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青岛有哪些出名的妇科医院市北区妇女儿童医院支持刷信用卡吗Former British Prime Minister David Cameron has resigned as a Conservative Member of Parliament two months after he quit as prime minister in the wake of the June Brexit referendum.英国前首相戴维·卡梅伦辞去了保守党国会议员的职务。两个月前,他在该国6月举行脱欧公投后辞去了首相一职。Cameron, 49, said he did not want to be a ;distraction; for new Prime Minister Theresa May.现年49岁的卡梅伦表示,他不想让新任首相特里莎·梅;分神;。He said that he thought about the decision long and hard and it isnt really possible to be a proper backbench MP as a former prime minister.他表示,他对这个决定认真地思考了很久,认为前任首相真的不可能成为一名称职的后座议员。He said he had not made any ;firm decisions; on what to do next, but he wanted to continue to contribute to public life.卡梅伦称,他还没;拿定主意;接下来要做什么,但他想继续投身于公共事务。Cameron, has earlier said he would continue as an MP until the next general election.卡梅伦先前曾表示,在下一次大选到来之前,他会继续担当国会议员。The politician, who had represented Witney since 2001, became Conservative leader in 2005 and served as prime minister for six years from 2010.001年开始,这位政客一直担任威特尼选区议员,在2005年成为了保守党领袖,并从2010年起担任了六年的首相。来 /201609/467254青岛五个月引产需多少钱 After a 2005 emerged featuring Donald Trump making vulgar comments about women, US House Speaker Paul Ryan told fellow Republicans last Monday that he would not campaign with Trump or defend him leading up to the Nov 8 election, in a clear signal party leaders are giving up hope of winning the White House.一段记录了唐纳德·特朗普对女性的粗俗005年视频被曝光后,美国众议院议长保罗·瑞安于当地时间上周一向共和党同僚表示,在11日大选之前,自己将不再与特朗普同台助选或发声为其辩护,这是共和党领导人正在放弃入主白宫的希望的明确信号。He told members that he wouldnt withdraw his endorsement, but would instead focus on preserving a Republican majority in Congress.瑞安告诉共和党议员,自己不会撤回对特朗普的背书,但会转而将精力集中于维持共和党在国会的多数席位。He also told lawmakers to ;do whats best for you in your district; when it comes to supporting Trump.此外,他还告知立法者,当涉及到持特朗普一事时,做好你的本职工作就奀?Trump last Tuesday lashed out at Ryan, calling him a ;very weak and ineffective leader; and criticizing the Grand Old Party for its lack of loyalty in a barrage of Twitter posts.特朗普上周二连发多条推文猛烈抨击瑞安,称其为;非常懦弱无能的领导;,并指责共和党不忠诚。来 /201610/471746North Korea has conducted its fifth nuclear test its second this year and its largest to date, defying the intensifying international pressure on the isolated communist state.不顾日益加大的国际压力,孤立的共产主义国家朝鲜实施了该国第五次核试验。这是今年的第二次核试验,也是该国迄今规模最大的核试验。Seoul’s defence ministry said an explosion was detected near North Korea’s known nuclear test site at 9:30am Korea time on Friday. South Korea’s military believes the nuclear test had an estimated yield of 10 kilotons, a ministry official said. The nuclear bomb that was dropped on Hiroshima was 15 kilotons.韩国国防部表示,韩国时间周五上午9点半,在朝鲜已知核试验场地附近侦测到一次爆炸。一名国防部官员表示,韩国军方认为,这次核试验当量估计为1万吨。作为参照,当初投放在广岛的核弹当量.5万吨。Park Geun-hye, South Korea’s president, said the nuclear test showed the “maniacal recklessnessof North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.韩国总统朴槿Park Geun-hye)表示,这次核试验显示了朝鲜领导人金正Kim Jong Un)“疯狂的鲁莽”。“What the Kim Jong-un regime will get from the nuclear test is stronger international sanctions and deeper isolation. This kind of provocation would just hasten its self-destruction,Ms Park said.朴槿惠表示:“金正恩政权从这次核试验中得到的,将是更强烈的国际制裁和更进一步的孤立。这种挑衅只会加剧其自我毁灭。”North Korea had warned it would take “physical counteractionafter Seoul announced a decision in July to deploy a US anti-ballistic missile system in South Korea as a shield against the North’s increasing military threats.今年7月,韩国政府宣布决定在韩国部署一种美国反弹道导弹系统,作为抵御朝鲜日益增强的军事威胁的盾牌。在那之后,朝鲜曾警告称会采取“实际对抗行为”。来 /201609/465994德州人工流产需要多少钱

荣成人流一般多少钱The US Senate unanimously passed a bill on Tuesday that would allow families of 9/11 victims to sue Saudi Arabia for any alleged role its officials might have had in the attacks, setting up a potential confrontation with the White House which has threatened a veto.周二,美国参议院一致通过一项法案,将允许“九一一”遇难者家属起诉沙特阿拉伯,只要其能指出沙特官员在那次恐怖袭击中起到过作用。此举或将使参议院与白宫发生冲突,后者已扬言要否决这项法案。The overwhelming support in the Senate for the bill, which will now pass to the House of Representatives, is also likely to heighten tensions with Saudi Arabia at a moment of sharp disagreement between the two allies over Iran.此外,在美国与沙特围绕伊朗问题发生严重分歧之际,美国参议院对这项法案的“一边倒”持,很可能会加剧美沙之间的紧张关系。这项法案现在将转给美国众议院。Under the bill, which is called the Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act, countries found to have been involved in terrorist acts committed on US soil would lose their right to sovereign immunity that protects them from lawsuits.依照这项《对恐怖主义资助者实行法律制裁法案Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act),任何被认定参与过在美国国土上实施的恐怖主义行为的国家,都将失去能使它们免受起诉的主权豁免权。If it were to become law, the bill would allow families of 9/11 victims to pursue lawsuits that some believe would prove Saudi officials played a role in the attacks. Of the 19 hijackers, 15 were Saudis.如果成为法律,该法案将使得“九一一”遇难者家属能够提起相关诉讼——有人认为,这些诉讼最终会明沙特官员在恐怖袭击中起到过作用。在19名“九一一”劫机者中,有15名是沙特人。Charles Schumer, the Democratic senator from New York and one of the bill’s co-sponsors, said that the “Senate has spoken loudly and unanimously that the families of victims of terrorist attacks should be able to hold the perpetrators accountable, even if it’s a country He said that the vote on Tuesday indicated there was enough support for the bill in the Senate to override a presidential veto.纽约州民主党参议员、该法案的共同发起人查尔#8226;舒默(Charles Schumer)表示,“参议院一致大声疾呼,恐怖袭击遇难者家属应当能够追究肇事者的责任,即便它是一个国家”。他表示,周二的表决结果表明,这项法案在参议院有足够多的持者,足以推翻总统的否决。Josh Earnest, White House spokesman, said that the bill “would change longstanding, international law regarding sovereign immunityand that it could “make the ed States vulnerable in other court systems around the world白宫发言人乔#8226;欧内斯特(Josh Earnest)表示,这项法案“将改变长期以来关于主权豁免的国际法”,可能会“让美国很容易在世界各地的其他法庭体系中受到冲击”。“Sovereign immunity is a principle that is critical to our national security,he said, adding that the White House would seek to make changes to the proposed legislation.他说:“主权豁免是一项对我们国家安全至关重要的原则。”他补充称,白宫将寻求对这项拟议中的法案作出修改。Adel al-Jubeir, foreign minister of Saudi Arabia, said that by attacking the principle of sovereign immunity, the bill would “turn the world for international law into the law of the jungle沙特外长阿德#8226;朱拜Adel al-Jubeir)表示,通过攻击主权豁免原则,这项法案将“把国际法变成丛林法则”。Mr Jubeir has said that Saudi Arabia would take steps to protect its investments in the US, which officials have said could mean moving certain holdings to other jurisdictions. The US Treasury department said on Monday that Saudi Arabia held 6.8bn of US government debt.他表示,沙特将采取措施保护本国在美国的投资。官员们表示,这可能意味着将某些投资转移到其他司法管辖区。美国财政部周一表示,沙特持168亿美元美国国债。来 /201605/444419青岛做早孕检查多少钱 青岛无痛取环那个医院好

青岛市新阳光是正规医院吗?For those who hope that Donald Trump has no views on foreign policy, forget it. 那些希望唐纳特朗Donald Trump)没有外交政策立场的人,放弃吧。Not only does he have a view about America’s role in the world, but it is one shared by many Americans. 他不仅对美国在世界上的角色有立场,而且这立场还与很多美国人一致。He may or may not cosy up to Vladimir Putin, have a trade war with China or even build his wall. 他会不会向弗拉基米尔.普京(Vladimir Putin)示好、与中国展开贸易战、甚至建起高墙,现在都不确定。But on the biggest question of all, from which everything else flows, the question of US responsibility for global order, he clearly has little interest in continuing to shoulder that burden. 但是在美国对于全球秩序的责任问题上——这是最重大的问题、也是其他所有问题的源头——他明显对继续承担这个重担没什么兴趣。He aims to put America First, which means we are closer to the end of the 70-year-old US world order他的目标是以美国为先,这意味着长达70年的美国世界秩序更加接近终结。Mr Trump, in this respect, is no anomaly. 在这方面,特朗普并非例外。Pat Buchanan rode America First a long way against George HW Bush of New World Order fame in 1992; and after the Iraq and Afghan wars and the financial crisis, it became a national phenomenon. 1992年美国大选初选阶段,帕特.布坎Pat Buchanan)主张的美国为先对老布什(George HW Bush)主张的世界新秩序(New World Order) 发起挑战,坚持了很长一段时间才败下阵来;在伊拉克和阿富汗战争、以及金融危机后,类似的状况成了美国的全国性现象。Internationalists such as Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio went nowhere this year; Bernie Sanders joined Mr Trump in attacking global involvement; and Hillary Clinton was hit from all sides for being too internationalist and too wedded to the idea of the US as the indispensable nation, the Bill Clinton phrase that encapsulated the thinking of every president from Harry Truman to George W Bush. 在今年的大选中,杰布什(Jeb Bush)和马尔科.鲁比Marco Rubio)等国际主义者都很早就落败了;伯桑德Bernie Sanders)加入了特朗普,攻击美国对全球事务的干涉;希拉克林Hillary Clinton)由于太过国际主义、以及太执着于美国是不可或缺的国家(比尔.克林Bill Clinton)的话,这句话概括了从哈里.杜鲁Harry Truman)到小布什(George W Bush)的每一位总统的思路),而受到四面八方的攻击。President Barack Obama was the transitional figure away from that tradition, and Mr Trump’s election is the decisive break. 总统巴拉奥巴Barack Obama)是偏离这一传统的过渡性人物,而特朗普当选则是与这一传统的明确决裂。The US is, for now, out of the world order business.就目前而言,美国已不再管全球秩序这档事。This does not mean a return to a mythical American isolationism. 这并不意味着重返传说的美国孤立主义——This powerful, commercially minded nation has never cut itself off from the rest of the world, not even in the 1930s. 这个注重贸易的强大国家从未自我隔绝于世界之外,即使在上世0年代也未曾这样做。What it does mean is a return to national solipsism, with a much narrower definition of American interests and a reluctance to act in the world except to protect those narrow interests. 这真正意味的是,重返国家唯我主义——以狭隘得多的方式定义美国利益,不愿参与世界事务,除非为了保护狭隘意义上的美国利益。To put it another way, America may once again start behaving like a normal nation.换句话来说,美国或许会再次开始像一个正常国家那样行事。A hypercritical Europe, with its own solipsism, has often taken for granted just how abnormally unselfish American behaviour has been since the second world war. 吹毛求疵、有着自己的唯我论的欧洲,往往把自二战以来美国非正常的无私行为当成理所当然的事。No people ever took on such far-flung responsibilities for so little obvious pay-off. 从来没有哪个民族为了如此微薄的显性回报,承担起种种跟自己八竿子打不着的责任。The US kept troops in Europe and Asia for 70 years, not to protect itself from immediate attack but to protect its allies. 美国在欧洲和亚洲驻军长达70年,不是为了保护自己免受直接攻击,而是为了保护盟友。With half the world’s gross domestic product in 1945, it created an open economic order that let others prosper and compete. 1945年美国的国内生产总GDP)是世界总GDP的一半,在这种情况下,它建立了开放的经济秩序,让其他国家得以繁荣发展并参与竞争。It helped sp democracy even though democratic allies proved more independent than the dictatorships they replaced.它帮助传播了民主,即便事实明,实行民主制度的盟友比被取代的那些独裁政权更加独立。Pacific Rim leaders pledged on Friday to resist a new wave of protectionism as US President-elect Donald Trump loomed large over the opening of the 21-country Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit. 上周五,环太平洋地区的领袖承诺抵制新一波保护主义——美国当选总统特朗普的阴云,笼罩着亚太经合组织(APEC,由21个国家组成)峰会的开幕式。Mr Trump’s surprise victory in this month’s US presidential election has upended the Obama administration’s plans for a Trans-Pacific Partnership with Japan and 10 other countries and opened the door to Chinese rivals. 特朗普在本月美国总统大选中意外获胜,推翻了奥巴马政府与日本和其0个国家建立跨太平洋伙伴关TPP)的计划,为中国的类似计划乘虚而入打开了大门。It has also raised fears that the US could embark on a trade war with China or erect new barriers that could undermine fragile growth in the region. 特朗普的胜出也引发了担忧:美国可能会与中国打起贸易战,或者设立可能会损害该地区脆弱增长的新壁垒。Opening a business summit on the sidelines of this weekend’s APEC event, Peru’s president pointed to Mr Trump’s protectionist rhetoric and June’s vote in the UK to leave the EU as frightening developments for the global economy. 在为APEC工商领导人峰会(在APEC领导人非正式会议间隙召开)揭幕时,秘鲁总统指出,特朗普的保护主义言论以月英国投票退出欧盟,对全球经济而言是可怕的动向。In the US and Britain, protectionism is taking over, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said. 在美国和英国,保护主义正在取代(自由贸易精神),秘鲁总统佩德巴勃库琴斯基(Pedro Pablo Kuczynski)称,这两件事非常重要——全球贸易重新开始增长、保护主义被打败。It is fundamental that world trade grow again and that protectionism be defeated, he added, urging anyone who wants to promote protectionism [to] an economic history of the 1930s. 他还敦促任何想宣扬保护主义的人去读一读关于上世纪30年代的经济史。We have to deliver an unequivocal message to the world that trade continues to be beneficial, he said. 我们必须向世界发出明确信息,贸易仍是有益的,他称。That warning was echoed by Malcolm Turnbull, Australia’s prime minister, who cautioned that any new surge in protectionism would only hinder efforts to get the global economy out of its current low-growth rut. 澳大利亚总理马尔科姆.特恩布尔(Malcolm Turnbull)也发出类似警告,称保护主义的任何抬头,都只会妨碍旨在帮助全球经济摆脱目前低增长状态的努力。As we all know, if you are in a deep hole the worst thing to do is to keep digging. 众所周知,如果你身处深坑之中,你最不应该做的就是继续向下挖——That is what protectionism does, he said. 而这正是保护主义做的事,他称。来 /201611/479671 四方区中医医院治疗宫颈糜烂好吗青岛市做人流那家好




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