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只要加一点点油门-01 :33:31 A:Should I go now?我现在可以了吗?B:Nice and easy. Just give it a little gas.放松点慢慢来只要加一点点油门A:Nothing is happening!没反应啊!B:First you have to put the car into gear. Move this shifter so the arrow points at D drive.你要先把车子挂档移动排档杆,让箭头指向D,意思是前进档A:What do these other letters mean?那其它的字母是啥意思啊?B:R is reverse, P is park, and D1 and D are lower gears going through snow, or up a steep hill.R是指倒档P是停车档D1和D是在雪地里行驶或爬陡坡用的低速档

看棒球比赛-30 1:38: A:Here’s your hot dog and beer. What happened? Did I miss anything?这是你的热和啤酒情况怎么样?我错过了什么吗?B:Yeah, Cal Ripken just hit a home run.是呀,刚刚卡尔·利普金击了一个本垒打A:What’s the score?比分是多少?B:Well it was 3 to , but Ripken’s home run made it 5 to since another player was on first base.刚才是3比因为有一个队员在1垒,利普金的本垒打将比分扳为5比A:So Baltimore is winning?那么巴尔的队赢了?B:Right.是的A:This is a really great place to watch a baseball game.这个地方看棒球比赛真不赖B:Yeah, there isn’t a bad seat in the place.是啊,没有一个座位不好的那样A:The fans are great here, too. Not like in Philadelphia.这儿的观众也不错,不像在费城B:It was a great idea to spend a day watching a game.花一天看看球赛真是个好主意A:Yeah, it reminds you why they say baseball is America’s favorite pastime.是呀这让人想起为什么人们说棒球是美国人最喜欢的活动

欢迎来到酒的世界- :7: A:Hello there, welcome to Wine World. Let me know if I can help you out at all.你好,欢迎来到酒的世界有什么可以帮助的吗?B:Um, yes, please, I could really use some help. I'm going over to my boss'house dinner tonight and don't know what kind of wine I should bring.嗯,是的,确实需要你的帮助今晚我要去老板家里做客,但是不知道带什么酒比较合适A:OK, do you know what kind of food will be served?好的,你知道你的老板会招待你们喝什么吗?B:Well, his wife is Japanese. He said she makes really good sushi.嗯,他的妻子是日本人他说她做的寿司很好吃A:Hmm, that's a bit of a challenge. Sushi is notoriously difficult to pair with wine. Well, let's see. have to be a white wine, of course.嗯,那会有点挑战众所周知寿司很难和酒搭配嗯,让我想想,当然必定是白酒B:Why? Wouldn't a red wine go well with sushi?为什么?没有红酒可以和寿司搭配的吗?A:No, I don't think so. Sushi is a very delicately flavored food, and red wine would be a jarring contrast. You need a white wine, which has more subtle flavors, to complement the fish.不,我不认为寿司是调味精致的食物,红酒会和它构成强烈的对比你需要一点白酒,和鱼搭配起来味道会很好B:I see. So should I get a bottle of Chardonnay? That's a white wine, right?我知道了我应该买一瓶雪当利,那是白酒,对吗?A:Yes, Chardonnay is a white wine, but I'm not sure it'd be your best bet. Chardonnay is one of the more fullbodied whites, and tends to be a bit oaky. I'd suggest that you go something brighter, like this Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand.是的,雪当利是一种浓烈的酒,还行吧我建议你买一些淡一些,比如来自新西兰的白苏维浓B:Sauvignon Blanc? What's that?白苏维浓,那是什么?A:That's another varietal, or type of grape, just like Chardonnay.那是用一种葡萄酿制的葡萄酒,葡萄酒的一种,就像雪当利B:Let's see. The label says it's got "attractive citrus and grassy aromas that give way to crisp, mineral flavors and a bonedry finish. Serve chilled." Oh, no, how long will it take to chill the wine? I'm on my way to the dinner now.让我看看,标签上写着有具有魔力柑橘和甘草香气,非常松脆的,有矿物的味道,并且是全干的,适宜冰镇后食用A:It's OK, don't worry, we'll just choose a wine from the cooler. We don't have quite as extensive a selection over here, but...this Rhone Valley white would be lovely.好的,不用担心,我们只是从冰箱里面选择一瓶酒我们没有很多的选择,但是……罗纳河白酒很不错B:All right. What varietal is that?好吧,是用什么酿成的?A:Well, this is a French wine, so they don't always specify the varietal on the label. The French believe that the soil a grape is grown in is one of the most important factors in the final flavor of the wine. This wine is probably a blend of a few different types of grapes, mostly Viognier, I'd guess.嗯,这是法国酒,他们不明确地标注是由什么酒酿造的法国人认为葡萄生长的土地是酒最终味道的最重要因素之一这种酒是不同葡萄在一起酿成的,我觉得最多的是维欧尼B:And you think this is a good wine?你觉得这是好酒吗?A:Yes, this is one of our best-sellers. It's not quite as dry as the Sauvignon Blanc we were looking at earlier, which means it's more approachable. It's light and crisp, with a bit of a vanilla aroma.是的,这是最畅销的酒它不像我们之前看到的索维农葡萄那样那么干,它更加容易入口它又轻又脆,带有一点香草的香气B:Perfect! I'll take it!太好了!我就买这个了!

  吃普通颜色蛋黄的鸡蛋更健康- :55:01 A:Can I help you?我能为您效劳吗?B:I'd like two kilos of eggs.我想要两公斤鸡蛋A:What kind?哪一种?B:Do you have the eggs with the red yolk?你们有蛋黄是红色的鸡蛋吗?A:Sorry, madam. We have stopped selling those kinds of eggs a week.女士,对不起我们不卖那种鸡蛋已经一个星期了B:Why?为什么?A:You know, red yolk is proved unnatural. It's artificial, and may lead to cancer.你知道的,红色的蛋黄被实是反常的它是人造的,可能引发癌症B:Oh, My God! That's terrible.噢,我的天啊!太可怕了A:Yes, so they are no longer being sold.是的,所以我们不再卖那种B:Then give me the ordinary ones.那么给我普通的

  Best team: National Women's Volleyball Team;。





  ,,让英语磨练耳朵的同时学到更多有益的小知识,丰富知识的同时受益于生活旅行的意义Become More Flexible更强的适应性 Sometimes things dont go according to plan while traveling. Maybe your flight is canceled or it rains theday youre scheduled to go on an epic outdoor adventure.有时旅行时事与愿违航班可能被取消,或者你准备好做一次史诗级的户外探险时,雨却不期而至It okay -- there are other flights to take (or trains, or buses) and maybe on that rainy day youll discover a hidden bookstore to explore or an adorable cafe to experience. 还好——你可以乘其它航班(火车或公交车),或许在那个下雨天,你意外发现一家值得光顾的隐蔽书店或一家惬意的咖啡馆Traveling helps you be more flexible and open-minded, making you more zen in your everyday life.旅行让你豁达、随机应变,坦然面对日常生活中的挫折adorable adj.值得崇拜的,可敬重的; 可爱的,讨人喜欢的例句:What adorable hair and eyes you have!你的头发和眼睛是多么可爱呀!zen n.禅,禅宗(中国佛教宗派)例句:He studies mythology, linguistics, Oriental cultures, spending years in Japan acquiring the discipline of Zen.他学习神话学、语言学、东方文化,在日本住过一些年,熟知佛教宗规[本节目属] 68818。

  those who want to ge a closer relationship with a Chinese person or just find a popular Chinese pastime, the poker game doudizhu, which literally means battling the landlords, may be a way to go.And now doudizhu learners may find themselves even more motivated, as the authority is to recognize top players officially and offer 5 million yuan (0,000) winners of an ongoing championship. 190

  Over 00 university graduates were employed as street cleaners in the city of Harbin in . Now years later, most of them have remained in their positions, and have become core members of work ce the sanitation system, which has attracted public attention again. 791

  你应该尝尝北京烤鸭-31 :: A:Well it’s my first night in Beijing. What should I eat?这是我到北京的第一个晚上,我该吃什么?B:Well you have to try Peking duck.你应该试试北京烤鸭A:Mm, I don’t really like duck to be honest with you. I fancy something light.不过,坦率地说,我不大喜欢吃烤鸭,我想吃些清淡的东西B:Ok, you could try the Peking wonton then.你可以试试北京馄饨A:That sounds like a good idea. Where should I go to eat that?好啊,去哪里吃呢?B:Actually, I know a great restaurant in Dongcheng.我知道东城有一家特好的饭馆A:Ok then, I’ll follow you.好吧,我跟着你

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