapt to global warming. It is supposed to be stocked with some of the 0 billion that rich countries have promised poor ones by 2020.为了避免这种情况,截至到12月9日谈判代表必须要达到三个目标。还不那么让人失望的是,他们必须确定去年坎昆通过的新方案的细节,其中最主要的绿色气候基金。这项基金的目的在于帮助经济落后的国家控制二氧化碳排放量以及适应全球变暖。按照富裕国家对贫穷国家的承诺,到2020年,这项基金应该能达到1000亿之多。Little actual cash will be proffered in Durban: progress will be limited to working out the details of the fundrsquo;s design, including the relative powers of donors and recipients, and to its possible role in wooing investment. Even this is contentious, as America wants a bigger role for the private sector. But such spats should prove surmountable. Alongside progress on another promised institution, to sp green technology to poor countries, the fund is Durbanrsquo;s likeliest success.德班会谈会提供更少的现金,此次取得的进步仅限于制定出这笔资金计划用途的细节,包括捐赠国和受赠国的相对实力对比,以及它在吸引投资中可能起到的作用。美国想在;私有部门;中起到更大的作用,尽管这使这笔款项还存在争议,但是这样的小吵小闹还是可以平息的。加上另外一个前途光明的机构所取得的进步,他们会一起把绿色技术延伸到经济落后国家。这项资金的建立是德班会谈最有可能取得的成功。 Much trickier will be reconciling the demands of developing countries for an extension of the UNrsquo;s Kyoto protocol with the determination of most developed ones to bin it. The worldrsquo;s only binding agreement to curb emissions has been a colossal failure. Since it was negotiated in 1997 global emissions have risen by over a quarter, mostly in developing countries. The treaty does not curb their emissions, which are now 58% of the total; China alone is responsible for 23%. The second-biggest polluter, America, (with 20%) is also free to emit, as it has not ratified the treaty.协调发展中国家的要求,使它们同意大多数发达国家都会拒绝的《京都议定书》的附加条件会变得更加困难。世界上仅有的对控制排放量有约束力的协议经历了重大的失败,因为它是在1997年协商出来的,这个时候(二氧化碳)全球排放量增长已超过四分之一,而且主要集中在发展中国家。这个协议并没有限制它们的排放量,如今其排放总量占世界总量的58%,中国自己就占23%,紧随其后的第二大污染源是美国(排放量占20%)。由于美国并未签署协议,因此它的二氧化碳排放是免费的。Developed countries that did ratify Kyoto feel cheated. Japan and Russia have rejected a second round of emission-cutting under its aegis, after their current commitments expire at the end of 2012. Canada, which will hugely overshoot its Kyoto target, is reported to be considering quitting the treaty altogether. ;Kyoto is the past,; said its environment minister, Peter Kent, before setting out for Durban.签署《京都议定书》的发达国家觉得吃亏了。日本和俄罗斯拒绝到2012年底他们的现行义务到期后在;减排;的赞助下进行第二轮减排。据报道即将大幅超过京都排放量限定目标的加拿大;将考虑彻底放弃这一协定;。加拿大环境保护部官员皮特bull;肯特在去德班之前就说;《京都议定书》已经是过去时了;。165135佛山新世纪男科医院男科挂号广东佛山市治疗膀胱炎多少钱



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