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Then lets take another look at this state of union, the East-West union with this soft power bias.现在再来看看我们的“联合情况”吧,存在软实力偏见的东西文化的联合。How is the soft power exchange between these two roommates?这两个室友之间的软实力交换情况怎样呢?Are there songs in English that have become hits in China? For sure. How about movies?有没有英语歌曲在中国很流行?当然有。电影呢?Well, there are so many that China has had to limit the number of Hollywood movies imported into the country so that local films could even have a chance at success.是啊,有那么多电影,以至于中国不得不限制好莱坞电影进口的数量,本土电影才有可能得到存活的机会。What about the flip side of that?反过来呢?The Chinese songs that have hit in the west? Well...yeah.传遍西方的中文歌曲?嗯... 好吧。And movies, well there was Crouching Tiger, that was 13 years ago.电影呢,有卧虎藏龙,但那是13年前了。And...Well, I think theres a bit of imbalance here.我觉得有一点不平衡。And I think its soft power deficit, lets call it that.我把这叫做软实力逆差。When we look in this direction, that is to say the West influences the East more than vice versa.我们朝这个方向看的时候,西方在影响东方,而反过来不够。Forgive me for using East and West kind of loosely, its a lot easier to say than the English-speaking language, or Asian-speaking language, Chinese, or getting into specifics.原谅我很不严格地使用东方和西方,如果说英语地区,亚洲语言地区,华语地区,就更明确了。Im making generalisation and I hope you can go with me on this.我把事情简单化了,希望你们能够理解。And its just intrinsically a problem, this imbalance in pop culture influence. And I think so.流行文化影响的不平衡在本质上是一个问题。我认为也是如此。I think in any healthy relationship, in friendship, or marriage, isnt it important for both sides to make an effort to understand the other?我认为在任何一个健康的关系中,在友谊,在婚姻中,双方不是都要努力去理解对方的吗?And that this exchange needs to have a healthy balance?这种交换需要健康的平衡。And how do we address this?如何解决呢?As an ambassador for Chinese pop music and movies, I have to ask myself a question.作为华语流行歌曲和电影的大使,我必须问自己一个问题。Why does this deficit exist?为什么会有这样的逆差?Is it because Chinese music just is...lame? Dont answer that, please.是因为华语音乐就是这样...弱吗?别回答这个问题,拜托了。Yeah I can just see some of you are like, stop complaining and write a hit song!是的,我觉得你们中有一些可能会这么说:停止抱怨吧,写出一首风靡全球的歌曲来!Psy did it! But theres truth in that.鸟叔做到了,但是还有一个事实。The argument being that the content that weve created just isnt as internationally competitive.有人说我们创作的内容并没有要去竞争的意图。201507/384480We either draw in a liquid sample,我们收集液体样本,or we can actually take a solid core from the wall.或者我们从墙体上直接采集固体岩芯标本。No hands at the wheel.这一过程无需人来遥控。This is all behavioral autonomy here thats being conducted by the robot on its own.这全都由机器人自己执行。The real hat trick for this vehicle, though, is a disruptive new navigation system weve developed,这台机器最大的创新是一种我们研发的与众不同的导航系统,known as 3D SLAM, for simultaneous localization and mapping.被称作3D SLAM,用于同时定位和画图。DEPTHX is an all-seeing eyeball.深水热源探测仪是一种全视角眼球。Its sensor beams look both forward and backward at the same time,它的感应光源可以同时向前向后,allowing it to do new exploration while its still achieving geometric sensor-lock on what its gone through aly.允许它做新的探索同时它能将感应到的它所经过的地方地几何图形锁定。What Im going to show you next is the first fully autonomous robotic exploration underground thats ever been done.我接下来要给你展示的是有史以来第一个全自动地下探索机器人。This May, were going to go from minus 1,000 meters in Zacaton,今年五月,我们准备从扎卡顿地下一千米处出发,and if were very lucky, DEPTHX will bring back the first robotically-discovered division of bacteria.如果我们幸运,深水热源探测仪将会带回第一个机器人独立发现的细菌切片。The next step after that is to test it in Antartica and then, if the funding continues and NASA has the resolution to go,we could potentially launch by 2016, and by 2019 we may have the first evidence of life off this planet.那之后的第二步是在南极洲对它做测试,然后如果资金许可,并且美国宇航局有决心,我们可能在2016年前开始实施(探索外星)计划,在2019年我们有可能得到明地球外的生命存在第一个据。 201512/414541It goes up by 15 percent,对于所有事物都是如此and you have a 15 percent savings你还能节省on the infrastructure.15%的基础设施经费This, no doubt, is the reason这无疑就是why a million people a week are gathering in cities.城市每周新增一百万人口的原因Because they think that all those wonderful things --他们觉得那些美好的事物like creative people, wealth, income --包括创新人才,财富,收入is what attracts them,对他们有吸引力forgetting about the ugly and the bad.而忘记了城市丑恶的一面What is the reason for this?原因何在Well I dont have time to tell you about all the mathematics,我没有时间跟大家解释其中的数学but underlying this is the social networks,社会网络是其基础because this is a universal phenomenon.因为这是个普遍现象This 15 percent rule这个15%的规律is true是真的no matter where you are on the planet --无论你在地球上哪个角落Japan, Chile,日本,智利Portugal, Scotland, doesnt matter.葡萄牙,苏格兰,都一样Always, all the data shows its the same,尽管城市的发展是各自独立的despite the fact that these cities have evolved independently.然而所有数据显示的结果都是一样的Something universal is going on.这里蕴藏着一个普遍的规律The universality, to repeat, is us --普遍性在于我们that we are the city.我们就是城市And it is our interactions and the clustering of those interactions.城市是我们相互活动以及这些活动的汇集So there it is, Ive said it again.我刚才说过了So if it is those networks and their mathematical structure,那些网络和它们的数学结构unlike biology, which had sublinear scaling,与呈次线性的生物界不同economies of scale,生物是规模经济you had the slowing of the pace of life会随着规模的增大as you get bigger.而减缓生长的速度If its social networks with super-linear scaling --如果城市的社会网络呈现超线性more per capita --人均数值越高then the theory says那么依照原理that you increase the pace of life.生长速度便会增加The bigger you are, life gets faster.你长得越大,生长速度就越快On the left is the heart rate showing biology.左边是心率On the right is the speed of walking右边是行走的速度in a bunch of European cities,在许多欧洲城市showing that increase.显示这样的增长情况Lastly, I want to talk about growth.最后,我想谈谈增长This is what we had in biology, just to repeat.在重复一下,这是生物学的情况Economies of scale规模经济gave rise to this sigmoidal behavior.使之呈现反曲现象You grow fast and then stop --你快速生长接着停止生长part of our resilience.这是我们回复力的表现That would be bad for economies and cities.这对经济和城市都不利And indeed, one of the wonderful things about the theory说实在的,这个原理奇妙之处之一在于is that if you have super-linear scaling如果财富创造和创新的from wealth creation and innovation,规模增长呈超线性then indeed you get, from the same theory,那么根据同一理论,你必定会得到a beautiful rising exponential curve -- lovely.一条美妙的正态曲线,漂亮极了And in fact, if you compare it to data,实际上,如果你把它与数据进行对比it fits very well它非常符合with the development of cities and economies.城市与经济的发展情况But it has a terrible catch,然而,它存在着一个致命局限and the catch这个局限就是is that this system is destined to collapse.这个系统注定会崩溃And its destined to collapse for many reasons --它之所以注定会崩溃,原因有很多kind of Malthusian reasons -- that you run out of resources.多少出于此消彼长的原因,资源枯竭了And how do you avoid that? Well weve done it before.如何避免这种情况呢,我们曾尝试过What we do is,我们所做的是as we grow and we approach the collapse,当我们发展到接近崩溃的阶段a major innovation takes place一项重大的创新出现了and we start over again,我们又从新开始and we start over again as we approach the next one, and so on.向下一个目标靠近,以此类推So theres this continuous cycle of innovation所以这个周而复始的创新周期that is necessary对于维系发展in order to sustain growth and avoid collapse.避免崩溃,是十分必要的The catch, however, to this然而,这一局限is that you have to innovate要求你必须faster and faster and faster.不断加速创新So the image所以,情况就是is that were not only on a tmill thats going faster,我们不仅坐在一架高速运转的机器上but we have to change the tmill faster and faster.我们还必须加速对机器的更新We have to accelerate on a continuous basis.我们必须不停地加速And the question is: Can we, as socio-economic beings,问题是,作为社会经济的存在avoid a heart attack?我们能够避免心脏病发作吗So lastly, Im going to finish up in this last minute or two最后,我会花一两分钟asking about companies.看看公司的情况See companies, they scale.公司的规模不断增大The top one, in fact, is Walmart on the right.上面右边的是沃尔玛Its the same plot.同样的图表This happens to be income and assets这张图显示的是收入和资产versus the size of the company as denoted by its number of employees.比上公司规模,即员工人数We could use sales, anything you like.我们还可以用销售量,什么都行There it is: after some little fluctuations at the beginning,看,当公司进行革新when companies are innovating,一开始出现轻微浮动they scale beautifully.它们长势良好And weve looked at 23,000 companies我们观察了23000家in the ed States, may I say.美国境内的企业And Im only showing you a little bit of this.我今天展示给大家的只是冰山一角What is astonishing about companies企业令人意想不到的地方是is that they scale sublinearly是它们的规模增长呈次线性like biology,就像生物学的情况一样indicating that theyre dominated,这表明主导它们的not by super-linear并不是超线性的innovation and ideas;创新活动和思想they become dominated主导它们的by economies of scale.是规模经济In that interpretation,具体说来by bureaucracy and administration,就是官僚主义和行政部门and they do it beautifully, may I say.可以说,它们干得很棒So if you tell me the size of some company, some small company,所以,如果你告诉我某个小企业的规模I could have predicted the size of Walmart.我就可以估摸出沃尔玛的规模If it has this sublinear scaling,如果其规模的增长呈次线性the theory says依照原理we should have sigmoidal growth.我们应该会得到一个S型的增长Theres Walmart. Doesnt look very sigmoidal.这是沃尔玛,看起来并不十分像个SThats what we like, hockey sticks.我们喜欢这个形状,冰球棍But you notice, Ive cheated,但如果你仔细看,我其实做了手脚because Ive only gone up to 94.因为我展示的部分只到94年Lets go up to 2008.我们看看到了2008年情况如何That red line is from the theory.红线表示的是理论上的预测So if Id have done this in 1994,如果我1994年开始制表I could have predicted what Walmart would be now.我就能够预测到沃尔玛现在的情况And then this is repeated这个情况across the entire spectrum of companies.在所有公司的生命周期中不断重复There they are. Thats 23,000 companies.这些就是所有23000家公司They all start looking like hockey sticks,它们一开始都呈现冰球棍的形状they all bend over,接着都弯下来了and they all die like you and me.最后它们就像你我一样难逃一死Thank you.谢谢大家201504/370235And the first myth is if you try really hard谣言一:如果你很努力地尝试,you can live to be 100.你就可以活到一百岁。False.错了。The problem is, only about one out of 5,000 people事实上,在美国,每五千人中只有一人in America live to be 100.能活到一百岁Your chances are very low.你的机会太小了。Even though its the fastest growing demographic in America,尽管现在美国正处与人口增长最快的时期?its hard to reach 100.活到一百岁仍然还是很困难的The problem is问题在于,that were not programmed for longevity.我们人类没被设为长寿,We are programmed for something called只是被预设为需要达到procreative success.繁衍的成功的状态I love that word.这个词棒极了It reminds me of my college days.让我回想起我上大学的时候?Biologists term procreative success to mean生物学对生殖成功的定义是?the age where you have children你有孩子的年龄and then another generation, the age when your children have children.以及下一代,你孩子有他们自己孩子的年龄After that the effect of evolution达到这个年龄后,生物遗传的意义completely dissipates.就完全淡化了?If youre a mammal, if youre a rat不论你是哺乳动物,老鼠or an elephant, or a human, in between, its the same story.大象,人,或是其它,道理都一样So to make it to age 100, you not only have to have所以要活到一百岁,你不仅要had a very good lifestyle, you also have to have won有一个很好的生活方式,你还必须the genetic lottery.拥有长寿基因的好运The second myth is,第二个谣言是,there are treatments that can help slow,拥有能够帮助我们减缓reverse, or even stop aging.倒转甚至阻止衰老的方法False.错When you think of it, there is 99 things that can age us.说到这,有99种可能会使我们老去。Deprive your brain of oxygen for just a few minutes,让大脑缺氧,仅几分钟those brain cells die, they never come back.就会使得脑细胞死亡并永不能复活Play tennis too hard, on your knees, ruin your cartilage,过度打网球会损害膝盖的软骨the cartilage never comes back.你的软骨永远不再复原。Our arteries can clog. Our brains can gunk up with plaque,我们的动脉会堵塞。大脑会因血小板凝结and we can get Alzheimers.而得老年痴呆症There is just too many things to go wrong.我们体内有35万亿个细胞Our bodies have 35 trillion cells,出问题的可能性太多trillion with a ;T.; Were talking national debt numbers here.我们这里说的是国债数量。Those cells turn themselves over once every eight years.这些细胞每八年翻转一次And every time they turn themselves over每次翻转都有一些损伤there is some damage. And that damage builds up.这些损伤And it builds up exponentially.以指数性规律成长。Its a little bit like the days when we all had有点像是那段时间里Beatles albums or Eagles albums我们都有披头士和老鹰乐队的相册一样and wed make a copy of that on a cassette tape,我们会复制盒式磁带and let our friends copy that cassette tape,并让朋友们也复制and pretty soon, with successive generations很快,代代相传that tape sounds like garbage.磁带现在听起来过时了Well, the same things happen to our cells.同样细胞也是如此。Thats why a 65-year-old person这就是为什么一个65岁的老人is aging at a rate of about的老化速度125 times faster是一个12岁孩子than a 12-year-old person.的125倍So, if there is nothing you can do所以如果没有什么能够to slow your aging or stop your aging,减缓或停止老龄化201507/385903

Thank you, thank you very much. Thank you very much for this honor you are awarding me tonight. Ive always believed that real measures of celebrity success was not just how famous he becomes, but what he does with that fame and fortune. Especially in todays technological and media advanced society, the attention and fortune shower on the individual celebrity is often times immensely disproportionate to his or her achievements. Today a person can literally become a celebrity over night throughout the entire world, and that kind of attention can be difficult for the individual to handle. But we have also learnt that such fame can also be an enormous affective medium to focus attention and mobilize resources for world he calls. I have been blessed with so much and have an opportunity to do what few others can. But I believe it is more than just an opportunity but a duty. I feel to rip and enjoy the fruits of my talents for myself could be selfish be irresponsible and unconscionale.谢谢,非常感谢。非常感谢大家今晚给予我的荣誉。我一直相信真正的名人成功的标准不是他多么的出名,而是他利用他的名声和财富所做的事。尤其是在今天这个科技和传媒高度发达的社会,世人对他的关注和财富笼罩着每一个名人,而且总是与他们所取得的成就极不相称。如今一个人可以一夜之间在全世界成名,同时个人很难正确对待这样的关注。但是我们同样知道,这样的名声也可以被当作具有强大影响力的媒介用来吸引公众的注意力,调动他的名声所带来的世界上的所有资源。我已经得到上帝的太多赐福,有机会做很少有人能做的事。但是我认为,这不只是一种机会,更是一种责任。我觉得把自己的天赋仅仅用于自己的享受是自私的、不负责任的、也是不合理的。201312/270351

I actually realized once in Kosovo,有一次我去了科索沃when I watched a man break down,看到一个男人倒下that bullets are actually hardened tears,忽然间想到,原来子弹就是硬化的泪珠啊that when we dont allow men to have their girl self当我们不允许男人怀有女孩细胞and have their vulnerability, and have their compassion,不允许他们任何的脆弱或同情and have their hearts, that they become hardened and hurtful不允许发自内心的情感。这时候,他们就会变得冷漠、容易伤害别人and violent.甚至是走向暴力And I think we have taught men to be secure我们知道,男人往往在不安全时when they are insecure,说他们自己是安全的to pretend they know things when they dont know things,不知道的时候假装自己知道or why would we be where we are?或者假装知道为什么弄到这步天地?To pretend theyre not a mess when they are a mess.即便事情一团乱麻也装得井井有条And I will tell you a very funny story.告诉你们一件很好笑的事。On my way here on the airplane, I was walking up and down the aisle of the plane.我是坐飞机过来的,我在飞机的过道上走来走去And all these men, literally at least 10 men,我看到一群男人,确切说至少有十个were in their little seats watching chick flicks.坐在他们的一方小天地里看言情片And they were all alone, and I thought, ;This is the secret life of men.;每个人都在单打独斗,我想“这就是男人的秘密生活吧”Ive traveled, as I said,我去过很多地方to many, many countries,很多个国家and Ive seen, if we do what we do to the girl inside us我的所见所闻让我想到,then obviously its horrific to think假如我们按照我们对待自身女孩细胞的方式,去对待现实中的女孩what we do to girls in the world.那将会是多么悲惨的一个世界And we heard from Sunitha yesterday,昨天,苏妮塔和克薇塔and Kavita about what we do to girls.也在这里讲述了她关于女孩的故事But I just want to say that我只是想告诉大家Ive met girls with knife wounds and cigarette burns,我见过那些遭受了刀伤以及烟头的女孩子who are literally being treated like ashtrays.人们真的是把她们当成烟灰缸来对待Ive seen girls be treated like garbage cans.还有人会把女孩子当成垃圾场Ive seen girls who were beaten by their mothers做母亲的会打自己的女儿and brothers and fathers and uncles.做兄弟的、父亲的、叔叔的就更不用说Ive seen girls starving themselves to death in America我看到一些女孩子在美国一些貌似in institutions to look like some idealized version of themselves.可以帮助她们变成理想中的自我的机构中饿死Ive seen that we cut girls and we control them我看到对女孩行割礼,对女孩进行控制and we keep them illiterate,不让女孩上学or we make them feel bad about being too smart.或者是,一旦女孩子变得聪明,我们就让她们感到内疚We silence them. We make them feel guilty我们让她们变得沉默for being smart. We get them to behave,让她们感到聪明是坏事to tone it down, not to be too intense.让她们不要宣张,不要激烈We sell them, we kill them as embryos,我们还贩卖女孩,甚至是在胎儿的时候就将其杀死we enslave them, we rape them.我们还把女孩当奴隶,我们强暴女孩We are so accustomed to robbing girls我们甚至对此习以为常of the subject of being the subjects of their lives认为女孩不该成为自己生命之主宰that we have now actually objectified them我们于是将女孩当成了没有情感的东西and turned them into commodities.拿到市场上去卖The selling of girls is rampant across the planet.环顾整个地球,贩卖女孩的行为日渐猖獗,And in many places they are worth less than goats and cows.在有些地方,女孩子的价值甚至不如牛羊But I also want to talk about the fact that此外,假如我们认为if one in eight people on the planet这个地球上有八分之一是are girls between the ages of 10 to 24,10到24岁的女孩,they are they key, really, in the developing world,可以肯定,她们是人类的未来as well as in the whole world, to the future of humanity.对发展中国家和发达国家一样的道理And if girls are in trouble because they face systematic disadvantages女孩身陷各种麻烦,是由于社会系统性地将她们置于不利地位that keep them where society wants them to be,使得她们无法担当本可以担当的角色including lack of access to healthcare,包括缺乏获得基本医疗的渠道education, healthy foods,缺乏教育和健康食品labor force participation.参加劳动大军The burden of all the household tasks家务劳动的重担usually falls on girls and younger siblings,大多由女孩和未达劳动年龄的儿童被迫承担which ensures that they will never overcome these barriers.这些也使得她们无法摆脱社会的枷锁The state of girls, the condition of girls,女孩子的境况will, in my belief -- and thats the girl inside us这包括我们身体内的女孩以及现实的女孩and the girl in the world -- determine whether在我看来——the species survives.将直接决定我们这个物种的存亡。201511/406962

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