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It started life as UK 92480,这个编号为UK92480的化合物one of millions of compounds来自辉瑞制药公司的新药仓库in the stores at the drug company Pfizer.是千百万个化合物中的一员They were looking for a new drug for angina,当时专家们正在寻找治疗心绞痛的新something that would relax blood vessels一种能够放松心脏around the heart.周围血管的药物After screening hundreds of在筛查过无数的化合物之后thousands of compounds, they ended up with UK 92480.他们最终锁定了UK92480But its trials in humans were a let-down.人体实验结果却不尽如人意It was about to be consigned正当药物要被重新收回仓库时back to the stores when the trial volunteers受试者们开始不断索要药片started coming back and reporting an unusual side-effect -并反馈一种不同寻常的副作用lots of erections.阴茎勃起Add the drug the relaxations加入药物之后 其松弛度变大get larger but its trace is upside down.不过药物作用曲线却是反过来的By making a crude mock-up of the通过制作人类性器官的粗略模拟模型human sexual apparatus, senior scientist Chris Wayman高级研究员克里斯·韦曼使用了found an ingenious way to test this anecdotal evidence.一种巧妙的方法来检验这种有趣的现象201502/360080

Time for the shoutout.大喊时间到了。Which U.S. state traditionally holds the first contests to choose each major party`s presidential nominee? If you think you know it, shout it out.从传统意义上讲,美国哪个州举办主要政党总统候选人的第一次竞选。Is it (a), Delaware, (b), Iowa, (c), New Hampshire, (d), Hawaii? You`ve got three seconds. Go.是(a)特拉华 (a)爱荷华 (a)新罕布什尔州 (a)夏威夷? 你有三秒钟。开始吧。For decades, the Iowa caucuses have been the first nomination contest. The New Hampshire primary comes second. That`s your answer and that`s your shout-out.几十年来,爱荷华州一直举办第一次提名角逐。新罕布什尔州初选紧随其后。这是你的,这是你的大喊。But that doesn`t necessarily mean that the Democrat and the Republican who win in Iowa will ultimately win their party`s nomination.但不论民主党还是共和党,谁在爱荷华赢得了选举并不意味着最终将能赢得政党提名。It`s a first step in the nominating process and at this point, it`s scheduled for February 1st.它是提名过程中的第一步,此刻将定于二月一日。There`s one fewer Republican in the race, though. Late last week, former Texas Governor Rick Perry suspended his campaign. He was running low on funding.然而在这场角逐中共和党人少了一位。上周晚些时候,前德克萨斯州州长佩里因经费不足暂停竞选。That means as of today, there are 16 Republicans currently seeking their party`s nomination. The latest CNN/ORC polls showed that businessman Donald Trump is leading the pack.这就意味着,目前有16名共和党人正在寻求政党提名。根据最新的CNN/ORC民调显示,商人唐纳德·特朗普领先群雄。On the Democratic side, five people have officially announced that they`re running. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton leads the Democrats in the polling so far.在民主党方面,五人已经正式宣布参加竞选。至今,前国务卿克林顿·希拉里领跑民主党投票。译文属。 /201509/398491

All you do-- cut yourself as long a length that you can find.要做的就是 尽可能地把你找到的藤蔓都切下来Get the end of it.Make a few coils like that,lock it on itself.切下来了 像这样绑成个圈 然后用藤蔓捆好And then all youve got to do is walk and every minute or so, as long as you look behind you,然后就上路吧 时刻都要关注自己的身后and see it laying out in a straight line,you know youre not bending of-course.看看是不是一条直线 你得确信你没有走弯路Okey, lets go with it.The method is simple,although not 100% foolproof.现在上路吧 这个方法很简单 虽然也不是最简单的It allows you to move quickly through the jungle confident that you wont be just going round and round in circles.这方法可以使你在穿越丛林的时候 快速前进而不至于绕圈子Im sticking to mybearing and making good progress.我一边放藤蔓一边前进 效果不错But all too soon, Im stopped in my tracks.The deep gorge just blocking my path.但是太快就走到我路线的尽头了 这个深深的峡谷阻断了我的路线As you can see, its quite a drop-off down that.就像你所见到的 水流非常的急速You know this,this gully is almost, almost jumpable,知道吗 这个小峡谷 是可以跳过去的but that rock there is gonna be super slippy.I should probably just use this vine here.但是那块石头会很滑 在这儿我应该用到藤蔓了Back up.See how strong this is.Thats gonna be good.OK, let me get across.后退一点 看看这能不能承受得住 还不错 好 让我越过去My pick-up points on the other side of the river.Thats if I can get across in one piece.我选择的落脚点在河对面 我能否安然无恙地过去201603/432253

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