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甘孜藏族自治州妇幼保健院牙科成都全瓷冠多少钱成都妇幼保健医院根管治疗氟斑牙怎么样好吗 Sun spots are important太阳黑子很重要because scientists now know因为科学家现在知道that they can affect the British climate.它们会影响英国的气候The Suns spots, shown here in white,太阳黑子 这里以白色显示come and go on an 11-year cycle.以11年为周期循环出现When there are no spots,当没有黑子时when solar activity is low,当太阳活动较少时there is a reduction in the amount of ultraviolet light射向地球的紫外辐射hitting the Earth.数量减少Low solar activity has the potential to disrupt the jet stream太阳活动变弱可能会影响高空急流and the flow of warm air over Britain,以及英国上空热空气的流动allowing the wind to blow cold winter air from the east.使得在冬季 东边的冷空气可以吹过来Our work suggests that, statistically,我们的研究表明 从统计上来看if you have low solar activity太阳活动较少时you will get more of these cold winters.会导致更多这样的寒冬出现And it seems to be a phenomenon thats very much prevalent in Europe这种现象似乎在欧洲更为普遍but not really so significant anywhere else.在其他地方并不是这样显著201410/337923蒲江县牙齿矫正医院

成都大学附属医院口腔修复口腔正畸怎么样好吗Beijings water supply in summer nears limit北京自来水集团表示城区将超供水极限Beijing waterworks group says the citys peak period for water consumption has passed.北京自来水集团称全市已经度过了用水量高峰期。The highest daily water usage hit 3.1 million cubic meters this summer, a record as the citys only held a maximum capacity of just 80,000 cubic meters more than that demand.今年夏天北京城区最高日用水量创下310万立方米的新高,而全市存水最大容量仅超此需求量8万立方米。The company also reported an earlier peak period compared to previous years.该集团还表示此前的高峰期用水量与往年相比。The city’s water consumption from May to July was at over 200 million cubic meters, 9 million cubic meters more than the same period last year.全市用水量从五月到七月份为200多亿立方米,比去年同期增长了9万立方米。Authorities said the water availability per capita in Beijing was below 100 cubic meters in recent years, the lowest in the country,专家称,近几年北京人均水资源供应量低于100立方米,为全国最低。The city faces an annual shortage of 1.5 billion cubic meters of water.北京城正面临着每年水资源短缺15亿立方米的困境。201409/331810成都做全瓷牙到底好不好 Removing makeup needs to be done with care and gentleness in order not to suffer from any bad effects. Learn the correct ways and techniques for doing it properly through this .如果不想造成任何坏的结果,卸妆需要小心谨慎。根据这段视频学习恰当卸妆的正确方法和技巧。Now, I am going to show you how to remove makeup including eye makeup and at the moment, I am using Bioderma, this is brought from France, you can also get it from Groomlake Emporium in London. It is a very gentle cleanser and it also removes eye makeup as well. First, I am going to soak the cleanser in the eyes first for just a few seconds and then, I am going to scoop it out.现在,我来向大家介绍一下怎样卸妆,包括眼妆。现在,我使用的是从法国购买的贝德玛卸妆水,你也可以自己到化妆品店购买。这是一款非常温和的卸妆水,也可以用于眼部卸妆。首先,我将卸妆水涂抹在眼部,浸泡几秒种,然后吸干。And now, I am going to cleanse the rest of the face. If you prefer to use a cleanser that washes off with water rather one that wipes off like mine, you can massage all over the face with the cleanser first, leave it for a few seconds and then wash off with water and you may have to repeat twice or three times. If you find that after cleansing the first time, there is still colour on your cotton pad, that means you will have to cleanse it again until it has no more colour visible.现在,我要清洁面部其他部位。如果你偏好用水清洗的卸妆水,而不是我这样用来擦拭的,可以首先用卸妆水整个面部,停留几秒种,然后用水清洗,需要重复两三次。如果你发现首次清洁后棉垫上仍然有颜色,这意味着你需要再次清洁,直到棉垫上没有任何颜色。Because you are cleansing your face more than once, it is important to use a very gentle cleanser. And that is how to remove makeup. .因为清洁次数超过一次,所以必须要使用非常温和的卸妆水。以上就是正确的卸妆方法。Thanks for watching How To Remove Makeup.感谢收看“怎样卸妆”视频节目。视频听力由。201401/271153宜宾牙科医院

成都烤瓷牙价格表In a study performed by Karl Braunshweig and在2001年,卡尔.布朗斯威格colleagues in 2001 researches looked at the cases of及他的同事做的研究表明,他们通过27 cancer patients and examined the relationship对27例癌症患者的观测检查出癌症between nutritional intervention methods, meaning与营养干预方式之间的关系:if the received enteral or parenteral nutrition那就是,如果把吸收肠胃营养或肠胃外营养and compared these feeding methods to complications同那些复杂的喂养方式相比and mortality rates in order to determine whether对于患癌病人来说,死亡率是为了确定results supported the use of enteral nutrition i调查结果持使用肠胃营养nstead of parenteral nutrition for patients suffering而不是肠胃外营养from cancer. The results of this study showed that这个研究结果表明了enteral nutrition or tube feeding were associated with从整体上来说肠内营养或者胃管喂食a significantly lower risk of infection overall存在较低传染的风险however in the studies with which patients had a higher然而,在研究中一些病人含有较高的rate of protein energy nutrition such as cancer蛋白质能量营养 像癌症恶病质cachexia there is a significantly higher risk of使用肠内营养mortality and infections with enteral nutrition而不是肠胃外营养rather than with parenteral nutrition.就会有较高的死亡及传染风险Parenteral nutrition was thus determined to be the因此在病人营养不良的情况下preferred route of treatment when patients are肠胃外营养是更好的治疗途径malnourished. While these practices are best used虽然,这些实际操作方法最好在癌症治疗during cancer therapy we will now focus of nutritional过程中使用 但我们现在开始将会关注intervention strategies for after therapy.治疗后的营养干预策略Once children have entered remission nutrition儿童一旦进入缓解营养康复阶段rehabilitation may still be needed in order to get the为了让小孩回到正常喂养和饮食模式中child back into normal feeding and eating patterns.营养康复是仍然需要的Some of the side effects of chemotherapy may化疗的一些不良反应仍然存在still exist. These side effects such as diarrhea,这些不良反应如腹泻constipation, sore mouth, weight loss or poor appetite便秘、口腔溃疡、体重下降、食欲不振and poor digestion can often be combated nutritionally,及消化不良等,经常阻止营养的吸收for instance if a patient is suffering from diarrhea,例如,如果一个孩子腹泻kid friendly foods that children would benefit from对他最有益处的食物有苹果汁in this state include apple sauce or other ripe fruits或者其他成熟的果蔬 因为这些食物含有and vegetables because these foods contain high amounts大量的果胶,果胶里的水溶纤维可以缓解of pectin, a water soluble fiber that can form肠道不适。酸乳酪因为其里面含有益生菌a soothing coating in the intestines. Yoghurt because含钠较高的清汤和饼干it contains beneficial bacteria to the gastro因其钠元素能在人腹泻的时候intestinal tract and high sodium soups and crackers帮助保持水分而不流失because this sodium helps the body retain water lost使人不会脱水during diarrhea and helps prevent dehydration.这些都是有益食物There really can be a wide range of nutrient实际上,营养不良的范围很广deficiencies but there was a very recent study done但最近的一个研究表明that actually took a look at the diet of childhood他们为了确定癌症儿童所少的营养成分cancer survivors in order to establish what nutrients他们观察了癌症幸存儿童的饮食习惯they were deficient in. In a 2011 study entitled在2011年一篇名为‘the dietary intake after treatment in childhood《儿童癌症患者治愈后的营养摄入》cancer survivors’, the diet of 50 childhood cancer的研究报告中 50名儿童癌症治愈者survivors was assessed with a 3 day food diary recorded的父母记录了他们三天的食谱by their parents. This was done to see if there were做这些是为了观察那些儿童癌症治愈者any specific nutrients that childhood cancer survivors是不是缺少某些特别的营养物质were lacking specifically. Of the 50 childhood cancer50名儿童癌症治愈者survivors 20% of the participants were overweight or其中20%的儿童超重或者肥胖obese, 54% were consuming above their estimate energy54%的儿童消耗的能量远远大于预计的requirements, more specifically the 3 day food diary能量需求 值得注意的是revealed that 50% of children did not meet their三天的食谱记录显示,有50%的儿童requirements for folate. 32% of children did not叶酸盐需求量没有达到要求meet their requirements for calcium and 44% of32%的儿童钙元素children did not meet their requirements for iron.44%的儿童铁元素没达到要求201501/352248 It seems that since the arrival of the smartphone in 2007, weve seen the arrival of a new problem, a uniquely 21st-century problem. While the world has gotten a lot more connected, people have become more disconnected, losing the art of conversation and real human interaction.似乎自从2007年智能手机的降临以来,我们已目睹一个新问题的到来,一个特殊的二十一世纪问题。虽然世界变得更加连结起来,人们却变得越来越失联,失去了对话及真正人际互动的艺术。The problem? Ignoring the person in front of you in favor of your smartphone. Just about everyone does it.问题出在哪呢?忽略你面前的人,站在你的智能手机那边。大概就是所有人都这么做。But if these behaviors has become such a big issue, why werent we talking about it? Well, probably because there wasnt a word for it until now.但如果这些行为已经成为这么一件大事,为什么我们没在谈论它呢?这个嘛,也许因为没有一个形容它的字,直到现在才有。I dont know if you know what phubbing is.我不晓得你们是否知道“低头”是什么。That phubbing is...“低头”是...Phubbing—a term you may not have heard of.低头--一个你也许没听过的词汇。Phub-bing.低、头。Phubbing!低头!Almost varying degrees of phubbing...几乎有不同程度的低头现象...Youve just been phubbed.你才刚被“低头”了。Ok, stop! Take a step back. Where do words like this even come from? Where did this one come from?好的,停止!退个一步。像这样的字到底从哪来的?这一个字打哪来的呢?Well, on an otherwise unremarkable day in May 2012, a group of people gathered at the University of Sydney, Australia. Amongst the group was a lexicologist, a phonetician, a debating champion, a poet, several authors, and a cruciverbalist—thats a professional crossword maker. Their mission was to create a word that would get people to put their phones down, and get talking to each other again. And so, with a room full of brilliant minds, the search for word to describe ignoring others in favor of your phone began.嗯,在2012年五月一个除了这件事以外,一切都很普通的一天,一群人聚集在澳洲雪梨大学。在那团队之中有一名词汇学家、一名语音学家、一位辩论冠军、一位诗人、几个作家,还有一个填字游戏专家--那是专业的填字游戏出题者。他们的任务是要创造出一个可以让人们放下手机,再次和彼此说话的字。所以,带着一屋子满满的聪明脑袋,找寻形容“忽略他人、站在你的手机那边”的字开始了。Phubbing. And hes a phubber. And would you stop phubbing me?低头。他是个低头族。你可以不要再对我低头了吗?The word was released into the wild the following day, seeded into social conversations, and championed by a new movement known simply as ;Stop Phubbing.;这个字在隔天被释出到外头、播种在社交对话中、并被一个单单以“停止低头”为人所知的全新运动所拥护。From its country of origin it sp, first, through the English-speaking world, then Brazil, and right through South and Central America. Europe was next, followed by Southeast and Central Asia. Within a year, over 180 countries were using it.从它的原产国开始传布,第一,穿过英语系国家、然后巴西、接着直直传过中南美。欧洲是下一站,接着是东南亚和中亚。在一年内,超过180个国家都在用它。Phubbing: The war against anti-social phone use.低头:打击反社交手机使用的战争。Why the ;Stop Phubbing; campaign is going viral?为什么“停止低头”运动流行起来?Phubbing can be ;phatal.;低头可以是致命的(注一)。Are you a phubber?你是低头族吗?The backlash against phubbing.对抗低头的反对声浪。Ignoring the person in front of you in favor of your phone was now a behavior with a name, and a behavior being questioned right around the globe, all because of a single word, a single word born in a university hall at the bottom of the world.忽略面前的人、站在你的手机那边现在是一个有名字的行为了,也是一个就在世界各处被质疑的行为,全都因为一个字,一个在世界尽头的大学讲堂内诞生的字。Language is always changing. Update your dictionary.语言永远在改变。更新你的辞典。注一:此处是取 ph 发音和 f 一样的特色,将原本是 fatal(致命的)单字变成 phatal,以和 phubbing 押头韵。201412/348054金堂县前牙后牙种植牙哪家医院好川北医学院第二附属医院美白牙齿需要多少钱



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