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青岛无痛人流手术哪家医院最好胶南市妇女儿童医院妇科挂号Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba last Monday dismissed speculation that its cooperation with a US foundation named for former US president Bill Clinton was linked with financial support for Hillary Clintons presidential campaign.中国电子商务巨头阿里巴巴于上周一否认了与克林顿基金会(以美国前总统比尔·克林顿的名字命名)的合作,也否认了向希拉釷克林顿总统竞选提供财政持的推测。Alibabas contributions to the Clinton Foundation dated back to a 0,000 donation to international AIDS care and treatment in 2005, Alibaba said on its official Sina Weibo account.在其官方微上,阿里巴巴写道,该集团曾在2005年向克林顿基金会捐献25万美元,用于国际艾滋病的治疗与关怀。Alibaba stopped contributing donations to the foundation in 2012, the company said, stressing that it boasts a specialized team to ensure that the foundations work advanced Alibabas goals.阿里巴巴集团表示已经012年停止了对克林顿基金会的赞助,并拥有一专门的团队来确保基金会的工作有助于促进阿里巴巴的目标。The Clinton Foundation, a non-governmental organization, was established in 1997 during Bill Clintons second presidential term. It aims to resolve issues related to global health and wellness, climate change, and girls and womens rights.克林顿基金会成立997年,成立于比尔·克林顿第二任期时,是一家全球性非政府组织,其目的是解决全球卫生和公共健康、气候变化和女性权益等相关问题。Donations to the Clinton Foundation have come from a broad range of national governments and transnational companies, thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,克林顿基金会的资金来源非常广泛,主要来自各国政府和跨国公司。Some online reports linked Clinton Foundation donors to contributions to Hillary Clintons presidential campaign, particularly pointing out the contributions of Chinese companies including Alibaba, Fosun Group - one of the largest holding companies in China - and Minsheng Banking Corp.网上有些报道将克林顿基金会的捐赠者和希拉里总统竞选的赞助者联系在一起,尤其指出了一些中国公司的赞助,如阿里巴巴、中国最大的控股公司之一复星集团、中国民生。The foundations donations records show that Chinese companies including Alibaba gave less than million, while many foreign companies gave donations of about million, thepaper.cn reported.据澎湃新闻报道,克林顿基金会的捐款记录表明,阿里巴巴等中国公司的捐款超过00万美元,而很多外国企业的捐款高达500万美元。Alibaba also dismissed speculation about its involvement in the former secretary of states e-mail controversy, explaining that the foundation began to make its donation records open to the public in 2008. The use of Alibabas funds was strictly supervised and was absolutely restricted to charitable actions.阿里巴巴表示自己未参与美国前国务卿的“邮件门”事件,并解释称克林顿基金会008年开始将捐款记录公诸于众。阿里巴巴基金的使用受到严格的监督,绝对只限于慈善活动。来 /201608/460002青岛附近的正规医院 Japan and Russia are discussing almost 100 economic co-operation projects as they prepare to negotiate over four disputed islands at a high stakes summit in December.日本和俄罗斯正在讨论00个经济合作项目,同时两国准备2月一个事关重大的峰会上围绕四个争议岛屿展开谈判。In an interview with the Financial Times, Hiroshige Seko, Japan’s minister for economy, trade and industry, said the Japanese side had put forward tens of projects and the Russian side had come forward with almost 70.日本经济产业大臣世耕弘Hiroshige Seko)在接受英囀?金融时报》采访时表示,日本方面提出了几十个项目,而俄罗斯方面提出了近70个项目。“Right now, officials at various ministries are working with their Russian counterparts to firm these projects up, and check which ones are viable,said Mr Seko, before a weekend trip to Moscow for talks with Russian ministries. “There’s huge energy going into coordinating this.”“眼下,各部的官员们正与俄罗斯同行合作,深入研究这些项目,确定哪些是可行的,”世耕弘成在周末启程前往莫斯科与俄方商谈之前表示。“投入了大量精力来协调这方面的努力。”The intensity of discussions shows the weight prime minister Shinzo Abe is putting on his latest effort to resolve the long-running dispute over a group of islands Russia calls the Kuriles and Japan the Northern Territories.讨论的强度表明,日本首相安倍晋Shinzo Abe)高度注重其解决这一长期争端的最新努力。俄罗斯称这个争议岛群为库页Kuriles),日本称其为北方领土(Northern Territories)。But it also raises the risk of a post-summit backlash in Japan if there is no progress on the islands. Last week, a Russian parliamentarian visiting Tokyo said there is “no discussion going on at all on things like the handover of the islands但是,如果在这些岛屿的问题上没有进展,峰会之后在日本遭遇反弹的风险也会加大。上周,一位俄罗斯议员在访问东京期间表示,“根本没有讨论岛屿移交之类的事情。”Mr Abe’s new approach to Russia launched at a Sochi summit with president Vladimir Putin in May is aimed at building a broader relationship with Moscow to ease negotiations on the islands. The two men met again at Vladivostok in September and will hold a summit in Mr Abe’s home prefecture of Yamaguchi on December 15th.安倍对俄罗斯的新政策是月与俄罗斯总统弗拉基米普京(Vladimir Putin)在索契举行的峰会上发起的,目的是与莫斯科方面构建更广泛的关系,为围绕争议岛屿的谈判创造条件。两月在符拉迪沃斯托克再次会晤,并将25日在安倍的故乡山口Yamaguchi)举行峰会。Mr Seko said his goal was to prepare economic co-operation projects by then. “We want a win-win relationship. Without thinking about the Northern Territories too much, we want to set up economic projects of benefit to Japan.”世耕弘成表示,他的目标是在峰会之前准备好经济合作项目。“我方想要一个双赢的关系。在不过多考虑北方领土的情况下,我方希望建立对日本有利的经济项目。”“But if both countries can work together and develop a really good relationship, then it’ll help make a better environment for prime minister Abe and foreign minister [Fumio] Kishida to conduct their Northern Territories negotiations.”“但是,如果两国能够共同努力,发展真正良好的关系,那么它将有助于为首相安倍晋三和外务大臣岸田文雄(Fumio Kishida)进行北方领土谈判创造一个更好的环境。”Mr Seko declined to comment on specific projects, but among those mooted are upgrades to Khabarovsk airport, coal export terminals at Vanino and Vostochnyy as well as investments in fossil fuels and renewable energy.世耕弘成拒绝对具体项目发表,但双方考虑的项目包括哈巴罗夫斯克机Khabarovsk airport)的升级改造,瓦尼Vanino)和沃斯托Vostochnyy)的煤炭出口码头,以及化石燃料和可再生能源领域的投资项目。“The Japan-Russia economic relationship so far has been centred on energy,said Mr Seko. “But there are areas where the Russian people have needs such as hospitals or urban development, promoting industry in the Far East, or co-operation in advanced technology. We want a of projects that makes Russians feel a real difference in their lives.”“日俄经济关系迄今以能源为中心,”世耕弘成表示。“但是俄罗斯有一些地方的人民需要医院或城市发展等等,促进远东地区的工业,或者在先进技术领域开展合作。我们想要一个项目菜单,让俄罗斯人在生活中感受到真正的不同。”Mr Seko said he envisions private companies taking the lead, with Japan’s government offering finance, and working with Russia to overcome regulatory hurdles. But he also vowed that “not violating sanctions is an absolute precondition世耕弘成表示,他的设想是由私营企业主导,日本政府提供资金,并与俄罗斯合作克监管障碍。但他也誓言“不违反制裁是绝对的先决条件”。Tokyo is part of G7 sanctions put in place after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Japanese banks say they are feeling contradictory pressures from government both to tighten the enforcement of sanctions and restore lending to Russia to its previous highs.俄罗斯吞并克里米亚后,东京方面参与了七国集团(G7)的一致对俄制裁。日本各表示,他们在两方面受到政府的压力,既要收紧制裁的执行,又要把对俄罗斯的放贷恢复到之前的高点。The two countries never signed a peace treaty after World War Two because of Moscow’s seizure of the four southernmost islands of the Kuril chain. Covering about 5,000 square kilometres, the islands offer rich fishing and have a Russian population of thousands. The previous Japanese population was expelled after the war.这两个国家在第二次世界大战后从未签署和平条约,因为莫斯科方面夺取了千岛群岛最南端的四个岛屿。这些岛屿的总面积达到约5000平方公里,周边海域拥有丰富渔业资源,岛上有数千俄罗斯居民。以往的日本居民在战后被驱逐。The starting point for any settlement would most likely be a 1956 joint declaration by Japan and the Soviet Union agreeing that the smallest of the four disputed islands Habomai and Shikotan should go back to Japan. But there is little sign Mr Putin is minded to return any territory at all.任何和解的起点很可能956年日本和苏联的联合声明,当时的苏联同意向日本移交四个争议岛屿中较小的两个:齿舞群Habomai)和色丹岛(Shikotan)。但没有什么迹象表明普京有意交还任何领土。来 /201611/476524The most senior elected US Republican leader said yesterday he had found common ground with Donald Trump as the party took a first step towards bridging deep rifts caused by his campaign for the White House.美国共和党由选举产生的、职位最高的领袖昨日表示,已找到与唐纳德#8226;特朗Donald Trump)之间的共同立场。该党向着弥合特朗普问鼎白宫努力造成的严重分裂迈出了第一步。Following a meeting on Capitol Hill with Mr Trump, Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, stopped short of endorsing the party’s likely presidential nominee. But they issued a joint statement saying it was “criticalfor the party to unite to beat Hillary Clinton in November’s election.在国会山(Capitol Hill)会晤特朗普之后,众议院议长保#8226;瑞安(Paul Ryan)并未表示持这位共和党最有希望的被提名人。但他们发布了一份联合声明,称对共和党而言,团结起来在11月大选中击败希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton)“至关紧要”。“While we were honest about our few differences, we recognise that there are also many important areas of common ground,Mr Ryan said later. “We will be having additional discussions, but remain confident there’s a great opportunity to unify our party and win this fall,the statement said.瑞安随后称:“在我们坦诚对待我们之间分歧的同时,我们认识到还有很多立场相同的重要领域。”上述声明称:“我们将进行更多讨论,但仍有信心,目前有绝佳的机会团结我们党,赢得今秋大选。”But underscoring the differences that remain to be patched over, Mr Ryan declined to back the tycoon, saying it was important not to push for “fakeunity. “I was very encouraged with this meeting, but this is a process. It takes a little time,he said. The two men did not appear in public together.但是,突显仍有分歧有待弥合的是,瑞安拒绝对这位地产大亨表示持,称重要的是不竭力争取“假装的”团结。他说:“这次会晤令我很受鼓舞,但这是一个过程。需要一点时间。”两人并未同时出现在公众面前。After Mr Trump’s victory in Indiana prompted his last rivals for the Republican candidacy to drop out, he vowed to unite the GOP, which has been deeply divided over his platform and his divisive rhetoric on women, Hispanics and other minorities. While some Republican leaders have reluctantly endorsed him, Mr Ryan joined others in the party establishment last week by declaring that he was “not y despite saying previously that he would support the eventual nominee.在赢得印第安纳州初选并促使其最后的竞争对手宣布退出角逐之后,特朗普誓言要团结共和党;他的竞选纲领以及他那些有关妇女、西语裔及其他少数族群的引发不和的言论,使共和党陷入了严重分裂。虽然部分共和党领袖不情愿地对他表示了持,但瑞安上周加入其他共和党建制派人士的行列,宣称自己“并未准备好”,尽管他此前曾表示会持最终剩下的提名人。Republican elites are anxious that Mr Trump will damage the party’s long-term future just as it had been trying to expand its support among Hispanics and African-Americans. Some senior Republicans have even privately said that they would vote for Mrs Clinton over Mr Trump. But there is a growing recognition that a lack of unity would greatly hurt their chances of taking the White House.共和党精英层担心的是,在该党试图扩张在西语裔及非洲裔美国人中的持率之际,特朗普将会危及共和党的长远未来。一些共和党资深人士甚至私下里表示,他们将投票持希拉里,而非特朗普。但共和党人也日益认识到,缺少团结将极大地降低该党入主白宫的机会。“It was a great first step towards unifying the party,Reince Priebus, the RNC chairman who hosted the discussion between Mr Trump and Mr Ryan, told CNN.共和党全国委员会(RNC)主席雷恩#8226;普瑞巴斯(Reince Priebus)对CNN表示:“这是共和党走向团结的重要的第一步。”普瑞巴斯主持了特朗普与瑞安之间的讨论会。Mr Trump positioned himself through the primary elections as a self-funded anti-establishment candidate. Since securing the nomination, his overtures to the party establishment have been fleeting. Although he willingly met Mr Ryan, last week he warned he would not need the party infrastructure for fundraising and getting out the vote.在整个初选期间,特朗普将自己定位为一名自筹资金、反体制的候选人。自从锁定提名以来,他对共和党建制派的态度变幻无常。虽然他积极与瑞安会面,但他在上周警告称,自己并不需要依靠共和党进行筹款或动员投票。来 /201605/443824山东大学齐鲁医院如何挂号

青岛市李沧区妇幼保健院治疗效果如何Microsoft founder Bill Gates has attacked Donald Trump’s brand of protectionist politics, arguing that as “the biggest beneficiary by farof globalisation, the US would suffer from any move to hinder international trade. 微软(Microsoft)创始人比#8226;盖茨(Bill Gates)抨击唐纳#8226;特朗Donald Trump)倡导的那种保护主义政治。盖茨称,美国是全球化“遥遥领先的最大受益者”,任何阻碍国际贸易的举动对美国都是不利的Mr Gates said he was also worried about the prospect of UK voters in June voting to leave the EU and other signs of Europe turning inward. 盖茨表示,他还担心英国选民6月投票决定退出欧盟的可能性,以及欧洲出现的其他闭关自守迹象“I’m not a UK voter and they get to decide,he said in an interview with the Financial Times. “[But] the benefits to the UK of being in [the EU], in my view, greatly exceed the benefits of being out.“我不是英国选民,决定权在他们手里,”他在接受英囀?金融时报》采访时表示。“但是在我看来,留在欧盟为英国带来的好处大大超过退出的好处。The billionaire philanthropist said no one in the business community was in effect arguing for the benefits of trade, despite the protectionist rhetoric in this year’s US presidential campaign. 这位亿万富豪慈善家表示,尽管今年美国总统大选的竞选期间出现保护主义论调,但商界没有人站出来肯定贸易带来的好处As a result, candidates such as Mr Trump, the Republican frontrunner, and Democrat Bernie Sanders, both of whom advocate forcing US companies to bring manufacturing home and tearing up existing US trade agreements, have been largely unchallenged. 其结果是,身为共和党总统候选人领跑者的特朗普和民主党总统候选人角逐者伯#8226;桑德Bernie Sanders)迄今基本上未受挑战;这两人都主张迫使美国企业把制造业迁回国内,同时撕毁美国现有的贸易协定Mr Gates, who has supported Hillary Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate, in past elections, but who has also donated money to the Republicans, said such policies were based on a fundamental misunderstanding of the modern US economy. 盖茨表示,这种政策是基于对现代美国经济的一个根本误解。盖茨曾在以往的选举中持过民主党的希拉#8226;克林Hillary Clinton),但也曾向共和党捐款“Who is the monster winner of all time in scale economic business software, airplanes, pharmaceuticals, movies? Mmm. I wonder who that is?he asked rhetorically. “谁是规模经济业务(软件、飞机、制药、电影)的史上最?嗯。那是谁?”他反问道“I haven’t watched many [Nigerian] Nollywood or [Indian] Bollywood movies recently, sorry. [The big winner is] the US,he said. “We’re the big beneficiary of globalisation#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;It’s the biggest beneficiary by far.“我最近没有看过多少(尼日利亚)诺莱坞或者(印度)宝莱坞电影,对不起。(是)美国,”他说。“我们是全球化最大的受益者……而且是遥遥领先的最大受益者。Asked about the policies of Mr Trump and Mr Sanders, he argued that US economic strength was built on companies such as Boeing and Microsoft, which hire highly paid engineers and spend billions of dollars on research, since they focus on a global market of 7bn rather than a domestic one of 330m. 在被问及对特朗普和桑德斯的政策的看法时,盖茨辩称美国经济实力是建立在波音(Boeing)、微软等企业基础上的,这些企业高薪聘请工程技术人员,并向研发投入巨额资金,因为它们面0亿人的全球市场,而不.3亿人的美国国内市场That meant that the country’s capacity for innovation in areas such as pharmaceuticals was linked to globalisation, he said. 他表示,这意味着美国在医药等领域的创新能力是与全球化挂钩的“We’ve taken for granted too much that people understand that consumers being able to buy a variety of goods and having price competition on those goods and us being the big winner in these scale markets#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;is a huge thing,he added. “我们太想当然了,以为人们明白,消费者能够买到各种商品,并且受益于这些商品的价格竞争,美国还是这些规模市场的赢家……是一件大事,”他补充说“I wish for a week that we could shut down trade and then, you know, Boeing, Microsoft, Hollywood, pharma would resize their Ramp;D departments for a couple of weeks for fun. And then two weeks later people would go ‘Holy smokes, that was not a very good deal“假如我们能够停止贸易一周,然后,波音、微软、好莱坞、制药企业为了好玩,在两个星期期间调整各自研发部门的规模。然后再过两个星期,人们会说‘天哪,那不是一个划算的安排’”He compared some policies advocated in the US campaign with the attempts of countries such as Nigeria and Venezuela to erect trade barriers to defend their currencies. 他把美国大选竞选期间出炉的政见与尼日利亚和委内瑞拉等国为了捍卫其货币而设置的贸易壁垒相提并论“Shutting down international trade has real costs and somebody it shouldn’t have anything to do with either of the parties but somebody really has got to remind people why this has been good,Mr Gates said. “关闭国际贸易是有切实代价的,有人——这与两党中的哪一个党都不应该有什么关系——真的得提醒人们,贸易为什么是一件好事,”盖茨表示。来 /201604/438363青岛哪家妇科医院人流做得好 崂山区妇幼保健院可以做人流吗

青岛那个医院人流手术比较好 SAN DIEGO -- The Marine Corps is investigatingtwo active-duty Marines at Camp Pendleton for a socialmedia post of a photo of a corporal in uniform holding an assault rifle and themessage: ;Coming to a gay bar near you!;圣地亚哥——一家社交媒体上发不了一张身着制,手持一突击步的下士照片,并附有信息“到你附近的同志酒吧来吧”,为此,海军陆战队正在对彭德尔顿营的两名现役陆战队队员进行调查。Maj. Staci Reidinger said Thursday that fellow Marines alerted officials to thepost, and authorities were able to track down the Marine in the photograph andanother one who reposted it.Maj. Staci Reidinger称,在星期四战友们使军官们对此照片的发布引起警觉后,官方才开始追捕照片上的士兵及发布图片的人;This is a very serious incident and we see this as potential misconductbased on the fact in the picture is a U.S. Marine and the person who repostedthe picture also is a US Marine,; she said. ;This goes against goodorder and discipline within the Marine Corps and the Marine Corps has a veryhigh standard of not tolerating discrimination against any type of group.;“这一事态十分严重,基于照片里的是一位美国海军战士,我们可以把这一事件视为潜在不端行为,而且,发布这张照片的人也是一位美国海军士兵,”她说“这破坏了海军陆战路的良好秩序,违反了军规军纪,况且,海军陆战队一直以高标准要求自己,不得容忍对任何群体的歧视。”She added that fellow Marines policed their own by immediately reporting thepost.她补充道,海军战友们严格监督自己,第一时间把该图片爆料出来;Its an embarrassment to us,; Reidinger said of the post.“对我们而言,这确实很尴尬,”Reidinger对那张照片道。The post follows Sundays terror attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida,that killed 49 people and injured more than 50.星期天,在佛罗里达州奥兰多的一家同性恋酒吧里发生的恐怖袭击导9人死亡,50多人受伤,而该照片就在这一事件之后接着就发布出来。Meantime, the FBI and San Diego police areinvestigating a threatening Craigslist message that praised the Orlando massacre.同时,美国联邦调查局和圣地亚哥警方正在调查克雷格网站上发布的赞扬奥兰多惨案的威胁信息;Orlandowas long overdue,; the message said, according to local television stationKGTV. ;Cleanse your community of the filth that gives decent gay men andwomen a bad name. Those people were walking diseases, bug chasers, and thankgod for AIDS and 9-11 and now Orlando.San Diego youare next.;据当地电视台KGTV报道,该信息为“奥兰多事件姗姗来迟,把社区污秽——让那些生活体面的男女同性恋者背上坏名声的人,全部清理掉。这些人虽然活着,却病入膏肓,他们追逐的是臭虫般的丑恶,感谢上帝带来艾滋病毒-11事件,现在该轮到奥兰多圣地亚哥了”The message was posted in the ;men seeking men; section of the localwebsite, KGTV reported. The station received a screenshot of the post, whichcontained a gun being fired, before it was taken down from the site.KGTV报道,该信息发布在当地网站“男同性恋求偶”专区。在该照片尚未删除之前,电视台收到关于信息发布的截屏,截屏上包括一只正在射击的。Law enforcement officers have offered increased security to LGBT organizations,gay nightclubs and gay pride events across the country in the wake of the Orlando shooting.在奥兰多击事件后,执法官员对LGBT组织,同性恋酒吧及同性恋骄傲游行活动加强了保护。来 /201606/450031青岛开发区第一人民医院门诊部电话青岛人民医院打胎流产好吗



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