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佛山顺德区医院地址查询佛山市那家医院包皮手术好Thank you. Thank you so much for the kind introduction. Its a tremendous honor to be here. Like, like most graduation speakers, my main qualification would seem to be that I am one of the few people who are even more clueless about what is going on in your lives than your parents and your professors.Most of you are about 21 or 22 years old. You are about to begin working. I havent worked for anybody for 21 years. But if I try to make, give a reason for why it makes sense for me to speak here today, I would say its because thinking about the future is what I do for a living. And this is a commencement. Its a new beginning. As a technology investor, I invest in new beginnings. I believe in what hasnt yet been seen or been done.This is not what I set out to do when I began my career. When I was sitting where you are, back in 1989, I would have told you that I wanted to be a lawyer. I didnt really know what lawyers do all day, but I knew they had to first go to law school, and school was familiar to me. I had been competitively tracked from middle school to high school to college. And by going straight to law school, I knew I would be competing at the same kinds of tests Id been taking ever since I was a kid, but I could tell everyone that I was now doing it for the sake of becoming a professional adult.I did well enough in law school to be hired by a big New York law firm, but it turned out to be a very strange place: from the outside, everybody wanted to get in; and from the inside, everybody wanted to get out. When I left the firm – after 7 months and 3 days – my co-workers were surprised. One of them told me that he hadnt known it was possible to escape from Alcatraz. Now, that might sound odd, because all you had to do to escape was walk through the front door, and not come back. But people really did find it very hard to leave, because so much of their identity was wrapped up in having won the competitions to get there in the first place.Just as I was leaving the law firm, I got an interview for a Supreme Court clerkship. And this is sort of the top prize you can get as a young lawyer. It was the absolute last stage of competition, but I lost. And at the time, I was totally devastated – It seemed just like the end of the world.About a decade later, I ran into an old friend – someone who had helped me prepare for the Supreme Court interview, but whom I hadnt seen in years. His first words to me were not, you know, ;Hi, Peter; or ;How are you doing?; but rather, ;So, arent you glad you didnt get that clerkship?; Because if I hadnt lost that last competition, we both knew that I never would have left the track laid down since middle school. I wouldnt have moved to California and co-founded a startup. I wouldnt have done anything new.Looking back at my ambition to become a lawyer, it looks less like a plan for the future and more like an alibi for the present. It was a way to explain to anyone who would ask – to my parents, to my peers, and most of all, to myself – that there was no need to worry, I was perfectly on track. But it turned out, in retrospect, that my biggest problem was taking a track without thinking really hard about where it was going.When I co-founded a technology startup, we took the opposite approach. We consciously set out to change the direction of the world with very definite, very big plans. Our goal was nothing less than to replace the U.S. dollar by creating a new digital currency.We had a young team. When we started, I was the only person over 23 years old. When we released our first product, the first users were simply the 24 people who worked at our company. Outside, there were millions of people working in the global financial industry. And when we told some of them about our plans, we noticed a clear pattern: the more experience someone had in banking, the more certain they were that our venture could never succeed.201606/449535佛山割包皮切除手术的费用 So good job. Quest number three.干得不错!我们来开始第三个任务。Pick one: Because of the room, fates really determined this for you, but here are the two options.任选一项:因为我们都在一个大厅里,这使得我们没选择余地,但有两个选项。If youre inside, find a window and look out of it.如果你在房子里,选一个窗户向外看If youre outside, find a window and look in.如果你在户外,选一个窗户望里看。Or do a quick YouTube or Google image search for ;baby;或者快速地看一下Youtube,或者Google搜索“宝宝”。Do it on your phones, or just shout out some baby animals, and Ill put them on the screen.现在,你可以在你的手机中找,或者你就直接大声说出几个动物宝宝。我将找几个把它们放在屏幕上,So, what do we want to see? Sloth, giraffe, elephant, snake.好的,我们想看什么?树懒,长颈鹿,大象,蛇。Okay, lets see what we got. Baby dolphin and baby llamas.好的,看看我们有啥! 海豚宝宝和美洲驼宝宝。Everybody look. Got that? Okay, one more. Baby elephant.大家看看。看到了么?很好,再加一个大象宝宝。Oh! Were clapping for that? Thats amazing.我们为他们鼓掌吧?太神奇!All right, what were just feeling there is plus-one emotional resilience,太好了,我们现在正在感受到的,是给情绪意志力加分的事。which means you have the ability to provoke powerful, positive emotions like curiosity or love,这意味着你有能力去激发强大而积极的感情,例如好奇心和爱which we feel looking at baby animals, when you need them most.这是当我们看到动物宝宝时感受到的,是我们最需要他们的时候。Heres a secret from the scientific literature for you.我现在告诉你们一个科幻文学中的秘密。If you can manage to experience three positive emotions for every one negative emotion over the course of an hour, a day, a week,如果你能尽力去经历这三种乐观的情感,在一个小时里,一天之中,一个星期里去对待一个负面的情感,you dramatically improve your health and your ability to successfully tackle any problem youre facing.你会急剧地提高你面对任何困难时候的健康和对付难题的能力And this is called the three-to-one positive emotion ratio.这就叫做三比一积极情感比例。Its my favorite SuperBetter trick, so keep it up.这是我最喜欢的‘非常棒’小技巧,所以我们继续。201706/514357VOA流行美语 19: neat; sharp[流行美语]时间又到了。Michael和李华都在纽约上大学。Michael对纽约很熟,因此经常带李华到一些著名的地方去参观。今天他俩要去纽约的大都会艺术物馆去听讲演。李华将学到两个常用语:neat和sharp。L: Michael,我能够把你拽着一起去听这个演讲,真不容易。今天讲 话的这个人在数学和艺术方面都有士学位。他讲话的题目就 是:数学和艺术的关系。M: I'm sure the lecture will be really neat.L: 什么? Neat? 那不是整齐,乾净的意思吗?M: No. Neat, it's a word used here to describe something that is good.L: 噢,neat在这里是指某样东西很好,那你为什么不直接说好,而 非要说neat呢?M: Neat is very conversational.L: Neat这个词很口语化!那是不是任何时候我要说什么东西好都可以 用neat这个词呐?M: Neat can be used to describe an idea, a concept.L: Neat可以用来指一个好的主意,好的概念。今天讲演的内容就是 数学和艺术的会合。这是一个很好的概念。M: Well, Li Hua, you find the concept interesting, right?L: 对,我觉得这个概念很有意思。M: Well, if it holds your interest and you like the idea, then you can call it neat.L: 噢,只要我有兴趣,觉得是个好主意,我就可以说: That's neat!M: You're right.L: 如果我跟一些朋友出去玩,有人建议去喝茶,聊天。要是我觉得 很好的话,我也可以说:That's a neat idea.M: Certainly. Hey, we are running pretty late. Let's hurry up.L: 哟,对了,太晚了。赶快走吧!L: 我觉得他讲得真好。我从来没有想到数学和艺术有那么多关系。 他讲得很清楚。现在我对这个题目懂了好多。M: Yeah, I really agree. The speaker was really intelligent, you could say he is sharp.L: Sharp,不是指一把刀快不快的意思吗? 那天有 个人说我很sharp, 当时我也不懂他是什么意思。那么说,他是在说我好咯!M: Absolutely!Sharp is an adjective that can be used to describe a person who is really smart.L: 你是说,sharp这个词可以用来形容一个非常聪明的人,也就是 脑子很敏锐的人。那我们的朋友王涛总是得到好分数,我可以 说:He's very sharp。M: He certainly is.L: 那这个词sharp是不是跟形容刀快不快的sharp是同一个字呢?M: Same word.L: 你能不能用sharp这个词来指一本很好的书?M: No, it is not used to describe things, only people. You could not call my apartment sharp.L: 噢,sharp用在这个意思的时候只能形容人,不能指东西。我还不 能说你的宿舍很sharp。 Michael,你那宿舍乱得象猪窝,怎么打扫 也称不上sharp了。M: I know. My mother said the same thing.L: 你看,我没说错吧!连你妈都这么说。不过,Michael,尽管我老 是跟你开玩笑,我倒觉得你很sharp,脑子很清楚,很快。M: Thanks, Li Hua. I think you're very sharp too.今天李华在跟Michael的谈话中学到了两个常用语, 一个是neat,意思是很好的主意,很好的计划;另一个是 sharp,意思是一个人脑子很聪明。这次[流行美语]就到此结束,谢谢大家和我们一起学习,下次节目再见。 /200601/3090佛山哪里治疗前列腺好

佛山市新世纪医院阳痿早泄价格顺德区中医院电话号码是多少 【学习提示】第一步:先听,理解句子;第二步:看原文模仿!【原声模仿】1. Hey, you runs .You wanna turn back into soot?2. And you, back off, you can’t just someone’s job.3.If they don’t work, the spell wears off. They turn back into soot. /200606/7378佛山治疗少精症费用高吗

佛山泌尿科哪里看好 NO.3Sweet November《甜蜜的十一月》 萨拉是个性开朗的女孩,一次偶然的机会,认识了尼尔森。她把他带到了自己的住处,并试图通过自己的个性改变他,唤起面前的男人对生活的热爱。本节对话中的结尾部分,萨拉的话非常精,充满哲理,属于更深层的会话表达。推荐背诵。单词通缉令1. gift n.天赋;才能2. denial n.否认3. screwy a.扭曲的;4. pet n.宠物5. bust vt.使爆裂6. count vi.计数;算入7. case n.情况;案例8. workaholic n.工作狂9. stage n.阶段10. intimacy n.亲密; 亲昵行为11. wither vi.衰退12. extinct a.灭绝的;耗尽的13. sheer a.彻底的;纯粹的14. perverse a.错误的;反常的15. lunatic n.疯子Sara Deever: Nelson, I can help you. You see I have a 1)gift, a special ability to help men with problems.Nelson Moss: I don’t have problems. Sara: Ah, now see that is usually the first sign.Nelson: Of what?Sara: 2)Denial.Nelson: Denial? Sara: First of all I think you work too much.Nelson: Really?Sara: Umhmm.Nelson: And what do you know about work?Sara: Plenty. You admit it, you do nothing else and it doesn’t make you happy. So how’s that for 3)screwy logic?Nelson: I admitted nothing. I was silent.Sara: No special interests, no 4)pets, you hate dogs. Nelson: 5)Busted, actually I do have a pet, a fish.Sara: A fish? Doesn’t 6)count, cold-blooded. Sorry. Nope, you are a walking 7)case study. Look at you. You’re a 8)workaholic at such an advanced 9)stage that your 10)intimacy skills have 11)withered away to almost nothing. Left untreated. Nelson, you could become emotionally 12)extinct. Nelson: Out of 13)sheer 14)perverse curiosity. How does a 15)lunatic like you help a guy like me?Sara: You live in a box. I could lift the lid, let some light in. Nelson: Wow, that’s deep.萨拉#8226;迪普:尼尔森,我可以帮你。你看我有天赋,有种特别的才能帮助男人们解决问题。尼尔森#8226;莫斯:我没有问题。萨拉:噢,你看这通常就是第一征兆。尼尔森:什么征兆?萨拉:否认。尼尔森:否认?萨拉:首先我认为你是个工作狂。尼尔森:真的?萨拉:是。尼尔森:你了解工作吗?萨拉:了解很多。你承认没做别的事,但还是不开心,这种奇怪的逻辑怎么样?尼尔逊:我没承认什么,我什么也没说。萨拉:没有特别感兴趣的东西,没有宠物,你恨。尼尔森:胡说,事实上我有宠物,是条鱼。萨拉:一条鱼?不算,冷血动物。抱歉。不,你是一个活物个案研究。看看你自己,你是个工作狂,到了非常的地步,你的亲昵技能几乎衰退到零。如果得不到治疗,尼尔森,你的情感可能濒临枯竭。尼尔森:荒谬透顶,像你这样的疯子怎么能帮助像我这样的人?萨拉:你生活在盒子里。我可以揭开盒盖,让光明进来。尼尔逊:喔,很深奥。句子模仿秀这句话的表达层次很高,语法严谨,寓意深刻,用词非常文学。能说出这样的句子说明主人公看过很多文学作品。这种句子多加背诵对写作很有用处。学习指导复读背诵,最佳背诵时间为7秒钟。句子模仿秀又是一句文学语言,有种暗喻的意味,很形象地阐述了一种状态。句子虽然简单,但难得的是它的意味。学习指导跟读背诵,最佳跟读时间为3秒钟。 /200603/5384佛山市南海区里水医院割包皮手术价格顺德医院地址在哪



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