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青岛妇女儿童医院彩超检查好吗崂山那儿医院可以看妇科疾病青岛治子宫糜烂多少钱 A COUPLE who spend only 11 percent of their monthly wages have become a hot Internet topic among young Chinese.一对夫妻每月只花11%的工资在中国年轻人之间已经成为了一个热门的互联网话题。In an online post, Guo Hao said he and his wife, both in their 20s, save the majority of their income.在网上的一个帖文中,郭昊说,他和他妻子,都是20多岁的,存下了他们大部分的收入。;My wife and I earn 9,000 yuan (US,428) a month together. We only spend 1,000 yuan monthly and save about 90,000 yuan in a year,; wrote Guo, living in Nanjing, capital of east China#39;s Jiangsu Province.“我和我妻子每月一共赚9000元的(US ,428),我们每月只花1000元,一年内节余约90,000元,”郭写道,他生活在中国东部的江苏省省会南京。The post drew a huge response online and questions about how he managed it. Guo published a detailed report of his family expenses to show how.关于他是如何做到的这一点,这个帖子在网上引发了巨大的反响和讨论。郭发表了一份家庭开的详细报告来说明是怎样做到的。Guo, a state-owned enterprise employee, and his wife, a nurse, have lunch provided by their employers, buy discounted food when supermarkets are about to close and visit their parents#39; on weekends.郭是一个国企员工,他的妻子是一名护士,他们中午在公司用餐,超市关门时去买打折食品,周末去他们父母家蹭饭。They bought a small apartment with a loan covered by a government housing fund, meaning there is no extra expense. They live near work, which saves on transport costs, and buy clothes from street vendors and online shops.他们买了一个小公寓,用政府住房公积金付贷款,这意味着没有任何额外的花销。他们住在附近工作,从而节省了交通费用,并从街头小贩和网上小店那买衣。The Chinese are known for saving. However, driven by soaring rents and other living expenses, many young city-dwellers in China find it hard to save money. A nickname, ;moonlight tribe,; has been created for such people whose pockets are empty at the end of every month.中国以节俭而众所周知。然而,由于飞涨的租金及其他生活开,许多年轻的中国城市居民发现很难存下钱。一个“月光族”的绰号已经为那些月底时口袋里空空如也的人创造。Guo#39;s saving strategy has been the source for discussion. At Sina Weibo alone there are more than 480,000 entries on the topic.郭节俭战略一直是讨论的源头。仅在新浪微上就有超过48万条的回复。Although many appreciated their lifestyle and have tried their ideas, some argued it is too extreme and comes at the cost of quality of life.尽管许多人赞赏他们的生活方式,并尝试了他们的点子,但仍有一些人认为它过于极端,以生活质量为代价。;What#39;s the point of making money, if you can not enjoy a better life?; wrote a microblogger named BeipiaoEzu. ;It is so exhausting to plan every expense meticulously just to save some money.;“赚钱的意义是什么,如果你不能享受更好的生活?”一个叫 BeipiaoEzu的微用户写道, “这是如此地费尽心机去计划每一笔出,只是为了省下一些钱。”Xu Bin, 30, working at a state-owned enterprise in Beijing, told Xinhua that he spends about half of his 10,000 yuan monthly salary toward upkeep of three horses and goes riding almost every weekend.许斌,30岁,在北京一家国有企业工作,他告诉新华社他花费万元月薪的一半养着三匹马,几乎每个周末去骑马。Although his hobby leaves him short of money, Xu plans no change. ;I am living a life I enjoy and don#39;t want to sacrifice what I like for a number in a bank account,; he said.虽然他的爱好让他缺钱,徐没有改变计划。 “我过着喜欢的生活,我不想为了帐户里的一个数字牺牲我的爱好,”他说。Others also question whether it is appropriate to rely on parents so much. ;Dinners at the parents#39; house every weekend?; said microblogger Heideshanliang. ;It is a bit shameful for adults, who are supposed to support their parents, to still depend on them financially.;其他人也质疑依赖父母那么多是否合适。 “每个周末在父母那吃饭?”“黑得闪亮”的微用户说。 “这对成年人来说有点羞愧,他们应该奉养他们的父母,但却仍然在经济上依赖父母。” /201210/204299青岛中医医院生殖中心

青岛第四医院中医Extreme air pollution is driving expatriates out of Beijing and making it much harder for companies to recruit international talent, according to anecdotal accounts from diplomats, senior executives and businesses that cater to the expat community.从外交官、高管和为外籍居民务的企业介绍的情况看,极其严重的空气污染正促使外籍人士离开北京,同时显著加大了企业延揽国际人才的难度。No figures are available on how many people are planning to leave following three months of the worst air pollution on record in China’s capital. But companies that mainly serve foreign residents are bracing for an exodus around the middle of the year when the school term ends.自中国首都经历了有记录以来空气污染最严重的3个月之后,没有数据说明究竟有多少人打算离开这里。但是,主要为外籍居民务的企业正准备迎接年中(当前学期结束后)大批人士离京的局面。“We’re anticipating this summer will be a very big season [of relocations out of Beijing] for us,” said Chad Forrest, north China general manager for Santa Fe Relocations, a global moving service. “It seems a lot of people, particularly families with small children who have been here a few years, are reconsidering the cost-benefit equation and deciding to leave for health reasons.”“我们预期,今年夏天我们将迎来(搬离北京的)繁忙季节。”全球搬家务公司Santa Fe Relocations华北区总经理查得#8226;福雷斯特(Chad Forrest)表示,“似乎有很多人——尤其是已在这里住了几年、有年幼子女的家庭——正在反思待在这里的成本效益,并出于健康考虑决定离开。”Doctors at private hospitals that mostly treat expat patients tell a similar story.在主要治疗外籍病人的民营医院,医生们讲述了与此类似的故事。“We don’t have good statistics yet but we are seeing many more patients telling us they are leaving because of air pollution,” said Dr Andy Wong of Beijing ed Family hospital, the biggest private healthcare provider for foreign residents in China. “Recruitment is getting harder for all companies – how do you convince people to come and work in the most polluted city in the world?”“我们还没有很好的统计数据,但我们正看到有多得多的病人告诉我们,他们因受不了这里的空气污染而准备离开。”面向在华外籍居民的中国最大民营医疗务提供商——北京和睦家医院(Beijing ed Family Hospital)的王惠民医生(Dr Andy Wang)表示,“对各种企业来说,招聘的难度都在加大——你怎么说人们到世界上污染最严重的城市来工作?”In January air quality ings published by the city government and the US embassy indicated levels of toxic smog on some days that were nearly 40 times higher than those considered healthy by the World Health Organisation.1月份,北京市政府和美国驻华大使馆发布的空气质量数据均显示,在某些日子,有毒雾霾的浓度接近世界卫生组织(WHO)健康标准的40倍。Although pollution levels have not yet returned to those seen during January’s “airpocalypse”, daily ings regularly hit levels considered hazardous and residents are advised to avoid going outdoors and to limit their activity even while inside.虽然近期的污染程度没有反弹至1月份那种“空气末日”(airpocalypse)的水平,但日常读数经常达到被视为有害的水平,市民得到的建议是尽量避免外出、而且即使在室内也要减少活动。On Sunday afternoon, the air pollution index in Beijing published by the US embassy gave a ing between “very unhealthy” and “hazardous”.刚刚过去的这个周日的下午,美国大使馆发布的北京空气污染指数介于“很不健康”和“危险”之间。Most environmental experts and Beijing residents assume the problem will only worsen as the government continues to encourage enormous expansion in industry, coal-fired power generation and car sales across the country.多数环保专家和北京市民认为,随着中国政府继续鼓励全国各地大力发展工业和燃煤发电、鼓励汽车销售,空气污染问题只会变得更糟。“Air pollution is becoming a bigger concern for our members and their families,” Adam Dunnett, secretary-general of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China, told the Financial Times. “While members leave for all sorts of reasons, we inevitably hear nearly every time that one of the contributing reasons is the air pollution.”“对我们的会员及其家人来说,空气污染正成为一个更大的关注点。”中国欧盟商会(European Union Chamber of Commerce in China)秘书长唐亚东(Adam Dunnett)对英国《金融时报》表示,“尽管会员离开这里的原因有很多,但我们几乎每次都必然听到,空气污染是其中一个原因。”Lars Rasmussen, a Nokia marketing executive, and his wife, Michelle Frazier, a kindergarten teacher, have decided to return with their two children to their native Denmark after three years in Beijing. They say one of the most important deciding factor was pollution.诺基亚(Nokia)营销高管拉尔斯#8226;拉斯穆森(Lars Rasmussen)和他在幼儿园执教的太太米歇尔#8226;弗雷泽(Michelle Frazier)在北京住了3年后,决定带上两个孩子返回老家丹麦。他们表示,最重要的决定因素之一就是污染。“Our kids can’t play outside or they have to wear face masks when they go out. It’s like something out of a science fiction novel,” Ms Frazier said.“我们的孩子不能在户外玩,他们出门就得戴口罩。这一幕仿佛出自一部科幻小说,”费雷泽表示。Of the roughly 600,000 registered foreign residents in China, about 200,000 of them live in Beijing, which has a total population of about 20m.在大约60万登记在册的在华外籍居民中,有20万左右居住在总人口约2000万的北京。But the expat community is concentrated in high-earning professional jobs and contributes enormously to the city’s economy and the development of advanced industries.但是,外籍人士集中于高薪的专业工作岗位,他们为北京经济和先进产业的发展作出了巨大贡献。Christian Murck, president of the American Chamber of Commerce in China, said the unprecedented levels of pollution in January had been a “tipping point” for some families and he knew of “many people” who are planning to leave as a result.中国美国商会(American Chamber of Commerce in China)会长孟克文(Christian Murck)表示,1月份史无前例的严重污染,对某些外籍家庭来说是一个“转折点”,他知道有“很多人”正因此计划离开这里。Executives at major companies and diplomats say recruiting new people to move to Beijing is one of the biggest concerns for businesses with China operations and many prospective candidates are now declining positions because of air pollution, especially if they have young children.外交官和大企业高管表示,对于在华开展经营的企业来说,招聘新人到北京工作是最令人头疼的事情之一,许多潜在候选人现在出于对空气污染的担忧而不愿到北京工作,尤其是在他们有年幼子女的情况下。Michael Namatinia, the regional president of an Israeli software company, said filling a senior management role in Beijing has been extremely difficult. “We tried to recruit someone to run our north Asia operations from Beijing but after finding a suitable candidate and negotiating for a month the person’s wife vetoed the move because of air pollution,” he said.以色列一家软件公司的地区总裁迈克尔#8226;纳马提尼亚(Michael Namatinia)表示,极难找到合适人员到北京出任一个高级管理职位。他说:“我们试图招人以北京为大本营来执掌我们的北亚业务,但在好不容易找到一个合适候选人并谈判了一个月后,这人的太太因为担心空气污染而否决了这件事。” /201304/233237青岛市妇幼保健院好吗 青岛人流医院咨询

青岛崂山区无痛人流哪家医院好It probably seemed like a bright idea at the time.在伦敦奥运会即将来临之际,这看起来像个好主意。These campaigners launched a blood donor appeal ahead of the Olympics to get people to help replenish supplies - but they seemed to have forgotten about the weather.一些身上画着血管分布图的人士近日在伦敦上演“裸体秀”,呼吁人们在伦敦奥运会来临前积极献血,但他们似乎忘记了天气问题。Wearing only skin-coloured underwear and sandals, the group were forced to brave the damp as an inch and a half of rain fell in central London.这些人们仅穿肉色内衣和拖鞋,冒雨前行。当天伦敦市中心的降雨量达到1.5英寸。They were showing off their ;body art-ry; to raise awareness of the need for people to donate now.他们在展示身上画的“血管图”,唤起大家现在献血的意识。Britain#39;s blood stocks need to rise 30 per cent above normal levels in time for the Queen#39;s Jubilee and the Olympic Games this summer, according to the NHS.英国国家医疗务部门(NHS)表示,为了今年夏天的女王“钻石庆典”以及夏季奥运会,英国血库库存量需要比平时增加30%。The group walked around London#39;s St Pancras Station but dared not venture outside without umbrellas.展示人群绕着伦敦的圣潘克拉斯车站行走,但由于天气原因,他们在室外活动只能打伞。The NHS has warned that regular donors miss appointments more regularly when large public events take place because they are out of their normal routine or away.NHS警告称,当有大型活动举办时,经常献血的人通常会因为日常生活安排的改变或者外出减少献血的次数。An influx of foreign visitors in London will also increase medical need and may place pressure on certain blood groups that are more common in other countries.大量外国游客涌入伦敦也会增加医疗需求,而且会使某些血型更加缺乏。这些血型在其它国家更常见。Some facilities extending opening hours to give donors more flexibility. First-time donors are also being encouraged to give blood to cope with the demand.为了方便人们献血,一些献血机构延长了上班时间。为应对增大的需求量,政府还对首次献血的人群给予鼓励。Hospitals in England and North Wales need 7,000 units of blood every day and each unit saves or improves the lives of three patients.英格兰和北威尔士的医院每天需要七千单位的血浆,每个单位的血浆都可以拯救或者改善三名病人的生命。Jon Latham, spokesman for NHS Blood and Transplant, said: ;This year we have a unique situation and need the public#39;s help to counterbalance the inevitable dip in donations as people celebrate a memorable summer for the country.;NHS血液和移植中心的发言人乔恩-莱瑟姆说:“今年我们的情况很特殊,人们要欢庆这个难忘的夏季,因此我们需要大家的帮助,来抵消由此造成的不可避免的献血量下降。” /201205/180213 济宁最好的妇科医院青岛常规体检费用



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