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2018年11月15日 03:23:04

Symbolic Cyprus Crossing Reopens希族与土族塞浦路斯人拆除过境点Greek and Turkish Cypriots have removed a blockade that has separated them for half a century. Ledra Street, a thoroughfare in the heart of Nicosia had become a potent symbol of Cyprus's ethnic partition.  希腊裔和土耳其裔的塞浦路斯人拆除了将他们分离了半个世纪的路障。尼科西亚市中心地带的莱德拉大道一直是塞浦路斯种族分离的有力象征。 Piles of sand bags, soldiers with rifles and sentry points that have long been the visual symbol of this island's division have given way to the bustle of pedestrians crossing through the capital's oldest shopping street. 成堆的沙袋、携带步的士兵和岗哨长期以来一直是塞浦路斯分裂的显著标志,现在在这条尼科西亚历史最悠久的购物街上,这些都让位于熙熙攘攘的行人。You still have to have your passport stamped when crossing from the Greek sector to the Turkish side, which takes a few minutes, so this is by no means an open and free crossing. 从希腊裔街区前往土耳其裔街区仍然需要在护照上盖章,但这只需要几分钟时间。因此,这决不是一个开放的、可以自由通过的过境点。But the technicalities were brushed aside Thursday as both Greek and Turkish Cypriots savored the moment. 但是,在希腊裔和土耳其裔塞浦路斯人今天庆祝这一时刻的时候,这个技术性程序也被搁置在一边。George Iacovou, aide to Cyprus President Demetris Christofias, was the first to speak at the opening ceremony. 塞浦路斯总统赫里斯托菲亚斯的助理亚科武是第一个在庆祝开放过境点仪式上讲话的人。"We aspire to the elimination of crossings and the opening of all roads in this country for all its citizens with no obstructions as a consequence of its reunification," said Iacovou. 亚科武说:“我们期望为所有的公民拆除这个国家的过境点,开放所有的公路,由于统一不再存在任何障碍。”Ozdil Nami the aide to Turkish Cypriot leader Mehmet Ali Talat was also upbeat. 土耳其裔塞浦路斯领导人塔拉特的助手纳米也表示欢欣鼓舞。"We are witnessing the overthrow of one of the obstacles for the reunification of the island," said Nami. "It has been a very symbolic crossing point." 纳米说:“我们正在目睹为了这个岛国的统一,拆除一个障碍。这里曾经是一个非常具有象征性的过境点。”UNFICYP spokesperson Jose Luis Diaz says the events are a step in the right direction and he is hopeful progress between the two communities on the Cyprus problem can be made soon.  联合国驻塞浦路斯维和部队的发言人迪亚兹说,事情正向正确的方向发展。他希望,两个社区能在塞浦路斯问题上尽快取得进展。"We think it is important because the closing of Ledra Street has become a symbol for the division of Cyprus, so we hope this opening will mark the beginning of a process of engagement between the two sides that will lead to a settlement of this long-standing dispute," said Diaz. 迪亚兹说:“我们认为,这是重要的,因为莱德拉街已经成为塞浦路斯分裂的一个象征。所以,我们希望开放过境点代表双方进行接触的开始,将导致这个长期以来的争端获得解决。”Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been divided since 1974, when Turkey deployed troops after a coup by Greek Cypriots who wanted union with Greece.  希腊裔和土耳其裔塞浦路斯人自从1974年以来一直处于分裂状态,当时在希望同希腊统一的希腊裔塞浦路斯人发动政变之后,土耳其派遣了军队。Cyprus' government demolished a wall and military checkpoint on Ledra Street last year. But plans to reopen the street were rejected by President Christofias' predecessor, Tassos Papadopoulos.  塞浦路斯政府去年拆除了莱德拉街上的一堵墙和那里的军事检查站。但是,重新开放这条街的计划遭到塞浦路斯前任总统帕帕佐普洛斯的反对。The removal of this barrier connects two different worlds - prosperous southern Cyprus, with its brand-name shops such as Starbucks and Marks and Spencer, to a row of tiny Turkish Cypriot traders selling fake jeans, carpets and the latest mobile phones at knocked down prices. 拆除障碍物把两个不同的世界连接在一起,一边是富裕的南塞浦路斯,他们拥有诸如星巴克、玛莎等品牌商店,另外一边是一排土耳其裔塞浦路斯商贩的小店铺,他们出售假冒牛仔裤、地毯和廉价的最新款式的手机。The Ledra Street crossing is now the sixth barrier to open connecting the two communities. 莱德拉街过境点是目前第六个开放的、连接两个社区的路障。Even though the removal of the Ledra crossing may be just a symbolic move, U.N. Undersecretary-General Lynn Pascoe sees an opportunity to solve the division of this island. 尽管拆除莱德拉街过境点可能只是一个象征性的行动,联合国副秘书长帕斯科认为,这是解决塞浦路斯分裂问题的一个机会。"The two leaders have set their sights on achieving a fair and last solution and I think Cypriots are right to have high expectations," said Pascoe. "I am encouraged and will pass this on to the secretary general when I talk with him." 帕斯科说:“两位领导人已经决心要达成一个公正和长久的解决办法,我认为塞浦路斯人怀有很高的期望是正确的。我很受鼓舞。当我和秘书长谈话时,我会把这个消息告诉他。”After the ed Nations failed attempt to reunite Cyprus in 2004, Pascoe's words are welcome news to Cypriots who want to end the division of this island.  在联合国没能在2004年促成塞浦路斯统一后,帕斯科的话对希望结束这个岛国分裂局面的塞浦路斯人来说是一个好消息。200804/33401遂宁市妇幼保健院地包天牙齿前突价格Let's get the male and female perspectives on all this. David Zinczenko is editor-in-chief of Men's Health magazine and BJ Gallagher is a sociologist and author of the book "Friends Are Everything". Hey folks, good to see you(Hi. Good to see you...).Well, let's start with that piece left up/out, do you think men are less likely to kick a guy to the...or a friend to the curb than women are?Well, well, female and male friendships are very different. I think like Tape P said, women have these intense emotions and strong feelings, but men kinda characterize their friendships through activities like they have golf buddies, drinking buddies, poker buddies, work buddies. Women don't tend to say, "Oh, I'm getting together with my shopping buddy today." So it's more about circumstance and convenience. I think.So, women are more emotional when it comes to friendships and ending them?Absolutely, women are more global in their friendships. We are more likely to have a best friend that we do everything with. We shop with. We have tea with. We, you know we raise our kids together. Men, as David pointed out, are more er, instrumental in their friendships. They compartmentalize their friendships. Women don't, oughta/are too global.So when it comes time to end a friendship, let's talk about some scenarios and you tell me you think the best way to do this would be e, all right? Let's say it's not a betrayal, let's just we've grown apart, all right? We used to think we had something in common. We don't get along as well as we used to. Do you just let it fade away? Do you have that talk?Now I, I don't really think you need the ta...talk. For guys, if you wanna, if you wanna dry up the goodwill tank quickly, what you do is that you resort to the time-tested method of laziness and unresponsiveness. Guys have big egos.They are gonna take the small slights to heart. You blow them off a couple of times for drinks, they're good. If they don't get the hint though and they go like Jim Carrey in the Cable Guy on you and they become stalkers and obsessive(right). You go right to the, right to the source. You get all the stuff you borrowed from them, you put it on the front lawn and it sends an instinct signal 'you've been broken up with'. BJ, neglect or confrontation, which one do you go with?Women will always go with the neglect first because the confrontation is too painful and women are trained to be nice. We are trained not to hurt one another's feelings. We wanna make nice, so we try to like ease away, but if that doesn't work, then you gotta go for the confrontation.All right, and let's take the other one, betrayal, all right? A friend of yours has done something awful to you. Again, do you walk away, take the high ground or do you go with the confrontation?In that case, women are much more likely to go with the confrontation. The men are more likely to sort of try to weasel out of it, particularly if it' a male-female friendship, but the woman will say, "This doesn't work for me." For, first of all, she'll go tell all of her other girlfriends and say, "Guess what so-and-so did? Can you believe this? Oh I just blah blah blah", and then she'll go have the confrontation. The men, they'll just try to...So first you smear the reputation and then you address the problem?No, no, no, it's not smearing, it's gaining moral support.OK.And, and I think for guys, you know, look, a guy break up, a, a, a 'bromance' breakup is never forever. You can, you can steal his girl, kill his dog, burn down his house and five years later you're gonna run into him in a bar and he's gonna say, "Why did we grow apart? What, what happened? Can I borrow your golf clubs? "We forget a lot quickly, a lot more quickly.Woman will never forget. You could hurt her feelings or do something and she'll remind you of it for years.Let me ask you about saving a friendship. Let's say, you're the other side of the coin. Let's say you are the person who's all of a sudden being ignored or even confronted, that the friendship is over, is there any way to save a friendship once that happens?Sure, I mean, guys have very little emotional cognition. Again, the short memories, shorter emotional memories, just wait it out.With women you really have to find out what the, what the problem means. I mean here's the bottom line: it takes two yeses to make a friendship. It only takes one no to end it, and so even if the other woman still wants to be friends, if you don't, it's over, or vice versa. If you still wanna be friends, but she is done with you, it's over, she is done.In the end, in the end, will we put up with things from friends that we wouldn't put up with from a boyfriend or a girlfriend?Oh, oh, yeah, I think so. (absolutely) I mean there are some guys who are more loyal than a US marine. I mean they will stay friends with you for life no matter what, through thick and thin and put up with just about anything.Yeah. Absolutely. I mean I always say that, that the men in my life come and go but my girlfriends are forever.All right, good advice, BJ, David, thanks very much.Thank you, Matt. 200809/49718成都友谊医院看牙套整牙补牙洗牙价格Negotiations Continue on US Financial Bailout Plan美国金融救助方案仍在讨论   U.S. congressional leaders have resumed talks on a 0 billion financial rescue package. The difficult talks resumed after the negotiators agreed to consider proposals from House Republicans, whose opposition to a White House backed plan had threatened to scuttle it.美国国会领导人星期五恢复讨论7000亿美元的金融救助方案。复会之前,有关各方同意研究众议院共和党人提出的建议。这些共和党议员坚持反对白宫提出的方案,差一点导致救助方案流产。Just hours before the talks resumed, President Bush acknowledged that disagreements remain over aspects of the massive financial rescue plan, but he said there is no disagreement that something substantial must be done.就在会谈恢复前几个小时,布什总统承认,有关各方在这个大规模金融救助方案的某些方面依然存在分歧。不过,布什表示,在政府必须采取某种实质性行动这一点上,大家没有分歧。Speaking to reporters at the White House, Mr. Bush sought to reassure financial markets that a deal would be reached to avert an economic crisis.布什在白宫前对记者发表讲话,安抚金融市场。他表示,政府将会达成某种妥协,避免出现经济危机。"We will rise to the occasion," he said. "Republicans and Democrats will come together and pass a substantial rescue plan."“我们要行动起来。共和党和民主党将共同努力,通过一个实质性的救助方案。”A White House meeting a day earlier with President Bush, congressional leaders and presidential candidates, Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama, failed to reach agreement. After word that a bipartisan agreement in principle had been reached on a plan, House Republicans refused to go along.国会领导人和总统候选人麦凯恩和奥巴马星期四在白宫会见了布什总统,但没有达成共识。关于两党已经就这个方案达成原则性一致意见的说法传出以后,众议院的共和党人拒绝附和这种说法。That plan would allow the government to take over billions of dollars worth of bad home loans and other mortgage-based assets held by investment firms and banks. Several of the country's largest financial institutions have collapsed under the weight of the faulty investments, threatening an even bigger economic crisis.这个计划将允许政府从投资公司和手中接过几十亿、甚至上百亿美元的房贷坏帐和其它抵押贷款持的资产。美国最大的金融机构中已经有几个因为承受不起这些失败的投资的压力而倒闭,这更增加了发生经济危机的可能性。The plan under consideration would give Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson 0 billion immediately to begin buying up bad loans, and 0 billion more after certifying that the funds are necessary. An additional 0 billion could be turned over without additional congressional approval, although Congress would have 30 days to object. 国会现在研究的方案是,给财政部部长保尔森2500亿美元,让他马上开始收购那些不良资产,然后在国会确认这些钱使用得当之后再进一步拨款1000亿美元。另外的3500亿美元可以在不经国会专门审批的情况下直接拨给财政部。不过国会可以在30天之内拒绝划拨。The plan would include strong oversight of the bailout program and ban excessive compensation for executives at failing firms. 这个计划还规定要对救助计划进行严格监督,并禁止那些失败的公司的主管们获得过高的酬金。Republican fiscal conservatives argue that taxpayer funds should not be bailing out failed institutions who made bad loans. Public opinion polls show that most Americans agree.在财政问题上持保守立场的共和党人表示,纳税人的钱不应该用来救助那些房贷失误的机构。民意测验显示,大多数美国民众同意这种看法。"Our goal here in attempting to come to agreement is to do our best to protect American taxpayers," said Congressman John Boehner of Ohio, House Republican leader. "There are a lot of options in terms of how we do that. We are not going to negotiate in front of all of you."俄亥俄州的众议员约翰·纳(John Boehner)是众议院的共和党领袖。他对记者说:“我们在这里试图达成一致的目的就是尽我们最大的力量保护美国纳税人。”House Republicans refused to take part in negotiations on the rescue plan late Thursday. But Friday, after President Bush called Congressman Boehner and Senator McCain met with the Republican leader, the number two Republican in the House, Congressman Roy Blunt of Missouri, agreed to take part in the latest talks. Democrats say they will not vote for a package that does not have substantial Republican support. They want Republicans to share any political fallout that may result from passage of a such an expensive rescue plan.民主党人表示,任何方案如果得不到共和党相当的持,他们是不会参加表决的。民主党希望共和党议员们跟他们一起承担通过这样一个规模庞大的救助方案可能产生的政治影响。Senate Democratic Majority Leader Harry Reid says with help from lawmakers from the other party, a rescue package could be approved by the time financial markets open Monday morning, something the White House has been seeking.参议院民主党领袖哈里·里德(Harry Reid)说,只要有共和党议员的合作,下星期一金融市场开市的时候救助方案将会获得通过。这个最后期限也是白宫在努力争取的时间。"We could have this done by midnight tonight," he said. "We could start drafting it tomorrow. We could vote on it Sunday or Monday."“我们可能会在今天午夜的时候完成这项工作。明天我们就能够开始起草文件。星期天或者星期一,我们就能够进行表决。”In related action, Senate Republicans have blocked a proposal for billion in spending to stimulate the faltering U.S. economy. The economic stimulus package would have extended unemployment benefits, increased food aid to the poor and funded job-creation programs. Republicans have strongly objected to the additional spending, saying it would increase the ballooning federal deficit and lead to higher taxes.参议院的共和党人已经拒绝了一个560亿美元的经济刺激方案。这个方案包括延长失业补贴,增加给穷人的食品补助,和给创造就业的项目的拨款。共和党坚决拒绝扩大开。他们表示,扩大开将会把正在急速膨胀的联邦赤字推得更高,导致今后提高税率。200809/50732西南医院口腔中心


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