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101. Should have done... 本应该······ 用法透视 这个句型表示本来应该做什么,但事实上没做成的事。 持范例 1. She shouldn't have gone sightseeing. 她本不应该出去玩的。 2. We should have gone swimming, but it rained. 我们本来应该去游泳的,但下雨了。 3. We should have offered our help to him. 我们本来应该帮他忙的。 会话记忆 A: You should have been at home and enjoyed a big meal. 你本应该呆在家里享受丰盛大餐的。 B: Yes. I should have gone to buy the ticket in advance. But now... 是啊。我当时应该提前去买票的,但是现在...... A: But now you can stay with friends and enjoy a holiday too. 但是现在你可以与朋友一起过节。 B: Right. Let's go and find some fun. 对。走,我们找点儿快乐的事去 /200706/14671。

16.The Democratization of Education---Commencement Address by Shakira Isabel Mebarak Ripoll at Oxford University16.教育的民主化——哥伦比亚女歌手夏奇拉在牛津大学的演讲I have a fantasy about this future that I want to share with you today.我有一个对未来的幻想,在此我想和在座的各位一起分享。Let me put it this way, if civilization were a car, we would have been cruising at 20 miles per hour for millions of years only to hit light speed in the last hundred.让我这么说吧,如果把文明比作一辆汽车,那么数百万年以来我们一直在以每小时20英里的速度平稳行驶,但在最近的一百年里,它却飞驰如光远。So I wonder what made us accelerate so quickly recently and how can we continue this pace? There is only one explanation to me, and thats the democratization of education.所以,我在想:是什么让我们的文明在最近这些年迅猛发展,我们又该如何保持这个速度呢?于我而言,只有一个,那就是教育的民主化。I strongly believe that the best is yet to come, with universal access to education to feed our collective intelligence, with our commitment to meet and organize in places like this, with students like you-we could be so close to create a network of intellects, an enormous think tank devoted to sharing the best ideas and inspiring each other to keep learning, keep informing and keep advancing our world, and finding solutions to our common issues. Wouldnt that be great?我深信最好的日子还没有到来。通过普及教育来丰富我们集体的知识宝库,通过我们的努力把大家召集到类似今天这种地方,通过像你们这样的学生建立起一个人才网络、一个巨大的思想宝库,然后通过这个知识网络和思想库来分享最好的思想,激励彼此不断学习,不断增长知识,以及让我们的世界不断发展前进,并为我们共同关心的问题找到解决方法。这该有多么美好啊!We have evolved so far in history, with so many technological advances in just the past century, so, how will we evolve in the next ten years, or twenty years, or fifty years-now that we know that the world has shrunk and has become just one big neighborhood.在人类历史的长河中,我们繁衍生息。在过去一个世纪中我们取得了许多科技进步,那么在未来的十年、二十年、或五十年中我们又将如何发展呢?我们知道现在世界已经变小了,演化成了一个大社区。You are the architects of change. So tell me, how many things that seem inconceivable today will be obvious tomorrow? How long will man live? How will society be structured? Will we still be organized in couples, in communities with very nice governance? Sadly, at the current pace of change, we wont have universal access to education in a hundred years, let alone five. That is unacceptable.你们是这些变化的设计师。那么请告诉我,有多少在今天看来不可思议的事情会在明天成为现实?人类将会活多久?社会将会如何构架?我们还会实行夫妻制吗?我们还会在管理有序的社区生活吗?悲哀的是,按照目前发展的速度,我们再用100年也无法普及教育,更别说五年了。这个事实让人难以接受。Especially, when the world has the resources to feed itself several times over, then, why are children starving? Latin America, alone has 3 times the necessary abundance to feed its entire population.尤其是,当这个世界有成倍的资源用来养活自己的时候,为什么还有孩子在挨饿?例如,拉丁美洲,它拥有能够供给其三倍人口的充裕食物。These children cant wait; they cant wait a hundred more years.这些孩子不能再等了,他们不能再等一百年了。They need us to cure a child with Leukemia or AIDS with a simple pill or with a breakthrough vaccine. We need to live in a world in which together we can find a solution to global warming so we dont have to worry every time a single storm begins to form on the horizon. We need to find new ways to distribute food so no child goes to bed hungry.他们需要我们用一粒简单的药片或一种突破性的疫苗来治好孩子的白血病或艾滋病。我们需要生活在这样一个世界里,我们可以共同寻找全冻变暖的解决方案,这样我们就不用担心随时可能有风暴发生。我们需要找到新的方法来分配食物,让孩子们不会饿着肚子睡觉。And I know that education is our ticket.而教育,我知道,就是我们的方法。201706/511942。

【中文这样说】--不要努力工作!--是的,我不会努力工作的。【英文对比翻译】Chinese Style Don’t work too hard.Yes, I won’tAmerican Style Don’t work too hard.All right, I won’t /200604/6455。

简介: Are you under the weather?under the weather 意为 to be sick.译文:你身体不舒吗? /200612/9785。

There are zeros and ones Im a one 这里有0也有1我是一个1Youre a one my friend in the Himalayas shes a one 你是一个1我的喜马拉雅朋友她也是一个1Martin Luther King Jr. He was not a computer programmer so he called this concept a brotherhood 马丁.路德.金他不是一位计算机程序员他的理想是全世界情同手足His hope was that college students would bring a brotherhood into being Dr King thought at that time 他希望大学学生们实现全世界情同手足的理想金牧师早在当时That the world has shrunk as much as it was going to shrink and its his words we dwarfed distance and placed time in chains So the fact that people still dont treat each other like brothers and sisters 就认为世界已经收缩得很小他认为我们已经缩短了时间和空间距离所以人们无法像兄弟那样相互对待To him, was an ethical failure I take a slightly different point of view I believe we are finally creating the scientific and technological tools 在他看来 是伦理的失败我的想法略有不同我认为现在我们才最终创造出科学和技术工具To turn the world into a neighborhood and that gives you an amazing ethical opportunity You can light up network of 7 billion people 将世界转化为邻里从而赋予你们这个奇妙的伦理机遇你们可以筑起70亿人的联系网络With long-lasting and highly motivating human connections You have spent the last few years at one of the most amazing universities on the planet 让人和人之间具有持久 积极的相互联系你们过去数年间在地球上最着名的大学之一就读Youve gained the knowledge and the skills to go out and do in the world whatever it is that you choose to do So what will you do? 不管你们如何选择后面的道路你们都学会了相应的知识和技能你们要怎么做呢I hope youll use the tools of technology to do what you aly had it in your heart to do to connect 我希望 你们使用科技的工具做你们心中已经决定的事情去建立联系To make of this world a brotherhood and a sisterhood And I cant wait to see what you do Congratulations 去把世界改造成一个充满手足之情的理想之地我已经等不及想看你们的作为了祝贺你们Produced by Duke University online at duke.edu杜克大学制作详情请登陆duke.edu201608/460741。

So today, President Sullivan 今天 沙利文校长I would like to submit this address as my essay 我想把这次演讲作为我的论文提交and since this is a smart school 考虑到这是一所聪明的学校let me just toss in some SAT words 让我使用一些SAT单词吧Syzygy Heterodox 朔望 异端Benedict Cumberbatch 本尼迪克特·康伯巴奇Am I in? 我被录取了吗Yes, I know Im not a Virginia resident 对 我知道我不是弗吉尼亚居民But perhaps the real reason that UVA is so great 不过 弗吉尼亚大学如此伟大的真正原因is that it trust its students 在于它相信它的学生You have the nations oldest student-run honor codes 你们有国内最古老的学生荣誉准则Say with me on my honor I pledge 跟着我说 我以名誉起誓that I have neither given nor received help on this assignment 我没有帮助别人完成作业 别人也没帮助我so help me Adderall 所以请帮助我 阿得拉(一种治注意力不足的药)But my favorite thing about UVA has 关于弗大 我最感兴趣got to be your secret societies 还是你们的秘密帮会Thats sexy 这太性感了You got the Zs 你们有Z帮会you got I think the Illuminati, and the Masons 你们有光明会 还有共济会and Shield. I think some of you remember some shields 盾帮会 我想你们有人想到了盾牌But of course the most secretive of all is the Seven Society 当然 最神秘的要数7帮会Nobody knows whos in it 没人知道谁是其成员Im not going to say that Im a Seven 我不会说我是7帮会成员Im not going to say Im not a Seven 我不会说我不是7帮会成员Im just going to say 我只会说eviganblumencroft eviganblumencroftbenedictcomberbachen benedictcomberbachen201603/429419。

高级英语口语纯外教视频教学[44]【注意:如果视频不清晰,有白色模糊部分,刷新页面重新播放即可】 /200704/11844。