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Men and women might wax lyrical about looking for someone who is kind, sensitive and funny. But a new study shows that when it comes to finding partners, the ded cliché seems to be true。无论男女都有可能诗意地幻想自己的另一半是一个善良、敏感而幽默的人。但一项最新研究发现:当人们在真正寻找另一半时,现实似乎又一次验了那些可怕的陈词滥调。A study published in the Journal of Evolution and Human behaviour shows what really matters to men is looks - while women want a man with a booming bank balance.The study asked hundreds of young men and women what mattered when choosing a partner. The categories were attractiveness, wealth, ambition, kindness and intelligence。在《进化与人类行为》上刊登的一则调查研究显示:男人择偶的关键是外表,而对于女人来说则更想要一个有钱人。这次调查面对几百个年轻男女发起,询问他们哪些因素可能影响他们对伴侣的选择,结果包括了以下几类:吸引力、财富、事业心、善良和聪明。And results shows men were overwhelmingly swayed by an attractive face and body, while women were hooked on wealth and ambition。调查结果显示,压倒性数量的男人都会被漂亮的脸蛋和身材所吸引,而对于女人来说她们则更关注男人的金钱和事业心。Professor Gad Saad, who co-authored the study with Tripat Gill, said the research seems to highlight how evolution has led us to this #39;irrational#39; decision-making。嘉德·萨阿德教授和特里帕特·吉尔合作完成此项研究,称这一研究正反映了自然演化是如何引领我们做出这种看似“荒谬”的决定的。Mr Saad said: #39;Choosing someone who might be a poor provider or an unloving father would have serious consequences for a woman and for her offspring.#39;萨阿德教授说:“选择一个穷困潦倒的人来养家糊口或者一个缺乏爱心的父亲,势必会对这个女人和她的孩子的生活造成严重的影响。”The survey, carried out at Concordia University in Montral, Quebec, Canada, gave overall descriptions of potential partners, along with positive and negative descriptions。本次调查在加拿大魁北克省蒙特利尔市的肯高迪亚大学进行,调查的内容是对你所期待的伴侣进行全面的描述,包括正面和负面双重描述。It showed that an attractive body and an attractive face were seen as more important to men, while earning potential and ambition were more important to women. Both said kindness and intelligence were equally important to both。调查显示长相和身材迷人对于男人择偶似乎更为重要,而对女人而言她们更在乎男人的收入潜力和事业心。然而无论男女都认为善良、聪明和以上两点同等重要。 /201507/386958

Queen Victoria#39;s book维多利亚女王著书出版A fairy book ;The Adventures of Alice Laselles; penned by Britain#39;s Queen Victoria when she was just 10 years old has finally been published.英国维多利亚女王10岁时写作的童话书《爱丽丝·拉舍莱斯历险记》日前正式出版发行。The book tells the story of a 12-year-old girl sent away to boarding school.该书讲述了一位12岁小女孩被送到寄宿学校后的经历。It is believed that this fairy tale was written around 1829 or 1830 when she was still a young princess.据悉,该本童话书是还处于小公主阶段的维多利亚女王在1829年或1830年写成的。The story was written in a notebook and kept at Windsor Castle, near London.这本书是写在笔记本上的,保存在伦敦附近的温莎城堡里。;It reflects a lot of Victoria#39;s feelings as a little girl,; said children#39;s author Jacqueline Wilson.儿童文学作家杰奎琳·威尔逊表示,该书反映了维多利亚女王孩童阶段的不少想法与感受。Victoria#39;s reign lasted 63 years and seven months.维多利亚女王在位时间长达63年零7个月。 /201506/380214

I am a liberal. I believe government is often the solution, not always the problem. I believe government should enact laws that protect rights, not strip them away. I#39;m for laws that expand equality, not restrict it. I believe in creating policies, not obstructing them.我是自由主义者。我相信政府常常是问题的解决者,而不是问题。我相信政府应该颁布那些保护权利的法律,而不是废除它们。我挺那些扩大平等的法律,而不是限制平等的法律。我相信有创造性的政策,而不是阻塞一切的政策。I#39;m for helping those in need, not telling them to fend for themselves. I support healthcare for all, not healthcare only for those who can afford it. I believe in nutrition assistance for the hungry, not tax breaks for the greedy. I believe in healthy school lunches for children, but not by changing the definition of pizza. I#39;m for Social Security and Medicare, and I know these programs would be self-sustaining if the FICA cap were removed and everyone paid into the system on 100% of their income.我要帮助那些需要帮助的人,而不是告诉他们自己想办法谋生去。我持面向所有人的医疗保险,而不是仅仅给那些付得起保险费的人医疗保险。我相信要给饥饿者以食物,而不是为贪婪者免税。我相信给孩子们吃健康的学校午餐,而不是改变制作一份披萨的原料。我挺社保和医保,并且我知道如果联邦社会保险捐款法不设上限,而且每个人都将全部收入存进这个系统,这些计划是会自我保持的。I believe all people should be free to practice whatever the religion they choose, not have their religion chosen for them. I believe people should be free to practice no religion at all, rather than be forced to partake in prayer. I believe religion is a system of beliefs, not a set of scientific facts. I believe there is a difference between laws laid out in the Bible and laws set forth in the Constitution. I believe all people should have the right to marry whomever they love, not be told their love is a sin.我相信所有人都有选择信何种宗教的自由,而不是让别人为自己选择宗教。我完全相信人人都应该有不信任何宗教的自由,而不是被逼迫加入某种宗教,成为一个祈祷者。我相信宗教是一种信仰系统,而不是一系列科学事实。我相信《圣经》上记载的那些律条和源自宪法的各种法律是有区别的。我相信所有的人本来是有权利和他们所爱之人结婚的,而不是被告知他们的爱情是一桩罪过。I believe in the right of the people to bear arms, not amass armaments. I#39;m for keeping Americans safe i n their homes, but not the uninfringeable access to guns. I#39;m for helping victims of violent crime, not f or blaming them for becoming victims. I believe in equal justice for all, not separate justice for some. I believe rights are inherent to all free citizens, not privileges that can be taken away.我相信人民有携带武器的权利,却不是拥有大规模杀伤性武器。我要让美国人在自己家里能够捍卫自己的安全,而不是侵害他们获取的权利。我要帮助暴力犯罪的牺牲者,而不是指责他们成了牺牲品。我相信司法公正是对所有人,而不是割裂公正,只针对一部分人。我相信权利对所有自由公民是固有的、天生的,而不是能被拿走的特权。I believe in our form of government, but not imposing it on other nations. I#39;m for keeping America stron g, but not weakening it with a bloated military. I#39;m for going to war to defend our country#39;s sovereignty ,not for sending troops to fight in every country#39;s civil war. I#39;m for supporting veterans by helping th em when they return from service, not dishonoring their service by cutting their benefits.我信任我们政府的组成形式,但不会将它强加给其它国家。我要让美国保持强大,但不会甩膨胀的军力削弱它。我打仗是为了捍卫我们国家的独立自主,而不是派逍部队去参加其它国家的内战。当老兵退役时,我持帮助他们,而不是靠砍掉他们的津贴来侮辱他们为国家作出的贡献。I believe in regulated capitalism, not an unfettered free market. I#39;m for subsidizing the development of new energy technologies, but not the production of carbon-emitting fossil fuels. I#39;m for protecting the environment, not destroying it. I believe we should address man-made climate change, not deny it exists.我相信有调节的资本主义,而不是无限制的自由市场。我力挺补贴新能源科技发展,但不是释放二氧化碳的化石燃料生产。我保护环境,而不是摧毁它。我相信我们应该处理人为的环境改变,而不是拒绝承认它的存在。I believe in more people voting, not fewer. I#39;m for term limits, not lifetime terms. I believe elected officials should serve their individual constituents, not their corporate donors. I believe money is currency, not speech, and that corporations are businesses, not people.我相信要让更多的人投票,而非更少。我力挺限制领导人的任期,而不是活多久就领导一个国家多久。我相信选上的官员应该为每个选民务,而不是那些捐了钱的法人们。我相信钱是货币,而不是演讲。我还相信公司呀、法人呀就是商业行为,而不是真正的人。In other words, I believe in democracy and that#39;s why I am a liberal.就这样说吧,我相信民主,那就是我为什么是自由主义者。 /201503/363638

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