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A Chinese couple who took a toilet seat from their hotel in Nagoya, Japan has become the subject of heated online discussion.日前,一对中国夫妇从其下榻的日本名古屋的一家酒店中顺走了马桶盖,此事已经成为网上热议的话题According to a WeChat user, the couple, who was part of a Chinese tour group, took a multi-function toilet seat from their room.据一名微信用户爆料,这对夫妻是跟随一个中国旅行团前往日本旅游的,他们偷走了下榻酒店房间内的一个多功能马桶盖After realizing that the toilet seat was missing, the hotel contacted the group tour guide and called the police.在意识到马桶盖失窃之后,酒店联系了该旅行团的导游,并且报了警Mr. Yang, with the Ningbo branch of Shanghai Spring Travel, said that the couple was part of a six-day group trip to Japan, which included a stay at Toyoko Inn in Nagoya.据上海春天旅行社宁波分社的杨先生表示,这对夫妇参与了一趟前往日本6天旅游的旅行团,安排他们在名古屋的东横INN住宿;They moved the two beds together and found the toilet seat under the bed. They thought it had been left by other guests who had stayed in the room, so they decided to take it with them,; he said.他说道:“他们把两张床拼到了一起,却发现床底下有一个马桶盖他们以为那个马桶盖是之前住这间房间的客人留下来的,于是他们决定把它带走”;The tour group was on the way to another hotel. With the help of the tour guide, the couple mailed the toilet seat back to Toyoko Inn. They later sent a letter of apology.;“当时旅行团正在前往另一家酒店的路上在导游的协助之下,这对夫妇将马桶盖邮寄回了东横INN酒店随后他们还寄回了一封致歉信”Yang said the hotel has opted not to press charges against the couple.据杨先生表示,酒店方面已经决定不对这对夫妇发起诉讼 50Beefcake Valdir Segato huge biceps measure a staggering 3 inches as a result of painful synthol injections.由于忍痛注射合成醇,猛男瓦尔迪尔·塞加托的巨型肱二头肌竟然达到了惊人的3英寸The 8-year-old arms have doubled in size from inches after he began injecting the potentially lethal oil substance five years ago and now he wants to get even bigger.在五年前,这位8岁的男子就开始注射可能致命的燃油物质,随后他的双臂大小从英寸增大了两倍Segato, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is inspired by the physiques of Arnold Schwarzenegger and fictional characters like The Hulk and is proud to be known locally as ;the monster; in the street.来自巴西圣保罗的塞加托受到了阿诺德·施瓦辛格和绿巨人这样的虚构人物的鼓舞,并很自豪能够被当地人称为街道“怪物”Segato, a construction worker, said: ;They call me Hulk, Schwarzenegger and He-Man all the time and I like that. I;ve doubled my biceps but I still want to be bigger.;塞加托是一名建筑工人,他表示:“他们一直管我叫绿巨人、施瓦辛格和希曼,我很喜欢我的肱二头肌已经增大了两倍,但我还想变得更加强壮”As a youth he was an emaciated skinny drug addict and lost so much weight he was known as ;Skinny Dog;.年轻时,他是一名瘦弱的吸毒者,体重减轻了很多,并被称为“小瘦子”He said: ;I got involved with drugs and I started losing weight because you dont eat, you lead a wrong life.;他表示:“我曾吸食毒品,因为不吃饭,也过着不健康的生活,所以体重开始下降,”Segato quit drugs and joined a gym but he wanted more extreme effects than he could achieve from exercise alone.塞加托戒毒之后加入了健身房,但是他想要一种比锻炼更为极端的效果He was offered synthol by someone in the gym and soon became hooked on the muscle-enhancing substance, which he injects into his biceps, chest and shoulders.在健身房,某个人给了他合成醇,很快他就对这一增长肌肉的物质上瘾了,他将其注入了肱二头肌、胸部和肩膀;The Hulk; has been warned he faces serious problems - including amputation - if he continues to use synthol.这位“绿巨人”已被警告将会面临包括截肢在内的严重问题--如果他继续使用合成醇的话Segato said: ;The doctors tell me to stop it, the advice they give me is to stop using. But it my decision to use it because I want to, because I like to.;塞加托对此则表示:“医生们告诉我停止注射,他们给我的建议是停止使用但是我的决定是继续使用它,因为我想要这样,我喜欢这样”

A joint venture of two Chinese companies has won the bid to build the world tallest twin towers in the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, reports thepaper.cn.据《澎湃新闻报道,两家中国公司的合资企业已经赢得了在柬埔寨首都金边建立世界最高双子大厦的投标The twin towers will be 560 meters high with 3 floors.这座双子大厦高度将达到560米,共3层The bid amount is around .7 billion US dollars, and the duration of the contract is tentatively fixed at 60 months.据悉,投标总金额约为7亿美元,合同期限暂定为60个月According to a statement of the bid winner, the twin tower project will be located in a high-class area in the Phnom Penh city center.根据中标者的一份声明表示,该双子大厦项目将位于金边市中心的高级地区The project will include commercial areas, offices, residential areas, exhibition halls, hotels, as well as a -floor underground parking lot.该项目将包括商业区、办公室、住宅区、展厅、酒店,以及一个层的地下停车场It will span an area of over 1.5 million square meters and will be the largest world trade center in Southeast Asia.该双子大厦占地将超过0万平方米,将成为东南亚最大的世贸中心The current tallest twin towers in the world are the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. It has 88 floors and is 5 meters high.当前世界上最高的双子大厦位于马来西亚吉隆坡,共88层,高5米 90

A schoolboy who lived with his head hanging to one side is finally able to see the world traight after life-changing surgery.在接受了一场改变人生的手术之后,一名头部倒向一侧的男生终于能够正视这个世界了Mahendra Ahirwar, , has a rare condition that made his neck muscles so weak his head hung at a 180-degree angle.岁的马亨德拉·阿伊瓦患有一种罕见的疾病,这使得它的颈部肌肉因缺乏承托力,而导致其头部倒转180度悬垂着His crocked neck meant Mahendra was restricted to just sitting as he was unable to stand or walk and needed help to eat and go to the toilet.他这歪着的颈部意味着马亨德拉不能笔直坐着,因为他没法站立或走路,他吃饭和上卫生间都需要帮助But Mahendra life has been transmed thanks to a stranger, mother-of-two Julie Jones living ,000 miles away in Liverpool who his story and raised ,000 pound an operation to straighten his neck.然而,多亏了一位陌生人,马亨德拉的人生发生了转变一位居住在000英里外的利物浦、有着两个孩子的母亲朱莉·琼斯在阅读完关于他的报道之后,筹集了000英镑来为他做颈部矫正手术Now the Mahendra can do the same things other boys his age can - like go to school.现在,马亨德拉已经能够和其他同龄男孩子做相同的事情了--比如说去上学His dad Mukesh, 1, told MailOnline: It a miracle! He looks great. His neck is straight; and his life is so very different.他1岁的父亲穆克什在接受《每日邮报采访时表示:“这是个奇迹!他看起来很好他的颈部变直了,他的生活也而截然不同”He in a good place. It was heart breaking to see him bee. We were on the brink of losing him. When his neck was bent he was too shy to speak but now he feels like a normal person and we can see his confidence levels growing. “他很幸运看到他以前的样子真是令人心碎我们也在失去他的边缘上在他的脖子还是弯曲的时候,他很害羞,不敢说话,但是现在他感觉自己像个正常人了,我们能够看到他的自信水平在增加”He is very happy now. He says he can feel the difference and he loves it.“他现在很开心他说他感受到了差别,他很喜欢这样” 35

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