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推特明星:Paris Hilton 帕丽斯·希尔顿推特原文:Don#39;t worry about those who talk behind your back. They#39;re behind you for a reason推特译文:不用去在意那些躲在你背后对你指指点点的人。他们躲在背后是有他们的原因的推特点拨:1) ”don#39;t worry”在这裡是表示「不需要去在意」的意思。2) ”talk behind ~#39;s back”指「在~的背后指指点点、在私底下说三道四」的意思。3) ”reason”表示「理由、藉口」的意思。 /201706/512753Nick: Hi everybody, this is Nick. Welcome to teaching series ;how do you say this in American English.;Nick: 大家好,我是Nick.Brad:大家好,我是BradNick:今天我和朋友聚会,不巧啊,朋友临时被公司叫去,有急事,这场聚会只能作罢。她不是放我飞机啊,因为她是没办法,公司有事毕竟。那只能改日再约,那改日再约,改日再见,用美语怎么说呢?Nick: I#39;m so upset, buddy. Olivia can#39;t make it to the restaurant today.Brad: What? Why? I remember you told me she promised you to go. You guys haven#39;t seen each other forever.Nick: Yeah she did say that. Right? But she#39;s not to blame on this. She was on her way to the place but suddenly, she got a call from her boss, requesting her to back to the company. She#39;s real busy.Brad: I#39;m sorry dude, she took a rain check I guess.Nick: Wait, what? Rain check? But today is not a rainy day!Brad: I realize that but rain check is a very common slang, meaning to a schedule. It#39;s not being stood up, although you sort of did, in a way I guess. But the cause of it was genuine in that she had an unfortunate event.Nick: Yeah she didn#39;t mean to. I guess I#39;ll just take a rain check.Nick:我们刚刚就说,rain check就是改日再约,改日再见。这个词的来源是一个baseball的一个术语,后来就慢慢的流传下来了。就是说改日再约,就可以用I#39;ll take a rain check.我们下次再见,下次再约。So this is pretty much it for this time. I#39;ll see you guys next time, bye.Brad: See ya. /201704/504056

早读英语精华本上册 17暂无文本 Article/200709/18083

Welcome to Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax, I'm Faith. At the beginning of today's program, I would like to thank you for dropping by! I'm glad that you've come to visit this online radio program in this new week. I hope that this program finds you doing well and living a full and happy life, and that the contents here might help you to think, to grow, to be. Everyone has a bank. Its name is TIME. Every morning, it credits you with 86,400 seconds. Every night it writes off, as lost, whatever of this you have failed to invest to good purpose. It carries over no balance. It allows no overdraft. Each day it opens a new account for you. Each night it burns the records of the day. If you fail to use the day's deposits, the loss is yours.There is no going back. There is no drawing against the "tomorrow". You must live in the present on today's deposits. Invest it so as to get from it the utmost in health, happiness and success! The clock is running. Make the most of today: "Seize the day!"So, you see, time is important, make the most of it. After all, life is either a daring adventure or nothing! This is Faith at Faith Radio Online-Simply to Relax. Treasure every moment that you have! And treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to have your time. And remember time waits for none.欢迎收听Faith轻松电台,我是Faith。在今天节目的开始,我想谢谢大家的到来,我很高兴你们在新的一周又来到了这个网络英语电台节目。我希望这个节目伴随你一切顺利,充实和快乐地生活,同时这里的内容可以帮助你去思考,去成长,去做你自己。每个人都有一个,它的名字叫"时间"。每天早晨,它在你的帐户里存入86,400秒钟。不管你是否很好地利用了这笔时间,每天晚上它会照例把这笔时间作为遗失注销。它没有设置余额,也不允许透。每天它会为你开一个新帐户,每晚它会把该天的记录全部删除。如果你没有好好地利用当天的这笔时间,那么损失由你自己承担。 没有回头路,也不能向"明天"借时间。你必须以今天的时间"存款"为基础生活在现在。有效地投资这笔时间以便从中获取有关健康,快乐及成功最大的收益。时钟正在旋转。好好地利用今天:"抓住每一天!"你看,时间挺重要的吧,一定要好好利用它。毕竟,生活要么是大胆的尝试,要么就什么都没有。这里是Faith主持的Faith轻松电台。珍惜你所拥有的每一分钟!你要更加珍惜它,因为你与某个特殊的朋友一起在分享它,这位朋友特殊到拥有你的时间。记住:时间不等人。 Article/200802/27508

每天一个生活口语话题,一段地道的举例回答,并附有详细的词汇,发音及用法讲解。讲解材料选自当今最先进最有效的英语原版教材,更加贴近生活。每天坚持听讲解,并根据问题练习,给自己一个地道输入和输出的机会,你也可以张口自信说英语。主题:Do you often newspapers?Not very often. Newspapers always take time to get published so that they are not so updated. Besides, I have to go to the newsstand and spend money to buy newspapers. It’s quite troublesome.Publish: 出版Newsstand: 报停Troublesome: 麻烦的 /201704/502555每天一个生活口语话题,一段地道的举例回答,并附有详细的词汇,发音及用法讲解。讲解材料选自当今最先进最有效的英语原版教材,更加贴近生活。每天坚持听讲解,并根据问题练习,给自己一个地道输入和输出的机会,你也可以张口自信说英语。主题:Do you expect to live to see the 22nd century?Maybe. I#39;ll be 101. Because the life expectancy is increasing over time and also many of my great grandparents and beyond have died around between 95 and 105 years old. So yeah I might live to see the 22nd century.Life expectancy: 平均寿命Over time: 随着时间的过去 /201706/512000

今日短语:That#39;s what makes....那就是为什么…的原因。例句:A: It#39;s such an old-fashioned ring. They don#39;t make them like that anymore.这戒指早已经不流行了。现在已经没人做这种款式了。B: That#39;s what makes it so unique.所以它才那么特别呀。 /201701/481602Broadcast: August 15, 2004((THEME))VOICE ONE:This is Faith Lapidus.VOICE TWO:And this is Steve Ember with People in America in VOA Special English. Today we tell about the life and music of American songwriter Cole Porter.((MUSIC)) VOICE ONE:That was "Begin the Beguine" played by Artie Shaw's orchestra in nineteen-thirty-eight.It is one of almost one-thousand songs Cole Porter wrote. In his seventy-three years, more than five-hundred of those songs were published. Porter wrote most of his songs in the nineteen-twenties, thirties and forties. Yet they remain as fresh as when he wrote them.Cole Porter's songs are still being sung and played today. They are performed at musical theaters, jazz clubs, even rock-and-roll concerts. A movie about his life, called "De-Lovely," was released in two-thousand-four. Kevin Kline stars in the movie as Cole Porter. Ashley Judd plays his wife, Linda Porter. Popular young performers of today sing his songs in the movie. We will play some songs from that movie later in this program.VOICE TWO:Cole Porter was born June ninth, eighteen-ninety-one, in the middle western state of Indiana. His family was wealthy and educated. His mother, Kate, guided him to music at an early age. He wrote his first song at the age of ten.As a young man, he was sent east to study at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. In his extra time, he continued to write songs. Two were for the university: the "Yale Bulldog" song and "Bingo Eli Yale." They are still sung there today.After finishing his studies at Yale, Cole Porter went to Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts to study law. That plan lasted only a year. At a party one night, he played some of his songs for the students and professors. The head of the law school spoke to him. "Why are you studying law?" he asked. "You are no good at it. Why don't you go to Harvard's Music School and then write for the musical theater?" Later, Porter said, "That idea had never entered my head before. "VOICE ONE:At the time, musical theater was extremely popular in America. This is because there were few music records. And radio programs were still being developed. So, songwriters had to work in the musical theater to be successful. Cole Porter wrote his first musical show in nineteen-sixteen. He was still a student at Harvard. The showwas called "See America First." It was produced in the Broadway theater area of New York City.The show was a complete failure. Porter wanted to leave town until people forgot it. So, he went to Europe. He stayed there for most of the next thirteen years. Article/200802/26639

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