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  • Time is money. And if you are spending your time staring at a mobile phone, then that is where the money is. Advertisers know that – eMarketer expects ad spending on mobiles to grow 92 per cent this year. But the mobile gaming world is struggling to win its fair share of those ad dollars.时间就是金钱。如果你花时间盯着手机看,那就是潜在的盈利机会。广告商知道这个道理——市场研究公司eMarketer预测今年手机广告出将增长92%。但移动游戏行业似乎难以争取到其中的合理份额。Android users spend a third of their device time playing games, says Flurry, an analytics company owned by Yahoo. By comparison, Facebook gets 17 per cent of phone time. But advertising in mobile games – about bn a year – is less than Facebook’s mobile ad revenue. The business model is different – for now: mobile games make their money from in-app purchases, to the tune of bn this year, with sales growing 20 per cent annually.雅虎(Yahoo)旗下的分析公司Flurry表示,Android用户使用手机的三分之一时间花在玩游戏上。相比之下,Facebook占手机使用时间的17%。然而手机游戏广告(一年约60亿美元)却少于Facebook的手机广告收入。两者商业模式不同,至少目前如此:手机游戏广告商通过应用内消费来赚钱,今年销售额为180亿美元左右,年度销售增幅达20%。But the growth in mobile ad spending is a lost opportunity for the gaming industry. One reason is that no one has quite figured out how to do mobile game ads well. Banner ads are tacky. And ads that are successful demand a lot of development work – such as the virtual Lexus in Real Racing 3 (by Electronic Arts). Some companies, such as Tencent, eschew ads altogether. But as it is, mobile games are less lucrative than their console counterparts. Average revenue per user in mobile games is only one-tenth of the Arpu for console games, according to Interpret.然而手机广告出的增长对游戏行业是一个错失的机会。原因之一是,还没有人完全明白该怎么做好手机游戏广告。横幅广告很俗气。而成功的广告需要很多开发工作——例如在电子艺界(Electronic Arts)开发的游戏“真实赛车3”中,那款虚拟雷克萨斯(Lexus)汽车。有些公司,例如腾讯(Tencent),完全放弃了广告。但就现状而言,手机游戏没有游戏机那么有利可图。根据市场研究公司Interpret的数据,每个手机游戏用户产生的平均收入,仅为游戏机用户的十分之一。True, some gaming groups do mobile better than others. At Electronic Arts, mobile accounts for a fifth of revenues after 30 per cent growth last year. At Activision Blizzard, by contrast, mobile provides just 6 per cent of sales (excluding distribution), and mobile revenues have fallen by half from the same period last year.没错,有些游戏公司做得比较出色。在电子艺界,手机游戏收入去年增长30%之后,如今占总收入的五分之一。相比之下,动视暴雪(Activision Blizzard)的手机只占销售的6%(不含分销),而且手机收入同比下降了一半。But there is a long way to go for the industry as a whole. The prize will be valuable for whoever cracks the code first: Android users spend 37 minutes a day playing mobile games on average, says Flurry. That figure rises to more than 45 minutes daily in the US and Germany. There’s more money here than in just buying extra lives.但对整个行业来说,还有很长的路可走。谁先解决这个难题,谁就能赢得大奖。Flurry称,Android用户每天平均花37分钟玩手机游戏。在美国和德国,该数字超过每天45分钟。拉广告创收的机会大于鼓励用户购买更多“生命”。 /201409/332239。
  • Some 200 scientists and other staffs gathered in Fermi Lab at 2 O#39;clock in the morning, to watch the announcement from Geneva. 大约200名科学家等工作人员早上 2 点钟聚集在费米实验室,观看日内瓦的信息发布。 Many of them have strong connections to the CERN experiment, using the atom-smashing Large Hadron Collider or LHC to locate the Higgs Boson, including the head of the CMS Group, Patricia McBride: 其中许多人都与欧洲核子研究中心(CERN)试验有着紧密的联系,该试验希望通过使用大型强子对撞机将原子粉碎,从而找到希格斯粒子(也叫上帝粒子), CMS 小组的组长Patricia Mcbride也在场。 ;The techniques we, that are being used there were, were first tried out here. A lot of the people, did, did their training here in Fermi Lab.; ;CERN的实验使用的技术,最初就是在我们这里试用, CERN的许多人都在费米实验室接受了培训。; Scientists have spent hundreds of millions of dollars creating technologically advanced devices that can smash atoms together, and tens of thousands of hours of manpower pouring over the resulting data. 科学家花费数亿美元来创造技术先进的设备,这些设备能将许多原子在一起粉碎,另外,科学家们还花费了上万小时的人工对相关的实验数据进行处理。 But they now believe they have found what looks like the sub-atomic particle known as the Higgs Boson. 但是他们认为已经发现了一种新的亚原子粒子,该粒子与被称为上帝粒子的希格斯粒子非常相像。 ;It#39;s one of our key missing links to our understanding of really how the universe is created.; ;如果想要理解宇宙是如何真正被创建的,那么希格斯粒子是最关键环节之一。; Fermi Lab staff scientist Robert Roser says the Higgs Boson is a particle that attracts other particles and explains how matter has mass. This gives clues to how planets and ultimately life is formed. 费米实验室的科研人员Robert Roser说,希格斯粒子能吸引其他粒子,它解释了物质如何具有质量。这就给了我们星球以及最终生命是如何形成提供了线索。 But he points out his colleagues at CERN were careful to say they found a Higgs like object, but not the Higgs Boson itself. 但他也指出,CERN 的同事们在发布信息时很小心,没有说发现了希格斯粒子,而是说发现了类似希格斯粒子的物体。 ;It#39;s a subtle difference. So what they will do over the course of the next many years is to start to investigate all of its properties to see if it acts, if it smells, tastes and behaves the way they expect it to.; ;这里有点微妙,在接下来的许多年里,他们将要做的就是对这个新发现进行全面研究,看它是如何运动,闻起来味道如何,品尝起来味道如何,以及表现怎么样,看看它的这些特征是否如科学家预计的那样。; Fermi Lab was home to the LHC#39;s predecessor, the Tevatron Accelerator which went off line late last year. 费米实验室是大型强子对撞机前辈Tevatron加速器的家,Tevatron加速器在去年底停止了工作。 Roser says the final data produced by the Tevatron is consistent with CERN#39;s findings. He says it all leads up to dramatic change for scientists: Roser说,Tevatron得出的数据与CERN的发现是一致的,他说这会给科学家们带来巨大的变化: ;The finding of this will change the way scientists view the world immediately and will change the way I go to work tomorrow. In terms of how it affects the general public, not so much.; ;这个发现将立即改变科学家们审视这个世界的方式,改变我明天的工作方式。但是关于对普通大众并没有多少影响。; While it#39;s not clear yet where the finding will ultimately lead, McBride and Roser say the technology developed to find the Higgs Boson has aly produced tangible results, such as the cloud-based digital storage now used by mobile phones and computers. 虽然现在还不很清楚这个新发现将最终给我们带来什么,但McBride和Roser说,用于发现希格斯粒子的技术已经产生了许多看得见的成果,比如基于云计算的数字储存方法现在正被手机和计算机使用。 But Roser adds the real benefits are yet to come. 但是Roser说,新发现的真正好处现在还不知道: ;So it#39;s not fairly necessary to ask me today what the practice benefit of the Higgs Boson is. I think we will know in the course of time what it is. But you know, that#39;s said mankind has always asked the question why and we are one step closer to understanding that.; ;因此,今天问我希格斯粒子的发现给我们带来的实际的好处是什么,我还不能回答。我认为以后才能慢慢知道,但是要知道,有个谚语说,只要我人类问过为什么,那么我们就距离了解这个问题靠近了一步。; The next step, says Roser, is confirming without a scientific doubt that what they now believe is the Higgs Boson, actually is. Roser说,科学家们的下一步是要毫无怀疑地确认现在认为是希格斯粒子的东西实际上是什么。 /201207/189435。
  • When the iPhone 6 arrived in China 11 days ago, Apple Pay was disabled. Caixin, the country’s top business magazine, which reported a month ago that Apple Inc AAPL 1.55% had reached an agreement with UnionPay, the state-owned payment processing system, to activate Apple Pay in the country, now says Apple Pay isn’t expected until March.11天前,iPhone 6在中国上市,但苹果付(Apple Pay)功能却未能启用。中国顶尖商业媒体财新(Caixin)曾在上月报道称,苹果公司与中国国有的付处理系统银联(UnionPay)达成了协议,将在中国境内激活Apple Pay功能。但该媒体如今表示,Apple Pay预计到明年3月才能开始在中国使用。Even if it arrives by the spring, Apple Pay has a tough road ahead in China. Why?即便明年春天Apple Pay得以登陆中国,恐怕也将举步维艰。为什么呢?1. China’s use of credit and debit cards is far below that of Western countries. For now the country remains a cash-based society, something that Apple can’t quickly change. Here’s a list of cash-only sellers in Beijing: taxis, McDonalds, small markets and shops, lunch stalls and cafeterias, many restaurants, even tourist ticket stalls. Electronic swipes just aren’t as popular yet.1、中国信用卡和借记卡的使用范围远小于西方国家。今天的中国仍然以现金交易为主,苹果很难迅速改变这种情况。在北京,只接受现金付款的包括:出租车、麦当劳(McDonalds)、小型集市和商店、快餐摊点、食堂、许多餐厅、甚至旅游景点的售票亭。电子刷卡消费在中国尚不普及。2. Electronics transfers are, though, and that’s why Tim Cook was reciprocating some love for Alibaba’s BABA 1.93% Jack Ma yesterday. Ma owns Alipay, a separate company from Alibaba that handles almost all the transactions on Alibaba’s marketplaces. Alipay’s QR code technology lets consumers pay at stores with the setup. Because of Alipay’s ubiquity—almost everyone in China’s big cities uses it—Apple Pay might have to share profits with Alibaba in order to get a foothold in China. Hence, again, Cook and Ma’s marriage talk.2、占领中国电子付市场并不容易。这也是为何蒂姆o库克对阿里巴巴(Alibaba)董事长马云伸出的橄榄枝反应积极。马云旗下的付宝(Alipay)是独立于阿里巴巴的另一家公司,负责处理阿里巴巴平台上的几乎所有交易。借助二维码技术,顾客利用付宝应用就能在门店内完成付。由于付宝使用很广泛——中国大城市里几乎人人都用它——为了在中国站稳脚跟,Apple Pay可能必须得与阿里巴巴分享利润。因此,库克和马云再一次商讨了合作问题。3. The precedent isn’t on Apple’s side here. Visa, Mastercard, and American Express fought China for years to follow World Trade Organization rules and open its card system to foreign companies. Nothing happened. China has aly discriminated against foreign processing companies, so why would it treat Apple much different?3、从先前的案例来看,苹果处于劣势。Visa卡、万事达卡(Mastercard)和美国运通(American Express)奋斗多年,想让中国按照世界贸易组织(World Trade Organization)的规定对外国公司开放卡系统,但中国不为所动。中国政府已经拒绝了好几家国外的付处理公司,凭什么对苹果另眼相看呢?4. China is still concerned about cyber security. Apple has come under fire from state media in the country over user security. Analysts believe China would rather use homegrown technologies in many areas of tech for security reasons, and payments is one. With Alipay’s success, Apple faces a strong competitor, or a possible dominant partner.4、中国仍在担心网络安全。苹果前不久才因为用户安全问题遭到美国媒体的抨击。分析家们认为,中国政府出于安全考虑,更愿意在许多领域上使用本土技术,付领域就是其中之一。付宝大获成功,因此苹果面对着一个强大的竞争对手,或是一个处于主导地位的合作伙伴。5. UnionPay, the card processing monopoly in China, holds the keys for Apple Pay and will almost surely play tough. While Apple isn’t trying to compete directly with Unionpay, the monopoly controls transactions in China and likely won’t give Apple the same slice of revenues the company may receive elsewhere where Mastercard, Visa, American Express, and Discover compete against each other.5、中国银联垄断了卡领域,其手握Apple Pay进入中国的钥匙,而且几乎肯定会提出苛刻条件。由于苹果不准备与银联展开直接竞争,因此控制了中国国内交易的银联给苹果让出的收入,可能会低于苹果在其他地区由于万事达卡、Visa卡、美国运通和Discover多家竞争获得的收入。 /201411/341203。
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