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A scan was looking at the density of my liver by passing vibrations through it.探测器正在通过振动查看我的内脏The harder the liver had become by alcohol the less vibrations would pass through.硬化越严重 反馈的振动就越多The important figure is this one重要的参数是这个the stiffness value and thats well within the normal range这个刚度值在正常的范围内so I would say thats a normal liver stiffness.所以结果是正常的-That#39;s reassuring to you and me. -Immensely.-那让我们都放心了 -的确是But there was a catch.但还有个问题Apparently unless I had advanced liver disease no test would pick this up显然 检查只能查出很严重的内科疾病and by the time you feel the symptoms of liver damage要是已经出现症状 肝脏已严重受损you have a one-in-three chance of immediate death!三个这样的人中 一个会立即死去Without opening me up所以我并不愿意the best predictor of my liver was something I didnt want to think about.乐观地估计我的健康状态We come down to history我们再从你的饮酒习惯being the most important investigation of a patients alcohol来看一下你的情况whether theres alcohol playing a role in damaging the liver.看看你的肝脏是否收到酒精损坏It#39;s quite interesting how your drinking habits虽然你的饮酒习惯have changed over your lifetime.已经改变了不少However you are drinking excessively但是你的饮酒量and well outside the recommended limits for a male.还是远超过成年人的推荐值重点解释:1.pass through穿过; 透过; 流过例句:The waterway is wide for many ships to pass through.这条河很宽,足以使很多船通过。2.think about考虑;回想例句:The time is approaching when we must think about buying a new house.我们要想一想买新房子的事了,时机即将来临。3.play a role in在 ... 中起作用; 扮演角色例句:He was invited to play a role in this TV play.他被邀请在这个电视剧里扮演一个角色。 Article/201507/387117

The idea that our planet#39;s comtinents drift around the globe,periodically glomming together and breaking apart,is at least 200 years old.But most geologists didn#39;t believe it until the 1960#39;s,when mounting evidence made it clear that the Earth#39;s crust is broken up into fragments,and that those fragments,called tectonic plates,are moving.地球上的板块漂浮在全球各地,板块间会发生聚合和张裂,这种说法由来已月00多年,但在20世纪60年代之前,许多地质学家并不认同这种说法,直到越来越多的据表明,地球的地壳会分裂成碎片,而这些被称为构造板块的碎片是会移动的。And these days we directly track that motion-with millimeter precision-from space.The common,simplified explanation for why tectonic plates are moving is that they#39;re carried along on currents in the upper mantle,the slowly flowing layer of rock just below Earth#39;s crust.Converging currents drive plates into each other,diverging currents pull them apart.如今我们能够以毫米级的精确度,从太空直接观察到这种现象,目前普遍认为,造成构造板块移动的原因,简单说来就是板块随上地幔热对流而动,地幔岩流层就位于地壳下方,汇聚的对流导致板块分裂,分散的对流则会聚合板块。This is mostly true;hot mantle rock rises from the core and moves along under the crust until it grows cool and heavy and sinks back down again.But the plates aren#39;t just passively riding these conveyer-belt-like currents around like a bunch of suitcases at the baggage claim.They can#39;t be,because some of the plates are moving faster than the currents underneath them.这基本是对的,热的地幔岩从地核处上升至地壳,直到慢慢冷却变重沉积回去,但是板块不会像行李认领处,传送带上的箱包那般顺从,它们做不到,国为有些板块的移动速度比下层的岩石更快。For example,the Nazca plate-a chunk of ocean crust off the west coast of South America-is cruising eastward at about 10cm per year,while the mantle underneath it oozes along at just five.Neither tectonic plates nor luggage can move faster than the belt they#39;re riding on unless something else is helping to push or pull them along.例如,位于南美洲西海岸的大洋板块----纳斯卡板块,它正以每年10厘米的速度向东移动,而其下方的地幔每年只移动5厘米,无论是构造板块还是行李箱,都不可能动的比传送带快,除非还存在其他对它们产生推拉力的东西。And some of Earth#39;s plates,it turns out,are pulling themselves.When an ocean plate collides with another ocean plate or a plate bearing the thick crust of continental landmasses,the thinner of the two plates bends and slides under the other.As the edge of the seafloor sinks into the mantle,it pulls on the plate behind it,they same way a chain dangling further and further off a table will eventually start to slide.事实明,有些地球板块会对自身产生牵引力,当一片大洋板块与另一块大洋板块,或是一片承载着厚重岩层的大陆板块相撞,那么薄的那片板块会发生弯曲滑入另一片板块下方,随着海底的边缘陷入地幔,这会拉动位于其上的板块,就像桌边的锁链一点一点的下坠,最后总会掉下去。The bigger the sunken portion of the plate becomes,the harder it pulls and the faster the remaining plate behind it moves.You can find where this is happening by looking at google earth-the incredibly deep,narrow ocean trenches visible off the coasts of some continents and island chains mark the creases formed as ocean crust plunges downward,bending the edge of its neighbor in the process.板块下沉的面积越大,产生的拉力就越大,余下板块运动速度也越快,你可以通过谷歌地图找出发生过下沉的地方,那些远离大陆海岸,极深的狭窄海沟和岛链,标示着大洋板块下沉形成的褶皱,那是相邻板块在碰撞过程中弯曲而形成的。What#39;s more,helping to drive convection in the mantle beneath them.Sunken slabs of ocean crust block flowing rock from moving further sideways,forcing it to turn downward and sink.此外,有助于它们下方地幔的热流运动,沉没的大洋板块阻止岩流向更深处移动,迫使它向下沉。Eventually those slabs get too heavy and break off,plunging slowly toward the core and creating a suction force that pulls mantle material along behind it.So,in some ways,seafloor crust really is more like part of the conveyor belt than something riding on top of it.The continents,on the other hand,are baggage.最后,这些板块由于太重而断裂,慢慢插入地核,并且形成牵引力拉动后方的地幔物质,所以,从某个角度来说,与行李相比,海底地壳其实更像是传送带的一部份,换句话说,大陆就是行李。 Article/201504/371205

  栏目简介:《趣味青春英语视频》是外语网络电台的精品节目,通过大讲堂的网络课堂形式,能够帮助英语学习者积累一些英语背景知识,并通过互动的教学形式,帮助有效记忆英语知识。本栏目是学习趣味青春英语的好材料。 Article/201510/399272

  The prosecution, in my opinion, didn#39;t know what to do我觉得检方不知该如何处理在梦幻庄园所收集到with the fact that they found 10 years#39; worth of magazines,Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler, at Neverland,将近十年份的《》《阁楼》 以及Hustler等成人杂志which would suggest that Michael Jackson was heterosexual,这些都倾向迈克尔·杰克逊其实是异性恋者and interested in seeing pictures of beautiful women who were naked.并对裸女图片感兴趣They weren#39;t quite sure how to fit that into their theory that he was a paedophile.他们不知该如何将这些 纳入恋童癖的说词so they came up with the notion that a paedophile will take magazines like this所以才强辩说因为恋童癖的人 利用这些杂志to somehow groom the alleged victim.来养成所谓的被害者The district attorney showed so much pornography检方所秀出的色情内容that your head was spinning by the time this was over.多到让人眼花撩乱lt was the only day that Katherine那天是凯瑟琳唯一一次excused herself from the courtroom for the afternoon.下午没有回到法庭l thought, they#39;re constantly flashing this material at the jury,我心想他们一直不停对陪审秀这些which was a majority of females, by the way,他们大多数都是女性l thought just was stupid, but that#39;s what they did.实在是件很蠢的举动They couldn#39;t find any pornography on his computers.他的计算机中也没有搜查到色情内容They had the FBl test every computer at Neverland,请FBl查遍了梦幻庄园内每台电脑they couldn#39;t find any kiddie pornography.也找不到任何儿童相关的色情内容so they just tried to fit everything into their theory and it just became an absurdity.所以才硬掰到 成了一出闹剧 Article/201511/408171。

  A New Level of Archery丹麦神射手 Lars Andersen—这真是太疯狂了!Centuries ago, master archers were able to perform incredible feats of archery. These skills have long since been forgotten, but the Danish archer Lars Andersen is trying to reinvent what has been lost.几世纪以前,神射手们能表现出不可思议的射箭技艺。 这些技法已被遗忘许久,但丹麦弓箭手 Lars Andersen 试着重现被遗落的技法。He uses forgotten historical methods, and holds all his arrows in the same hand he shoots with. Once, this technique was widesp, and Assyrian artwork shows that the method was at least 5,000 years old.他利用被遗忘的早期技法,将他所有的箭握在他射箭的同一只手上。曾经,这技巧十分普遍,而亚述人的艺术品显示出这方法至少有五千年历史。Arab Archery, the most extensive historical book ever made about archery, states, ;This is the best type of shooting and there is nothing beyond it in power or accuracy.; Using this technique, Lars has set several speed shooting records, and shoots more than twice as fast as his closest competitors. And being able to shoot fast is just one of the benefits of the method.《阿拉伯射箭集》,史上内容最丰富的射箭史书,指出:“这是射箭的最佳样式,在威力及精准度上无可匹敌。”利用这种技巧,Lars 创下许多急速射箭记录,并比记录最接近的对手速度快超出两倍。而能够快速射箭仅是这技法的众多好处之一。But the big question is, why has it been forgotten today?但重要的问题是,为何这技法如今被遗忘了?About 10 years ago, Lars started using a bow. The arrows, he carried in a quiver on his back. Surprisingly, the quiver turned out to be useless when it came to moving fast. The back quiver is a Hollywood myth, and was not common in the past, but it is still sp all over the world.约十年前,Lars 开始使用弓。箭,他装在背上的箭筒里带着。出乎意料地,箭筒在快速移动情况下变得毫无用武之地。背式箭筒只是好莱坞迷思,在过去并不常见,但它仍在全世界普及。Why? Because modern archers do not move. They stand still, firing at a target board—something that was unknown in the past. These archers also started placing the arrow on the left side of the bow, just as archers do in movies. This is probably due to the fact that aiming at a stationary two-dimensional target makes you aim with one eye instead of two. This one-eyed aiming also led to bows with front sights and other technical gadgets, but that#39;s another story.为什么?因为现代弓箭手不移动。他们站定,射在标靶上--一个在过去是未知的物品。这些弓箭手也开始将箭置于弓的左边,就像电影里的弓箭手做的一样。这有可能是因为瞄准一个静置的平面目标使你用单眼而非双眼瞄准。这种单眼瞄准法也使配有前置瞄准器以及其他科技配备的弓出现,但那又是另一个故事了。However, placing the arrow left around the bow is not good while you#39;re in motion. By placing the arrow on the left side, your hand is on the wrong side of the string, so you need several movements before you can actually shoot.然而,将箭置于弓的左边在你移动时并不有利。将箭放在左边,你的手会在弦的错误一侧,因此在你真正发射前,你需要许多动作。From studying old pictures of archers, Lars discovered that some historical archers held their arrows on the right side of the bow. This means that the arrow can be drawn and fired in one single motion, which is both faster and better, and this was not the only problem with archery today.从研究古老弓箭手图,Lars 发现一些早期的弓箭手将他们的箭握在弓的右侧。这代表箭能够以单一动作拿取并发射,那更快又更有效,而这并非现今射箭的唯一问题。Lars realized that what we thought was historical archery only works well for modern target archery and Hollywood films. If he wanted to learn the shoot like the master archers of all, he would have to unlearn what he had learned and start ing historical manuscripts today. He would have to find his way back to a time when archery was simpler and more natural, exactly like throwing a ball, an essence making archery as simple as possible.Lars 理解到,我们如今认为是早期射箭的技法,只适用在现代标靶射箭及好莱坞电影。如果他想要学像所有神射手那样的射击,他将需要忘掉他所学过的,并开始研读今日留下的早期书稿。他会需要找到他的方法回到一个射箭更为纯粹且更为自然的时期,就像丢球一样,一个尽可能让射箭变得简单的要素。It is harder to learn how to shoot this way, but it gives more options, and ultimately, it#39;s also more fun. A war archer must have total control over his bow in all situations, and must be able to handle his bow and arrows in a controlled way, under the most varied of circumstances.学会如何这样射箭是更加困难的,但它给予了更多选择,且最终,它还更有趣。一名战地弓箭手必须要在所有情况下完全掌控他的弓,且必须要能够以受控的方式掌握他的弓箭,在最多变的情况之下。The old manuscripts told Lars that master archers could shoot the bow with both hands and still hit the target, so he began practicing. It is also described that an archer in motion must be able to hit a blade so that the arrow splits in two parts, like this.古老书稿告诉 Lars,神射手可以用双手射箭,且仍能射中目标,所以他开始练习。书稿中也描述移动中的弓箭手一定要能够击中刀锋,好能让箭劈成两半,像这样。Archers could also pick up enemy arrows and shoot them back, or grab arrows while on the move and fire them rapidly. There are even myths of archers who could grab an enemy#39;s arrow and shoot it back. Lars took it a step further, and he#39;s now able to catch an arrow while jumping and fire it before he hits the ground.弓箭手还可以捡起敌人的箭并回射,或是在移动同时拿箭并迅速射出它们。。甚至有传说,有能够抓住敌人来箭并回射的弓箭手。Lars 又更上一层楼,他现在能够在跳跃同时抓住箭,并在他着地前射出。Perhaps most importantly, modern slow archery has led people to believe that war archers only shot at long distances. However, Lars found that they could shoot at any distance, even up close. This does require the ability to fire fast, though.也许最重要的是,现代不急不徐的射箭引导人们相信,战地弓箭手只能远距射箭。但是,Lars 发现他们在任何距离都能射箭,甚至近距离。然而,这确实需要快速发射的能力。In the beginning, archers probably drew arrows from quivers or belts, but since then, they started holding the arrows in the bow hand, and later in the draw hand. Taking it to this third level, that of holding arrows in the draw hand, requires immense practice and skill, and only professional archers, hunters, and so on, would have had the time for it. When gun started replacing bows, this technique was forgotten.一开始,弓箭手也许从箭筒或腰带抽箭,但自此后,他们开始以持弓手拿箭,接着再用拉弓手拿。将其带到这第三个层次,用拉弓手拿箭的层次,需要大量练习和技术,而且只有职业弓箭手、猎人等等能有时间做这件事。当开始取代弓箭时,这个技术便被遗忘。And the only reason Lars is able to do it is because he spent years practicing intensely. The hard part is not learning how to hold the arrows but learning how to handle them properly, and draw and fire in one single motion. No matter what method is used, it works in all positions, and while in motion, whether rolling, running, or on horseback.Lars 能够做到这的唯一原因,是因为他认真地花上数年练习。困难的部份不在于学习如何握箭,而是学习如何适当地拿着它们,并在单一动作内抽出并射击。无论使用哪种方式,它在所有位置都行得通,还有在移动时,无论在滚、在跑,或是在马背上都行得通。It also works with sharp arrows and powerful bows. And while there is no doubt that those war archers of the past were stronger and more fit than Lars is, his arrows still penetrate chainmail armor and the heavy gambeson worn beneath it. It is difficult to compare actual striking power, though. Modern archers use only one hand, but in the past, some archers allegedly used both hands to give the arrow more power.它也适用于锋利的箭及强大的弓。虽然过去那些战地弓箭手毫无疑问地都比 Lars 还有力且强健,他的箭还是能射穿锁子甲,以及穿在下方的笨重软铠甲。但很难去比较实际的攻击力道。现代弓箭手只用一手,但在过去,有些弓箭手据称使用两手好赋予箭更大威力。Old manuscripts tell us that it was common to hold three arrows in the draw hand at once while keeping more in the belt quiver. We know that some archers held more, and in a way, the bow was the ultimate weapon. Who can escape 10 arrows fired quickly after another?古老书稿告诉我们,拉弓的手一次拿三把箭是很正常的,同时更多箭留在箭筒里。我们知道某些弓箭手拿得更多,且某方面来说,弓是终极武器。谁能够逃过十快速连射的箭呢?From old texts, we know that Saracen archers were expected to be able to fire three arrows in 1.5 seconds, and very skilled archers were even faster. Lars has managed to shoot three arrows in 0.6 seconds, but while speed is important, hitting the target is essential.从古老文本中,我们知道撒拉森的弓箭手应能在 1.5 秒内射出三箭,且技艺高超的弓箭手甚至还能更快。Lars 成功做到 0.6 秒内射出三箭,但虽然速度很重要,命中目标还是必要的。To test accuracy and speed at the same time, Lars set up an experiment, where he shot incoming arrows with arrows of his own. But he took it one step further. In the 1938 movie, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Robin Hood splits an arrow down the middle. Some consider this the ultimate archery trick. They are wrong.为了要同时测试准确度和速度,Lars 设立一场实验,实验中他用自己的箭射向飞射而来的箭。但他又更上一层楼。在一部 1938 年的电影《罗宾汉历险记》中,罗宾汉从中射穿一箭。某些人认为这是终极的射箭技巧。他们错了。The ultimate archery trick is splitting an incoming arrow in two with one of your own. We do not recommend you trying this at home.终极射箭技巧是用你自己的其中一箭将飞射而来的箭劈成两半。我们不建议你在家尝试这技巧。Thank you for watching.感谢你的收看。 Article/201508/390918

  栏目简介:;Shanghai Live; focuses on big events in the city and major issues around the world, and presents them in a practical and audience-friendly manner to meet the ever-evolving needs of Shanghai#39;s English-speaking viewers,both local and expatriate.《直播上海英语电台》集中报道城市大事件以及全球热点话题,并以观众喜闻乐见的方式呈现给大家,从而满足上海本地以及上海海外人士的英语需求。 Article/201510/405149The discovery of undesired effects is, however,然而 药物出现不理想的作用intrinsic to the experimental nature of medicine.也是源于药物试验性的本质Clinical trials are done on thousands of people,临床试验在几千人身上进行but some side effects are only found然而有些副作用when hundreds of thousands take them,只有上百万的人用以后when the drug comes to the market.也就是药物进入市场之后才会被发现You might start picking up side effects你可能会出现一些副作用that you couldn#39;t have anticipated,可能是一些意料之外的that you didn#39;t know, that are relatively rare你不了解的 很罕见的副作用but nonetheless can sometimes be important.却有可能很重要Drug development is an ongoing clinical trial药物发展就是在不断的进行临床试验in which we all play a part.我们都是试验的一份子There#39;s no such thing as a totally safe medicine.是药三分毒There#39;s no such thing as a根本没有一种药物medicine that we know absolutely everything about我们能了解它的一切and therefore there is some uncertainty, and that persists.因此有一些不确定因素 且将持续存在Because this goes to the heart of what medicines are.因为这源于药物的本质When you make a medicine,你在制造药物的过程you#39;re trying to disrupt a fundamental biological process.你要试图打乱基本的生物进程That#39;s a pretty profound change.这是个复杂的变化 Article/201502/361255

  Our company has a new strategic initiative to increase market penetration, maximize brand loyalty, and enhance intangible assets. In pursuit of these objectives, we#39;ve started a new project for which we require seven red lines. I understand your company can help us in this matter.为了增加市场渗透率、最大化品牌忠诚度、加强无形资产,敝公司有个新的策略性创举。为了追求这些目标,我们已开始一项新企划,为了那像企划我们需要七条红线。我了解贵公司能够在这方面帮助我们。Of course! Walter here will be the Project Manager. Walter, we can do this, can#39;t we?当然!这里的Walter是专案经理。Walter,我们可以做这个,可以吗?Yes, of course. Anderson here is our expert in all matters related to drawing red lines. We#39;ve brought him along today to share his professional opinion.是的,当然。这里的Anderson是我们所有与画红线相关事务的专家。我们今天也带他一起过来分享他专业的看法。Nice to meet you! Well, you all know me. This is Justine, our company#39;s design specialist.很高兴见到你!嗯,你们全都认识我。这是Justine,敝公司的设计专员。Hello!哈喽!We need you to draw seven red lines, all of them strictly perpendicular, some with green ink and some with transparent. Can you do that?我们需要你画七条红线,它们全部都要完全垂直,有些用绿色墨水、有些用透明墨水画。你可以做到吗?No, I#39;m afraid...不,我怕...Let#39;s not rush into any hasty answers, Anderson! The task has been set and needs to be carried out. At the end of the day, you are an expert.先别妄下任何急促的,Anderson!任务已经设定,且需要被执行。到头来,你是一名专家。The term ;red line; implies the color of the line to be red. To draw a red line with green ink is, well if it#39;s not exactly impossible, it#39;s pretty close to being impossible.“红线”这词意指线条的颜色是红的。要用绿色墨水画出红线是,这么说吧,如果不是完全不可能的,也是满接近不可能的任务。What does that even mean? Impossible?那到底是什么意思?不可能?I mean, it is possible that there are some people, say, suffering from color blindness, for whom the color of the lines doesn#39;t really make a difference. But I#39;m quite sure that the target audience of your project doesn#39;t consist solely of such people.我是说,有可能有些人,比如说,罹患色盲症,对他们来说线条的颜色并不会有什么差异。但我满确定你们企划的目标群众并非完全由这种人组成的。So in principle this is possible.所以原则上来说是有可能的。I#39;ll simplify. A line as such can be drawn with absolutely any ink, but if you want to get a red line, you need to use red ink.我会简化。一条像这样的线可以当然用任何一种墨水画出来,但如果你想要一条红线,你需要用红墨水。What if we draw them with blue ink?如果我们用蓝墨水画呢?It still won#39;t work. If you use blue ink, you will get blue lines. And what exactly did you mean when you talked about the transparent ink?它还是行不通。如果你用蓝墨水,你就会得到蓝线。那当你提到透明墨水时,你确切的意思是什么?How to better explain?怎么样才能更清楚解释呢?I#39;m sure you know what ;transparent; means?我相信你知道“透明”是什么意思?Yes, I do.是的,我知道。And what a ;red line; means, I hope I don#39;t need to explain to you?还有“红线”是什么意思,我希望我不需要解释给你听吧?Of course not.当然不用。Well, you need to draw red lines with transparent ink.嗯,你需要用透明墨水来画红线。Could you describe what you imagine the end result would look like?你可以形容一下你想像中的最后结果看起来是什么样子吗?Come on, Anderson! What have we got here, kindergarten?拜托,Anderson!我们这里是什么,幼稚园吗?No, I#39;m trying to get the...不是,我是试着要...Let#39;s not waste our time with these unproductive quarrels. The task has been set; the task is plain and clear. Now, if you have any specific questions, then go ahead!我们别浪费时间在这些没生产力的争论上了。任务已经设定,任务很直接又明白。现在,如果你还有任何具体的问题,就问吧!You#39;re the expert here!你是这里的专家!Alright, let#39;s leave aside the color for the moment. You had something there also relating to perpendicularity?好的,我们把颜色先稍稍搁到一边。你这里也有一些关于垂直的问题吧?Seven lines, all strictly perpendicular.七条线,全都完全垂直。To what?垂直在哪?To everything, amongst themselves. I assumed you know what perpendicular lines are like!到处都垂直,在它们七条线之间。我想你知道垂直线长怎样吧!Of course he does. He#39;s an expert!当然他知道。他是位专家!Two lines can be perpendicular. All seven can#39;t be simultaneously perpendicular to each other.两条线可以垂直。所有七条线不能同时彼此垂直。I#39;ll show you. This is a line, right?我画给你看。这是条线,对吧?Yes.是的。And another one. Is it perpendicular to the first line?另外一条。它有没有和第一条垂直呢?Well...这个嘛...Yes, it is perpendicular.是的,是垂直的。Exactly!没错!Wait, wait, I#39;m not done. And a third one, is it perpendicular to the first line? Yes, it is! But it doesn#39;t cross the second line. They#39;re both parallel. Not perpendicular!等等,我还没画完。第三条,它和第一条有垂直吗?是的,它是的!但它并没有穿过第二条线。它们是平行的。没有垂直!I suppose so.我想是吧?There it is. Two lines can be perpendicular...就是这样。两条线可以是垂直的...Can I have the pen? How about this?我可以借个笔吗?这样如何?This is a triangle. It#39;s definitely not perpendicular lines, and there are three, not seven.这是个三角形。它绝对不是垂直线,且是三条,不是七条。Why are they blue?为什么它们是蓝色的?Indeed, wanted to ask that myself.确实,我自己也想问。I have a blue pen with me. This was just a demonstration...我带了一蓝笔。这只是示范一下...That#39;s the problem. Your lines are blue. Draw them with red ink!那就是问题所在。你的线条是蓝色的。用红墨水画它们!It won#39;t solve the problem.那不会解决问题啊。But how do you know before you#39;ve tried? Let#39;s draw them with red ink and then let#39;s see.但你还没试怎么知道?用红色墨水画它们然后来看看结果。I don#39;t have a red pen with me, but I#39;m completely certain that with red ink the result will still be the same.我身上没有红笔,但我完全肯定用红墨水结果还是一样的。Didn#39;t you tell us earlier that you can only draw red lines with red ink? In fact, yes, I#39;ve written that down here! And now you want to draw them with blue ink. Do you want us to call these red lines?你稍早不是才跟我们说你只能用红墨水画出红线吗?事实上,是的,我在这里写下来了!现在你想要用蓝色墨水画出它们。你想要我们叫这些红线吗?I think I understand. You#39;re not talking about the color now, right? You#39;re talking about that, what do you call it? Per-pern-dick...我想我了解了。你现在不是在讲颜色,对吧?你在讲那个,你怎么叫它?垂、垂、直...Perpendicularity, yes!垂直线,是的!That#39;s it! Now you#39;ve confused everyone. So what exactly is stopping us from doing this?够了!现在你把大家都搞混淆了。所以到底是什么阻碍我们做这件事?Geometry.几何学。Just ignore it!就忽略它!We have a task. Seven red lines. It#39;s not twenty; it#39;s just seven. Anderson, I understand you#39;re a specialist of a narrow field. You don#39;t see the overall picture. But surely it#39;s not a difficult task to draw some seven lines!我们有个任务。七条红线。不是二十条、只是七条。Anderson,我了解你是一个小领域的专家。你并没有看到整体状况。但当然画出某七条线不是一项困难的工作!Exactly. Suggest a solution that any fool can criticize, no offence. But you#39;re an expert. You should know better!没错。提出一个任何笨蛋都能的解决方式,没有冒犯的意思。但你是个专家。你应该更清楚!OK. Let me draw you two perfectly perpendicular red lines, and I will draw the rest with transparent ink. They#39;ll be invisible, but I#39;ll draw them.好的。让我画给你们两条完美垂直的红线,然后我会用透明墨水画出剩下的线。它们会是隐形的,但我会画它们。Would this suit us? Yes, this will suit us.这合我们的意吗?是的,这合我们的意。Yes, but at least a couple with green ink. Oh, and I have another question, if I may. Can you draw one of the lines in the form of a kitten?是的,但至少有些用绿墨水。喔,我还有另一个问题,如果我可以问的话。你可以把其中一条线化成小猫的形状吗?A what?什么的形状?In the form of a kitten. Market research tells our users like cute animals. It#39;d be really great if...小猫的形状。市场调查告诉我们我们的使用者喜欢可爱的动物。那会很棒如果...No...不行...But... but why?但...但为何?Look, I can of course draw you a cat. I#39;m no artist, but I can give it a try, but it won#39;t be a line any more. It will be a cat. A line and a cat—these are two different things!是这样的,我当然可以画只猫给你。我不是艺术家,但我可以试一试,但那就不再是一条线了。它会是一只猫。一条线和一猫--这些是两个不同的东西!A kitten. Not a cat, but a kitten. The little, cute, cuddly. Cats, on the other hand...小猫。不是猫,而是小猫。小小只的、可爱的、让人想抱抱的。猫咪呢,另一方面...It won#39;t make a difference.那没有差。Anderson, at least hear her out! She hasn#39;t even finished speaking, and you#39;re aly saying, ;No!;Anderson,至少听她说完!她甚至还没说完,你就已经在说“不”了!I got the idea, but it is impossible to draw a line in the form of a cat...ten.我懂她的意思,但不可能画出一条形状是小...猫的线。What about a bird?那一只鸟呢?So, where did we stop? What are we doing?所以,我们刚讲到哪?我们在说什么?Seven red lines, two with red ink, two with green ink and the rest with transparent. Did I understand correctly?七条红线,两条用红墨水,两条用绿墨水,剩下用透明墨水。我理解正确吗?Yes.是的。Excellent! In which case that#39;s everything, right?很好!也就是说那是全部的细节了,对吧?I almost forgot, we also have a red balloon. Do you know if you could inflate it?我差点忘了,我们也有一颗红气球。你知道是否可以帮它充气吗?What do I have to do with balloons?我要拿气球做啥?It#39;s red.那是红色的。Anderson, can you or can you not do this? It#39;s a simple question.Anderson,你可不可以做这件事?这是个很简单的问题。As such, I can of course.这样的话,我当然可以。Excellent. Organize a business trip. We#39;ll cover the expenses, go over to their location, inflate the balloon. Well, this is very productive, thank you all!太好了。安排出差。我们会负担出,到它们的地点,帮气球充气。嗯,这非常有生产力,感谢你们大家!Can I ask one more question, please? When you inflate the balloon, could you do it in the form of a kitten?请问我可以再问一个问题吗?当你帮气球充气时,你可以用小猫的形状充气吗?Of course I can! I can do anything, I can do absolutely anything. I#39;m an expert!当然我可以!我可以做任何事,我绝对可以做任何事。我是个专家! Article/201501/353284

  蜜蜂们正在成群的死去。什么原因呢?养蜂带头人丹尼斯-范-恩格勒斯多普(Dennis vanEngelsdorp)给我们揭示了这些温顺的、被误解的生物在大自然中的重要性和背后令人担忧的消失之谜。 Article/201501/355551

  栏目简介:《造物小百科How it#39;s made》介绍了许多东西的制作或者说发明方法,非常实用。其中的英语视频发音地道,内容浅显易懂,过程形象生动,是提高英语听力水平,积累英语知识和一些简单生活常识的好素材。 Article/201509/392010。

  栏目简介:《英国节日简介》是英语视频听力下面的子栏目,栏目通过英式英语视频讲解的形式来介绍英国的节日,能够帮助英语学习爱好者更好地了解英国的节日文化传统,从而加深对英语中一些习惯用语的理解,是提高英语文化素养的好材料。 Article/201510/400263

  栏目介绍:搞笑英语轻松学通过不同的搞笑生活片段来学习日常口语,领域涉及生活的各个方面,让我们既可以学习到地道的口语,还能够爆笑一番。快来看看吧。 Article/201507/385818

  When the images were transmitted back to earth they had their answer.影像回传至地球时,谜底终于揭晓The far side was actually just the same as the near side.月球的背面其实和正面没什么不同But the lack of surprises didn#39;t matter结果虽然平淡无奇,但并不打紧these blurred images made history.这些模糊的影像开启历史的新页And the mission consolidated the Russians#39; lead in the space race.也巩固了苏联在太空竞赛中的领先地位The Americans weren#39;t keen on second place.美国人对亚军宝座兴趣缺缺I guess the American people are alarmed that a foreign country,我想美国人民担忧的是外国…尤其是敌对国家especially an enemy country can do this, it, we fear this.具备这样的能力,这让我们很害怕Definitely not admire.绝对令人担忧Do you admire the Russians for doing it or not?你佩苏联人的成就吗?No, definitely not,绝对不会I said we should have been the first ones to have it.应该由我们拔得头筹才对The Russians had all the headlines,苏联人在媒体上占尽了风头but landing a man on the moon was an entirely new challenge.但是让人类登陆月球是全新的挑战At the time when Kennedy made his famous speech,甘迺迪发表他那篇著名演说的时候scientists knew so little about the moon科学家对月球的了解乏善可陈that the prospect of sending a human there所以这篇登月宣言seemed almost reckless.听来几近蛮勇Their knowledge of lunar geography was so sketchy他们对月球地理的了解极其粗略they didn#39;t know where they could land safely.连可以在哪里安全着陆都不知道They didn#39;t even know whether the moon#39;s surface他们甚至无法断言,月球表面was strong enough to support the weight of a space-craft,是否足以撑太空船or even a man.甚至是一个人的重量They needed answers quickly.他们必须快马加鞭地找出The first step for the Americans美国人的第一步was a series of probes called Ranger.是发射了一系列被称为“突击者”的探测器They carried on board television cameras to take探测器上装载着电视摄影机detailed close up pictures of the lunar surface.以钜细靡遗地近距离拍摄月球表面But it wasn#39;t exactly a sophisticated approach.他们的做法听似精密实则不然The Rangers went in hard,突击者探测器像神风特攻队般地crashing kamikaze style into the moon#39;s surface,朝着月球表面猛冲不断拍摄furiously filming away until the moment of destruction.直到撞毁为止The 4300 images taken by the Ranger probes突击者探测器拍到的4300张照片were the clearest views we#39;d ever had of our moon.让我们看清了月球的真面目It was now clear it was a harsh and hostile world.那显然是个严酷、恶劣的世界But the pictures were vital to prepare for the ultimate goal但这些照片对达成登月目标而言the moon landing.非常重要It was an epic endeavour no expense was spared.这是一项史诗壮举,美国政府一掷千金At its peak, the moon登月计划在到达巅峰时programme employed more than 400,000 people in America.曾经在美国雇用了40多万人And cost over 25 billion dollars nearly 150 billion in today#39;s money.耗资超过250亿美元,相当于今天的1500亿People were electrified by the race to the moon.登月竞赛让人们振奋不已And you know,我记得the ed States was spending I think it美国为了这个计划was 4.5% of our entire national budget on space花费了全国预算的4.5%but um most Americans were 100% in favour of let#39;s push on但是多数美国民众都百分之百持登月计划and whatever it costs, let#39;s get to the moon.只要能登陆月球花再多钱都可以10, 9...10、9…By 1968 NASA was y for a test run.1968年,美国航太总署准备展开测试任务4, 3, 2, 1, zero.4、3、2、1、0We have connect, we have, we have lift off.衔接成功,我们升空了Lift off at 7:51 am eastern standard time.升空时间为东部标准时间早上7点51分Apollo 8 wouldn#39;t actually land on the moon,阿波罗八号虽然不会登陆月球but it would go into lunar orbit.但是会进入月球轨道Although they weren#39;t going to touch down虽然这次没有着陆this would be the first time但这是人类首度that humans had ever visited another world.造访别的世界 Article/201504/372034

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