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Japan Farmers, Radiation Fears Mean Economic Pain辐射使日本农业经济受损Japan nuclear crisis may mean greater demand imported food and less competition from Japanese products on world markets. But it also means that Japanese farmers and others who make and sell food have to worry about their future.日本陷入了核危机,这意味着日本对进口食品的需求量增大,而其产品在世界市场上的竞争力也会减弱但是同时也意味着日本农民以及其他制造和销售食品的人要为自己的未来担忧了Yasumichi Tanaka sells fish at one of Japan busiest fish markets. But now there are fewer fish to sell. He says: ;Fish supplies from the radiation-contaminated regions have been totally halted.;安通·藤村俊二在日本最繁忙的一个鱼市买鱼但是现在鱼的供货量减少他说:“受到辐射污染的地区的鱼已经完全停止供货”The rediation is from the Fukushima nuclear power station that was damaged by the March eleventh earthquake and tsunami. The extent of the problems are still not clear.辐射来源于在3月日的地震和海啸中受损的福岛核电站目前,问题的严重程度仍不清楚Last Firday, China joined a number of other countries that have banned imports of food from the affected areas. Chinese media said the banned items include milk products, fruit, vegetables and seafood.上周五,中国加入其他几个国家的行列,禁止从日本受影响地区进口食品据中国媒体报道,被禁止的食品包括奶制品、水果、蔬菜和海产品Singapore also has a ban in place. Restaurant manager Connie Hon says some people are worried about eating Japanese food.新加坡也出台了禁令餐馆经理康尼·汉韩表示,一些人现在对食用日本食品感到担忧The ed States has also banned foods from radiation-affected areas, and so has the Japanese government itself.美国也已经禁止从受辐射影响地区进口食品,日本政府也是如此Radioactive ps travel in the wind and get absorbed into soil with the help of rain and snow. Then plant roots take up the material and the plants become contaminated. Animals eat the plants and their products become contaminated.放射性颗粒随风飘浮,在雨雪的作用下被土壤吸收然后,植物根茎吸收了放射性物质后会被污染食用了这些植物的动物和动物产品也会被污染Some kinds of radiation stay in the environment longer than others.其中一些辐射在环境中留存的时间比其他辐射更长Medical physicist Jerrold Bushberg is a radiation expert at the University of Calinia, Davis. Professor Bushberg says removing the topsoil might make the land safe use. But it depends on the depth of the radioactive material. And now, he says, it is too early to take any measures.医学物理学家杰罗德·布什伯格是加州大学戴维斯分校的辐射问题专家布什伯格教授表示,除去表层土壤可以保障土地的使用安全但是这取决于放射性物质的深度他说,目前来说,采取任何措施都还为时过早Experts say the ocean will help dilute radiation in seawater. But the tsunami also destroyed seafood, sank fishing boats and leveled processing plants.专家表示,海洋可以帮助稀释海水中的辐射但是海啸同时也为海产品带来毁灭性的破坏,使渔船沉没,使工厂被夷为平地 3991。

Voice 1: Today, Nick travels to different countries sharing his story. He works with young people. He helps them to deal with problems caused by drugs, alcohol and depression. He helps those who question the meaning of their life. People often feel very emotional during Nick talks. Afterwards, they may cry on his shoulder. He tells them of God love - and that there are no limits to his power.声音1:现在,尼克去不同的国家分享他的故事他和年轻人一起工作他帮助他们解决由药物、酒精和抑郁引发的问题他为那些对生活的意义存在质疑的人提供帮助在尼克讲话时,人们通常会非常感动之后,他们可能会伏在他的肩头哭泣他给他们讲述上帝的爱,告诉他们上帝的能力没有限制Voice 3: As humans, we keep putting limits on ourselves no reason at all. Even worse - we put limits on God. And God can do all things - there are no limits!声音3:作为人类,虽然没有任何原因,但我们一直给自己设置限制更糟的是,我们给上帝设置限制上帝可以做任何事,没有任何限制! 译文属 5689。

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B. Keywordsgood parenting, parental liability.Vocabularyliable, legislature, legislate, load, accessible, able, quasi-adult, peer, affiliation, liability, merit, deter.Youre going to hear a report about whether or not parents should be held criminally liable when their kids commits crimes. Listen carefully, complete the following summary.In just about every state, parents are held responsible certain misdeeds of their children, especially school related, like destroying school property or missing school.But when kids commit crimes whether it dealing in drugs, weapons possession or gang banging, only states hold parents criminally liable.Now in the wake of the Colorado shootings, more lawmakers are saying parents should be jailed or fined when their kids commit a crime. And there seems to be a certain logic to this trend.The most important influence on the development of a child is the parent. When people really want is good parenting.The question is: Can state legislatures legislate good parenting? How do you legislate good parenting? And how far should we go with that?There should be a law that does punish parents leaving a loaded gun around accessible children.That something you can hold me able . But when you tell me I should raise a child in a way...in a way that that child will not have bad thoughts or be depressed,or not hang around with wrong kids, youre trying to legislate something that you know, parenting is not an easy thing. This is a hard job.And it gets harder as kids get older. Study shows that when a child becomes a teenager, parents involvement with their children under education drops sharply.This complicates matters with the courts if they are to prove that parents should have known about the child intentions to commit a crime or stop the child from doing it.By to years of age, children in this country are treated as quasi-adults.We also have young people of that age leading very separate life that parents are not fully inmed of.Many of those young people are working. They have a strong peer group affiliation.Perhaps we might have some idealistic view that a law will then ce parents to hold daily sessions with their children, ask them what they are doing. I just dont think that going to work.Parent liability laws will not work unless theyre part of a much larger eft that includes more help parents in raising their children, whether they want it or not.A judge can require a parent to go through psychological testing if the judge sees that there would be some merit not only in helping the child in their situation, but also helping the home situation.According to the National Association of State Legislatures, half a dozen states are expected to take up the issue of parental liability this year.Family law experts say that what most needed now is a thorough review of the effectiveness of such laws,bee more put in place, because as far they simply dont seem to be deterring school shootings, let alone bad parenting. 553。

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