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President Bush Departs for NATO Summit   THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. Laura and I are on our way to a very important NATO summit, and members of the ed States Congress are on their way back to Washington. And they have a lot of work to do.   Congress needs to pass FISA reform. Our intelligence professionals are waiting on the Congress to give them the tools they need to monitor terrorist communications. Congress also needs to provide liability protection to companies that may have helped save lives after September the 11th, 2001.   Congress needs to pass legislation to modernize the Federal Housing Administration. Struggling homeowners are waiting on Congress to act so that the FHA can help more Americans refinance their mortgages and stay in their homes.   Congress needs to act urgently to approve the Colombian Free Trade Agreement -- a courageous ally in South America is waiting on Congress to approve an agreement that will strengthen our national security. American businesses, workers and farmers are waiting on Congress to level the playing field.   These are all vital priorities, and I ask members of both parties to get these important pieces of legislation to my desk as soon as possible.   Thank you very much. 200806/41349。

  • in as much as they tend to lessen its usefulness and to sap its safety.因为它们旨在于消弱其功用和危害其安全。They might,indeed,have been corected by the wholesome punishments reserved to and provided by the laws of the several States against falsehood and defamation,它们真应该由某些州立法律所保留和提供的审慎惩罚来纠正;but public duties more urgent press on the time of public servants,但更为紧要的公务占据了公务员的时间,and the offenders have therefore been left to find their punishment in the public indignation.而只让那些违反者在公众的愤怒中得到惩罚。No inference is here intended that the laws provided by the States against false and defamatory publications should not be enforced;这里并不意味着关于针对虚假和诽谤的出版物的州立法律无须被强制执行的推论;he who has time renders a service to public morals and public tranquillity in reforming these abuses by the salutary coercions of the law;某人如有时间,便为了公众的道德和宁静而通过有益的法律强制来改正这些滥用;but the experiment is noted to prove that,since truth and reason have maintained their ground against false opinions in league with false facts,但引用这一实验来明,是因为事实和理性针对虚假的观点伙同虚假的事务毫不退让。the press,confined to truth,needs no other legal restraint;限于真正的媒体无须其它法律的限制;the public judgment will correct false reasoning and opinions on a full hearing of all parties;在完全听取各方之后,公众的判断会纠正错误的推论和观点;and no other definite line can be drawn between the inestimable liberty of the press and its demoralizing licentiousness.而且在无价的媒体自由与其不道德的诽谤之间划出一条确定的界限不大可能。If there be still improprieties which this rule would not restrain,its supplement must be sought in the censorship of public opinion如果仍然有此规则无法限制的不恰之处,则须在公众舆论检查中寻找它的补充。I shall now enter on the duties to which my fellow citizens have again called me,现在我将要履行我的同胞再次召唤我的职责,and shall proceed in the spirit of those principles which they have approved.并将要以他们所认可的那些原则的精神来履行。I fear not that any motives of interest may lead me astray;我无惧于任何可能使我迷途的利益目的;I am sensible of no passion which could seduce me knowingly from the path of justice,我没有感到任何能引诱我明知是离开公正之途的欲望,but the weaknesses of human nature and the limits of my own understanding will produce errors of judgment sometimes injurious to your interests.但是,人性的弱点和我自身感知的局限将会造成对你们利益有损的错误判断。I shall need,therefore,all the indulgence which I have heretofore experienced from my constituents;因此,我需要至今以来从我的选民中得到的所有谅解;the want of it will certainly not lessen with increasing years.而且对此的需要肯定不会随着年代的累积而减少。I shall need,too,the favor of that Being in whose hands we are,who led our fathers,as Israel of old,我也需要上帝的恩惠,我们在他的手中,他带领我们的先父,就如同旧时的以色列,from their native land and planted them in a country flowing with all the necessaires and comforts of life;离开他们的祖国,而植根于一个充满所有物质和舒适生活的国家;who has covered our infancy with his providence and our riper years with His wisdom and power,他以他的眷顾包含我们的童年,以他的智慧和力量包含我们的成熟年代,and to whose goodness I ask you to join in supplication with me that he will so enlighten the minds of your servants,我请求你们和我一起恳求他的恩惠,恳求他将开导你们公仆的心智,guide their councils,and prosper their measures that whatsoever they do shall result in your good.指引他们的意见,并促使他们行动的成功,这样他们所做的任何事情都将为你们带来益处,and shall secure to you the peace,friendship,and approbation of all nations.为你们保和平,友谊,和所有国家的赞许。01/436004。
  • The President blasts Republicans in the Senate who are blocking unemployment insurance and small business tax breaks to create jobs, even as they push for permanent, massive tax cuts for the richest Americans.Download mp4 (145MB) | mp3 (5MB)201007/109252。
  • THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. In a time of war, America's top priority should be to ensure that our troops on the front lines get the funding they need. So beginning in February, I submitted detailed funding requests to Congress to fund operations in the war on terror. Congress has had months to pass this funding. Unfortunately, with just days to go before members leave for their Christmas vacation, they still have not come through with these funds. This week Congress considered a defense authorization bill. An authorization bill is a pledge to spend money. Under such a bill, Congress will make a promise to fund our troops in combat. But a congressional promise -- even if enacted -- does not pay the bills. It is time for Congress to provide our troops with actual funding. The stakes are high for our men and women on the front lines. Our troops are striking blows against the terrorists and extremists in Iraq and Afghanistan -- and these funds are critical to their continued success. The funds I have requested include money to carry out combat operations against the enemy. They include money to train the Iraqi and Afghan security forces to take on more responsibility for the defense of their countries. They include money for civilian agencies deployed in the field with our military to help build local governments and create jobs. And they include money for intelligence operations to protect our troops on the battlefield. Congress has had plenty of time to consider the emergency funds our troops need. Time is running out. And Pentagon officials say that continued delay in funding our troops will soon begin to have a damaging impact on the operations of our military. Congress' responsibility is clear: They must deliver vital funds for our troops -- and they must do it before they leave for Christmas. Our men and women on the front lines will be spending this holiday season far from their families and loved ones. And this Christmas, they deserve more than words from Congress. They deserve action. Thank you for listening. 200801/23823。
  • REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT AT A LINCOLN BICENTENNIAL CELEBRATIONU.S. CapitolWashington, D.C.11:47 A.M. ESTTHE PRESIDENT: Thank you. Thank you. Pease, be seated. Thank you very much. Madam Speaker, Leader Reid, members of Congress, dear friends, former colleagues, it is a great honor to be here -- a place where Lincoln served, was inaugurated, and where the nation he saved bid him a last farewell. As we mark the bicentennial of our 16th President's birth, I cannot claim to know as much about his life and works as many who are also speaking today, but I can say that I feel a special gratitude to this singular figure who in so many ways made my own story possible -- and in so many ways made America's story possible.It is fitting that we are holding this celebration here at the Capitol, for the life of this building is bound ever so closely to the times of this immortal President. Built by artisans and craftsmen, but also immigrants and slaves -- it was here, in the rotunda, that Union soldiers received help from a makeshift hospital; it was downstairs, in the basement, that they were baked b to give them strength; and it was in the Senate and House chambers where they slept at night and spent some of their days. What those soldiers saw when they looked on this building was a very different sight than the one we see today, for it remained unfinished until the end of the war. The laborers who built the dome came to work wondering each day whether that would be their last; whether the metal they were using for its frame would be requisitioned for the war and melted down into bullets. But each day went by without any orders to halt construction, and so they kept on working and kept on building. When President Lincoln was finally told of all the metal being used here, his response was short and clear: That is as it should be. The American people needed to be reminded, he believed, that even in a time of war, the work would go on; the people's business would continue; that even when the nation itself was in doubt, its future was being secured; and that on that distant day, when the guns fell silent, a national capitol would stand, with a statue of freedom at its peak, as a symbol of unity in a land still mending its divisions. It is this sense of unity, this ability to plan for a shared future even at a moment where our nation was torn apart, that I reflect on today. And while there are any number of moments that reveal that particular side of this extraordinary man, Abraham Lincoln -- that particular aspect of his leadership -- there's one that I'd like to share with you today.In the war's final weeks, aboard Grant's flagship, The River Queen, President Lincoln was asked what was to be done with the rebel armies once General Lee surrendered. With victory at hand, Lincoln could have sought revenge. He could have forced the South to pay a steep price for their rebellion. But despite all the bloodshed and all the misery that each side had exacted upon the other, and despite his absolute certainty in the rightness of the cause of ending slavery, no Confederate soldier was to be punished, Lincoln ordered. They were to be treated, as he put it, "liberally all round." What Lincoln wanted was for Confederate troops to go back home and return to work on their farms and in their shops. He was even willing, he said, to "let them have their horses to plow and frac14; their guns to shoot crows with."That was the only way, Lincoln knew, to repair the rifts that had torn this country apart. It was the only way to begin the healing that our nation so desperately needed. What Lincoln never forgot, not even in the midst of civil war, was that despite all that divides us -- north and south, black and white -- we were, at heart, one nation and one people, sharing a bond as Americans that could bend but would not break. And so even as we meet here today, in a moment when we are far less divided than in Lincoln's day, but when we are once again debating the critical issues of our time -- and debating them sometimes fiercely -- let us remember that we are doing so as servants of the same flag, as representatives of the same people, and as stakeholders in a common future. That is the most fitting tribute we can pay -- the most lasting monument we can build -- to that most remarkable of men, Abraham Lincoln. Thank you. (Applause.) 02/62242。
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