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孤独星球:匈牙利Budapest Parliament, HungaryThe Holy Crown of Hungary (Magyar Szent Korona) or 'the Crown of St Stephen' (founder and hero of Hungary) in the Budapest Parliament Buildings.布达佩斯国会大厦(译者注:匈牙利最宏伟、最庄严的建筑之一,位于多瑙河畔的佩斯侧,是布达佩斯的标志建筑内有匈牙利诸多珍品的陈列展示,现在仅做参观使用)里的圣斯蒂芬(译者注:圣斯蒂芬是第一个诡异天主教的匈牙利统治者,后来的匈牙利王位就被称为圣斯蒂芬) 80Top Google Earth FindsColumbus and Magellan had it rough. Exploration these days is quite literally an armchair activity, as high-resolution satellite images and tools like Google Earth make it possible anyone with an Internet connection to pour over the globe with a fine-toothed comb. There are entire online commies devoted to finding and cataloging the most unusual locales worldwide, creating 1st-century atlases of minutiae. It isn't just hobbyists either — Google Earth has helped scientists find previously unknown ruins and police locate clandestine marijuana fields. Here are ten of the most unusual discoveries. — Dan Fletcher 63856A recent research has showed that the mythological date of the "end of days" may be off by 50 to 0 years.  一项最新研究显示,具有神话色的世界末日的日期可能要向后推迟50年到0年  To convert the ancient Mayan calendar to the Gregorian (or modern) calendar, scholars use a numerical value (called the GMT). But Gerardo Aldana, a professor at the University of Calinia, Santa Barbara, says the data supporting the widely-adopted conversion factor may be invalid.  学者们通常是借助一个被称为“GMT常量”的数值,将古玛雅历法转换成公历(现代历法)不过美国加州大学圣巴巴拉分校格拉尔多 阿尔达纳教授对此表示质疑,他说持广泛采用的历法转换数值可能是无效的 In a chapter in the book "Calendars and Years II: Astronomy and Time in the Ancient and Medieval World," Aldana casts doubt on the accuracy of the Mayan calendar correlation, saying that the prophecy as well as other dates may be off.  格拉尔多在其著作《历法与纪年II——远古与中世纪世界天文与时间中,质疑玛雅历法的准确性,他说年世界末日的日期以及其他相关日期可能都会有所延迟  The GMT constant, named early Mayan scholars Joseph Goodman, Juan Martinez-Hernandez and J. Eric S. Thompson, is partly based on astronomical events. Those early Mayanists relied heavily on dates found in colonial documents written in Mayan languages and recorded in the Latin alphabet.  “GMT常量”是为了纪念早期三位研究玛雅文化的著名学者约瑟夫 古德曼、胡安 马丁斯 埃尔南德斯和J艾瑞克S 汤普森而命名,“GMT常量”部分是基于天文学事件这些早期的玛雅文化学者在很大程度上依赖殖民档案文件中数据,这些数据是用玛雅文字书写和拉丁字母记录的 A later scholar, American linguist and anthropologist Floyd Lounsbury, further supported the GMT constant.However, Aldana found weaknesses in Lounsbury's work that cause the argument behind the GMT constant to fall "like a stack of cards."  后来一位学者、美国语言学家和人类学家弗洛伊德 劳恩斯伯里进一步持“GMT常量”但是,阿尔达纳发现劳恩斯伯里工作中的错误,这些错误导致了人们对“GMT常量”的质疑,就像是“一堆卡片”轰然倒塌 6553.Sherlock3.神探夏洛克What do American audiences think of the B One series ;Sherlock;? It elementary: Theyre mad about it.提起B的电视剧《神探夏洛克,美国观众会想到什么?它的基本演绎法:他们对此非常痴迷In , the third season ratings on PBS averaged 6.6 million, an increase of more than million from the prior year.年,第三季在PBS播出,平均收视人数为660万,比上一年增长了0万This updated version of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle legendary detective stars Benedict Cumberbatch (;Star Trek Into Darkness,; ;The Imitation Game;) as the title character, with Martin Freeman (;The Office,; ;The Hobbit;) as the long-suffering war veteran and trusted companion Dr. John Watson.这部电视剧是对阿瑟·柯南·道尔所书写的传奇侦探故事的全新演绎,由本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇(出演过《星际迷航、《模仿游戏)领衔主演,马丁·弗里曼(出演过《办公室风云、《霍比特人)饰演一位经历过战争的退伍老兵,也是福尔斯值得信赖的伙伴约翰·华生医生Some episodes plots are similar to the original stories, but the entire series updates Holmes adventures. The Baker Street Irregulars include homeless Londoners and a graffiti artist.一些剧集的情节忠实于原著,但整体上是对福尔斯冒险历程的新演绎“贝克街小分队”包括无家可归的伦敦人和一位涂鸦艺术家Instead of writing down Holmes cases, Watson blogs about them. Also, Holmes sometimes-adversarial relationship with authority takes a 1st-century spin -- he sends taunting texts to the press.华生不再记录福尔斯的案件,而是全都写在客上同时,福尔斯与当局的对抗也具有1世纪的特点——他向新闻界寄送了嘲弄的信件.Broadchurch.小镇疑云This B series starts out grimly with the murder of a -year-old boy, but the gravity of the plot didnt lessen recognition of its quality.这部B电视剧以一个岁男孩之死冷酷开场,但压抑的情节并没有降低这部剧的高品质After ;Broadchurch; aired on B America in , it received the prestigious Peabody Award its storytelling excellence.年,《小镇疑云在B美国台播出,因其精的故事情节而获得享用盛名的皮迪奖Part of the series appeal is that, in addition to telling a first-class mystery, it also examines how the locals are affected by the tragedy. Family and friends reel from the death, the press interferes and tourism becomes endangered.这部剧的魅力在于,不仅营造了一流了神秘感,还展现了这场悲剧对当地人的影响家人与朋友因死亡而遭受负面影响,媒体干涉,旅游业面临危机The show stars a mer popular Doctor Who -- David Tennant -- as detective Alec Hardy. Newly arrived to the seaside town of Broadchurch, he is all business and nearly emotionless.本剧由前任神秘士——大卫·田纳特——饰演警探亚力克·哈迪他被调到Broadchurch这座海滨小镇上,他非常老练而且几乎不露感情Detective Sergeant Miller (Olivia Colman, ;The Iron Lady;), who had expected to get the inspector position, is resentful but also highly competent and sympathetic to the village residents.警探萨金特·米勒(奥利维亚·科尔曼饰,曾出演《铁娘子)本来有望得到巡官的职位,她虽心怀不满但办事能力强而且与全镇居民惺惺相惜Viewers tuned in to experience the complex nature of the series. Time magazine critic James Poniewozik wrote that ;Broadchurch; was ;a murder mystery that is about far more than its murder or its mystery.;观众们可以体验这部电视剧的复杂性时代杂志家詹姆斯·波尼沃泽科称《小镇疑云是“一个谋杀之谜,但远比谋杀或秘密复杂得多”1.Call the Midwife1.呼叫助产士Contractions just minutes apart! What do you do? ;Call the midwife!; This B One series, which airs on PBS, is based on a British midwife memoirs.宫缩时间间隔只有几分钟!你从事什么工作?《呼叫助产士这部B电视剧也在PBS播出,是一部英国助产士的回忆录Set in London poor East End during the 1950s, the title characters serve their neighborhood, riding bikes to take calls.故事发生在世纪50年代贫穷的伦敦东区,主人公们为她们的邻里务,骑着自行车出诊The realistic portrayals of pregnancy and childbirth fluctuate between joyful and heartbreaking. Other issues of the day, such as social class and mental illness, interweave with the birthing stories.这部电视剧真实地描绘了怀与生产,其中伴随着欢喜与悲伤产的故事中还掺杂着当时的其他问题,例如社会阶级与精神疾病The fourth season of ;Call the Midwife; has made a home itself on Sundays in , anchoring that night drama-heavy PBS lineup.《呼叫助产士第四季已确定于年每周日在PBS晚间播出During its third year, the show drew 3.6 million public television viewers: an increase of percent from the initial season. The midwives are on call to American audiences, as well.这部剧第三季播出时吸引了360万电视观众——比首季增加了%助产士们也为美国的观众随时待命 83018

许多美国人热衷于参加party,一有适当的机会就会聚在一起乐一下,现将美国人一些常见的聚会及习惯习俗介绍给大家   Birthday party(生日PARTY):其中,18,1岁最为重要. 99

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