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McDonald’s may have a hard time turning around recent sales declines as the hamburger giant loses its appeal with younger consumers.汉堡巨头麦当劳(McDonald#39;s)可能很难扭转最近在美销售额下降的颓势,因为它正失去对年轻消费者的吸引力。McDonald’s reported its biggest decline in global same-store sales since 2003 this month, and in the U.S. sales at stores open 13 months or longer sales have been flat of falling so far this year.本月,麦当劳的全球同店销售额出现了自2003年以来的最大跌幅。在美国,开业时间达到和超过13个月的麦当劳店面今年初以来的销售额一路走低。The company may have a hard time reversing the dropping sales as diners in their 20s and 30s, long a key customer base for the world’s largest restaurant chain, look to healthier, fast-casual competitors such as Chipotle Mexican Grill and Panera B Co. , reported the Wall Street Journal.据《华尔街日报》(Wall Street Journal)报道,作为全球最大餐饮连锁机构,麦当劳的核心顾客群体一直都是二、三十岁的消费者。而这些顾客正把目光转向更健康的Chipotle墨西哥休闲连锁快餐店和帕纳拉面包(Panera B)等竞争者,麦当劳想要扭转销售下跌的势头并不容易。The number of U.S. diners aged 19 to 21 who eat at McDonald’s each month has declined 12.9 percentage points since the start of 2011, while monthly diners age 22 to 37 have remained flat over the same time frame, according to Technomic data.食品行业研究机构Technomic提供的数据显示,2011年初以来,在麦当劳的月度就餐人数中,19-21岁的消费者减少了12.9%,22-37岁的消费者数量仍然持平。Over that period, consumers have shifted their mealtimes to fast-casual chains where monthly visits increased by 2.3 percentage points for those age 19 to 21 and 5.2 percentage points for those age 22 to 37.在此期间,消费者开始转向其他休闲快餐。其每月造访的顾客中,19-21岁的消费者增加了2.3%,22-37岁的消费者增加了5.2%。Fast-casual restaurants, including others such as Five Guys and Corner Bakery Cafe, mix of fresher ingredients and custom ordering with the convenience of fast-food. These types of outlets have multiplied over the past decade from 9,000 to more than 21,000 as McDonald’s locations have hovered around 14,000, Technomic said.Technomic指出,包括Five Guys和Corner Bakery Cafe在内的休闲快餐经营商把更新鲜的食材、个性化下单和快餐的便捷结合在了一起。10年来,这种休闲快餐店的数量迅速增长,从9000家增至21,000家,而麦当劳的数量一直保持在14,000家左右。As McDonald’s faces a dropoff in younger consumers, it is also trying to cope with a host of global setbacks. A Chinese supplier was accused of selling expired meat last month, leading to a sales drop of 7.3% in the Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa regions. Then last week, it was forced to close locations in Moscow after alleged sanitary violations.在年轻顾客数量减少的同时,麦当劳还需应付全球范围内的诸多麻烦。上个月,麦当劳的中国供应商被指销售过期肉,导致麦当劳在亚太、中东和非洲地区的销售额下降了7.3%。上周,莫斯科的多家麦当劳餐厅因卫生不达标而被停业整顿。Executives have acknowledged the issues at home and set up a “learning lab” at a restaurant in June in order to gain insight into what consumers are looking for in a fast-food dining experience. Still, any meaningful changes will be difficult to implement given McDonald’s’ large operation and complex supply chain, say analysts.麦当劳管理层已经意识到了美国本土出现的问题,并于6月份在一家麦当劳餐厅设立了“学习实验室”,以了解顾客所期望的快餐就餐体验。但分析师认为,考虑到麦当劳庞大的规模和复杂的供应链,任何实质性的改革都很难落实。 /201408/324868。

Ivan came home with a bloody nose and his mother asked, ;What happened?;;A kid bit me,; replied Ivan.;Would you recognize him if you saw him again?; asked his mother.;I#39;d know him any where,; said Ivan. ;I have his ear in my pocket.;伊凡鼻子流着血回到家里。他妈妈问,“发生了什么事?”“一个男孩咬了我一口,”伊凡说。“再见到他你能认出来吗?”妈妈问。“他走到哪里我都能认出他,”伊凡说。“他的耳朵还在我衣兜里呢。”。

A cat has nine lives.猫有九条命。(英国迷信, 指猫的生命力强)A cat in gloves catches no mice. (Muffled cats catch no mice.)[谚]带手套的猫捉不到耗子; 四肢不勤, 一事无成; 怕沾污手指的人做不出什么事。A cat may look at a king.[谚]猫也可以看国王(指小人物也应有些权利)agree like cats and dogs[口]像猫和一样合不来, 完全合不来All cats are grey in the dark. (At night all cats are grey; when candles are out, all cats are grey.)[谚]猫在暗中都是灰色; 黑暗中难分丑妍as weak as a cat (as weak as water)身体非常虚弱copy cat盲目的模仿者enough to make a cat [horse] laugh极其可笑; 让人笑掉大牙enough to make a cat speak[口]令人惊讶; 事情太出奇fat cat美国政治运动的出资人, 捐献大宗政治款项的富人; 安于现状的懒汉; 以权谋私的人, 享受特权的人Has the cat got your tongue?[口]猫把你的舌头叼去了吗?为什么不吭声?It rains cats and dogs.下倾盆大雨, 大雨滂沱let the cat out of the bag说走了嘴, (无意中)泄露秘密like a cat on hot bricks局促不安, 如热锅上的蚂蚁live like cat and dog[口]整天吵架old cat脾气坏的老太婆see [watch] how [which way] the cat jumps (wait for the cat to jump)观望形势然后行动; 看风使舵, 随机应变That#39;s like putting the cat near the goldfish bowl.引狼入室; 等于把猫放在金鱼缸旁。The cat did it.[口谑]是猫打破的; 不是我搞的。(推托责任的话)The cat is out of the bag.[口]秘密泄露; 真相大白。The cat jumps.[口]形势清楚了。The cat shuts its eyes when stealing cream.[谚]掩耳盗铃; 猫偷吃奶油的时候, 总是闭着眼睛。The cat would eat fish and would not wet her feet.猫儿想吃鱼, 又怕湿了脚(想吃鱼又怕腥; 想得到某种东西又怕麻烦或担风险)。The scalded cat fears cold water.[谚] 被烫过的猫, 连冷水也怕(一朝被蛇咬, 三年怕井绳)Watch sb. as a cat watches a mouse.象猫盯耗子般地盯着某人。When the cat#39;s away, the mice will play.[谚]猫儿不在,老鼠成精(大王外出, 小鬼跳粱)。 /201312/269603。