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Part 8 CARGO STOWESECURING第8部分 货物积载系固1.Check holds damage.1.检查航船是否损伤.Straighten hold ladders..拉直下舱梯3.Are hold ventilators operational?3.货船通风机能工作吗?.Lubricate blocks of cranes..给克令吊车上润滑油5.Cheek the safe stowage carefully.5.仔细检查安全货物积载6.Check the separation of different parcels carefully.6.仔细检查每堆货物准确隔离情况7.Close hatches if it rains.7.关舱以防下雨8.Refuse damaged cargo on board.8.拒绝货损情况9.Do not over stow cartons with other goods.9.不要将过多的纸盒与其他货物堆砌在一起.Do not use hooks handling bags..不要用钩子装卸袋装货物.Place dunnage between tiers..在两层之间填充垫舱料.Check correct interlock of stow pieces..检查箱内绑扎部件是否合理.Secure heavy lifts immediately..立即绑牢重件 3689

Japan patrol craft spotted unidentified submarines just outside the countrys territorial waters, prompting Tokyo to issue a warning that it may order security action if submersible craft enter its waters岸developments that could further aggravate strained ties with Beijing amid a territorial dispute.日本巡逻机在该国领海外附近地区发现多艘不明身份的潜艇,东京随后发出警告说,如果潜艇进入日本水域,日本政府可能下令采取保障安全的行动。事态的发展可能在中日领土争端持续之际,进一步加剧东京与北京之间的紧张关系。Japans defense ministry said a submarine was spotted by a P-3C Maritime Self-Defense Force patrol aircraft Sunday night passing near Kume Island in Japans Okinawa Prefecture in the East China Sea. The ministry said the submarine had left the area by Monday morning.日本防卫省说,周日夜间,日本海上自卫队的一架P-3C巡逻机在日本位于东中国East China Sea,中国称东海)的冲绳县久米Kume Island)附近发现一艘潜艇。防卫省说,周一早间前,这艘潜艇已离开该水域。In a separate incident, another unidentified submarine was detected traveling west of Amami-Oshima Island in Kagoshima Prefecture on May 2.在另外一起事件中,今日,日本方面发现另外一艘不明身份的潜艇驶过鹿儿岛县奄美大岛(Amami-Oshima)以西水域。Japanese media said government officials believe the submarines were likely to have been Chinese. Chinas foreign ministry didnt respond to faxed questions seeking comment.日本媒体说,政府官员认为,潜艇可能是中国的。中国外交部没有回应记者请求置评的传真。While the submarines didnt violate international maritime law岸they didnt enter the 12-nautical-mile territorial waters near the areas in question岸their sightings rattled Japanese officials and led the government to issue a warning that an order deploying the military to maintain maritime security could be issued if submarines enter Japans territorial waters.尽管潜艇没有违反国际海洋法──潜艇没有进入争议地区附近12海里宽的海域,但它们的出现令日本官员感到不安,政府随后发出警告说,如果潜艇进入日被领海,日本政府将可能下令派遣军队维护日本的海洋安全These are serious acts. If [submarines] enter our territorial waters while underwater, we would have to implement maritime security action, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told parliament Tuesday. Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera said the government wont reveal information on the nationality of the submarines due to intelligence concerns.日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)周二对议会说,这些行为都很严重;如果潜艇在水下进入我国领海,我们将必须采取保障海洋安全的行动。日本防卫大臣小野寺五典(Itsunori Onodera)说,由于情报方面的担忧,政府不会透露有关潜艇国籍的信息。Japans top government spokesman, Yoshihide Suga, said Monday that the two incidents were publicized as it was deemed worthy of attention.日本内阁官房长官菅义Yoshihide Suga)周一说,这两起事件被公开,是因为此事值得引起注意。While the Japan Coast Guard is responsible for protecting Japans coastlines, the defense minister can order the Self-Defense Forces to be deployed for maritime security operations if the situation is considered beyond the coast guards capabilities.尽管日本海上保安厅负责保卫日本的海岸线,但如果局势被认为超出了海上保安厅的应对能力,那么防卫大臣可以下令派遣自卫队实施保障海上安全的军事行动。There have been two such occasions in the past around Japanese waters. In the first case in March 1999 the SDF chased two North Korean spy ships and fired warning shots after the ships were spotted off Noto Peninsula in Ishikawa Prefecture.过去,在日本海域附近发生过两起这样的事件。一起事件是999月,日本自卫队在石川县能登半Noto Peninsula)附近水域发现两艘朝鲜间谍船,自卫队进行驱逐并开示警。The second incident took place in 2004 when a Chinese nuclear-powered submarine entered Japanese territorial waters near Okinawa Prefectures Ishigaki Island. While international law calls on submarines to surface and raise their national flags when cruising in the territorial waters of a foreign nation, the submarine didnt.另一起事件发生在2004年。当时,一艘中国核动力潜艇进入冲绳县石垣岛(Ishigaki Island)附近的日本领海。尽管按照国际法规定,一国潜艇在别国领海行驶时,必须浮上水面,并悬挂本国国旗,但中国潜艇却没有这样做。The sightings and warning follow months of renewed tension between Japan and China over a group of strategically important and resource-rich islands in the East China Sea, known as the Senkaku in Japanese and Diaoyu in Chinese.在此次潜艇事件和警告之前,中日因东中国海一组争议岛屿而紧张关系再次升温,且紧张局势已经持续了数月时间。争议岛屿具有重要战略价值且资源丰富,在日本被称为尖阁列Senkaku),在中国被称为钓鱼岛。On Monday, the Japan Coast Guard said three Chinese maritime surveillance vessels entered Japanese territorial waters near the islands. The incident prompted Shinsuke Sugiyama, director general of the foreign ministrys Asian and Oceanian Affairs Bureau, to lodge a protest with China through its minister to Japan, Han Zhiqiang.周一,日本海上保安厅说,三艘中国海监船进入争议岛屿附近的日本领海。此事促使日本外务省亚洲及大洋洲事务局局长杉山晋Shinsuke Sugiyama)通过中国驻日公使韩志强向中方提出了抗议。A coast guard official said Tuesday that the intrusions brought the number of days this year that Chinese ships have entered Japanese waters near the islands to 24 days, surpassing the total of 23 days Chinese vessels entered territorial waters last year.一位日本海上保安厅官员周二说,这次中国海监船进入日本领海后,今年中国船只进入争议岛屿附近日本海域的天数增加到了24天,超过了去年全年中国船只进入日本领海的天数3天)。The territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing flared up again last September when the Japanese government bought three islands in the chain from their private owners, prompting a wave of anti-Japan protests across China. Tensions escalated further in January when Tokyo said a Chinese warship locked weapons-controlling radar on a Japanese ship and helicopter.中日领土争端去年9月再次升温。当时日本政府从私人岛主手里买下了争议岛屿中的三座岛屿,引发中国各地掀起了反日抗议浪潮。今月,东京说,一艘中国海军舰艇用火控雷达锁定日本舰机,中日紧张关系进一步加剧。来 /201305/240427

Dealing with complaints处理投诉Im awfully sorry.非常对不起I do apologize.我向您道歉Ill make a note of that.我会把这件事记下来的Everything will be taken care of一切都会安排妥当的lm awfully sorry my carelessness.对于我的粗心大意我非常抱歉I understand how you feel and well try to do our best to help you.我理解您的心情,我们会尽最大努力帮助您Ill take care of it personally.我会亲自去解决这件事的Were trying to find the cause. could you wart a little longer, please?我们正在查找原因,请您再等一会儿,好吗?Please relax. Ill takk care of it according to your request.请放心,我将您的要求办Im sure the waitress didnt mean to be rude to you.我敢肯定务员不是故意对您无礼的They are awfully sorry the inconvenience.他们对于由此带来的不便深表歉意I attend to it right away.我马上处理此事I report it to the maintenance.我会将此事告知维修人员Im awfully sorry!I really ought to have known it better.很对不起!我真该早就想到的 397Showing a visitor around带领来宾参观A: OK, so this is the main factory area. Were now walking past the printing machine.A:好,这是工厂主区我们现在正经过印刷机It printing in four colours at the moment.当前能用四种颜色印刷B :What going on over there?B:那里在干什么?A:Theyre setting up the machine a new run.A:他们正在设置机器让其重新运转B:How long does that usually take?B:那通常需要多长时间?A: About twenty minutes.A:大约二十分钟B: What happening at the far end?B:最尽头那里正在干什么?A: That the packing line. The goods are being wrapped and loaded onto pallets y transportation.A:那是包装线正在包装货物并把货物装到托盘上准备运输 983Good. Im not busy now, but I have to meet a friend in an hour and a half.好,我现在不忙,但是我过了一个半小时要见一个朋友Will there be any side effects?会有什么副作用吗?Therell be a little bit of bleeding, but Ill put in some sutures (stitch) to control it.会流一点血,但是,我会把它缝合就可以控制得住Im sure that the bleeding wont be a problem.流点血并不是什么问题There will probably be some soreness a day or two.头一两天也许会有些痛Aspirin will take care of that. Your lip could also become swollen two or three days.吃点阿斯必林就可以None of the possible side effects should interfere with your normal activities嘴唇也回肿上三两天不会有什么副作用以至影响你的正常活动Is there anything that I should avoid?有什么要避免的吗?It would be a good idea to avoid vigorous exercise a few days.最好是在几天内都不做剧烈运动Miss Jones, please give me some topical anesthetic and a syringe.琼司, 请给我拿来局部麻药和注射器Ill apply a topical medication that will numb the surface of the gum.我先把局部麻药涂上,可以使牙龈外层麻木,It will lessen the discomt of the injection.打针时就不会那莫不舒了Ill inject the anesthetic slowly so that it wont be too uncomtable.打针时我会慢慢打,这样才不会太过不舒There, I hope that didnt bother you too much怎样,我想不会太痛吧That fine, Doctor.还好Hand me a scalpel, Miss Jones. Thank you.琼斯,请拿来一把解刨刀谢谢Miss Jones will use the aspirator to remove the saliva from your mouth.琼斯会给你用吸引器把你口腔中的唾液吸掉Is it that noisy instrument she holding?是不是他手里拿的那个嘈杂的器械?Yes, it just like a small vacuum cleaner.是的, 很像一个小型真空吸尘器Miss Jones, give me a periosteal elevator.琼斯, 给我拿来一把骨膜起子Now take the mallet and tap lightly on this instrument. A little harder.现在把木捶拿来,轻轻地在起子上敲敲敲大力一些That it. Give me a curette. Fine. Ill suture now. Was that uncomtable?对了给我一把刮匙好我现在就给你缝上会不舒吗?No, not at all, I feel fine. When should I come back, Doctor?不,一点也不,我觉得很好医生,下次什么时候回来?Come at the same time the day after tomorrow.后天同一个时间回来吧,Ill remove the sutures then. It will only take a few minutes.那时我给你拆线只要几分钟就行了How much do I owe you, Doctor?医生,该付多少钱?Miss Jones will take care of it.琼斯管收钱Rinse the sutured area with warm water after each meal.每次吃了饭之后用温水漱洗缝合的地方Dont begin rinsing until tomorrow.明天开始才可以漱洗If you rinse too soon, it could prolong the bleeding.假如你太早漱洗的话,就会使出血的时间长些 33

The U.S. said it planned to bolster its missile-defense systems in Asia and counter North Korea by sending two more advanced destroyers to Japan by 2017. 美国表示,计017年前再在日本部署两艘先进的驱逐舰,增强亚洲的导弹防御体系,以制衡朝鲜。After meeting with top Japanese officials, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said on Sunday that the U.S. would boost the number of Aegis ballistic-missile-defense destroyers based in Japan to seven. 在与日本高级官员会晤之后,美国国防部长哈格尔(Chuck Hagel)周日说,美国将把驻扎在日本的宙斯Aegis)导弹驱逐舰数量提升到七艘。He said the decision comes in response to Pyongyangs pattern of provocative and destabilizing actions that have angered its neighbors, including recent tests of missiles capable of reaching Japan. 他说,这一决定是为了回应平壤“具有挑 性及令地区局面不稳定的一系列行动”。此类行动已经惹怒朝鲜的邻国。朝鲜不久前进行了导弹试射,所发射的导弹有能力攻击到日本。The announcement came on the first full day of Mr. Hagels visit to Asia, his fourth trip to the region since taking over at the Pentagon a year ago. On Monday, he heads to Beijing for his first trip to China as defense secretary. He said he planned during his three days of meetings to send a message to Chinas leaders that they cant unilaterally redefine their boundaries without risking conflict. 哈格尔是在亚洲之行的第一个完整访问日宣布上述决定的,这是他自一年前担任美国国防部长以来第四次到访这一地区。周一,他将抵达北京,首次以国防部长身份访问中囀?他说,他计划在访华的三天会晤中向中国的领导人传递这样一个信息:中国不能单方面重新确定边界线,否则就有引发冲突的风险。Chinas recent attempts to expand its influence in the South China Sea and East China Sea have increased the chances of confrontation, and U.S. allies in the region have been watching with concern as the U.S. has taken a measured response to Russias annexation of Crimea. 中国近期多次试图扩大在南中国海和东中国海(中国分别称南海和东海)的影响力,这已经令发生冲突的可能性增大。在美国对俄罗斯吞并克里米亚进行有节制的回应之际,美国在该地区的盟友一直在密切关注。The U.S. declaration that it didnt see a military response to Russias actions in Ukraine has raised questions for Americas Asian allies about Washingtons commitment to defending them. While Ukraine isnt a member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, it is a longtime partner of the military alliance. 美国曾发表声明称,美国认为没有必要以武力回应俄罗斯在乌克兰的举动。这一声明令美国的亚洲盟友对于华盛顿为其提供防卫的决心有多大产生了质疑。尽管乌克兰不是北约(NATO)成员,但却是该军事同盟组织长期以来的伙伴。Mr. Hagel came to Tokyo to reassure Americas longtime ally that the U.S. would honor its treaty commitments to defend Japan. He said the U.S. had a complete and absolute commitment to the security of Japan. 哈格尔到访东京是为了让日本这个美国长期盟友放心,美国将践行相关条约中载明的防卫日本的承诺。他说,美国将完全、坚决地履行承诺,维护日本的安全。On Sunday, he reaffirmed the point during a news conference with Japanese Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera. You cannot go around the world and redefine boundaries and violate territorial integrity and sovereignty of nations by force, coercion, and intimidation, whether its in small islands in the Pacific or large nations in Europe, Mr. Hagel said. 周日,在与日本防卫大臣小野寺五典(Itsunori Onodera)举行新闻发布会时,他重新确认了这一点。哈格尔说:“你不能跑到全世界去重新划定边界,不能用武力、强制或威胁的方式侵犯他国领土和主权完整,不管是太平洋中的小岛,还是欧洲的大囀?Great powers have great responsibilities, he added. And China is a great power. 他还补充称,大国的责任也大,而中国是一个大囀?来 /201404/284970Sightseeing Bus观光巴士Can you tell me the best way to see the city?能告诉我参观这座城市最好的方式吗?Sure,I advise the sightseeing buses.我认为你坐巴士观光最佳Travel by the buses? That sounds interesting.坐巴士观光7听起来很有趣Yes of course.You can see the whole city on the bus. It cheap as well as efficient.是的,你在车上可以看到整座城市,便宜而高效Oh.there comes the bus.瞧,巴士来了 019897

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