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青岛那个医院取环好青岛最好的流产医院青岛市第二人民医院在线问答 12. Im glad that the CDs have taken off so well.我非常高兴CD的销路很好。还能这样说:I am very happy about the well selling of our CDs.I am pleased to see that our CDs sell well.应用:glad to do sth. 高兴做某事,愿意并热切要做某事;glad rags 庆祝场合穿的衣;I would be glad if 常用于反语中,要是……的话我将非常高兴;a glad occasion 喜事13. We should change the packing to attract more customers.我们应该改变包装以吸引更多顾客。还能这样说:The change of the packing can pull more customers in.Changing the packing can make more customers pay attention to our products.应用:change front 改变论调;change into 变为,使改变;change over 大幅度改变,完全改变;change side 改变立场14. Our booth should be more conspicuous.我们的展台应该更加醒目。还能这样说:We should make our stand more eye-catching.Our stand should be set for all people to see. /201502/358301山东省青岛市妇幼医院妇科咨询

青岛哪家妇科医院好带坏好Joel: So, Mitchell, I only surfed for about a year and I never got very good at it. I wonder if you could explain how a beginner goes about learning how to surf.乔尔:米切尔,我刚接触冲浪一年的时间,我一直玩不好。我在想你是否能解释一下初学者要如何学习冲浪。Mitchell: Well, thats a tough question because I was surfing ever since I was small so it came natural to me, surfing, but since I know I surf. The beginning is put your board in the sand, lay on your board on the sand, pretend that you are paddling and then push yourself up like a push-up and then stand. You repeat that over-and-over again and eventually you enter the water and you get a friend to hold the board for you and then you stand up in the water while your friend pushed the board to gain balance.米切尔:这是一个很难回答的问题,因为我很小就开始冲浪了,所以对我来说这是很自然的事情,我有记忆以来就已经开始冲浪了。开始时你要把冲浪板放在沙子上,把你的冲浪板放在沙子上,像划桨一样,把自己推出去,接着站起来。要不停地重复这个动作,直到你进入水中,之后要有一个朋友帮你扶着冲浪板,朋友帮你保持冲浪板的平衡时,你就可以站在海上的冲浪板上了。Joel: The part I had the hardest time with was when there were big waves, it was so hard to get out far enough so that you could actually catch a wave. What do you call it, ;duck diving;?乔尔:我觉得最难的是有大浪过来的时候,很难保持足够赶上好浪的距离。你们称之为什么,潜越吗?Mitchell: Duck diving, yeah, its key to surfing. If you see a wave, the thing is that you have to see the wave before it comes. Thats the secret, like wheres it crashing and when its crashing. We call it ;crashing; when its coming down. Duck diving, you put your knees on the board if its a big wave...米切尔:对,潜越,这对冲浪来说很关键。假设你看到了一个浪,关键是你必须要在海浪过来前看到它。这是秘诀,要清楚浪会在何时何地打到你。海浪袭来时我们称之为“撞”。如果是一个大浪的话,那潜越时你要跪在冲浪板上……Joel: Oh, you get on your knees.乔尔:哦,要跪在冲浪板上。Mitchell: You get on your hands and knees and you push the nose of the board down.米切尔:用双手和膝盖撑住冲浪板,然后将冲浪板前端放低。Joel: OK, push the front part down.乔尔:好,把冲浪板前端放低。Mitchell: Yeah, and at the same time, after you push it down, you also kick your hips, and push with your hips, like how you dive in water, like a dolphin.米切尔:对,冲浪板放低的同时会碰到你的臀部,你要用臀部推进,就像潜水一样,像海豚一样。Joel: OK, and then when the wave crashes over you, do you lay down on the board.乔尔:好,那当浪要盖过你的时候,你是躺在冲浪板上吗?Mitchell: You get back up. You pull your nose back up.米切尔:要再起来。要把冲浪板前端再抬起来。Joel: OK, you pull the front and back, back up, and that helps you to back under the wave. And what about when youre...乔尔:好,把冲浪板前端抬起来,这有助于冲浪。那……Mitchell: But the key is, you dont want to duck dive when the wave is crashing on you because you are aly screwed.米切尔:关键是,你在浪打到你的时候是不会想潜越的,因为你已经错过了。Joel: OK, you have to duck before the wave.乔尔:好,要在浪来之前潜越。Mitchell: Before the wave or when its crashing on you, like we call it white water. A lot of times you duck dive in white water. White water is when the wave crashes. The water looks like its all white like white cotton candy, so you duck dive underneath that.米切尔:在浪来之前或者说在浪快打到你的时候,也就是我们所说的碎浪水花。有很多时候你是在浪花中潜越。浪花是海浪撞击后产生的。那时的水看上去是纯白色,就像棉花糖一样,所以你要在浪花下面潜越。Joel: And when youre catching a wave, how do you know when to stand up?乔尔:在赶上好浪时,你怎么知道什么时候站起来合适?Mitchell: Like when the wave, when you see the wave coming you start paddling to get with the wave and before the wave even starts curling, youre aly getting y to stand up. It the wave is aly curling, and your standing up, its too late.米切尔:在你看到海浪过来时,你就要开始向海浪划过去,在海浪翻卷以前你就要准备站立。海浪翻卷以后你再站起来就太晚了。Joel: Its too late. OK. So you have to stand up...乔尔:太晚了。所以站立的时机是……Mitchell: Before it starts curling.米切尔:在海浪开始翻卷以前。Joel: I see. I see.乔尔:我明白了。我知道了。Mitchell: And going the direction where its crashing.米切尔:要随着海浪冲浪。Joel: Well, Im going to have to go surfing with you sometime so I can have a private lesson.乔尔:好,找个时间我要和你一起去冲浪,这样我就能单独上课了。 译文属 /201504/372615青岛正规人流医院 Todd: So, Nydja, you actually just got into graduate school. So you know all about the application process.托德:妮迪亚,你刚上研究院。那你一定知道申请程序。Nydja: Yes, thats correct. I just got into grad school. I study International Relations. The process for this school wasnt too tedious. It didnt require a GRE or any long essays or too many references. The other schools that I was considering required the tests. High test scores. An application to be submitted three, four months in advance, so the process can be pretty tedious.妮迪亚:对,没错。我刚进入研究院。我学的专业是国际关系。我念的这所学校申请程序并不是太麻烦。不需要GRE分数,也不需要长篇论文,不需要太多的介绍书。我之前考虑的另一所学校就对考试分数有要求。必须要考高分。而且要提前三至四个月提交申请,这种申请程序就太麻烦了。Todd: Now, each time that you applied, did you have to pay an application fee?托德:那每次申请都要交申请费吗?Nydja: Yes, some colleges I was looking at upwards of a hundred and fifty dollars. This one was less expensive. Its a smaller school.妮迪亚:对,我之前考虑的一些大学申请费高达150美元。我上的这所学校申请费要便宜的多。这是一所小学校。Todd: Wow! A hundred and fifty dollars!托德:哇!150美元!Nydja: Yes.妮迪亚:对。Todd: So that limits how many schools you can apply to?托德:所以这限制了你申请学校的数量吗?Nydja: Yeah, depending on your funds, so I actually like this program and despite having researched everything else, I chose to stick with this one. I only applied for one and they let me in.妮迪亚:对,申请数量取决于你的资金,我很喜欢这个项目,虽然我研究了很多,但我选择只申请一所学校。我只申请了一所学校,而且这所学校录取我了。Todd: Oh, so you just went solo?托德:哦,你只申请了一个?Nydja: Yeah, I did. I did. I looked at this college, their plan for international travel and I fell in love so nowhere else had this program.妮迪亚:对,没错。我研究了一下这所大学,他们有国际旅行的计划,我非常喜欢这个计划,而其他学校没有这种计划。Todd: Yeah, whats the school?托德:好,你上的是什么学校?Nydja: Webster University. The International Relations program.妮迪亚:韦伯斯特大学。国际关系项目。Todd: And where is it?托德:这所学校在哪里?Nydja: Its in Bangkok.妮迪亚:在曼谷。Todd: So, you said that for your program, you didnt have to take a test, like the GRE ?托德:你刚才说这个项目不用参加GRE考试,对吧?Nydja: No, I did not have to take the GRE. No, I havent taken it yet.妮迪亚:对,我不用参加GRE考试。我还没有考GRE。Todd: Why?托德:为什么?Nydja: Cause, Im sure it has a math component that I dont want to have to worry about.妮迪亚:GRE里面有数学题,可是我不想为这个担心。Todd: Youre not a math person?托德:你不擅长数学?Nydja: No, Im not.妮迪亚:对,我不擅长。Todd: So the GRE is what, just math and language?托德:GRE考试包括数学考试和语言考试?Nydja: You know Im not really sure. I know its kind of like the SAT. They want to look at how ... what is your potential when you get to grad school, so I think it does have maybe a composition section, you know, critical thinking, math analysis questions with numbers.妮迪亚:我也不太清楚。我知道GRE考试和SAT考试类似。这类考试的目的是测试你在研究院的潜力,我认为考试里可能有需要进行批判性思考的作文还有数学分析题。 译文属 /201607/453728青岛妇科疾病咨询

菏泽做人流多少钱Nitiya: OK, can you actually talk a little bit about police in America? How much does the civilians trust them or what beliefs you have about them?妮提亚:你能谈一下美国的警察吗?美国公民有多信任警察?或者说你有多相信警察?Todd: Ooh, that I guess would depend on where you live. I grew up in a pretty small town. Im white, Caucasian, and I think that most Causasian people trust the police pretty much 100%. They think that theyre there to serve and protect, but unfortunately minority groups, blacks or African Americans and Hispanic people, Asian people sometimes dont trust the police.托德:哦,我认为这要取决于你生活在哪里。我在一个小城镇长大。我是白人,我认为大部分白人百分百信任警察。他们认为警察在保护他们,但是不幸的是,黑人、非洲裔美国人、西班牙裔和亚洲人等少数族裔有时并不信任警察。Nitiya: OK, why do you think they dont trust the police sometimes?妮提亚:你为什么认为他们有时不相信警察呢?Todd: Well, one is because the police probably dont treat them fairly. Often they live, some minority groups, live in poor areas, and in the poor areas there might be higher crime and the police probably have more stress, and they have theyre more ... defensive, and as a result maybe they behave poorly, or they dont treat certain minority groups equally. Theyre more suspicious, and as a result, sometimes bad things happen.托德:其中一个原因是警察可能并没有公平对待他们。一些少数族裔生活在贫穷地区,贫穷地区的犯罪率一般都较高,警察有更多压力,所以他们就要更多地戒备,这样一来他们的行为可能就不太恰当,或者他们可能并没有平等对待一些少数族裔。他们会更多疑,所以会导致一些不好的事情发生。Nitiya: So basically, most of the people do trust, its like that.妮提亚:基本来说,大部分人还是相信警察的。Todd: I think, I think most people trust the police. I think, understandably, especially African Americans, dont trust the police because they think the police is always nervous and edgy around them, and that the police might use violence against them, or suspect that they are criminals, when they are just a good ordinary citizen, and so they probably dont trust the police as much.托德:我认为大部分人相信警察。我可以理解为什么非洲裔美国人尤其不相信警察,因为他们认为警察在他们身边时总是紧张又不安,警察可能还会对他们使用暴力,或是怀疑他们是罪犯,可是其实他们只是普通的守法公民,所以他们可能不会那么相信警察。Nitiya: OK, then and there is one more thing I want to ask you, about this police thing, so African Americans dont become police?妮提亚:好,我还有一个有关警察的问题要问你,没有非洲裔美国人当警察吗?Todd: Oh, no, its quite often that African Americans do become police.托德:不是,有很多非洲裔美国人当警察。Nitiya: OK, so you do have black people, who are police?妮提亚:好,所以美国确实有黑人警察了?Todd: Oh, of course and you have, we have minority group. Usually where you have distrust with the police is the major larger cities, and its a race thing, that has to do with race, but it also is an income thing, where usually the lower income people often feel like theyre not treated, you know, fairly I guess. I mean what is it like in India? Do you have complete trust of the police?托德:当然,我们有一部分黑人警察。通常不相信警察的情况出现在较大的城市,这与种族问题有关,当然也与收入有关,我想收入偏低的人会感觉他们没有被公平对待。印度是什么情况?你们完全信任警察吗?Nitiya: I guess no, but it depends exactly on the city, as you said. The smaller cities, I think the conditions are very bad. I dont think, and its not that fast, like in America, you dial a number and there are police there in two minutes, but thats not the way in India. Crime finishes and then they appear. Yeah. Its like that.妮提亚:我认为并不是完全信任,不过就如你所说,这要取决于生活的城市。我认为小型城市的情况非常糟糕。我想印度的出警情况并不像美国这么快,美国一般打电话报警后警察会在两分钟左右到达现场,可是印度并不是这样。通常犯罪行为结束后警察才出现。就是这种情况。Todd: OK, well, nice talking to you about that.托德:好,很高兴和你聊这个话题。 译文属 /201503/362307 我先生准备在家开派对,请朋友来一起看世界杯总决赛。他早早就把客人名单和购物清单都列好了,现在剩下的唯一障碍就是我。今年春节我们在家开派对,结果我整整做了一天的饭,又花了一天的时间打扫卫生。这就是为什么我坚决抵制在家开派对。这也让我想起一个可以跟大家分享的习惯用语,叫:stumbling block. Stumbling block, 意思是障碍物,绊脚石。就象刚才说的,我先生想在家开派对,请朋友一起看世界杯,我是他计划的唯一绊脚石,you are the only stumbling block. 最后他没办法,只好同意,承担所有打扫卫生的工作。在下面这个例子里,一个汽车修配厂的车间主任,开会讨论如何才能绕过限制加班的规定。我们一起听。例句-1:If theres any possibility of working overtime, were going to have to get a change in our contract. As it is, we arent allowed to put in more than 40 hours per week. That rule remains a stumbling block. Lets discuss a strategy for dealing with it at our next union meeting.这个人说:要想有加班的可能性,我们就必需修改合同。按照目前的规定,我们每星期的工作量不得超过四十个小时。这项规定是我们的绊脚石。咱们下次工会开会的时候,可以讨论采取什么样的策略,解决这个问题。我八岁的侄女觉得,只要撒娇就能说她妈,允许她去扎耳朵眼儿。我知道,在这个问题上,我可不会轻易答应,我夫则是更难搬掉的stumbling block,他绝不会同意八岁的女儿带耳环。******在下面的例子中,一个大学生正在考虑要到什么地方去度春假。让我们听听他有些什么选择:例句-2:My friends and I are sick of all the winter weather. Thats why were thinking about heading down to Florida for spring break. But none of us have much money or a car. Those are a couple of stumbling blocks well have to get around. Maybe we can pick up part-time jobs and earn some money and then rent a car!?这个人说:我跟我那些朋友都烦死冬天的天气了,所以想去佛罗里达过春假。可是我们这群人谁都没有钱,也没有车。这是我们必需解决的两大障碍。兴许我们可以去打点零工,赚钱租辆车。这倒是个不赖的主意,不过,除了车,他们还得考虑住宿、吃饭、汽油费、和玩的开销。交通工具固然重要,但是这个学生好象没有考虑到其它这些 stumbling blocks.Stumbling block这个习惯用语早在十六世纪初期就开始出现了。不难想象,如果你在树林里散步,遇到被砍倒的树,不小心,可能会被剩下的一节树桩绊倒,这不就是stumbling block吗? /201507/385953青岛第五医院在那青岛市第一人民医院门诊专家预约



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