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佛山人民医院包皮手术怎么样佛山市第一人民医院不孕不育科So when an ex-Jesuit called Titus Oates因此当名为提图斯·奥兹的前耶稣会信徒concocted a pack of lies about a plot to murder the king,捏造了一系列暗杀国王的谎言invite a French invasion and create a Catholic state under James,散布谣言称法国入侵 并要扶持詹姆斯建立一个天主教英国时he tripped the Guy Fawkes alert.他掀起了又一场;盖伊·福克斯阴谋; And when the magistrate investigating the charges当地方官调查这项指控时was found mysteriously murdered on Primrose Hill,他被发现 离奇地死于普林姆斯山 it seemed obvious that Oates knew what he was talking about.很明显奥茨所言非虚It set the jittery country right over the edge.这使得已经不安的国家 彻底爆发Anti-Catholic violence swept the country.反天主教的怒火横扫整个国家Riots, burnings, lynch mobs, kangaroo courts.暴乱四起 火光冲天 私刑泛滥For some politicians, the ugly mood of the country was a golden opportunity to press their favourite cause.对于一些政客来说 整个国家的紧张局面 却是他们实现一己私欲的最佳时机James, Duke of York,should never be allowed to sit on the throne.詹姆斯 约克公爵 将永远不能登上王位He had to be excluded.他必须被驱逐Anything to stop the cycle of religious wars from breaking out again.只要能够阻止 宗教战争在英国重演It was an extraordinary crisis in the history of the British monarchy.对于英国的君主政体 这无疑是一场巨大的危机For it stake were not only the lives of hundreds of those victimised by all the lies and hysteria,这次的赌注不仅仅是被谎言冲昏头脑的 无辜人们的生命but the fate of the polity itself.而是整个政体的命运Because to concede exclusion was to accept parliament had the right to judge who was fit or unfit to occupy the throne.因为同意放逐 也就是承认议会有权决定 谁能来登上王位And that was a concession Charles II was absolutely not about to make.而这个让步是查理二世 绝对不能接受的 /201704/505959佛山男科检查需要多少钱 Id heard a story from a Berber tribesman using a camel carcass as an emergency shelter in a sandstorm.我曾听柏柏尔部落的人讲过一个故事 在沙尘暴来临时 用骆驼尸体作紧急避难所The smell was absolutely disgusting.那气味实在是太恶心了Okay, its all just being held on at one point now.只有一处内脏还连在内腔上I have to hold my breath, get in there, and cut it.Stinks.I got it!我必须屏住呼吸 从里面切断它 真臭 好了Little did I know that this clip would follow me for a long time.And not just the smell.Its here at number four.当时我知道臭味定会挥之不去 没想到这录像片段也是 还成为了经典时刻的第四名The Berbers could use this as an emergency shelter in a sandstorm.柏柏尔部落的人在沙尘暴时 将其用作紧急避难所And all theyd do is,Okey, Im inside it,pull it over,and Ill be 100% protected from the sand.他们只须要 好了 我进去了 把它盖上 这样我就可以完全免遭 沙尘的袭击了My number one has to be the texas biplane.要我说 最佳时刻 非德州双翼机莫属The texas biplane was a fun one and it barrel-rolls its way in to number three.德州双翼机是一次有趣的经历 它飞滚着排到经典时刻的第三名Our insertion into the chihuahuan desert was definitely one of my favorite,我们的奇瓦瓦沙漠之旅 绝对是我的最爱之一and weve done a lot of them helicopters, balloons, planes,you name it.我们用过很多飞行器 直升机 热气球 普通飞机 应有尽有But hanging inverted under a biplane at 8,000 feet,life definitely became interesting.That was a stunt and a half.但在八千英尺高空中 被挂在倒飞的双翼机下 让我的人生更丰富多了 那已经不仅仅是特技了Skydiving from a biplane is anything but straightforward.从双翼机上做特技跳伞绝非易事201612/484653John Rockefeller will outlive Carnegie by thirteen years.约翰·洛克菲勒比卡内基多活了十三年That time--and his greater worth--allows him to give away more money than Carnegie Is ever able to.这多余的时间加上他的钱也更多 所以他捐的钱比卡内基的还要多Throughout his life Rockefeller has donated millions-- to his church and numerous universities.洛克菲勒一生共计捐赠了数百万给他的教堂以及众多大学At the age of seventy-three, he creates the Rockefeller foundation with a personal endowment of one hundred million dollars--the equivalent of thirty-eight billion today.他七十三岁时创建了洛克菲勒基金 个人捐款高达一亿美元 相当于今天的三百八十亿That money will go on to advance public health around the world for decades.这些钱几十年来都将用于推进 世界各地的公共卫生事业My great-grandfather, he went full bore into philanthropy. Whether that was a duty under a sort of a Baptist stricture, or whether it just came pouring out of him, Im just not sure. But it doesnt make any difference, he did it.我的曾祖父全力投身于慈善事业 是出于浸信会的义务 还是兴之所至 我也不清楚 但这不重要 重要的是他做了John Rockefeller will live to be ninety-seven years old and gives away more five hundred and thirty million dollars in his lifetime.约翰·洛克菲勒活到了九十七岁 一生捐出了五点三亿多美元Gifts that, today, would total over one hundred billion.总额相当于今天的一千亿I look at Carnegie, I look at what Rockefeller did and I revere these people--for the second half of their lives-- and they certainly are, theyre inspirations to people who have managed to be able to accumulate some wealth and want to be able to say, you know what, I now want to help others.看了卡内基还有洛克菲勒的作为 我尊敬他们 他们的后半生更是如此 对于那些积累了一些财富的人是一种启迪 他们会想 其实呢 我现在想帮助别人201608/457591佛山市第一人民医院男科

佛山市新世纪医院男科专家挂号But the 52-year old Becket was, remember, a cockney,a street fighter, as tough as old boots under the cowl.但记住 52岁的贝克特可是个伦敦人 是个街头霸王 跟斗篷下的皮靴一般顽固When he stood rooted to the spot, he became physically,as well as theologically, the immovable object.只要他站在那里 无论是在身体上 还是信仰上 你都无法让他动摇分毫At such times the kind of talk hed picked up in his Cheapside childhood came back to him ripe and abusive.在这种时刻 他想起了在戚普塞街的那些回忆 清晰而生动;Whoremonger,; he yelled at Fitzurse,who must suddenly have felt ridiculous clanking around in all that armour.;皮条客; 他向费泽斯吼道 后者身穿叮当作响的盔甲 顿时感到非常荒谬What do you do when you cant stand feeling ridiculous any longer?当你忍无可忍这种荒谬 你会做出什么举动Whoosh goes the adrenaline, bang goes the gun or in this case the sword. 肾上腺素涌动 响出膛 或者像这一次 剑起血落Down through Beckets attendants arm,then slicing through the top of the archbishops head.先砍下了贝克特随从的胳膊 接着削下了大主教的头皮The crown hung by a th of flesh as Becket sank to the floor, murmuring,当贝克特倒在地上呻吟时 冠冕上还连着未削断的肉according to his chroniclers,for the name of Jesus and the protection of the church,Im y to embrace death.根据编年史记载 他当时说 以耶稣的名义和教会的庇护 我已准备好迎接死亡Then, thank God, came the coup de grace.接着 谢天谢地 暴徒给了致命一击Another mailed arm, another downward slash to the head,so hard that the sword blade broke in two on the stones.另一条裹着锁子甲的手臂 朝着头颅砍下去 是那么用力 至于刀锋像砍上了石头而断成两节To finish the job, a third warrior stood on the archbishops neck,为了完成任务 第三个骑士 踩在大主教的脖子上stuck the end of his sword into the open cavity of his skull,scooped out the brains and sp them on the floor.将整把剑插入对方的颅腔 舀出他的脑浆 洒在地上;Lets be off,; he said. ;this fellow wont be getting up again.;;走吧; 他说 ;这家伙再也站不起来了; /201609/467484龙江乐从北滘镇前列腺炎哪家医院最好 Ive made my shelter, and Ive got fire,我搭好了避难所 也点燃了火but night is falling fast, and its time to go and check on my rat trap.但夜色降临 该去检查一下捕鼠夹了This is where the trap was.It looks like this has been triggered.But my trap is empty.陷阱应该在这里 好像被触发了 但是我的陷阱空空如也Hang on. Look.The guts here, though.等等 瞧 内脏还在这里You know, this is what will often happen in an urban environment,you know, where youve got wild cats, foxes.在城市环境里很常见 这里充满野猫 狐狸You might get a kill,but then you get beaten to it.Im not the only thing trying to survive here.你可能会捕捉到猎物 但稍后它们就会还以颜色 我不是这里唯一尝试生存的动物With nothing in my trap, Im on the lookout for any other food.由于陷阱一无所获 我着手寻找其他吃的Around here, options are limited.But back in my camp, I make a find.在这周围 选择非常有限 但回到营地 我有了发现I found a load of wood lice just getting firewood.Thats kind of plan ;b; for supper.我找柴火时 找到了大量的木虱 这是晚餐B计划It actually kind of reminds me of home.Where I lives infested with wood lice.让我回想起家乡 那里木虱经常出没Wood lice are small crustaceans found in the damp and dark.木虱是栖息在潮湿黑暗环境中的小型甲虫Like rats, theyre considered a pest,but they dont sp disease,so theyre safer to eat.它们和老鼠一样被认为是害虫 但它不传播疾病 所以吃起来比老鼠安全And then youll see theyll start to pop in a minute.There you go -- kind of like natures popcorn.一会你就会听到砰砰的声音 有了 有点像大自然爆米花When they stop popping like that,theyre basically good to eat.当砰砰声停止的时候 就差不多可以吃了Wood lice are commonly eaten by birds and other insectivores,but this is a first for me.木虱是鸟类和其他食虫动物的家常便饭 但对我来说还是第一次Definitely better cooked than raw. Taste a bit like shrimp.Its probably worse.绝对比生吃要好得多 有点像虾的味道 可能糟一些These are about 90% protein.God only knows what the rest of it is.But-- good survival food.它们身体大约百分之九十都是蛋白质 只有上帝才知道其余是什么 但 这是求生的佳品If I couldnt get a rat,its the next best thing.我没抓到老鼠 那是第二好的食物Not much for a meal,but at least its something.Time now to try and get some sleep.虽然算不上一顿饭 但起码吃了点东西 该睡觉了Just cause Im in the city doesnt mean the end result is much different really to sleeping rough in the wild.在城市中 并不意味着与荒野中睡觉的感觉 大相径庭Still pretty cold,still pretty uncomfortable.依然很寒冷 仍然很不舒In my next challenge, its down to Earth with a bump.Bad place to fall.下一个挑战中 要从高处坠物 掉下去就死定了201610/470026佛山医院治疗生殖感染价格

暨南大学附属顺德医院正规吗 原味人文风情:This is Gudetama. Its an egg yolk with a little butt crack. Gudetama looks like a character someone gave up on—it has limbs but no fingers or toes; it has a mouth but no teeth. And yet, people cant get enough of it. You can find it on backpacks, cups, airplanes, credit cards, and it even has its own theme cafe. But Gudetamas cute looks arent the driving force behind its insane popularity. Its main attraction is its lazy personality.这是蛋黄哥。它是一颗有一条小股沟的蛋黄。蛋黄哥看起来像一个被人放弃的角色--它有四肢但没有手指或脚趾;它有嘴巴但没有牙齿。然而,人们有再多蛋黄哥都不嫌多。你可以在背包、杯子、飞机、信用卡上看到它的身影,它甚至还有自己的主题咖啡厅。不过蛋黄哥的可爱外貌并不是它爆红的主要因素。它主要吸引人的地方是它软烂的个性。 ;Can I go home now?;「我现在能回家了吗?」;Youre the star of the show...;「你是节目的主角耶...」Gudetama comes from a Japanese company called Sanrio. You might have heard of them. Theyre the creators behind Hello Kitty. In 2013, Sanrio held a company-wide competition to come up with a food-based character. And once people voted, Gudetama didnt end up on top.蛋黄哥出自一家叫三丽鸥的日本公司。你可能听过他们。他们是 Hello Kitty 背后的创造者。2013 年,三丽鸥举办了一场全公司的竞赛来构思出以食物为主的角色。而人们投了票,蛋黄哥最后并未得到第一名。Kirimichan, the salmon fillet, came in first. We actually started to release products based on the salmon fillet and its friends. Gudetama, the lazy egg, came in second, but we also released products based on Gudetama, and it really, really took off.鲑鱼君,一块鲑鱼排,获得首奖。我们真的开始发行以这块鲑鱼排和它的朋友为主的产品。蛋黄哥,一颗懒散的蛋,得到第二名,不过我们也发行了以蛋黄哥为主的产品,而它真的大受欢迎。The appeal of Gudetamas melancholy stands in contrast to the American concept of cuteness, which is pretty straightforward. The idea of cute represents goodness and optimism, while pessimism tends to define evil. This is evident in some of Disneys early films.蛋黄哥的郁闷吸引力和美国对可爱的看法十分不同,美国的可爱还满浅显易懂的。可爱这概念就代表良善和乐观,而悲观往往是邪恶的特性。这在一些迪斯尼早期的电影中显而易见。As you can see, there is a clear divide between good and evil. Villains are usually depicted as unappealing, scary, and old—draped in shadows and dark colors. Theyre meant to be identified as evil, which means that they can never be cute. But in Japan, theres more of a gray area to this. The word ;kawaii; is widely used to describe the quality of being like a child, which means that you can be cute and lazy at the same time.如你所见,好与坏之间有很清楚的分界。坏人通常被描绘成不迷人、可怕而且衰老的--掩盖在阴影和深色中。他们本该被视为是邪恶的,那也就代表他们永远不可能可爱。不过在日本,这比较有模糊地带。「卡哇伊」一词被广泛用来形容像孩子一样的特性,代表你可以同时又可爱又懒散。Yeah, kawaii is a fascinating idea to me. Its a very vulnerable kind of cute. Its forcing, like... Its youre so cute that you make people wanna take care of you.嗯,卡哇伊对我来说是个很有趣的概念。那是种很脆弱的可爱。那迫使,象是... 就是你可爱到让人想来照顾你。The term emerged in the 1970s and became a big part of Japanese culture. It was shown through fashion, handwriting, and even behavior. And many Japanese artists and academics believed that this popular culture on cuteness happened for a reason.这个词在 1970 年代出现,成为日本文化很重要的一部分。可爱被透过时尚、笔迹,甚至是行为表现出来。而许多日本艺术家和学者相信这种可爱流行文化的出现是有原因的。In Japan, the kawaii culture is often linked to the countrys post-World War II years.在日本,可爱文化常被和国家在二战后的那些年作连结。;...a message from the Japanese government. I deem this reply a full acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration.;「...来自日本政府的一则讯息。我将此回覆视为对波兹坦宣言的全然接受。」The idea is that because of its trauma and defeat, the country leaned into its vulnerability. And since then, the concept of kawaii has grown and even formed smaller subgroups.那见解是认为因为日本的的创伤和战败,这国家接受了自身的脆弱。而自那时起,卡哇伊这个概念便开始成长,甚至形成了一些较小的次级团体。This is kimo-kawaii, which is sometimes called ;gro-kawaii.; And there is yuru-kawaii. Yuru means relaxed and calm. According to cartooning expert Aya Kakeda, this particular group became popular because of the stress in modern society. She points out that in the U.S., people are drawn to spas and meditation for relaxation, but in Japan, yurus calm appearance brings comfort to a lot of people.这是丑萌,有时也被称作「恶心萌」。还有懒萌。Yuru 的意思是放松和平静。根据卡漫专家悬田阿也表示,这个类别变得受欢迎是因为现代社会的压力。她指出在美国,人们喜欢用 spa 疗程和冥想来放松,但在日本,懒萌角色的平和外表疗愈了许多人。You can also see a shift in Sanrios characters throughout the years. Theyve started giving them a personality to make them more relatable. When Hello Kitty came out in 1974, she was more traditionally cute than Gudetama, but she remained somewhat emotionless. She doesnt even have a mouth to smile or frown with, and that makes her more of a blank canvas—she can be whatever we want her to be. But many people feel a connection with Gudetama because of its gloomy personality. This approach to cuteness extends beyond appearances. It evokes a reaction. These characters can make you laugh or feel relaxed, and you can relate to them by observing their personality.你也可以看到三丽鸥的角色在这些年来的变化。他们开始赋予角色个性来让它们更亲切。当 Hello Kitty 在 1974 年问世时,她相较于蛋黄哥是种比较传统的可爱,不过她有一点没有感情。她甚至没有嘴巴来微笑或表示不满,那使得 Hello Kitty 比较像张空白画布--她可以变成我们想要的任何样子。不过很多人因为蛋黄哥忧郁的个性而感到和它有种连结。这种对可爱的诠释超越了外表。那激发出一种反应。这些角色能让你开怀笑或感到放松,而你可以透过观察他们的个性来产生共鸣。So at a time of confusion and turmoil all around the world, maybe this is just what we need—an egg yolk with a little bum thats just done dealing with life.所以在一个到处充满困惑和动荡的时代,或许这就是我们所需要的--一颗有着小屁股的厌世蛋黄。;Cant see the future.;「看不到未来。」;Today might be a better day.;「今天或许会是更美好的一天。」201706/513261佛山治疗慢性软下疳医院广东省佛山新世纪医院男科



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