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U.S. President Barack Obama said this week that his administration has to do a better job of dealing with terrorism threats in the wake of the failed Christmas Day bomb plot aboard a commercial flight en route to Detroit. Opposition Republicans have been critical of the administration's handling of the incident, and political experts have been assessing the fallout.在圣诞节发生的阴谋炸毁一架飞往底特律的民航班机未遂事件之后,美国总统奥巴马表示,美国政府必须在处理恐怖威胁方面改进工作。反对党共和党人一直在批评行政当局对这个事件的处理,政治专家们正在评估其结果和影响。The failed terror bomb plot constitutes Mr. Obama's most serious national security test to date, and the president has been quick to acknowledge that there is plenty of room for improvement.炸飞机未遂事件,是迄今在国家安全方面对奥巴马最严峻的考验。奥巴马总统迅速承认,有很大的改进余地。"So we have to do better, and we will do better," he said. "And we have to do it quickly. American lives are on the line."奥巴马说:“我们必须改进,我们将会改进。我们必须迅速着手。这关系到美国人的生命。”Opposition Republicans see an opening in the administration's flawed handling of the failed attack, and appear eager to highlight the incident as a potential campaign issue for the November midterm congressional elections.反对党共和党人从行政当局处理这次事件的不当之处看到了机会,他们似乎乐于强调这个事件,作为11月美国国会中期选举的潜在竞选议题。Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele spoke on N's Today program.共和党全国委员会主席迈克尔.斯蒂尔(Michael Steele)在N的"今日"节目中说:"At some point this administration has to take responsibility for what it is doing and take responsibility for its decisions," he said. "They are having an impact, whether domestically or internationally, and you have got to account for it, and this is one of those break points where you stop and assess how is the administration doing? How are they performing? 斯蒂尔说:“在某一阶段,本届行政当局不得不为自己的作为和决定负责。这些是有影响的,对国内外都是有影响的,你必须承担责任。这是事情的‘断点’之一,在这一点上,你停下来,评估行政当局做的如何,表现如何。”201001/94084Intellectual property知识产权Inventive warfare发明之战Battles over patents are becoming fiercer and more expensive专利之战,愈演愈烈,愈烈价更高THIS deal is all about patents. That was the near universal view of Google’s announcement this week that it was taking over Motorola Mobility, a maker of handsets and other devices, for a colossal .5 billion. Indeed, the purchase will provide Google with an awful lot of patents: around 17,000 of them issued and another 7,500 pending. They should help Google in its efforts to get more smartphones and other mobile devices running on its Android operating system (see article). But it could also make the battles over patents nastier and more costly.这笔交易归根结蒂就是谋求专利。这是多数人对谷歌本周宣布以125亿美元天价收购手机及其他电子产品制造商托罗拉这一消息的普遍看法。实际上,此项交易为谷歌带来数量极其庞大的专利:约1.7万项已审批,另外7500项待审批。这些专利有助于歌获得更多运行安卓操作系统的智能手机以及其他移动设备 (见 文)。但是这也会使对专利的争夺愈演愈烈,代价更高。A scramble for patents had aly begun. In December four companies, including Microsoft and Apple, paid 0m for around 880 patents and applications owned by Novell, an ailing software firm. In July those two and four others, including Research in Motion, maker of the BlackBerry, spent .5 billion on 6,000 patents owned by Nortel, a bankrupt Canadian telecoms-equipment maker. Before its latest deal, Google bought 1,000 patents from IBM. Firms are also suing each other. Apple claims its technology has been copied by Samsung and Motorola in their Android phones. Oracle is suing Google for up to billion, claiming that Android infringes its patents. Microsoft is suing Motorola over Android too. Nokia recently settled a similar quarrel with Apple.专利争夺战早已打响。早在12月,包括微软及苹果在内的四间公司就付境况不佳的Novell4.5亿美元以购买约880项专利和应用程序。今年七月,其中的两间公司及包括黑莓厂商动态研究公司在内的另外四家公司购买加拿大倒闭的电信设备厂商Nortel的6000项专利。此前,谷歌就从IBM公司购买了1000项专利。同时,各公司也在互相倾轧。苹果声称其技术已被三星及托罗拉在其安卓系统中盗用。甲骨文公司起诉谷歌公司,称安卓系统侵权,要求索赔60亿美元。微软公司也起诉托罗拉的安卓系统。诺基亚公司最近刚刚与苹果公司解决一个类似冲突。What is going on? Some say companies are attaching more value to intellectual property. Indeed, the Google deal seems to have been priced on a cost-per-patent basis, causing the share prices of other firms with lots of patents to rise. Others, however, think the battles reflect deficiencies in the patent system forcing firms to pay vast sums to protect technologies they have developed. The answer is a bit of both.这到底是怎么回事?有些人说这是各公司跟看重知识产权。实际上,谷歌交易似乎就是通过每项专利的成本而进行估价,这就致使拥有专利众多的公司的股价攀升。但是,也有人认为此类争夺正反映了专利认体系的缺陷——迫使公司大笔投入保护其开发技术。二者兼有。201108/151081The warm glow of the summer morning settles on the slopes of western Colorado. But as the sun climbs higher, deep shadows shield the landscape that remains dark and forbidding. It is among the nation's deepest, steepest and narrowest canyons. You may hear varying explanations for how the Black Canyon of the Gunnison got its name. "Well, there are two theories on that. I think the one that's most popular is that it is so deep and narrow that the sunshine only reaches most of the canyon a short time each day."As one of America's newest national parks, Black Canyon struggles for the recognition enjoyed by that other canyon park of the Southwest. "Grand Canyon of course is so fabulous and everybody goes there and knows all about it. But you come here and it's so deep and so narrow, and it's just, just awe-inspiring."Much of the Black Canyon is wilderness, but almost from the moment white settlers arrived in the area; plans were hatched to make this "a canyon of commerce". "By 1880 you saw the Denver and Rio Grand Railroad (and) starting to look at the canyon as a possible way to bring the railroad from the Front Range of Colorado, Denver and Colorado Springs, on a route through to Salt Lake and then perhaps on to San Francisco."The railroad made its way through 15 miles of the Black Canyon, but today it's mostly under Morrow Point reservoir. "We've got real technical class three whitewater in here." Not far from Black Canyon, Bill Dvorak has been guiding rafting and fishing trips in the Gunnison Gorge Conservation Area since 1982. "Yeah, I really like bringing people into these kinds of places and showing them what it's like when we do preserve these places and how, you know, just how spectacular and how beautiful it is."Gunnison Gorge National Conservation Area is adjacent to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. At its heart is a wilderness area that is especially popular for rafting and fishing. "You're humbled as a human. Let's put it that way. You go through that and you're a very little piece of something very big and very old and very dramatic."For millions of years, the Gunnison River has been carving this canyon at work across eons of isolation. Even now it's easy to imagine that you are the first to peer over the rim into the dark soul of the Black Canyon. "Because we don't have so many people, there is, you know, millions of people a year coming to visit the canyon, people do have that opportunity to have a personal relationship with this place."200812/58332And finally, the dumbest generation. And if you are watching this webcast, that apparently means you. At least that's a theory of a professor of English at Emory University who's written a book which basically argues that the Internet is making people stupid.I'm Mark Bauerlein, professor of English at Emory University. The book has a provocative title, it's the Dumbest Generation: How the Digital Age Stupefies Young Americans and Jeopardizes Our Future.Recent years though, I have begun to look at youth culture, youth knowledge, youth academic achievements, and what has come up, more and more, is that things don't look good. Young people today enjoy more and more digital connections, more screen time than ever before and one of the effects of that is that they are steadily disengaging from the traditional contents ,eh, the liberal arts.One of the things we measured was how much people literature, and how much they books in general. And the first time we did the study was in 1982, and at that time, young people formed the most active ing group. When we did it again in 2002, they were the least active. Only about half of them ever a book on their own. If it's not assigned for school, if it's not assigned in the workplace, they simply don't care. The Internet is extraordinary, it is a miraculous tool for knowledge and information, but the fact is that is not what the Internet means to the average sixteen-year-old. What the Internet does is provide a more intense form of contact with other sixteen-year-olds.You know, I do often tell my students more books. Please, more books in your leisure time, unplug for just an hour or two per day. I urge them, and they, they generally just laugh at me. Some of them may feel that I come down on them too hard, but they know deep down that this is right.200812/59344Climate Change, World Trade at Forefront of Day Two of G8 SummitG8峰会探讨气候变化、世界贸易Summit host, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi welcomed world leaders for a second day of discussions in L'Aquila.The agenda items are much the same - the global economic crisis, the environment, climate change and trade. But, Thursday's talks were expanded from the G8 group to include the so-called G5 nations of major emerging economies - China, India, Brazil, South Africa and Mexico. But others were invited to the table as well, along with international organizations.On climate change, G8 leaders agreed Wednesday on new targets to limit greenhouse gas emissions and try to limit global warming to just two degrees centigrade above pre-industrial levels.In announcing that decision, Prime Minister Berlusconi spoke of the need to bring other countries into the process, especially India, China and Brazil.It would be counterproductive, Mr. Berlusconi said, if the ed States, Europe, Canada and Japan implement strategies to cut emissions if other countries do not. G8 leaders have said the group wants to be inclusive and bring other nations into discussions on global issues. The move is also widely seen as an increasing understanding that while G8 members may be the world's most powerful nations, they cannot solve issues such as the global economic crisis or climate change without the help of others.07/77296

The hotel is run by owner Mrs. Fleischer. "It's so nervous." For years, her friends have been trying to convince her to undertake a tandem parachute jump. And now, at the ripe old age of 65, she has finally agreed to take the plunge. Skydiving isn't for the faint-hearted, But it can be for the young-at-heart. She has a good jump and lands conveniently, directly in front of her own hotel. "I want to do it again." "It was good. You did a great job,ma'am." "Grandmother has survived." Her first jump is a big event in Voss and a reason for all her friends to 1 with champagne. Meanwhile, our German couple, C. and L. decide to take on one of the most spectacular boat trips in Norway. They are on their way to see the Geirangerfjord. (Hello.) First stop on the boat is the captin's deck and a special look at what goes on behind the scenes. It's very interesting to see all these stuff inside. I think we have … Autopilot they get, huh? The monitor and … The landscape is worth taking a closer look. They can see the first outlined parts of the fjord. This is the fjord of all fjords. The Geiranger is the embodiment of the Norwegian idyllic countryside. A 2 relic of the Ice Age, it has 1000-meter-high sheer rockfaces and branches penetrating up to 100 kilometers in land.注释:① take the plunge 冒险尝试;采取决定性步骤例句:1.The climber never seems to take the plunge until he gets to know the mountain. 登山者在对大山了如指掌之前是不会轻易冒险攀登的。② tandem n. 串联;串座双人自行车 adj. 串联的例句:1. How many people are going to do a tandem jump?一共有多少人参加跳伞活动?2. I've never ridden a tandem bicycle before.我从来没骑过双人自行车。③ embodiment n. 体现;化身;具体化例句:1. She's the embodiment of kindness. 她是慈祥的化身。2. The new factory is the embodiment of the very latest ideas. 这座新工厂是那些最新设想的体现。课后题目: 学习完后,你能告诉我文章中空缺的单词吗?201110/156396

北京时间4月14日,火箭在主场轻松的击败了黄蜂,第三节双方分差就已达到20分,一场彻头彻尾的完胜。接下来,火箭常规赛只剩最后一场,打小牛,最终的排名和季后赛对阵到时也将水落石出。 火箭赢的这么痛快,原因在哪呢?第一肯定是防守,第四节还剩2分钟的时候,黄蜂的得分才达到63分,对一全联盟最优秀控卫领衔的劲旅,在火箭“季后赛强度”一般的防守面前,攻击力根本无法发挥。The feeling of blocking a shot, in that moment, you leave feet and you go up, once your hand makes contact to that ball, you see that ball back the other way, you know this is a sign of you know “not in my house, not right now”,“Dwyane Wade with another spectacular block!”One thing I enjoy about shot blocking, when I was in high school, in college, simple fact is I’m not supposed to be a shot blocker.With me being 64 block someone shot is 7, you know is all about timing and the right time to jump. I’ll tell you up.He’s got great instinct for such a guard player, 6'4, he’s got great leg, great athlete ability but incredible courage.Actually as a shot blocker, you should know how to maintain, I don’t care about your dunk doing, I am gonna save the position.“What a block by Dwyane Wade!”This season we didn’t have a big at all at the begin of the season, like alonzo, like Shaquille O'Neal, so I have to go on to help our team even more.Our normal defence schemes have our weak side guys come over, put the body in front of the people, a lot of times it take a charge, but with Dwyane early on, he kept on coming over and coming to block shots, so we have to alter our defence.I get a lot owner balls as well, you know when a guy try to pull up on me, time is some time.“Terrific timing!”I give them a lot, I get them on a break, just one on one, I chase somebody down, and want a time to get him.I say one of the memorable blocks in my career would probably be the one on Amare Stoudemire, because when I block it, I grab it and do it up.This season I’ll have to say two blocks back to back on a rookie in New Jersey, Brook Lopez.Lopez is there at the ring pretty much by himself, Dwyane came over and was able to block it to seal the win for us.Of course, nothing gets your team fired up more than a dunk, but nothing gets me fired up more than giving a unbelievable block to save the game.I’m not a Mutombo kind of guy when I do this, because you know I’m not 7, but I’m a guy who tried to make sure they think about it when they come down.“Well, there is the best shot blocking guard in the world!”04/67199

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