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A Business Trip  On a business trip to India, a colleague of mine arrived at the airport in Dilhi. He took a taxi to his hotel, where he was greeted by his hospitable Indian host. The cab driver requested the equivalent of eight dollars U. S. for the fare, which seemed reasonable, so my friend handed him the money.  But the host grabbed the bills and initiated a verbal assault upon the cabby, calling him a worthless parasite and a disgrace to their country for trying to overcharge visitors. The host threw half the amount at the driver and told him never to return.   As the taxi sped off, the host gave the remaining bills to my colleague and asked him how his trip had been. "Fine," the business- man replied, "until you chased the cab away with my luggage in the trunk." 出差旅行  我的一个同事去印度出差。他抵达迪尔黑机场,就搭出租车到宾馆。好客的印度主人在那里迎接他。出租车司机索要相当于八美元的费用。我朋友觉得似乎是合理价格,就把钱给了他。  但迎客主人一把抓过那钱钞,对出租司机大骂不止,称他是一文不值的寄生虫,并说他企图宰国外来客,真是丢尽了他们国家的面子。他把钱钞的半数扔给司机,告诉他永远别再回来。  出租司机一踩油门跑掉了。主人把剩下的钱还给我的同事,问他旅途如何。“很好,”这位商人回答,“只是你把出租车赶跑了,我的行李还在车箱里。” /201107/1433851. Compliment three people every day. 每天赞美三个人。 2. Watch a sunrise. 看日出。 /200912/92332

My Roommate My roommate was interested in a young man in her English-literature class, but she was too shy to let him know. One day she overheard him say he was on his way to the library for a certain book. She rushed to the library, found the book and stuck in it a letter from her mother.  "Why would he want to a letter from your mother?" I asked.  "He wouldn't, but if he's any kind of gentleman, he'll return it to me " Her dorm and room numbers were on the envelope, of course.  The next day he appeared with the letter and asked my roommate out on a date. "Couldn't fail," she later told me. "The book was Great Expectations. 我的室友  我的室友对她英国文学课上的一个年轻人有意思,但又不好意思让他知道。一天,她听到他和别人说要去图书馆借某本书。她冲到图书馆,找到那本书,夹进去她妈妈来的一封信。  “他为什么会要读你妈妈来的信呢?”我问。  “他不会读的。但如果他还算是个绅士的话,他会把信还给我的。”当然啦,她的宿舍及房间号码就在信封上。  第二天,他拿着那封信出现了,并约我室友出去。“错不了的,”她后来对我说,“那本书的书名是《远大前程》。” /201107/144272

An Important tip! ''Tipping', gratuity or 'service' is handled very differently in the UK and America. It's important to get this right when you visit each place as it can affect whether the staff in bars, cafe, restaurant, hotels, hairdressers, and the drivers of taxis or buses think that you are lovely, rude, strange, or whether they chase you down the street! In the UK... In the UK the reason for tipping is to show that you really liked the service. In the UK we have a high minimum wage, and no-one can be paid below this amount for any work, so when you tip, it is mainly showing politeness to the service person, and to acknowledge that they did an excellent job. You can tip more or less depending on how good you thought the service was, and the average tip is around 10-20%. So if you loved your new 50 pound haircut, you should add another 5-10 pounds onto your bill, and this will go directly to the hairdresser! If you didn't like the service, don't tip! This is the case even if 'service' has been added to your bill. If you didn't like the service, you can always refuse to pay. Or if you are a student, traveller on a budget, or simply can't afford to, it's also ok not to spend the extra money.In the US... In the US, you will often hear 'tips' called 'service'. It is essential to tip in the US, because the waitresses, bar staff, maitre'd's in these industrys are paid a low wage which they cannot afford to live on, and therefore your tip is much needed by them. It is actually part of the payment that you make and very often is not optional! Especially in restaurants, if you do not pay the service, you have not paid your entire bill, so watch out! /201108/147751

  I don#39;t like to judge or talk poorly about people and I sincerely believe that EVERY single person possesses at least 3 wonderful qualities.我不喜欢评价别人或者说别人的坏话,我由衷地相信,每个人都至少具有3条极佳的品质。In fact, it is a game I sometimes play when I get really frustrated with someone. While I am huffing and puffing, I try to find 3 positive qualities about the person, who has pushed my buttons. Not always an easy task, but 3 good qualities is a realistic number.实际上,这是当我确认因某人而抓狂时有时会做的一个游戏。当我要大发雷霆时,我努力去寻找惹我生气的这个人的3条积极的品质。这并不总是一件容易的事,但是3条好品质的确是现实存在的。So where were we… Oh, yes – people that make our life harder. Not because they are bad people, but because they do certain things that may demotivate us, hurt our feelings or rub our ego the wrong way. Ultimately, it is not their problem but ours.好吧,我们说到哪里了……哦,对,生活中令我们抓狂的人。这不是因为他们是坏人,而是因为他们做的某些事可能会让我们失去动力、伤害我们的感情或者磨灭了我们的自我意识。归根结底,这不是他们的问题,而是我们自己的问题。So here is what we can do to avoid unnecessary conflicts, stress and hard feelings.因此,做到以下几点可以让我们避免不必要的冲突、压力和怨气。1.Teachers that suggest that we might not be talented enough to do something1.暗示我们没天分做不好某事的老师Years ago psychologists did a classroom experiment. A group of children were randomly divided into two classes. The teachers were told that the students in first class were high achievers that should do well. The second class was labeled as ;underachievers; who needed special help.几年前心理学家做了一个课堂实验。一群孩子被随机分成两个班。老师们被告知:第一个班里的学生是优等生,会表现很好。第二个班的学生则被打上标签:需要特殊帮助的;差等生;。At the beginning of the year there was no difference between the two groups of children in terms of ability. However, by the end of the school year the class that was labeled ‘high-achievers#39; did better than average work, while the class of so-called ;underachievers; not only scored poorly, but they were less liked by their teacher.在学年初,两个班的孩子在能力方面并没有表现出什么不同。然而,到了学年末,被认为是;优等生;的班级成绩要出色得多,然而所谓的;差等生;的班级不仅考试分数很低,也不怎么受老师喜欢。It turned out that people unconsciously create situations that encourage expected behavior. If our expectations of a person are negative, we actually encourage them to behave negatively.结果表明,人们无意中创造了一些激励预期行为的环境。如果我们对一个人的期望是消极的,我们真的会导致他们去做一些消极的事情。What to do about it:如何应对:If you want to change someone else#39;s behavior, change your expectations about this person. Expect better from people, treat them accordingly and sooner or later they will begin to act that way.如果你想改变别人的行为,那就改变你对此人的期望。对人们期望得更好,并相应地去对待他们,迟早他们会开始如你所愿去做的。2.Bosses that ask ;Would you do me a favor?; 5 minutes before you have to leave the office2.在离下班5分钟时问你;能否帮个忙;的上司It is easy to suspect that these people are actually making our life harder on purpose. But for the sake of your own peace of mind, it is better not to let these thoughts get you all worked up.我们很容易就怀疑,这些人实际上在故意地为难你。但是为了你自己内心的安宁,最好不要让这些想法把你激怒。What to do about it:如何应对:Well, there is always a polite way to say ;no; and offer a constructive solution. However, if you feel that the project is urgent, take the initiative to help your team or your company out. It#39;s give and take.好吧,总有一种礼貌的方式来说;不;,然后提出一个有建设性的解决方法。然而,如果你感到这个项目比较紧急,那么就积极主动地帮助你的团队或者公司。互相迁就一下。Today you will stay after work to finish the project and next time your boss may be equally understanding if you have to leave work early.今天你在下班后留下来完成项目。下一次,如果你不得不提前下班,你的老板或许也会同样理解你并做出让步。3.Mean old ladies3.刻薄的老太太There is always a reason why an old lady gives you a stern look – you are being too loud, you are dressed inappropriately, you are not crossing the street in the right place. Sometimes it can be endearing, but if you are aly having a bad day, a mean old lady can drive you to the edge of frustration.老太太严厉地看着你,必定会有一个原因:你说话声音太大了,你的穿着不得体,你没有在正确的地方过马路。有时这也挺讨人喜欢的,但是如果你心情已经很糟糕了,那么一个刻薄的老太太会把你逼到崩溃的边缘。What to do about it:如何应对:I#39;ve come to realize that when people initiate conflicts, it is actually an expression of their inner state expressed externally. You, your personality, your looks or your actions have nothing to do with it. It is not personal, so why take it personally?我渐渐意识到,每当人们激起矛盾,这实际上是一种将内在状态外化的表现。你、你的个性、你的外貌还有你的行为与此无关。这并不是关乎某个人的事情,所以为什么认为这是针对你的呢? /201208/193265

  One of the world#39;s oldest stories, The Epic of Gilgamesh, is a lively tale of heroism and sacrificefrom ancient Sumer. It also contains one of the earliest references to beer. In the story, a female friend of the hero changes a wild, primitivebeast into a cultured human being by giving him seven cups of beer.《吉尔伽美什史诗》是世界上流传最久的故事之一,栩栩如生地讲述了古代苏美尔地区(古代幼发拉底河下游的一个地区)的英勇事迹及壮烈牺牲的场面。史诗也涉及有关啤酒的最早传说。在故事中英雄的一位女友用七杯啤酒将一头野性,原始的野兽变成了一位文雅的男子。In reality, drinking that much beer is more likely to have the opposite effect. Nowadays, it is the beverage of choice among rowdy young people on a Saturday night out, and it has fueled acts of violence and destruction in more than a few societies. It is, nevertheless, the oldest known alcoholic drink in the world and is widely enjoyed.事实上,饮用太多啤酒更可能产生相反的效果。啤酒是时下血气方刚的年轻人在周六夜晚狂欢时必备的饮料,而啤酒也在为数不少的社群里激发了暴力和破坏行为。尽管如此,它仍是世界上公认为最古老的含酒精饮料,而且广受喜爱。Fermentedbeverages made from various types of grainappeared independently in different locations all over the ancient world from Africa to China. The word beer itself comes from a Latin verb meaning ;to drink;, and the ancient Romans were certainly no strangers to the brew. However, because they considered it the drink of barbarians , the Romans generally preferred wine.这些由多种谷类制成的发酵饮料,古时候从非洲到中国的世界各国都各自单独生产。啤酒这个词源自拉丁文动词,意为“饮用”。古罗马人对啤酒肯定不陌生,不过,由于他们认为啤酒是野蛮人的饮料,因此古罗马人普遍偏好葡萄酒。In ancient times, people who made beer lacked the means to preserve and filterit properly, so the drink was cloudy and turned bad quickly. It was medieval European monks who introduced scientific brewing techniques in an effort to produce a nutritious beverage to supplementtheir meagerdiets.古时的啤酒酿造者缺少良好的保存方法及过滤工具,所以啤酒混浊而且容易变质。正是中世纪欧洲的僧侣们引进科学的啤酒酿造技术,制造有营养的饮料,从而补充了他们贫乏的饮食。The monks were not restricted to only brewingthe beer, and consumption of it within the monasteries reached astonishing levels. One report from Belgium said that monks were drinking as much as five liters a day. Monastery breweriesin Europe also ran their own pubs and enjoyed a tax-free status that came to be resented by the growing merchant class.僧侣们不只局限在酿造啤酒,而且还在修道院中大量饮用啤酒,消耗量实在惊人。一份来自比利时的报告指出,僧侣们每天喝五升多的啤酒。欧洲修道院的酿酒厂也经营自己的酒吧,并享有免税的优惠,此项优待引起正在兴起的商人阶级的不满。As the power and influence of the church declined, the art of brewing became an important commercial activity. Today, beer production is largely a high-tech process in the hands of huge corporations or government monopolies. However, recent years have seen a growth in the popularity of small-scale breweries, reflecting an increasing global demand for quality and variety.随着教会权力和影响的衰落,酿制艺术也就转变为一项重要的商业活动。今天,啤酒的制造在巨型企业或政府的垄断下俨然成为一个高科技流程。然而近年来,小规模啤酒厂的倍受青睐也反映了全球对啤酒质量及多样化日益增长的需求。 /201205/183333。

  Back in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, candidates for President of the ed States didn’t have much truck with foreigners. They didn’t vote, they lived on the other side of the ocean, and they spoke funny, most of ’em. (If a Frenchman is a man, Jim points out to Huck Finn, “why doan’ he talk like a man?”) Even after America’s rise to global power, the only overseas travel seen as obligatory for a Presidential hopeful was to what pols called the Three-I League—Ireland, Italy, and Israel, venues that had more to do with the lingering tribal identities of big-city ethnics than with anything as highfalutin as foreign policy. (Let us note, in the currently fashionable spirit of joke-explaining, that the baseball allusion is to a long-defunct Class B circuit made up of teams from Illinois, Indiana, and Iowa.) Nor did the incumbent get around much during the first fifty-four years of his life. “Bush’s foreign travels,” the Associated Press reported a few days after the Supreme Court awarded him custody of Air Force One, “have been limited to three visits to Mexico, two trips to Israel, a three-day Thanksgiving visit in Rome with one of his daughters in 1998, and a six-week excursion to China with his parents in 1975.” Israel, check. Italy, check. He didn’t bother with the third I.In our post-9/11, post-unipolar, and soon-to-be-post-Bush world, staying home is not an option—especially if you’re the “inexperienced” candidate and the opinion polls say that your war-hero opponent is better at foreign policy and national security than you are. Anyway, John McCain had spent months needling Barack Obama for not having lately visited the fourth I. So, last week, off to Iraq he went—and, while he was at it, he doubled and redoubled down, adding Afghanistan, Jordan, Israel, the West Bank, Germany, France, and Britain to his itinerary.Just before the trip, a leading wire service summarized the prevailing view:WASHINGTON (Reuters)—U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s overseas trip will be a high-risk debut on the world stage—with the potential pitfalls at least as numerous as the likely rewards.“On a trip like this, on a stage like this, there is no room for error,” Tad Devine, a veteran Democratic operative, told A News. “He needs to make sure every word is right, every setting is proper, and that he makes absolutely no mistakes.” And Newsweek’s Richard Wolffe predicted that the trip would be “an extraordinarily public test of a Presidential contender’s mastery of world affairs.”Whether or not it was that, it was certainly a test of his mastery of political theatrics, his sure-footedness, and his willingness to take a calculated risk. On the first leg of the trip, Obama found himself in a military gym in Kuwait, a major staging point for Americans going to the war zones. The bleachers were packed with soldiers wearing fatigues. A basketball materialized. “I may not make the first one,” he said, no doubt imagining what a metaphor-hungry press would make of a miss or, God forbid, a whole string of misses, “but I’ll make one eventually.” With a spring of his toes, he put the ball up. When it came down, swish.It was the three-point shot heard round the world, and, for the Obama campaign, things only got better from there. As the candidate whirled through Afghanistan and Iraq—talking with troops, huddling with generals, conferring with presidents and prime ministers—the policy dominoes suddenly began toppling his way, flicked by unexpected fingers. Commanders on the ground in Afghanistan made known their belief that more NATO troops are badly needed there, as Obama has been arguing all along. The Bush Administration sent an Under-Secretary of State to a meeting in Geneva with Iran’s chief nuclear negotiator, thereby edging toward the kind of direct diplomatic engagement with Tehran that Obama has been urging all along. The White House announced that President Bush and the Iraqi Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, had agreed on the idea of a “time horizon” for withdrawing American troops from Iraq, thus seeming to endorse the general approach that Obama has been advocating (and his opponent just as firmly rejecting) all along. In an interview with Der Spiegel, Maliki went stunningly further. Asked to predict when most of the American troops will leave Iraq, he replied:As soon as possible, as far as we’re concerned. U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama talks about sixteen months. That, we think, would be the right time frame for a withdrawal, with the possibility of slight changes.After four days of panicky spinning and backtracking from Washington and (at Washington’s prodding) Baghdad, an audio recording of the interview—the published text of which, in any case, had been provided to Maliki’s office in advance—surfaced, and its accuracy was confirmed. Maliki’s spokesman, Ali al-Dabbagh, had the final word: “We cannot give any timetables or dates, but the Iraqi government believes the end of 2010 is the appropriate time for the withdrawal.” By the time Obama’s plane touched down in Germany, an utterly unanticipated consensus seemed to have emerged: besides having been right about the Iraq war’s beginning (i.e., that it should not have had one), he is right, in broad outline, about the path to its ending.There has been much discussion of whether it will prove politically advantageous for Obama to have addressed a mile-long crowd of two hundred thousand happy Berliners in the golden early-evening sunlight. Berliners are Germans, and Germans are foreigners, and since well before John Kerry was demonized for knowing how to speak French it has been axiomatic that heartland Americans don’t like foreigners piping up about our elections, however much brainland Americans may disagree. Obama gained nothing in the polls during his nearly flawless, arguably triumphant grand tour. Still, after seven years during which, even among our closest allies, contempt for Bush bled into resentment of the country that returned him to office, one would have to be an awful grouch not to be gratified by the sight of a sea of delighted Europeans waving American flags instead of burning them and cheering an American politician instead of demonstrating against one.Back home, one such grouch had ample reason to be grouchy. McCain’s luck last week was as bad as Obama’s was good. McCain rode in a golf cart with Bush senior; Obama rode in a helicopter with General David Petraeus. Obama was hailed by the German multitudes; McCain, his planned photo op at an offshore rig preeuml;mpted by an oil spill and rained out by Hurricane Dolly, held a press gaggle in front of Schmidt’s Fudge Haus, in Columbus, Ohio. Obama got a big kiss (“Obama? C’est mon copain!”) from the new President of France, a dashing conservative with an exotic background and an unusual name; McCain stood athwart the cheese aisle of a supermarket, complaining. The presumptive Republican nominee had a right to be irritated by what he was complaining about: Obama’s reluctance to admit that the surge in Iraq which he opposed has helped make the withdrawal from Iraq which he supports less problematic. But McCain had no right to accuse him, not once but repeatedly last week, of being willing to have his country “lose a war” if it would win him an election. That was shocking; that was unworthy. Obama drained a three-point shot; McCain committed a three-shot foul. The game is getting physical. 回首19和20世纪,美国总统候选人与外国的往来并不多。因为外国人不参加选举投票,他们住在遥远的大洋对岸,他们中大多数人言谈滑稽。甚至当美国后来成为一全球性力量,总统候选人的海外访问也被认为只需要去政客们所谓的“3I联盟”——爱尔兰、意大利和以色列。美国大城市中来自这些国家的少数族裔长期存在种族认同的问题,在去这些国家也是为了解决这个问题,而不是去搞什么外交政策之类的无谓之事。(让我们用时下流行的玩笑式解释来作说明,这好比棒球比赛中所说的,由伊利诺斯、印第安那和爱荷达三个州际队组成的早就有名无实的B级联赛)现任总统在他人生的前45年中也没有去过多少国家。在最高法院宣布布什当选合法几天后,美联社报道称,“布什的海外旅行仅是去了三次墨西哥,两次以色列,1998年感恩节期间和其女儿在罗马的三天逗留,以及1975年与其父母在中国为期6周的访问”。以色列,去了,意大利,去了,但他连“3I联盟”中第三个国家爱尔兰都没有去过。当我们进入后9·11时代、后美国单极时代,以及即将到来的后布什时代,呆在家里已经不是一种明智的选择,尤其是当你“资历浅薄”,而民调则显示你崇尚战争的竞争对手在处理外交政策和国家安全方面更强。不管怎么说,约翰·麦克莱恩最近几个月一直抨击巴拉克·奥巴马不出访第四个“I”字头国家——伊拉克。为此,奥巴马去了伊拉克,他已于上周离开。在伊访问期间,他一再增加访问行程,将阿富汗、约旦、以色列、约旦河西岸(巴勒斯坦)、德国、法国和英国都列入他的行程。就在奥巴马起程前,一家有国际影响力的通迅社总结了人们对此行普遍的看法:华盛顿消息(路透社)——美国民主党总统候选人巴拉克·奥巴马此行海外之行将是其一次冒险的国际亮相,潜在的风险不会少于可能的收获。民主党资深人士泰德·戴文在接受美国广播电视新闻采访时说,“这样的一次出行,在这样一个舞台上,是绝不允许有任何失误的。他得确保每句话、每个行为都正确、恰当,他绝不能犯任何错误。”《新闻周刊》的里查德·沃尔夫声称,这次出访将是“一次对候选总统处理国际事务能力的严峻、公开的考验。”不管是否真如沃尔夫所言,这次行程肯定是对他政治展现能力、稳定度和应对风险意志的考验。奥巴马中东之行的首站选择在美军在中东重要的军事基地——科威特,他现身在当地的一个军事体育馆,看台上挤满了身穿军装的美国大兵。手拿篮球,他说:“我也许不是首次投中的,但我迟早都会投中”。不难想像,在场的那些唯恐遗漏任何精时刻的媒体都拭目以待。只见他双脚一跳,将球投向空中,球嗖地一声飞出。这就是后来广为人知的三步上篮表演。对于奥巴马的竞选团队而言,在那之后,整个局面才开始打开。正当这位总统候选人在阿富汗和伊克拉斡旋时(与军队交谈,与将军磋商,与首脑们会晤),局势突然出乎意料地开始向他倾斜。阿富汗驻军司令官宣称当地需要更多北约驻军,这正是奥巴马一直呼吁的。布什政府也派出副国务卿赴日纳瓦与伊朗核事务代表进行会晤,从而在与伊朗展开直接外交谈判做准备。而这也恰恰是奥巴马一直以来的主张。白宫也宣布布什总统与伊拉克总统努里· 马利基就美军撤出伊拉军的“时间表”方面已达成共识。这似乎与奥巴马一直提倡的方针趋于吻合(而他的竞选对巴则恰好坚决反对从伊拉克撤军)。努里·马利基在接受德国《明镜》杂志采访时,就有关美军主体何时撤出伊拉克的问题,他回答说:“据我们所知,美国总统候选人巴拉克·奥巴马说有可能是16个月之内,所以我们认为美军可能会尽快撤出。16个月对于平稳撤军是妥当的。”此消息在美国和伊拉克(受美国影响)引发热烈讨论,四天后,关于这次采访的电视片断被播出,实了此消息。而且,努里·马利基接受采访的文字内容也被事先提供给到马利基的办公室。马利基的发言人阿里·阿杜马最终表示:“虽然我们无法提供任何时间表或日程,但伊拉克政府相信2010年底是撤军的恰当时机。”当奥巴马的飞机抵达德国后,出乎意料的是,国际社会似乎已形成一致看法:奥巴马不但正确地指出伊拉克战争本不应该发生,他还在更广泛的意义上,正确地指出了结束伊拉克战争的途径。很多人开始讨论这是否有利于奥巴马在德国的演说,他将在夕阳的余辉中面对由两万高兴的柏林人组成的一英里长的人群。柏林人是德国人,德国人则是外国人。自此很久这前约翰·克里(上次大选中美国民主党总统候选人)因为会说法语而被妖魔化,就说明的美国人不喜欢外国人对我们的总统大选指手画脚,尽管理性的美国人对此并不赞同。奥巴马此次完美无暇、大获全胜的外交之行并没有为他的选情加分。情形和七年前一样,即便在我们亲密的盟友国家中,对于布什的厌恶都会激化为对那个推选他出任总统的国家的厌恶。当看到外国人手摇而不是焚烧美国旗,他们对一个美国政客是欢呼拥戴而不是示威抗议时,某人也许会满腹牢骚、深感不满。当奥巴马回国后,这个满腹牢骚的人就更有理由进行抱怨。麦肯恩上周幸运之差如同奥巴马运气之好一般。麦肯恩与小布什同乘一台高尔夫球车;奥巴马则与大卫·佩特斯将军共搭一架直升机。奥巴马受到德国群众热烈欢迎;麦肯恩原本计划在一个海上油井与媒体见面,但由于发生石油泄漏和飓风多莉给而落空。他只好在俄亥俄州首府哥伦布XXX(Schmidt's Fudge Haus)前接受媒体(CNN)采访。奥巴马赢得那位既传统又另类的、拥有独特姓名的法国新任总统的祝福,麦肯恩则站在超市奶酪货架对面抱怨着。这位民主党总统候选人正如他所抱怨的那样有权利生气,因为他对伊拉克撤军的反对使得奥巴军所主张的从伊撤军变得不那么棘手,而奥巴马对此并不情愿承认。但麦肯恩没有权利在上周一而再、再而三地指责奥巴马为了让自己赢得竞选,而不惜让美国输掉一场战争。这番言论让人震惊,对麦肯恩而言也是得不偿失的。奥巴马取得了三步上篮的胜利,麦肯恩则犯下了三步下篮的错误。这场对决变得越来越激烈。 /200808/45863

  Light. Your body’s natural clock is tuned to the amount of light. Turn on all the lights in your room right after waking up. Getting bright lights can help trick your body into thinking it is time to get out of bed. 1、明亮的灯光你身体的生物钟会受到外界光照亮度的影响。所以最好以刚起床就打开你房间里所有的灯。让充足的光照来唤醒你的身体,让你的生物钟觉得是时候该起床清醒了。 /201004/102668China#39;s box-office revenue in the first half of this year surged 42% from a year earlier, to 8.07 billion yuan (.28 billion), on the strength of foreign films like the re-release of 1997#39;s ;Titanic.; 借助《泰坦尼克号》(Titanic)3D版等外国电影的强攻,今年上半年中国票房收入较去年同期猛增42%至80.7亿元(合12.8亿美元)。 While the figures released Thursday demonstrated the importance of this fast-growing market to Hollywood, they also showed the challenges facing China#39;s film industry岸box-office revenue for domestically produced films was down 4.3% over the same period. Chinese films generated 2.7 billion yuan, or about a third of total box-office revenue, compared with 5.37 billion yuan for foreign films. 周四发布的数据一方面明迅速扩大的中国市场对于好莱坞的重要性,另一方面也显示了中国本土电影产业面临的挑战。中国国产电影票房收入较去年同期下降4.3%。国产电影票房是27亿元,约为总票房收入的三分之一。相比之下外国电影的票房收入达到了53.7亿元。 China#39;s leaders appear aware of Hollywood#39;s threat. China is currently in the midst of a monthlong period in which no U.S. films have permission to be distributed. And while other years have featured a similar hiatus, this year#39;s is taking place during the summer season岸prime time for U.S. action films. It is scheduled to end next week, with the release of #39;The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1#39; on July 25. 中国领导人似乎意识到了好莱坞的威胁。目前中国正处在一个美国电影拿不到上映许可的时期,时间长达一个月。虽然过去几年也曾有过类似禁映期,但今年的禁映期时逢暑假,正好是美国动作片的黄金档期。禁映期按计划于下周结束,7月25日将上映《暮光之城4:破晓(上)》(The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1)。 The government-controlled China Film Group, which distributes most films in the country, has also arranged the release schedule so that several 3-D Hollywood movies will be pitted against one another. ;Ice Age: Continental Drift,; from 20th Century Fox, and Universal Pictures#39; ;The Lorax; will both premiere on July 27 in China. Warner Bros.; latest Batman chapter, ;The Dark Knight Rises,; and Sony Pictures#39; ;The Amazing Spider-Man; are both scheduled to open Aug. 30, one month after the U.S. premiere. The move will create competition for Chinese audiences. News Corp., which owns 20th Century Fox, also owns The Wall Street Journal. 另外,由政府控制、负责发行中国境内多数影片的中国电影集团公司通过放映档期安排,将使多部好莱坞3D影片展开针尖对麦芒的竞争。20世纪福克斯(20th Century Fox)的《冰川时代4:大陆漂移》(Ice Age: Continental Drift)、环球影业(Universal Pictures)的《老雷斯的故事》(The Lorax)都将于7月27日在中国首映。华纳兄弟(Warner Bros.)的《蝙蝠侠:黑暗骑士崛起》(Batman: The Dark Knight Rises)和索尼影业(Sony Pictures)的《神奇蜘蛛侠》(The Amazing Spider-Man)都计划于8月30日开映,距离美国首映已经过去一个月。中影公司此举将使这些电影为争夺中国观众而竞争。20世纪福克斯的母公司新闻集团(The Amazing Spider-Man)也是《华尔街日报》的母公司。 Hollywood sees big opportunity in the world#39;s most-populous country, where revenue last year reached .1 billion, up 29% from 2010. In February, after Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping#39;s visit to Los Angeles, Chinese leaders agreed to allow 34 movies a year to be shown in China, up from 20, on the condition the additional 14 be shown in 3-D or in jumbo-sized IMAX format. 好莱坞在世界人口最多的国家看到了巨大机会。去年中国电影票房收入达21亿美元,较2010年增长29%。今年2月份,在中国国家副主席习近平访问洛杉矶之后,中国领导人同意每年允许34部美国电影在中国上映,多于原先的每年20部。条件是新增的14部必须是3D格式或超大屏幕的IMAX格式。 U.S. film-industry lobbyists had been pressuring China to resolve a standoff dating back to 2009, when the World Trade Organization ruled that China#39;s policy of limiting foreign films to 20 a year violated international trade rules. 美国电影行业游说人士此前曾一直向中国施压,要求其遵守世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)2009年做出的一项裁决。当时世贸组织裁定,中国规定每年进口影片不得超过20部的政策违反了国际贸易规定。 Critics of China#39;s film industry say the country#39;s filmmakers are burdened by censorship and that more freedom of expression would help elevate the nation#39;s films, putting them on equal footing with U.S. productions. 中国电影行业的批评人士说,中国的电影人面临影片审查的重压,扩大言论自由有助于提升中国的影片,使之与美国影片站在同等水平上。 Some of China#39;s filmmakers say they don#39;t believe the country#39;s regulators need to restrict the entry of foreign films so tightly. 中国的一些电影人说,他们认为中国的监管机构不需要那么严格地限制外国影片的引进。 ;We don#39;t need to be scared or screaming like crazy, saying the wolf is here,; said Chen Kaige, director of such Chinese films as ;Farewell My Concubine.;导演陈凯歌说,我们不需要害怕或像疯了一样地尖叫着喊狼来了。陈凯歌曾执导《霸王别姬》等中国影片。 Still, Mr. Chen, who spoke in a recent interview, added that he feels increasingly pressured to make films designed to take on the U.S.-produced competition─and is even considering directing an action film to rival some of Hollywood#39;s. 不过陈凯歌最近在接受采访时也说,他背负着越来越大的压力要拍些与美国影片竞争的片子,他甚至在考虑拍一部动作片与好莱坞大片抗衡。 Investment in the Chinese film market is too recent to have borne much fruit yet, said Dan Mintz, chief executive of Chinese film company DMG Entertainment. ;Everything from setting up the infrastructure and dealing with regulations to learning the creative side just takes a lot of time in film,; he explained, adding that Chinese films may grow more dominant at home in the future. 中国电影公司DMG传媒集团(DMG Entertainment)的首席执行长丹#8226;密茨(Dan Mintz)说,中国电影市场的投资才刚起步,还没有取得太大成果。他解释说,在电影制作过程中,从搭设基础设施、应对监管规定到学习创意,所有这一切都要花大量时间。他还说,中国影片在国内市场上的主导地位今后可能会进一步增强。 To be sure, there are aly marks of success emerging in China. ;Painted Skin: The Resurrection,; a film from Huayi Brothers Media Corp., is on track to become the highest-grossing domestic film ever, with box-office revenue at 628 million yuan and counting, according to data from Beijing-based film-research firm EntGroup. But ;Titanic; has brought in more than 934 million yuan this year. 显然,中国已经开始出现成功的迹象。据位于北京的电影研究公司艺恩咨询(EntGroup)的数据显示,华谊兄弟传媒股份有限公司出品的《画皮2》有望成为迄今为止票房最高的国产影片,该片的票房收入目前已达人民币6.28亿元,而票房统计工作仍在进行。不过,3D版《泰坦尼克号》(Titanic)今年的在华票房收入已超过9.34亿元。 Notes Mr. Mintz, ;In 1998, there were hardly any theatres in China, so this was actually the first time many got the real experience.;密茨说,1998年时中国的电影院还很少,所以这是很多中国人第一次到电影院观看《泰坦尼克号》。 /201207/191358

  13 Years Will Smith Jada Pinkett Smith — December 31, 1997Quotes about the Love and Marriage — Will: "Families are like a business. The key is one person having a vision of what it needs to be and being able to pull everyone together. That's Jada for sure."13年婚姻:史密斯夫妇婚姻之道——威尔·史密斯:经营家庭就像做生意。关键在于有一个人能够纵观全局,了解需求,将所有人有力地组织起来。我妻子就是这样一个人。17 Years Michelle Pfeiffer and David E. Kelley — November 13 1993Quotes about the Love and Marriage — Michelle Pfeiffer: "Compatibility is important, and respect. Because that's sexy to me. We're both homebodies. I'm not sure about the opposites thing. It may attract initially, but it's what eventually breaks people apart."17年婚姻:米歇尔·菲佛与大卫·E·凯利婚姻之道——米歇尔·菲佛:相互包容很重要,彼此尊重也一样。其实这样很性感。我们都是恋家的人。我觉得相互对立不靠谱,一开始可能会很吸引人,但是最终会让人分道扬镳。18 Years Warren Beatty and Annette Bening — March 10, 1992Quotes about the Love and Marriage — Annette Bening: You’ve got to make peace with it. By and large it’s okay. You’re an object of people’s projections, certainly with my husband being so famous for so many years. That’s out of your control.18年婚姻:安妮特·贝宁与沃伦·贝蒂婚姻之道——安妮特·贝宁:心平气和一点儿。总的来说没什么大不了的。你是人们议论的一个话题而已,我老公红了那么多年已经是即成的现实。这又不是我能掌控的。19 Years Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw — October 12 1991Quotes about the Love and Marriage — Steven Spielberg: "I’ve stayed in my marriage this long because I never disagree with my wife. Whatever she says is the right choice."19年婚姻:斯皮尔伯格夫妇婚姻之道——史蒂芬·斯皮尔伯格:我们的婚姻之所以能这么长久,完全是因为我们没有意见相左的时候。老婆说什么都是对的。 /201105/137086As the temperature drops dramatically, the battle between fashion and pragmatism now revolves around whether to wear long johns.随着气温骤降,如今时尚主义与实用主义围绕穿不穿秋裤这一话题展开论战。South Korea President Lee Myung-bak last month called on his people to ;wear long johns to save energy; in his biweekly radio address.上个月,韩国总统李明在两周一次的广播演说中呼吁民众;穿上秋裤,节约能源;。;I have recently lowered the thermostat in the place I work. Naturally, I had to wear long johns which were uncomfortable initially. But after a while, I got used to them, and now I am very comfortable wearing them,; said Lee.他说:;我最近调低了办公室内自动调温器的温度,自然要穿上秋裤,刚穿时会觉得不舒,但很快就会习惯了。我现在觉得穿着它们很舒。;Sure long johns do a good job keeping people warm. But for many people, they have been something for grandparents, or rather, they are a fashion no-no.秋裤的确有很好的保暖作用,但对大多数人而言,它们属于祖辈,或者更确切的说,它们是时尚大忌。In 2008, Su Mang, chief editor of the Chinese version of fashion magazine Bazaar indicated that wearing long johns compromised fashion.2008年时,时尚杂志《时尚芭莎》中国版主编苏芒曾表示穿秋裤有损时尚。;I never allow people around me to wear long johns,; Su said in a talk show with TV anchor Chen Luyu.她在一档由陈鲁豫主持的谈话节目中表示:;我从不允许自己周围的人穿秋裤。;But things seem to be different for long johns ever since last year.但从去年开始,这些有关秋裤的话题似乎发生了转变。A number of important designer labels, including Jean Paul Gaultier, D amp; G and Dries Van Noten, all showed variations of long johns on their 2010/2011 fall/winter runways.众多重量级时装品牌,如Jean Paul Gaultier、D amp; G 和Dries Van Noten,早在2010/2011秋冬时装发布会上便展示了各式各样的秋裤。And British actor Jude Law even sported a pair of long johns at a London airport earlier last year, together with a loosely structured jacket and T-shirt, which made a lot of jaws drop.去年早些时候,英国演员裘德?洛现身伦敦机场时甚至穿着一条令人炫目的秋裤,再搭配松垮的夹克和T恤,令无数人大跌眼镜。;It#39;s a very British thing,; explained British designer Victoria Barlett to The New York Times.设计师维多利亚?巴特利特(音译)在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示:;这是一种非常英伦范儿的打扮。;Long johns were first made popular in the 19th century by the English company John Smedley which still produces them today.其实秋裤早在19世纪便盛行一时,最先推出这种长裤的英国公司约翰?斯梅德利(音译)至今仍在生产它们。But Jude Law is not the only celebrity heartthrob that loves the garments. British soccer star David Beckham is another big fan.但是万人迷裘德?洛不是唯一热衷秋裤的男星,英国足球明星大卫?贝克汉姆(音译)是另一位秋裤粉。;They are very cool,; Beckham told UK newspaper The Sun in September.他在去年九月接受英国报纸《太阳报》采访时曾表示:;它们真的很酷。;What#39;s more, Beckham has pledged to put the sexy back into long johns. He is designing his own line of long johns which will hit stores in February 2012 just in time for Valentine#39;s Day.不仅如此,贝克汉姆还许诺将引领秋裤的性感回归,他正在设计自己的秋裤品牌。该系列瞄准情人节市场,将于今年2月上市。If anyone can make long johns sexy, Beckham could be the man to do it.如果有人想让秋裤焕发性感,贝克汉姆也许正是最佳人选。词汇点津:long johns 长内衣裤,秋裤 /201201/167671

  Trying to get more shut-eye? Take a look at your diet. Eating the right foods in the hours before you hit the hay may help you fall asleep faster, say experts, and even improve the quality of your sleep. Keep ing for your get-sleepy grocery list, and remember to stop noshing two hours before bedtime to give your body enough time to properly digest.你正为获得更多睡眠而努力吗?看看你的日常饮食吧。专家说,在上床前进食些合适的食物可以帮助你更快进入睡眠,甚至可以改进你的睡眠质量。潜心于自己的促睡眠水果清单吧,记住睡前两小时内不要吃点心,以给身体完全消化(食物)足够的时间。Almonds “Almonds are a winner,” says Jacob Teitelbaum, MD, medical director of the Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, and author of the bestselling book From Fatigued to Fantastic! “They contain magnesium, which promotes both sleep and muscle relaxation,” he says. “And they have the added benefit of supplying proteins that can help maintain a stable blood sugar level while sleeping, and help promote sleep by switching you from your alert adrenaline cycle to your rest-and-digest cycle.” Try this bedtime snack: Have a tablespoon of almond butter or a 1-ounce portion of almonds to help your body relax. Photo: Shutterstock杏仁“杏仁是一个好东西(胜出者)”,纤维肌痛及慢性疲劳中心医务主任同时也是畅销书[从疲劳到美妙]作者,医学士雅各布.太图巴恩说: “杏仁含镁,镁既可以改进睡眠也可以促进肌肉放松”,他说,“它还有另外的好处,就是补充蛋白质,从而帮助在睡觉过程中维持稳定的血糖水平,通过将人体从警戒性肾上腺素循环转换到休息-消化循环,从而帮助促进睡眠”。试试这些睡前小吃:吃一大汤匙杏仁酱或者一份一盎司的杏仁来帮助自己身体放松。 /201101/123018


  化妆可是一门细活,熟练工可能也要花上半个小时,何况是初学者呢?这里有一些基本的化妆技巧,是由曾为英国达人和X Factor选秀选手化妆的职业妆师介绍的哦。Should you apply primer on top of freshly cleansed skin or on top of moisturiser?应该先涂隔离霜还是在保湿霜上面再涂隔离霜?Primer is a protective layer that seals in moisturiser and provides a smooth surface for foundation.隔离霜主要是在上粉底之前起一个保护性作用。If you have an oily complexion, you may feel that the primer without moisturiser is enough.如果你是油性皮肤,也许直接涂隔离霜感觉比较好。My routine is more about colour- correcting, treating and highlighting the skin. A product that gives you an immaculate canvas is a pore minimiser, which would be my equivalent to a primer.我的做法更注重脸部的色调,也就是调整、修复、强调肤色。能让面部肌肤平滑无暇的护肤产品能起到收缩毛孔的作用,我会用它来代替隔离霜。 /201107/145223

  Step 1 WEAR CLOTHES THAT FITI believe that long, oversized tops and slim pants were overdone. Today the first step in a slim look is to wear clothes that are the right size, not too loose and definitely not too tight. Buy what fits and be objective about what length flatters your body type.第一步 买合身的衣我认为超长超肥的上衣搭配细腿裤的装备曾经大行其道。而穿衣显瘦的第一步就是要穿合身的衣,既不要太宽松,也不要太紧绷。买合身的并且适合你身材长度的衣。 /201009/113702

  IT IS a time parents relish: their child's afternoon nap. But it seems that napping may not be such a good idea after all. Preliminary studies suggest that daytime napping in young children may be linked to poorer sleep and mental functioning than in their peers who only sleep at night. The big question is whether napping is the cause of the problem, or the result.John Harsh at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg and his colleagues asked the parents of 738 children aged between 2 and 12 about their children's sleeping habits. Children who took long daytime naps fell asleep at night an average of 39 minutes later and slept later at the weekend than those who did not nap. The effect was more pronounced in older children (over a quarter of 10 to 12-year-olds still took afternoon naps).The problem came during the following week, when children had to wake up at set times to get to school or to meet the demands of their parents' work schedules. The napping children continued to stay up later, meaning they spent less time in bed at night than their counterparts. "Napping children not only had a difficult time getting to bed, they had a harder time falling asleep, and they had a harder time getting up in the morning," says study author Alyssa Cairns, who presented the work at the annual meeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies in Minneapolis earlier this month.The findings are backed by a study by Kazuhiko Fukuda of Fukushima University in Japan. He compared children who attended all-day pre-schools in Japan, where 90-minute naps are compulsory, with children of the same age who napped only when they needed to. As well as going to bed an average of 30 minutes later, the children who took obligatory naps were more likely to be moody in the morning and resist going to school, according to their parents. These behaviours lasted even after the children moved on to elementary school and stopped napping, perhaps because of the lasting influence of napping on their sleep and wake cycles, Fukuda suggests (Sleep and Biological Rhythms, vol 2, p 129).Napping may also affect mental performance, according to Joe McNamara and his colleagues at the University of Florida in Gainesville, who also presented their results in Minneapolis. McNamara measured how well 27 kindergarteners could solve puzzles that measure planning and organisational skills. Children who took longer naps completed fewer puzzles successfully, and the later they went to bed, the less well they performed.These findings pose a chicken and egg problem, says Harsh. "It could be that children are getting less sleep at night because they're napping, or they could be napping because they're getting less sleep at night," he says. Nevertheless, though napping and non-napping children in McNamara and Harsh's studies slept for the same amount of time in total "napping is not a substitute for night-time sleep", McNamara says. 父母们往往喜欢让孩子们午睡,可现在看来,午睡恐怕并不像他们以为的那么有益。以往的研究发现,白天打盹的儿童比起没这习惯的孩子,往往睡得更差,大脑机能也更弱。问题是,在这种关联中,午休习惯究竟是因,还是果。 南密西西比大学John Harsh士和他的同事们询问了738名2至12岁儿童的父母,了解他们孩子的睡眠习惯。有长时间午睡习惯的小孩比不午睡的孩子晚上入睡平均晚39分钟,周末则睡得更迟。这在较大的孩子中体现得更明显(有四分之一10至12岁儿童仍然午睡)。当周末过去,因为自己上学和父母工作,孩子们没有懒觉可睡,这时问题就出现了:有午睡习惯的孩子晚上依然睡得更迟,结果他们的睡眠时间也就更短。“午睡的孩子不仅很难哄上床,入睡和起床也都更不容易。”Alyssa Cairns说。Alyssa Cairns本月早些时候在明尼阿波利斯的专业睡眠协会年会上发表过研究成果。 日本福岛大学福田一彦士的一项研究持了这些发现。他比较了在日本有90分钟午休要求的全日制幼儿园的儿童和其他只在需要时打盹的同龄儿童。根据父母们的反馈,每天午睡的儿童晚上同样平均晚睡30分钟,早上起床上学时也更容易闹脾气,表现得很抗拒。甚至当这些孩子升入小学,不再每天午睡,仍然如此。福田认为,这也许是午睡习惯对他们生物钟的持续影响使然。 午睡还可能影响智力表现。同样在明尼阿波利斯发表过成果,来自福罗里达大学的Joe McNamara及其同事对此有所研究。McNamara为27名学龄前儿童安排了针对计划与组织能力的难题,评价他们的表现。结果午睡时间较长的孩子普遍解出较少,而且晚上睡觉越晚的孩子往往表现得越差。 Harsh说,这些发现提出的还是一个先有鸡还是先有蛋的问题。他说:“可以说孩子们晚上睡得少是因为白天打过盹,也可以说他们之所以白天打盹是因为晚上没睡够。”McNamara和Harsh统计过的孩子,不论有无午睡习惯,一天的睡眠时间还是大致相当的,按McNamara的话说,“在白天打个盹是不能替代夜间的睡眠的”。 /200809/48444

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