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青岛市儿童医院在线回答青岛治疗妇科炎症的中药青岛无痛人流得费用是多少 And on the first day at Simikot in Humla,我们在胡姆拉的Simikot的头一天far west of Nepal,在尼泊尔的最西端the most impoverished region of Nepal,全国最贫困的地区an old man came in一个抱着一堆破烂布片的老人clutching a bundle of rags.走进来And he walked in, and somebody said something to him,他进了门,有人招呼他we realized he was deaf,然后我们发现他是耳聋and we looked into the rags,我们看看那堆布片and there was this pair of eyes.里头露出一双眼睛来The rags were unwrapped打开裹着的布片from a little girl是一个whose body was massively burned.重度烧伤的女孩Again, 再一次the eyes and hands观世音的of Avalokiteshvara.眼睛和慈悲之手显现It was the young women, the health aids,也就是那些年轻女性,援助者who cleaned the wounds of this baby清理孩子的伤口and dressed the wounds.并包扎上I know those hands and eyes;我认识那些手和眼睛they touched me as well.它们也曾经抚慰过我They touched me at that time.它们在过去抚慰过我They have touched me throughout my 68 years.在我68年生命中抚慰了我They touched me when I was four在我四岁失去视力and I lost my eyesight几乎瘫痪的时候and was partially paralyzed.它们抚慰了我And my family brought in我的家人带来a woman whose mother had been a slave一个女人,她的母亲曾经是个奴隶to take care of me.她照顾我And that woman这个女人did not have sentimental compassion.并没有感性的慈悲心She had phenomenal strength.她有的是非凡的力量And it was really her strength, I believe,我相信,是她的力量that became the kind of mudra and imprimatur成为一种启发与指引that has been a guiding light in my life.是我生命中的指明灯So we can ask:我们问道:What is compassion comprised of?慈悲是什么构成的?And there are various facets.包含很多方面And theres referential and non-referential compassion.有指代性的和非指代性的But first, compassion is comprised但首先,慈悲是of that capacity透彻观照to see clearly苦难之存在的into the nature of suffering.能力构成It is that ability这种能力to really stand strong让我们保持坚强and to recognize also并让我们意识到that Im not separate from this suffering.我是这苦难的一部分But that is not enough,但这不够because compassion,因为慈悲心which activates the motor cortex,激发运动皮质层means that we aspire,也就是说我们受到激励we actually aspire to transform suffering.被激励着去化解苦难And if were so blessed,如果我们足够幸运的话we engage in activities我们从事的活动that transform suffering.能化解苦难But compassion has another component,但慈悲心有另一个组成部分and that component is really essential.这个部分非常重要That component这就是is that we cannot be attached to outcome.我们不应该耽于结果Now I worked with dying people如今,我已为for over 40 years.临死的人们工作了40余年I had the privilege of working on death row我曾有幸 在最大限度安全保下for six years.为死刑犯工作了六个年头And I realized so clearly我清楚的认识到in bringing my own life experience,在我的个人生活经历中from working with dying people为临死之人工作and training caregivers,以及培训护理者的个人生活中that any attachment to outcome任何耽于结果的感情would distort deeply只会深深影响my own capacity to be fully present我自己的to the whole catastrophe.面对大苦难的能力And when I worked in the prison system,在我为监狱系统工作时it was so clear to me, this:我很清楚:that many of us这个屋子里in this room,很多人and almost all of the men that I worked with on death row,还有几乎所有与我一起为死刑犯共事过的人the seeds of their own compassion had never been watered.他们的慈悲之火种从未被扑灭201410/331362青岛哪些民营医院比较好

青岛大学医学院附属医院在哪里无论老天赋予你什么样的天赋,或者给让你经历什么样的苦难,都不要放弃做自己的机会,每一个人都是不一样的,相信自己。My name is Olive.我的名字是奥利弗Due to a rare congenital condition,I have very small hands.由于一种罕见的先天因素,我的两只手非常的小As a youngster, I used anything to hide my hands from you.青少年时期,在人前我总是把双手藏起来Tenpin bowling was impossible.打保龄球是不可能的Piano lessons were utterly humiliating.上钢琴课也非常的丢人After a dance, a girl once like the experience to holding the paw of a weasel.舞会后,女孩感觉是握着黄鼠狼的爪子When I had decided to put an end to myself,my finger didnt reach the trigger.就连当我决定结束自己生命的时候,我的手指都够不到扳机So I prayed for a purposive life.所以我祈祷能得到一个有意义的人生Suddenly,I was overcome with an urge to sew.突然之间,我禁不住想要缝东西My stitches were so small and undetected.我的针脚如此的小以至于察觉不到They will go unnoticed to the untrained.以至于人们都看不到瑕疵Soon ,my new-found became famous across the land.不久我的这项新技能就让我家喻户晓了Girls liked me.女孩们开始喜欢我了And it wasnt long before the makers of the worlds finest clothes offered me a position in their workshop.不久之后世界上最顶级的裁缝们也在他们的工作室里为我留了一个位子I’ve been hired here for ten years this August.到今年八月份,我已经被这个工作室雇佣十年了Here Im not treated as a freak,but as a hero.在这里,我不是被当成一个怪物,而是一个英雄And no longer do I feel cursed,I feel blessed.我也不再觉得自己是被诅咒的,相反,我觉得我是被神祝福的201305/241697山东省青岛市第七医院可以用医保卡 Hi, everybody. 大家好!My top priority as President is doing everything I can to create more jobs and more opportunities for hardworking families to get ahead.作为总统,我最重要的任务就是尽我一切努力为所有辛勤付出的工薪家庭提供更多就业机会,让大家获得成功。On Friday, we learned that our economy created over 200,000 new jobs in July. 周五发布的统计数据显示今年7月,我们创造了20多万个就业岗位。Thats on top of about 300,000 new jobs in June. 这是继6月我们创造30万个就业岗位之后再创佳绩。Were now in a six-month streak with at least 200,000 new jobs each month.而最近连续6个月里,我们平均每个月至少创造20万个就业岗位。That hasnt happened since 1997. 这种情况是自1997年以来所没有出现过的。All told, our businesses have created 9.9 million jobs over the past 53 months. 在过去的4年5个月里,我们总共创造了990万个就业岗位。Thats the longest streak of private-sector job creation in our history.这是私营企业创造就业的新纪录。Because of you-because of your hard work and determination-America has recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth. 这些成果的取得正是因为大家,因为你们的辛勤付出和坚强信念,让美国比其它发达国家更快复苏,更快发展。The economy is clearly getting stronger. 我们的经济正在显著增强。Things are clearly getting better. 所有的事情都在明显好转。And the decisions we make now can keep things moving in that direction.我们做出的决定现在正在让事情向着正确的方向前进。Thats whats at stake right now. 而当下十分重要的一点。Making sure our economy works for every working American. 要确保经济发展惠及每一个美国人。Making sure that people who work hard can get ahead. 要确保所有辛勤付出的人能够成功。Thats why Ive been pushing for common-sense ideas like rebuilding our infrastructure in a way that supports millions of good jobs and helps our businesses compete. 因此,我一直在推动一些正常的政策立法,比如重建基础设施,创造数百万就业岗位并帮助企业更好竞争;Raising the minimum wage. 提高最低工资标准;Making it easier for working folks to pay off their student loans. 减轻工薪阶层偿还助学贷款的压力;Thats why Ive been pushing for fair pay and paid leave.同工同酬和带薪产假等等,这都是我一直在推动的事情。These policies have two things in common. 这些政策都有两个共同点:All of them would help working families feel more stable and secure. 所有这些都将帮助工薪家庭获得更多稳定性和安全感;And all of them have been blocked or ignored by Republicans in Congress.所有这些都被国会的共和党人阻挠或无视掉。Thats why my administration keeps taking what actions we can on our own to help working families-because Congress is doing so little for working families. 正因如此,当局也一直在采取能够采取的措施,帮助工薪家庭,因为国会能帮到工薪家庭的真是微乎其微。House Republicans actually got together this week and voted to sue me for taking actions on my own. 众议院的共和党人这周倒是汇聚一起投票了,不过他们是要投票起诉我所采取的这些措施。And then they left town for the month without settling a bunch of unfinished business that matters to working families across America.接着他们就离开了国会山,开始一个多月的休假,留下一大堆没完成的事情,这些事情却事关全美工薪家庭的利益。The bottom line is this-weve come a long way these past five and a half years. 我的底线是,我们过去5年半的时间里取得了长足的进步。Our challenges are nowhere near as daunting as they were back then. 我们面临的挑战就如同他们的掣肘一样无处不在。But imagine how much farther along our economy would be-how much stronger our country would be-if Congress would do its job.但大家想像一下,如果国会做好了这些事情,我们的经济发展得是多块,我们的国家将是多么强大。Ill never stop trying to work with both parties to get things moving faster for the middle class. 我从来没有也不会放弃与两党的人士合作,推动这些事情更快得到落实,帮助中产阶级。And I could use your help. 而我也需要大家的帮助。If you see your Member of Congress around home this month, tell him or her whats on your mind. 如果你看见哪个议员回到你的家乡,请告诉你内心的想法。Ask them why they havent passed bills to raise the minimum wage or help with student loans or enact fair pay for women.问问他们为什么不通过提高最低工资标准的法案,帮组学生偿还助学贷款的法案和同工同酬法案。And when they return from vacation next month, instead of trying to pass partisan bills on party lines, hopefully we can come together with the sense of common purpose that you expect. 等到他们下个月他们回到这里,我们希望他们不是要通过站在党派立场上的法案,而是我们能够同心协力,达成共识,做好大家所期待的事情。And in the meantime, I will never stop doing whatever I can, whenever I can, not only to make sure that our economy succeeds, but that people like you succeed.同时,我也将永不停止,尽我一切能力,在任何可能的时机,不仅要推动经济更好的发展,还要保大家能够取得成功。Thanks, and have a great weekend.谢谢大家,祝你们周末愉快。 201408/319110青岛女性月经不调

荣成妇科检查价格THE PRESIDENT: Merry Christmas, everybody! This is one of our favorite times of the year in the Obama household, filled with family and friends, warmth and good cheer. Thats even true when I spend all night chasing Bo and Sunny away from the cookies we leave for Santa.总统:大家圣诞快乐!在奥巴马家,这是一年里大家最喜欢的日子,家里高朋满座,到处洋溢着温暖和欢声笑语。而且我一晚上都得把波波和撒尼赶到一边,免得它们把留给圣诞老人的饼干吃掉了。Its also my favorite weekly address of the year, because Im joined by a special holiday guest star: Mrs. Obama.这也是我一年里最喜欢的一次每周讲话,因为与我一起的还有一位特别的节日明星:奥巴马夫人。THE FIRST LADY: Merry Christmas, everyone. Here at the White House, weve spent the past month helping everyone get into the holiday spirit.第一夫人:大家圣诞节快乐!在白宫,我们花了一个月的时间为大家准备,让大家感受到今年的节日气氛。Our theme this year is “A Timeless Tradition,” and the decorations in each room reflect some of our countrys most cherished pastimes-from saluting our troops and their families to helping children dream big dreams for their future.今年,我们的主题是“永远的传统”,每个房间的装饰都反映了我们国家一段最珍贵的传统,有向军人和军属致敬的主题,还有帮助儿童畅想未来的主题。And weve invited thousands of families here to the White House to enjoy the festivities-because theres no holiday tradition more timeless than opening our doors to others.我们还邀请了几千个家庭来到白宫,共同欢度节日,因为,没有什么传统比敞开家门迎接八方来客这个传统更悠久了。THE PRESIDENT: Today, like millions of Americans and Christians around the world, our family celebrates the birth of Jesus and the values He lived in his own life. Treating one another with love and compassion. Caring for those on societys margins: the sick and the hungry, the poor and the persecuted, the stranger in need of shelter-or simply an act of kindness.总统:今天,与成千上万的美国人民,以及全世界的基督教徒一样,我们一起庆祝耶稣基督的生日,纪念他用一生实现的人生价值。对待他人充满爱和。关心生活在社会边缘的人士:病人和吃不上饭的人,穷人和造虐待的人,需要保护的陌生人,或是一个简单的善举。Thats the spirit that binds us together-not just as Christians, but as Americans of all faiths. Its what the holidays are about: coming together as one American family to celebrate our blessings and the values we hold dear.这是将我们团结在一起的精神,不仅仅对基督徒如此,这也是各种信仰的美国人民所认可的精神。这正是节日的意义所在:像一个美国大家庭一样团结起来,共同庆祝我们的价值观,彼此祝福。During this season, we also honor all who defend those values in our countrys uniform. Every day, the brave men and women of our military serve to keep us safe-and so do their families.在这个节日里,我们也向身穿军装,保卫我们的价值观的军人们致敬。每一天,英勇的男女将士以及他们的家人们都在为国务,保卫我们的安全。THE FIRST LADY: So as we sing carols and open presents, as we win snowball fights...第一夫人:所以,我们唱圣诞歌,收到礼物,打赢雪仗的时候…THE PRESIDENT: Or lose snowball fights...总统:或者打输雪仗的时候…THE FIRST LADY: Lets also take time to pay tribute to those who have given our country so much. Go to JoiningForces.gov to see how you can serve the troops, veterans, and military families in your community.第一夫人:我们别忘了向所有这些为这个国家付出这么多的人们致敬。你可以登录JoningForces.gov,网站上会告诉你如何为军人、退伍老兵以及你所在社区的军属务。And together, we can show them just how grateful we are for their sacrifice. Thats a tradition we all can embrace-today and every day.总之,我们可以向他们表达我们对他们付出的牺牲的感激之情。这是我们今天以及未来每一天都会保持下去的传统。THE PRESIDENT: So on behalf of Malia, Sasha, Bo, Sunny, and everyone here at the White House-Merry Christmas. May God bless our troops and their families. And may God bless you all with peace and joy in the year ahead.总统:因此,我们谨代表玛莉亚、萨莎、波波、撒尼以及在白宫过节的所有人,祝大家圣诞节快乐!愿上帝保佑我们的军人以及他们的家人。愿上帝保佑大家在新的一年里平安吉祥!201512/418757 And I just look at this, and I think, yes,看到这些,我想,是的we could take that so much further by allowing people to set targets我们能可以把它带到更广阔的境界,以让人们去设定目标的方式by setting calibrated targets,以设置校准目标的方式by using elements of uncertainty,以使用不确定因素的方式by using these multiple targets,以使用这些多重目标的方式by using a grand, underlying reward and incentive system,以一个浩大的,潜在的奖励和激励系统by setting people up to collaborate in terms of groups, in terms of streets to collaborate and compete,依靠建立合作以群体形式,路边组合形式协作,竞争to use these very sophisticated group and motivational mechanics we see.以这些我们看到的非常复杂的群体和激励机制In terms of education,这在教育方面perhaps most obviously of all, we can transform how we engage people.大概显然是最有效的就是我们可以改变和人共事的方式We can offer people the grand continuity of experience and personal investment.我们可以提供人们在经历和个人投资上浩大的连续性We can break things down into highly calibrated small tasks.我们可以把事情拆分为可高度校准的小任务We can use calculated randomness.我们能用数理随机性We can reward effort consistently as everything fields together.我们能持续奖励努力正如所有东西传递承接在一起And we can use the kind of group behaviors that we see evolving when people are at play together,并且我们能用这种群体行为,我们看到它在人们共同游戏时演变these really quite unprecedentedly complex cooperative mechanisms.这些极空前复杂的合作机制Government, well, one thing that comes to mind is the U.S. government, among others,政府,有件事在我脑海中浮现,那就是美国政府,是所有政府中is literally starting to pay people to lose weight.首次书面声明付费用给人们用于减肥So were seeing financial reward being used to tackle the great issue of obesity.所以我们在谈论财政激励被用于解决肥胖症的巨大问题But again, those rewards could be calibrated so precisely但,那些激励能够被如此精确地标量if we were able to use the vast expertise of gaming systems to just jack up that appeal,如果我们能够用游戏系统中庞大的专门技术来持这种需要to take the data, to take the observations, of millions of human hours去积累数据,执行观察分析代替百万人工作量and plow that feedback into increasing engagement.和艰苦劳动来反馈提升人的参与度And in the end, its this word, ;engagement,; that I want to leave you with.最后,关键词是,参与度,这是我要留给大家的Its about how individual engagement can be transformed这是关于如何用心理学和神经学的经验来转换by the psychological and the neurological lessons个人的参与行为we can learn from watching people that are playing games.我们可以从观察人的游戏中学习But its also about collective engagement这同时也是关于集体参与and about the unprecedented laboratory for observing what makes people tick这是前所未有的实验室,我们通过游戏世界这个平台and work and play and engage on a grand scale in games.观察什么让人行动,什么让人工作,游戏和投入And if we can look at these things and learn from them如果我们观察这些并从中学习and see how to turn them outwards,并找到将它通用到游戏之外的方法then I really think we have something quite revolutionary on our hands.那么我真的任务我们正在做的士一件具有革命性的事情Thank you very much.非常感谢201511/411968青医附院挂号网青岛市妇幼医院四维彩超价格



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