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celerity—————迅捷(名词,正式)英文释义 (noun, FORMAL) A condition of great speed; swiftness.例句 Our new employee impressed us with the celerity with which he executed his daily tasks.新员工执行日常任务十分迅捷,给我们留下了深刻印象。 /201605/443678One of these wavelengths corresponds to hydrogen, another wavelength would be iron. Another wavelength would be oxygen. And so you go to the part of the spectrum you are interested in and you see you've got a big peak there. As Odyssey circled Mars, it started to pick up gamma rays. The strength of the signal indicated how much of any element it had found. We were hopeful that we would see spots where water had been concentrated. We weren't sure we would see that. But it's these kind of things that we're expecting to see and actually very hopeful that we would see. The data was radioed back from Odyssey to NASA to the University of Tucson, and finally to Boynton's desk. Building up the picture takes a long time bacause any given spectrum that comes back is only 20 seconds worth of data. We get a new spectrum every 20 seconds, so we actually slowly build up an image in our database. As the data came through, a picture started to build. When I first saw the signal, I was looking through it and first trying to find the hydrogen signal. And then when I saw it, it was so big, I couldn't believe it. I actually had to do some checks to see could this be real, or somehow did we mess things up. It could only mean one thing. There is water ice on Mars today. And there is masses of it. Boynton and his team had discovered a vast area of ice in the southern hemisphere. A frozen ocean over 5,000 km wide. There is plenty of water there. What we found is just in the surface. If we melted that, it would be enough to fill Lake Michigan two times over. There actually is probably a lot more 'cos we don't know how deep the ice goes. That's just in the upper metre there's that much. It could be 10 meters deep. It could be 100 meters deep. There's a lot of ice there. The ice they have found is trapped in the ground, a permafrost just like in Antarctica. Crucially, it's located at latitudes on Mars where conditions are relatively mild, where there's a real chance of life surviving. One of the most interesting things about this is it's not right up near the South Pole or right not near the North Pole. It actually goes down to temperate latitudes. It goes all the way down to about 45 degrees latitude. This is like the equivalent of Paris France on Earth. This is really a place where it's much more likely we can find life I feel.spectrum: Physics. The distribution of a characteristic of a physical system or phenomenon especially: 1 The distribution of energy emitted by a radiant source, as by an incandescent body, arranged in order of wavelengths. 2 The distribution of atomic or subatomic particles in a system, as in a magnetically resolved molecular beam, arranged in order of masses.peak: Physics The highest value attained by a varying quantity200809/48760

Hillary Clinton Suspends Campaign, Backs Barack Obama希拉里促持者努力为奥巴马助选  Senator Hillary Clinton has abandoned her quest to become the first woman elected President of the ed States. Clinton called on an enthusiastic crowd of supporters to join her in backing fellow Democrat Barack Obama's presidential campaign.  希拉里.克林顿参议员放弃了竞选成为美国第一位女总统的努力,并呼吁持者们同她一道,为民主党参选人巴拉克.奥巴马助选。CLINTON: "Thank you all. Thank you very, very much. Well.... Well, this isn't exactly the party I had planned, but I sure like the company." 在大批持者的欢呼声中,克林顿参议员说,“谢谢各位,非常感谢各位!这次聚会不是我计划中的,但是我非常高兴和大家聚在一起!”Senator Hillary Clinton ended her bid for the Presidency Saturday, and told her supporters to unite behind Senator Barack Obama, who narrowly defeated Clinton for the Democratic Party nomination. 星期六,克林顿结束了竞选活动,她号召她的持者团结在奥巴马参议员周围。奥巴马在争取民主党总统候选人提名的初选中,以略微优势击败了克林顿。"The way to continue our fight now, to accomplish the goals for which we stand, is to take our energy, our passion, our strength, and do all we can to help elect Barack Obama the next President of the ed States," she added. 克林顿说:“现在,继续为我们坚持的目标而奋斗的方式,用我们的精力、热情和能量,尽我们最大的努力,帮助奥巴马成为美国下一任总统。”Less than four days after Clinton still contended that she was the Democrats' strongest candidate for President, she declared her campaign suspended and endorsed Obama. 不到4天前,克林顿还坚持说,自己是民主党最强有力的总统候选人。如今,她宣告结束竞选,持奥巴马。"Today, as I suspend my campaign, I congratulate him on the victory he has won and the extraordinary race he has run," she said. "I endorse him and throw my full support behind him." 克林顿说:“今天,我停止竞选活动。我同时祝贺奥巴马参议员所取得的胜利和他了不起的竞选活动。我将全力持他!”Senator Clinton mentioned the name of her Senate colleague from Illinois 14 times as she addressed cheering supporters packed into Washington's National Building Museum.  克林顿在华盛顿国家建筑物馆对欢呼的持者发表竞选结束感言。她在讲话中14次提到奥巴马的名字。Admirers began lining up several hours before the speech, and the line extended most of the way around a city block. Some in the crowd, wearing Obama shirts, said they wanted to promote party unity. But most wanted to show their support for the woman who came closer than any other in U.S. history to winning a major-party presidential nomination. 在克林顿发表讲话前好几个小时,持者们就早早地在物馆外面排长队等候入场。有人穿着持奥巴马的T恤衫,希望民主党能够团结起来。但是绝大多数人都希望表达对这位美国历史上最接近于赢得一个主要政党总统候选人提名的妇女的持。MALE SUPPORTER: "I love Hillary Clinton. I think she is a champion for the middle class. I think she is a strong advocate for women, for civil rights. I love her." “我爱戴希拉里.克林顿!她为中产阶级说话,她是妇女和民权的有力代言人,我爱戴她!”FEMALE SUPPORTER 1: "I like her strength. I like what she stands for, what she has accomplished, how she has overcome things." “我敬佩她的毅力!我赞同她的立场,还有她的成绩,以及她的那种顽强的精神!”FEMALE SUPPORTER 2: "This is a historical event that sort of makes me a little bit sad, because I really wanted Hillary to be President." “这次选举是历史性的,但是我感到有些难过,因为我真的是希望希拉里能成为总统。”FEMALE SUPPORTER 3: "And we are just still supporting her. We are still in it to the end, all the way to the convention." “我们还将继续持她,我们要坚持到底,坚持到(8月份的)党代会。”After 54 primary elections and caucuses and 22 debates, Obama secured the more than 2,100 delegates he needed to clinch the party's nomination after Tuesday's primaries in the states of South Dakota and Montana. 经过了54场初选和党内提名、以及22场辩论之后,上星期二南达科他州和蒙塔那州的最后两场初选使奥巴马终于赢得了民主党总统候选人提名所需的两千一百多张党代表选票。In conceding the nomination, Senator Clinton said both she and Senator Obama, and the people who had voted for them, had made history. 在星期六的讲话中,克林顿指出,她和奥巴马以及所有持他们的人,一道创造了历史。"When we first started, people everywhere asked the same questions: 'Could a woman really serve as Commander in Chief?' Well, I think we answered that one," she said. "And, 'Could an African-American really be our president?' And Senator Obama has answered that one." 她说:“我们刚刚开始竞选的时候,人们都在问,‘一个女人能够胜任武装部队统帅吗?’我想,我们已经回答了这个问题!人们那时也都在问,‘一个非洲裔美国人能够成为我们的总统吗?’奥巴马参议员回答了这个问题!”About 18 million people voted for Clinton in her historic run for the presidency. 在这次历史性的竞选当中,希拉里·克.林顿总共赢得了一千八百多万选票。200806/41555

Do you mind not slurping Denise?丹尼斯,可以不要咂着嘴喝茶吗?This is thirsty work.我说这么多话很渴。Now is everyone clear about what to do if there is a fire alarm?现在大家都清楚听见火警后该怎么做了吧?Its usually a false alarm anyway.一般都是假警报罢了。Thats not the point. Now Anna, what about smoking?那个不是重点。安娜,关于吸烟呢?No smoking on company premises. But it wasnt me, it was Mr Ingle.办公场所禁止吸烟。但那不是我,是英格尔先生。Mr Ingle!英格尔先生。I see, so it was Mr Ingle smoking in the warehouse. You should have told me Anna. Sorry!我知道了,所以是英格尔先生在库房吸烟。你应该早点告诉我,安娜。 对不起。Right, Im going to have to look into this.好了,我会调查一下这件事的。Back to work everyone… oh and take a biscuit with you.大家可以回去工作了……拿点儿点心吧。So Annas let the cat out of the bag – Mr Ingle wont be pleased – but at least she now knows what do if a fire breaks out.安娜把秘密说出来了——英格尔先生会不高兴的——但是至少现在她知道了火灾发生的时候自己该做什么了。 /201702/491071

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