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菏泽人流医院青岛那里做四维彩超Some come and go in a matter of days. 有一些形成和消失只在几天间。Others build and grow and can last for years. 其他的生长可能要持续好几年。As plants take root and protect them from the elements. 植物在这里生根,保护小岛免受自然力量的影响。The first glance of my seen that zone cave that pretty in hospit of the environment, 第一眼看上去,它像个沙洲。一种不宜居住的环境。but actually can support life in abundance. 但实际上它能维持大量生命。Today its rare to find a cave free for humans and man creditice. 今天很难找不到一个没有人类和内陆捕食动物者的沙洲。But this is one of the best, Raine island. Its home to thousands of birds. 这里就是最好的一个,雷恩岛,这里是几千只鸟的家园。In the central of the island, they justle for the best available space. 岛屿中央它们在争夺最好的地盘,Nowhere else on the reef are they found in such numbers in such variety. 其他地方再也找不到这么多,这么种类丰富的鸟,Freaky birds, red footy boobies and castian in terns. 军舰鸟,红脚鲣鸟,红嘴巨鸥。In fact, 84 different species are found here.实际上这里生活着84种鸟。201410/335259青岛吃什么人流药好 Nearly 20 years ago, in the midst of a deep budget crunch, the state decided to close the Capitol to visitors on the weekends.But now, as of June 6, youll be able to again visit the state Capitol on Saturdays.John Truscott sits on the commission that oversees the Capitol Building, and is also president of Truscott-Rossman, a Lansing-based public relations firm. When the decision to close the Capitol on weekends was made in the 90s, Truscott was the press secretary to then-Governor John Engler.;At the time we were looking for money in every single department,; he said. ;Things were very, very tight and everybody was cutting back, you know, about 10%. The Capitol really had nowhere to go. Do you close down or limit tours during the week? Do you do it on the weekend?;He emphasized the Capitol buildings ;integral; role in Michigan childrens historical education, and the large number of children who tour it. For this reason, closing the Capitol down was not an option. So, the solution became to close the Capitol to reduce staff only on Saturdays. And Michiganders became accustomed to it.Now that the economy is getting back on its feet, however, the Capitol building has a bit more flexibility.The Michigan Capitol Commission, formed by state statute, is in charge of caring for the building, improving the building, and striving to allow the public more access.;We were very excited the other day to open the Capitol – or vote to open the Capitol starting in June – and it will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. every Saturday,; Truscott said.One new tour guide, alongside volunteer docents, will conduct tours.Restoration work on the building is also being done, and its been 25 years since the last restoration.Infrared sensors and other high-tech technology have worked to find the sources of leaks around the buildings roof. A new roof is going up, and the chipped paint on the dome will soon be fixed.;And it will restore the capitol to its really, its national historic landmark status,; Truscott said.201504/371946A new study finds there are many challenges to Detroit residents accessing job opportunities.The report, Detroits Untapped Talent: Jobs and On-Ramps Needed, was commissioned by JP Morgan Chase and Company and was compiled by Corporation for a Skilled Workforce.Jeannine La Prad helped prepare the report.La Prad says the Detroit unemployment rate is chronically twice that of the statewide unemployment rate. She found that factor has been compounded by an insufficient number of jobs in Detroit, a mismatch between the skills and educational requirements for what jobs are available, and a lack of support structures like childcare and reliable transportation.;The bottom line is there is no silver bullet here, and this is a complex set of factors that are underpinning the level of unemployment that were seeing and the labor force participation rates.;It really is going to be critical that every organization, every program, every provider in the city, whether it be from the educational perspective, the workforce development perspective, the human service, social service perspective, we all really take a closer look at what it is were doing and how is it that collectively we might be able to better align our resources, our programs, our strategies so that this more holistic, more comprehensive approach could be taken,; La Prad says.201601/423563青岛市新阳光妇科医院无痛引流多少钱

青岛早孕哪家好Britain 英国Reforming the NHS 改革国民医保系统Bitter medicine良药苦口Competition is not the cause of the NHSs problems竞争不是导致国民医保系统问题的原因LIKE patients shrinking from needles, many doctors fear politicians pushing market-oriented health policies. For more than two decades governments of all shades have injected small doses of competition into Englands publicly funded health system. Reforms passed by the coalition government in 2012 provided the most recent jab. They have left many people feeling queasy.正如病人害怕打针一样,许多医生害怕政客推进以市场为导向的健康政策。20多年来,历届政府向英格兰公费医疗系统注入了一些竞争因素。联邦政府于2012年通过的改革措施则加速了近期的竞争力度,令许多人感到惶恐不安。David Cameron, the prime minister, had hoped to see nearly all of the NHSs contracts awarded through competitive bidding. In the end, his new rules acknowledged that non-competitive contracting is sometimes the best choice if the process is transparent, unbiased, and clearly benefits patients. But the local groups responsible for purchasing care (known as Clinical Commissioning Groups, or CCGs) complain that they have received mixed messages. Some of the doctors that run CCGs say they fear legal challenges from health providers if they do not tender all of their contracts competitively. In February Andy Burnham, the shadow health secretary, said CCGs had spent 5m (.4m) on competition lawyers during the previous year. Sir David Nicholson, former head of the NHS, said that the service is “bogged down in a morass of competition law”.英国首相戴维·卡梅伦曾希望能够看到所有的医保合同通过竞标获利。最后,卡梅伦发布的新政策承认非竞争性的医保合同有时也是最好的选择,前提是这一过程透明、公正、惠及病人。但是当地负责购买保险的团体(又称作临床调试组或CCGs)抱怨他们收到的信息杂乱不堪。有些运行CCGs的医生说如果不对医保合同进行竞标,他们担心会受到医务人员的控诉。2月份,影子卫生部长安迪·伯纳姆表示,去年CCGs在竞标律师身上花费了500万英镑(840万美元)。前英国国民保健系统的首脑大卫·尼克松说,该系统“深陷竞争法的沼泽”。The health regulator, Monitor, tacitly concedes that the rules could be clearer. It is busy tutoring CCGs on what they actually mean. If they honour common sense and put patients interests first “theyre 95% there”, says Andrew Taylor, former head of the NHSs Co-operation and Competition panel.卫生监管部门,Monitor,心照不宣地承认这些规则可以更明确。教导人们了解CCGs的真实意思非常费事。前国民医保系统的合作与竞争委员会首脑,安德鲁·泰勒表示如果他们尊敬常识、将病人的利益放在第一位,“病人利益至上,占95%”。And CCGs are probably wrong to believe that the coalitions most recent reforms will mean their decisions get challenged more often through the courts. In truth, health providers have been growing more combative for years. In 2011 the Royal Brompton hospital in London went to court in the hope of reversing a plan to consolidate paediatric heart surgery in other hospitals. (It lost, but the case had a “signalling effect”, says Mr Taylor.) In fact by beefing up Monitors role, the governments reforms have provided a means of resolving disputes outside the courts.CCGs可能误以为联邦政府最近的改革意味着其决议将在法院受到更多的挑战。事实上,医务人员多年来变得越来越好斗。2011年,伦敦的英国皇家布鲁顿学院提起起诉,希望能够取消一项在其他医院巩固儿科心脏手术的计划(泰勒说,起诉失败,但是引起了“信号传递效应”)。事实上,通过加强Monitor的角色的重要性,政府改革为解决法庭外的争端提供了方法。The reforms will probably have a bigger effect on hospital mergers. The government made it clear that the Competition Act—which prohibits anti-competitive agreements and the abuse of a dominant market position—should be applied to the NHS. In October two cash-strapped hospitals in Dorset were blocked from joining up on the grounds that it would give patients too few choices. This was controversial because the hospitals argued that their agreement would result in better care, a difficult thing to gauge. Some doubt the competition authorities can get the cost-benefit analysis right.改革可能对医院合并产生更大的影响。政府清楚地表明:竞争法令——禁止反竞争合同和滥用市场垄断地位——应用于国民医保系统。10月份,多赛特的两所债务深重的医院被禁止合并,因为病人的选择范围太小。这充满了争议,因为医院辩解说他们的合并将带来更好的治疗条件,而这是很难衡量的。有些人怀疑竞争权威部门可能有成本效益分析权。David Bennett of Monitor believes some of the hand-wringers are more interested in ending, not improving, the current competition regime. Mr Burnham admits as much, but his options are limited even if Labour wins the next election. His proposal to favour NHS hospitals and clinics for contracts may turn out to be illegal under European law.Monitor的大卫·班尼特相信悲观主义者对结束当前的竞争政权更感兴趣,而并非改善情况。勃汉姆承认,即使工党赢得了下一届选举,他的选择也跟现在一样受限。他建议持的NHS系统下签合同的医院和诊所可能在欧洲法案下是违法的。The NHSs new boss, Simon Stevens, seems keen on competition. Patients will benefit if he can convince critics of its merits. Two studies at English hospitals found that competition saved lives without increasing costs. Another study showed that family doctors located close to rival practices performed better. The medicine is working. Time to increase the dosage.国民医保系统的新老大,西门·斯蒂文斯似乎非常热衷于竞争。如果他能让家确信其优点,病人也能从中获益。关于英国医院的两项研究表明,竞争同样可以拯救生命而不会提高成本。另一研究表明,离竞争对手近的家庭医生表现更好。药物有效,是适合下一剂猛料了。译者:毛慧 校对:邵夏沁 译文属译生译世 /201509/398273青岛市中心医院专家咨询 Satellite industry卫星产业Stars in their eyes冉冉升起的新星As the Rosetta mission shows, Britain is getting it right in space随着罗塞塔号任务的不断推进,英国在航空领域走上正轨IN A clean room at the Airbus Defence amp; Space (ADS) factory north of London, scientists are working on LISAPathfinder (pictured), a hexagon-shaped satellite due to be launched next year. The aim of the ambitious space mission is to try, for the first time, to find and measure gravitational waves—ripples in space-time predicted by Einsteins general theory of relativity. If thats possible, earthlings would have further evidence that the theory is true, and they should also, eventually, be able to locate black holes more accurately.空中客车防务及航天公司(ADS)位于伦敦北部的工厂里,科学家们正在一尘不染的工作室中致力于丽萨探路者号的研发。丽萨探路者号是一枚预计明年发射的呈六边形状的人造卫星。该项雄心勃勃的航天使命的目标就是首次尝试寻找并测量引力波,也就是爱因斯坦的广义相对论中所预言的时空中存在的涟波。如果引力波真的存在,那么世人就能够进一步的明其理论的真实性,并且最终他们也应该能够更加准确地定位黑洞的方位。To do all that, however, LISA first has to get to a “Lagrange point”, a place where spacecraft can float stably while getting no farther from the earth. This is essential for detecting the gravitational waves. The only force that could then ruffle LISA would be solar wind, explains Justin Byrne, a deputy director of ADS. Solar wind is so light, however, that developing thrusters soft and accurate enough to counteract it has been “the trickiest bit of all”. It would take 1,000 of the thrusters developed for LISA to lift a single piece of paper; LISA has just four.然而,要想完成所有的任务,丽萨首先就必须到达“拉格朗日点”,只有到达了拉格朗日点,宇宙飞船才可以在不远离地球的情况下平稳漂浮。这是探测引力波的必要条件。据ADS的副主任贾斯汀·伯恩(Justin Byrne)解释称,唯一会干扰丽萨的力量就是太阳风。不过太阳风的质量很轻因此只要将推进器设计得足够轻巧和精准就可以与太阳风的力量相抗衡,但这恰恰是“最棘手的问题”。丽萨需要配备1000台这样的推动器才能吹起一张纸;而现在丽萨仅有四台。This is the kind of technological achievement that has made Britain a leader in satellite design and construction. This week ADS was celebrating the European Space Agencys Rosetta mission to comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The probe, Philae, that landed on the comet, was assembled largely in Germany. But Rosetta itself was, for the most part, constructed in the same clean room where LISA is being built; Mr Byrne himself was one of the designers of Rosetta when the mission was first conceived about 20 years ago. Altogether ten British companies were involved in the Rosetta mission, making up 20% of the contractors used among 14 European countries. Some of the fancy kit on Philae was British, such as the miniature laboratory built at the Rutherford Appleton laboratory near Oxford to a design from the Open University.英国在丽萨探路者上取得的科技成果确立了其在人造卫星的设计及建造领域的领导地位。本周ADS就在庆祝欧洲太空总署的罗塞塔号探测器圆满完成追逐丘留莫夫-格拉西缅科彗星的任务。此外,虽然在彗星上着陆的“菲莱”号探测器大部分都是在德国完成组装的。但是罗塞塔号探测器本身大体都是在建造丽萨的同一间纤尘不染的工作室完成的;伯恩自己也是20年前罗塞塔号计划构想初期的设计人员之一。罗塞塔号计划中总共有10家英国公司参与,占据了欧洲14国所有承包商的20%。并且“菲莱”号上一些精细的工具就是英国制造,例如微型实验室就是由英国开放大学设计,并由牛津附近的卢瑟福·阿普尔顿实验室生产。This outsized contribution to the Rosetta mission is now typical of Britains place in the firmament of satellite construction. About one-quarter of the worlds commercial communication satellites are built in Britain and 40% of the worlds small satellites. Most of those are built by Airbuss Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL), the world leader in the field. It has launched 43 satellites since it was started by an academic at Surrey University, Sir Martin Sweeting. The whole space sector directly employs 35,000 people, and the supply-chain accounts for thousands more jobs. London-based Inmarsat is one of the worlds largest satellite operators, specialising in mobile telephony. The space sector has a turnover of about £11 billion a year.在罗塞塔任务中的突出贡献是英国如今已成为卫星建造领域领头羊的典型表现。世界上大约有四分之一的商用通讯卫星是英国制造,小型卫星的比重则为40%。并且大多数卫星都是由隶属于空客集团的萨里卫星技术有限公司(SSTL)负责生产。SSTL掌握了世界领先的卫星尖端技术,自从萨里大学的教授马丁·斯维廷爵士开启卫星发射活动以来,SSTL已经成功发射了43枚人造卫星。其下属的空间部直接领导的员工就有35000人,而且其相关的供应链产业也创造了几千个工作岗位。以伦敦为中心的国际海事卫星组织(Inmarsat)是世界上最大的卫星基地之一,专攻移动电话制造。空间部每年大约能创造110亿英镑的营业额。Things have not always been so rosy. The ADS plant in Stevenage has itself been a graveyard for Britains ambitions in air and space. Originally owned by De Havilland, an aircraft company, it was here during the 1950s that parts for the Comet, the worlds first passenger jet, were made. The Blue Streak missile was also built here. Several fatal crashes, however, ended production of the Comet and, with it, Britains lead in commercial airliners. Blue Streak was cancelled due to spiralling costs, effectively ending the countrys interest in launching rockets.事情不总是一帆风顺的。地处斯蒂夫尼奇的ADS工厂本身也是英国在航空及航天领域开疆扩土过程中失败品的墓地。该工厂原属于德·哈维兰飞机公司,并且于上世纪50年代负责世上第一架客机彗星客机的生产。蓝光火箭同样也是由这里制造的。然而几起致命的空难最终终结了彗星客机的生产,也结束了英国领导民用航空业的历史。蓝光火箭的计划也由于盘旋上涨的成本而被迫叫停,实际上国家也无法从火箭发射领域中盈利。Silver lining曙光初现These were disasters at the time, but in retrospect also rather fortuitous. Britains space industry was consequently forced to look at small-scale projects and to survive on tight budgets, unlike Americas. It also made the British more commercially minded in financing the industry.回溯历史,塞翁失马,焉知非福。英国的航空业最终转向了小规模项目的研发,并且得以在紧张的预算中存活,走上了与美国相反的道路。英国在航空领域融资方面也因而更具有商业头脑。The satellite maker SSTL, for example, argues one of its directors, Andrew Bradford, is largely about “changing the economics of space”. It has virtually invented the niche market for less expensive, smaller satellites, selling a lot to developing countries. And it works on science missions like Rosetta. Mr Byrne also argues that ADS has been successful partly because it has a good commercial business, making big satellites for customers like BSkyB, a broadcaster. The innovative technology developed for the government-funded science projects like Rosetta is transferable to business, maximising the return on the intellectual investment. For now, it looks like a stellar formula.例如,安德鲁·布鲁德福(Andrew Bradford)主任认为,卫星制造商SSTL就致力于“改变航空业的经济状况”。事实上SSTL也的确开拓出了针对价格相对低廉的小型卫星的缝隙市场,并成功向发展中国家大量出售。此举在如罗塞塔号之类的科研任务中也有成效。伯恩认为ADS获得成功主要归因于其优质的商业业务,如为英国天空广播公司(BSkyB)这类的客户生产大型人造卫星。这类由政府资助的科研项目如罗塞塔号产生的创新技术可以商业化,并将智力投资的回报最大化。到目前为止,这看上去是一个不错的营运公式。译者:朱大素 校对:王颖译文属译生译世 /201411/345065崂山区人流哪家医院最好的

高密市中心医院妇产科建卡要多少钱For Peggy Orenstein, an American journalist, these are symptoms of a larger and more pernicious problem: “the pressure on young women to reduce their worth to their bodies and to see those bodies as a collection of parts that exist for others pleasure”. In “Girls amp; Sex”, a wise and sharply argued look at how girls are navigating “the complicated new landscape” of sex and sexuality, Ms Orenstein notes that unlike past feminists, who often protested against their sexual objectification, many of todays young women claim to find it empowering. “There are few times that I feel more confident about my body than when I wear a crop top and my boobs are showing and my legs are showing,” says Holly, a college student. “I never feel more liberated.”对于佩吉·沃伦斯坦一个美国记者来说,这些都是更大更具危害性问题的表现—“年轻的女孩儿背负着一定的压力,她们将自己的价值体现仅限于自己的身体且视自己的身体为满足别人乐趣的一部分”。《女孩与性》讲述了女孩儿如何在性别和性相关“这个复杂的新领域”定位,见解独到。沃伦斯坦还提到,现在很多年轻女性声称性物化给了她们自主权,而不是像过去的女性那样反对性物化。大学生霍莉说道:“当我穿露脐装秀胸秀腿的时候我觉得很自信,无拘无束,其他时间很少有这种感觉。”This hardly seems like progress, particularly when only certain bodies, those that are sexy to men, are allowed to be a source of pride. (Even Meghan Trainors body-positive anthem, “All About That Bass”, celebrates fuller bodies because “boys, they like a little more booty to hold at night.”) Yet both authors argue that girls are embracing their own sexualisation in part because they are living in a culture that prioritises women being “hot”. Just listen to Donald Trump, Americas Republican presidential front-runner, or try to find a female news presenter wearing a dress with sleeves.这看起来并不像是进步,尤其是当特定的身材—那些男性觉得性感的身材,可以被当作是自豪感的来源的时候。(即使梅根·特雷纳的那首正能量满满的身材颂歌“All About That Bass”赞美了更丰满的身材,理由是“男孩们晚上更喜欢肥硕的屁屁(此处为歌词)”)然而作家们还是声称女孩子们在某种程度上还是喜欢自己的性化,因为她们生活在优待身材“火辣”的女性的文化中。听听美国共和党总统竞选人唐纳德·特朗普说的吧(特朗普在竞选中攻击希拉里,更是搬出希拉里的丈夫、前总统克林顿来反击她的“性别歧视”批评。其本人有性别歧视倾向),或者试着找找那些穿长袖裙的新闻女主播吧。Both books also blame the “ever-broadening influence of porn”. The internet has made pornography more widely available than ever before. Few view it as realistic, but many consult it as a guide—which makes sense in a country where parents rarely talk candidly about sex with their children, especially their daughters, and few schools fill the gap. Educators commonly advocate abstinence and only 13 states require that sex education even be medically accurate.两本书也批评了“色情文学越来越广的影响力”。互联网使得色情书籍比以前更容易获得。在一个父母很少和孩子特别是女孩儿开诚布公地谈论性而且很少有学校会有相关教育的国家,很少有人正视互联网对色情书籍可获得性的事实,但是又有很多人视互联网为指南。教育者们一般只是提倡节欲,而且只有13个国家会要求医学上较为准确的性教育。The problem is that much of this pornography is not only explicit but also violent, which can influence expectations. A study of Canadian teenagers found a correlation between consuming pornography and believing it is okay to hold a girl down for forced sex. Pornography also tends to present womens sexuality as something that exists primarily for the benefit of men. Ms Orenstein notes that most of the young women she interviewed had removed all of their pubic hair since they were about 14 in order to cater to the fickle, porn-bred tastes of young men. They also tended to prioritise their partners physical pleasure over their own.问题是很多色情文学直接,暴力,这些会影响他们的未来。一项关于加拿大青少年的调查研究发现消费色情文学与认为可以击倒女生并对其施暴这样的观点存在着一定的联系。而且色情文学倾向于将女性的性欲描述为主要为满足男性而存在的一种事物。沃伦斯坦提到她采访的很多年轻女性14岁左右就去除了阴毛以迎合那些浮躁的有着色情口味的年轻男人。他们还倾向于更看重另一半身材带来的欢愉而非他们自己的。For anyone raising a daughter, these books do not make for easy ing. Expect plenty of stories about binge drinking, random hookups, oral sex and misjudged sexting. Intellectually, many young women believe they can achieve whatever they set their minds to, but most still struggle to obey a sexual double-standard that gives them little room between being chided as “sluts” or “prudes”. As one teenage girl tells Ms Orenstein, “Usually the opposite of a negative is a positive, but in this case its two negatives. So what are you supposed to do?”对于那些有女儿要抚养的家长来说,这些书籍并不容易阅读。有很多关于酗酒、随机配对、口交和乱性的故事。理性地说,很多年轻女性认为对她们想要的东西志在必得,但是大多数人还是会挣扎着遵循性别上的双重标准——这使得她们被批为“”和“故作正经的绿茶婊”,因此她们在这两者之间受到了很大的限制。就像一个青少年女孩告诉沃伦斯坦的那样,“消极的反义通常是积极,但是在这个方面是两个消极。所以你还能怎么做呢?” 翻译:李晶晶amp;周玮 校对:赵容 译文属译生译世 /201604/438286 黄岛区中心医院价格青岛市哪家医院做无痛人流好



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