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Earlier Thursday, police said they were investigating a death Paisley Park studios in Chanhassen, Minn.

职场英语:今年求职者太多 催生"群面"方式 -- 19::5 来源:   又到一年求职季,简历、面试这些字眼又该成热点了求职的人们为了省时省力就通过网络“海投”简历,而用人单位也开始用group interview“群面”的方式来对付大批的应聘者了这年头,做什么都流行大规模了哦   Group interviews involve getting a group of job candidates together to meet with one or more interviewers. Candidates may be required to participate in work-simulation exercises. These can take the m of group problem-solving sessions where each candidate's contributions and participation is noted.   “群面”一般是把一组应聘者集中在一起,由一位或多位面试官来面试面试官可能会要求应聘者参与一些模拟工作场景的活动,多为小组讨论并解决问题的形式在小组工作的过程中,每一位应聘者的参与和表现都会被纪录下来   The skills been observed include communication and interpersonal ability, persuasiveness and the ability to influence others, leadership and delegation, organizational and planning skills and the ability to work and contribute as a team-member.   通过“群面”,用人单位可以对应聘者的沟通和人际交往能力、说力、对别人的影响力、领导能力、任务分配技巧、组织与计划能力,以及团队协作能力等进行考察


  Carey and Minaj, 30, grabbed headlines throughout the season their on-camera arguments and off-camera feuding, with Carey saying in January that she had hired extra security following threats reportedly made against her by Minaj.

    Some contestants who rose to fame through the show are still singers, such as Zhang Liangying and Shang Wenjie, while others married celebrities, like Ye Yiqian whose husband is Chinese diver, Sydney and Athens Olympic gold medalist Tian Liang.。


  散文英译汉翻译佳作(3) -- ::6 来源: A Boy and His Father Become Partners 父子伙伴情 By Ralph Moody  I like all kinds of chocolate. Best of all, though,I like bitter baking chocolate. Mother had bought a bar of it, and somehow I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  I was helping father on the winnower. It was right then I got the idea.I could whack a chunk off the end of that bar of chocolate. Mother would be sure miss it, but bee she had any idea who had done it, I could confess I’d taken it. Probably I would not even get a spanking.  I waited until mother was out feeding the chickens. Then I told father I thought I’d go in  a drink of water.I got the bar down?but I heard mother coming just when I had the knife y to whack. So I slipped the chocolate into the front of my shirt and left quickly. Bee I went back to help father, I went to the barn and hid the chocolate there.  I told myself that I hadn’t really stolen the whole bar of chocolate, because I meant to take only a little piece.If I put back the whole bar,I wouldn’t have done anything wrong at all.  I nearly decided to put it all back. But just thinking so much about chocolate made my tongue almost taste the smooth bitterness of it. I got thinking that if I slice about half an inch off the end with a sharp knife?mother might never notice it.  I was nearly out to where the cows were when I remembered what father had said once—some of the family money was mine because I had helped to earn it. Why wouldn’t it be all right to figure the bar of chocolate had been bought with my own money?That seemed to fix everything.  That night I couldn’t sleep. At last I got up,slipped out into the yard, and took the ax from the chopping block. Then I went into the barn and got  the chocolate. I took it outside and laid it on the lower rail of the corral fence. The moon gave enough light  me to see what I was doing.  Just as I was starting cut,father said:“Son!”  I couldn’t think of a thing to say. I grabbed up the bar of chocolate and hid it next to my chest bee I turned around. Father picked me up by the shoulder straps of my overalls and took me over to the woodpile. I didn’t know anybody could spank as hard as he did!  Then he stood me on my feet and asked if I thought I had deserved it. He said it wasn’t so much that I’d taken the chocolate, but that I’d tried to hide it from him.  “Son,”he said,“I know you help to earn the family money. We might say the chocolate was yours in the first place.You could have had it if you’d asked  it, but I won’t have you being sneaky about things. Now,do you want to keep your money separate from mine-or are we partners?”  I never knew till then how much I wanted my money to go in with Father’s. When I went to sleep my hand was still hurting-from where he squeezed it when we shook hands. 父子伙伴情 拉尔夫·穆迪  我喜欢各种各样的巧克力,不过我最喜欢那种做糕点用的无糖巧克力妈妈买了一块这种巧克力,我不知怎么总在不停地打它的主意  我在帮爸爸扬谷,这时我突然有了个主意,我可以从那块巧克力的一头敲下一块来妈妈肯定会发现丢了巧克力,但在她意识到这件事是谁干的之前,我可以先承认是我偷吃的,也许连屁股也不会挨打  我一直等到妈妈出去喂鸡,然后我对爸爸说我要回屋去喝口水我拿到那块巧克力,但正当我准备用刀切的时候,我听见妈妈进屋的声音,所以就悄悄把巧克力塞进我衬衫的硬衬胸中,赶紧溜出房间在我回去帮爸爸干活之前,我走进谷仓把巧克力藏在那里  我对自己说,我并不真的要偷整块巧克力,我只想弄那么一小块如果我把整块巧克力放回去的话,那我就根本没干过什么错事了  我几乎已经决定把它完整无损地放回去了但是,我对巧克力的向往使我的舌头似乎尝到它那绝妙的味道我一再想,假如我用快刀从它的一头切下半英寸,妈妈或许不会注意到它的  我快走进牛群的时候,突然记起了爸爸曾经有一次讲过的话——家里的钱有我一份,因为我已帮着家里挣钱了为什么不可以说这块巧克力是用我自己的钱买来的呢?看来一切都说得过去  那天晚上,我怎么也睡不着最后,我翻身下床,悄悄溜到院子里,从劈柴墩上抓起一把斧头,然后我进入谷仓把巧克力拿了出来我把它拿到外面,搁在牛厩篱笆的下面横栏上月亮的光亮足以使我看得清要干的事  就在我动手要切巧克力时,爸爸叫道:“孩子!”  我不知道说什么好,转身之前我抓起这块巧克力把它藏进胸前的衬衫里爸爸抓住我工装上的背带,把我带到柴堆那里我不晓得还有谁打屁股像他打得那样狠!  然后他叫我站直,问我这是不是我应得的惩罚他说我拿走巧克力不算什么,但不该瞒着他  “孩子,”他说,“我清楚你帮家里挣了钱,可以说巧克力本来就是你的要是你坦率地要它,你本可以得到它的,但我不允许你做事偷偷摸摸的现在你是想把你的钱和我的分开呢,还是与我结成伙伴呢?”  直到这时,我才知道我是多么想把我的钱和爸爸的合在一起我去睡觉时,我的那只手——我们握手时父亲曾用力握过的地方——还在痛呢

  肯尼亚商场击案 至少68人死亡(双语) -- 00:6:9 来源: A casual morning at the mall today turned into a siege of terror unsuspecting shoppers in Nairobi, Kenya, when attackers dressed in black and wearing facemasks and vests loaded with grenades sprayed the unsuspecting crowds with bullets from AK-7s.  肯尼亚首都内罗毕西门购物中心1日发生击事件一群身着黑衣和防护的蒙面手在购物广场投掷了手榴弹,并用AK7式突击步对人群进行扫射毫无预料的恐怖袭击使购物中心的顾客们措手不及,惊恐万分  "They just came in and threw a grenade. We were running and they opened fire. They were shouting and firing," said Jay Patel who was on an upper floor of the mall when the shooting began.  击案发生时,目击者杰·帕特尔位于购物广场二楼,他回忆称,“手们走进广场就投掷了手榴弹他们对逃跑的人群射击,不断的射击和扫射人群”  Frightened shoppers fled the mall crying and clutching their small children. At one point mall guards used shopping carts to wheel out wounded children.  受惊的游客带着孩子四下奔逃,可以看到保安用购物车疏散受伤儿童  The gunmen were still holed up in the mall late this evening, along with an unknown number of hostages.Two Kenyan army special ces s moved inside as the stand-off stretched into its ninth hour, while police and military surrounded the huge shopping complex.  至1日夜间手们仍聚留在广场内,扣留人质人数不明目前恐怖分子聚留广场时间已经长达9个小时,肯尼亚警方和军队已经将广场包围,两肯尼亚陆军特种部队已经进入广场  Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta, speaking in a nationally televised address today, said that at least 68 people were killed and at least 5 others were injured in the terror attack.  肯尼亚总理乌胡鲁·肯尼亚塔在1日的全国电视讲话中称,此起恐怖事件已经造成至少68人死亡,5人受伤  "The despicable perpetrators of this cowardly act hope to intimidate, divide and cause despondency amongst Kenyans," Kenyatta said. "We have overcome terrorist attacks bee. In fact we have fought courageously and defeated them within and outside our borders. We will defeat them again."  肯尼亚塔在电视讲话中说,“这些卑鄙的肇事者企图以这种怯懦的行径恐吓、离间、打击肯尼亚人民我们曾经战胜过恐怖袭击,我们众志成城,粉碎过国内外的恐怖袭击事件这一次我们一定能再次战胜他们”

    Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars – “Uptown Funk”

    The three-hour Billboard Music Awards were the most-watched program Sunday night, guiding A to a win the night. It was the most-watched edition of the awards program in years.。




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