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“Please give this a chance. Have an open mind. Enjoy the show.”“请给它一个机会,放下成见,欣赏这部影片。”That plea, made by the director Ang Lee before the first New York Film Festival screening of his film “Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk,” was not typical at a premiere. But then, this was not a typical premiere.这是导演李安(Ang Lee)在其新作《比利#8226;林恩的中场战事》(Billy Lynn#39;s Long Halftime Walk)首次在纽约电影节(New York Film Festival)上映时的请求。这样的请求在首映式上并不典型。不过话又说回来,这也不是典型的首映。The film was the first feature to be screened in the combination of 4K resolution, 3-D and 120 frames per second. That is a higher frame rate than any previous film, and the last time a director experimented with that, Peter Jackson’s “Hobbit” films, moviegoers and critics alike balked at the uncomfortably realistic images.这是首部结合了4K度、3D和每秒120帧技术放映的正片。这样的帧率比以往任何一部影片都高,上一次有导演尝试这样的帧率,还是彼得#8226;杰克逊(Peter Jackson)在拍摄《霍比特人》(Hobbit)系列时。当时,观众和影评人都不敢直面画面,因为它们逼真到令人不适的程度。Mr. Lee said that he had put the finishing touches on the movie the day before and that this would be the first time it was shown to an audience. This one happened to include members of the cast (Kristen Stewart, Chris Tucker, Steve Martin, Vin Diesel, Garrett Hedlund and, in the title role, the newcomer Joe Alwyn) as well as film reporters and critics all together.李安说,他前一天才完成了电影的收尾工作,这是该片第一次和观众见面。现场的观众包括片中的演员(克里斯汀#8226;斯图尔特[Kristen Stewart]、克里斯#8226;塔克[Chris Tucker]、范#8226;迪塞尔[Vin Diesel]、加内特#8226;赫德伦[Garrett Hedlund]和饰演主角比利#8226;林恩的新人乔#8226;阿尔文[Joe Alwyn]),以及电影记者和影评人。Unlike most of the other highly anticipated titles at the festival, this one didn’t play at Alice Tully Hall because that theater is too large to get the correct distance between the dual laser projectors and the screen. Instead, a roughly 300-seat theater at the AMC Lincoln Square on the Upper West Side was chosen.不同于电影节上其他大部分备受期待的影片,本片未在爱丽丝塔利厅(Alice Tully Hall)放映,因为那里太大,两台激光放映机和银幕之间的距离不对。放映地点选在了上西区AMC林肯广场(AMC Lincoln Square)一个大致容纳300人的电影院。The first three rows were off limits because they would not provide an acceptable 3-D viewing experience. And a new screen, the RealD Ultimate Screen, was installed in the theater expressly for this premiere and the forthcoming run of the film. It was engineered to increase the brightness of 3-D movies by 85 percent over a standard screen.前三排没有坐人,因为这些位置无法提供可接受的3D观影体验。为了这场首映和即将开始的影片上映,电影院特意安装了一块新的RealD终极银幕(Ultimate Screen)。它能令3D电影的亮度比标准屏幕提亮85%。As the lights went down, stars and critics donned their 3-D glasses, not quite knowing what to expect. The film’s first few minutes seemed to be an adjustment period as viewers got used to the feel of such high-res images. But the audience seemed to settle into the story, based on Ben Fountain’s novel of the same title, about an Army soldier who participates in a football halftime show while also reminded of his traumatizing combat experiences in Iraq.随着灯光暗去,明星和影评人纷纷戴上3D眼睛,大家并不太确定将会看到什么。影片的开始几分钟似乎是一个调整期,观众慢慢习惯了这种高分辨率画面。但他们似乎沉浸在了影片讲述的故事中。这个故事改编自本#8226;方丹(Ben Fountain)的同名小说,讲的是一名参加一场橄榄球比赛中场表演的陆军士兵,想起了自己在伊拉克作战的痛苦经历。“It felt different than a movie,” said Jane Raab, a television producer who was in the audience. “It felt like a kind of virtual reality.”“感觉和电影不一样,”观众中的电视制作人简#8226;拉布(Jane Raab)说。“感觉像一种虚拟现实。”In a question-and-answer session with the director and cast afterward, Mr. Diesel described watching the movie as “such a heavy experience.”在随后的导演和演员问答环节,迪塞尔称观看该片是“一个非常沉重的经历”。He continued, “The technology allows you to come into the story in a unique way. And you just realize that you’ve been overwhelmed by the drama.”他接着表示,“技术让你能够用一种独特的方式进入故事。你会发现,你完全沉浸在了剧情中。”Some critics put it differently.一些影评人却有不一样的说法。In a review reminiscent of the critical response to “The Hobbit,” David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter wrote that the new film had “the somewhat alienating hyperreal sharpness of many outsize hi-definition flatscreen TVs.”《好莱坞报道》(The Hollywood Reporter)的戴维#8226;鲁尼(David Rooney)在一篇影评中写道,影片“就像很多超大高清平板电视一样,超真实的清晰度让人产生疏离感”。这篇文章让人想起了影评人对《霍比特人》的评价。And Mike Ryan at Uproxx wrote, “To be honest, the visuals are so distracting, I’m not entirely sure if there’s a movie of merit in there or not.”Uproxx的迈克#8226;瑞安(Mike Ryan)写道,“老实说,视觉上太让人分心,我都不完全确定是不是真的在看电影。”But Owen Gleiberman at Variety offered a positive take, writing, “In ‘Billy Lynn,’ the way that everything we see is so alive, so there, seems to have given Lee and his screenwriter, Jean-Christophe Castelli, the freedom to create a movie of unusual, glancing intimacy and formal fluidity, one that’s willing — far more than most movies — to live in the moment, and to lure the audience inside that moment.”但Variety的欧文#8226;格莱贝尔曼(Owen Gleiberman)给出了积极的评价。他写道,“在《比利#8226;林恩》中,我们看到的一切都那么鲜活,那么真实,这似乎赋予了李安和他的编剧让-克里斯托夫#8226;卡斯泰利(Jean-Christophe Castelli)创作一部有着与众不同的、即席的亲近感,形式优美流畅的电影的自由。远不同于大部分电影,它愿意活在那一刻,愿意吸引观众进入那一刻。”The festival showed the film several times on Friday, holding a ticket lottery for the limited seats. New York and Los Angeles audiences can see it in its full frame-rate, highest-resolution 3-D format starting Nov. 11. The film will also be released nationwide in various other formats, all director-approved.该片周五将在电影节上放映多场。因为座位有限,将通过抽奖的形式发放门票。从11月11日开始,纽约和洛杉矶的观众将能看到全帧率的最高分辨率3D影片。影片也将以各种格式在全美发行,所有格式均得到了导演的批准。 /201610/472902There’s nothing to be afraid of. Have you ever heard of anyone getting hurt by wandering into a nose?有啥可害怕的?你听过有谁在鼻中游荡受过伤吗? /201703/499082

Colours may be the same around the world, but the language in which they are described can have a significant impact on how they are perceived.颜色本身在全球各地没有什么区别,但是人们用于描述颜色的语言却对这些颜色被感知的方式具有重要的影响。In English, the most popular base colours are blue, pink and green, while in China red, blue and green are more prominent.在英国,最常见的基本色是蓝色,粉红色和绿色,在中国,红色、蓝色和绿色则更为多见。A data scientist wanted to put this theory to the test and, in doing so, has created a graphic that reveals how few ways there are in certain Eastern cultures to talk about colours, compared to the West.一位数据科学家想要验这一理论,他绘制了一张图标,这张图表明,相对于西方文化,东方文化中描绘颜色的语汇要少得多。Muyueh Lee from Taipei designed the infographic to show the range of names for colours and hues on Wikipedia, in English and then in Chinese.来自台北的李慕约设计了这组信息图表,图表上展示了所有在维基网上可以查到的表示颜色和色差的词汇,首先是英语词汇,然后是中文词汇。His method is biased as there are more Wikipedia users that are English speakers, but it does reveal the importance of certain colours in both languages.他的研究方法存在误差,因为说英语的维基网用户人数更多,不过这项研究的确揭示了在两种语言中一些特殊颜色的重要性。In Chinese, most popular base colours are 紅 (red), 藍 (blue) and 綠 (green). Colours can also relate to objects like salmon, stone and pine tree.在中国人当中,最常见的基本色是红色,蓝色和绿色。这些颜色会让我们联想到鲜鱼肉,石头和松树。This may be telling as red in Chinese cultures symbolises good fortune and joy. It remains a popular colour in the country and is affiliated with the current government.这项研究成果值得相信,因为在中国文化中,红色象征的吉祥和喜庆。红色一直受到中国人喜爱,也被当前的政府加以宣传利用。By comparison, popular English colours are blue, green and pink, with some colours based on objects.相比之下,英国人喜欢的颜色则是蓝色,绿色和粉红色,只有一些颜色与实物对应。#39;I was fascinated by the urban legend that Eskimo has 50 words for snow, and the idea that a culture will develop a richer vocabulary for things it cares,#39; said Mr Lee.李先生说:“有一种传闻说,爱斯基语中有50个表示‘雪’的词汇,由此可见,一种文化会为其关注的事物创造出丰富的词汇。这种想法令我着迷。”Mr Lee#39;s graphic highlights the debate over whether speaking a certain language allows people to #39;see#39; more colours, because they have more descriptions.李先生的图像研究的重点是解决这样一场争论,即,是否由于一种语言中描述颜色的语汇更多,因而说这种语言的人就能“看”到更多的颜色。A number of studies seem to suggest this may be the case.一系列研究明,事实似乎确是如此。A 1954 study found that Zu?i speakers, a tribe of Pueblo Native Americans, found they do not differentiate between orange and yellow. As a result, they have trouble telling them apart.一项1954年的研究发现在美国的一个印第安人村庄,说祖尼语的土著居民不会区分橙色和黄色。因而,他们很难将这两种颜色区分开。A separate study focused on how Russian speakers have separate words for light blue (goluboy) and dark blue (siniy). MIT recruited 50 people from the Boston area in Massachusetts, half of whom were native Russian speakers.另一项研究旨在揭示说俄语的人群是如何区分浅蓝色和深蓝色的。为此, 麻省理工学院从马萨诸塞州的波士顿地区邀请了50名参与者,他们中半数都是地道的俄语使用者。They found they were 10 per cent faster at distinguishing between light (goluboy) blues and dark (siniy) blues than at discriminating between blues within the same shade category.研究者发现,参与者区分浅蓝色和深蓝色的反应速度比区分同一明暗度的不同蓝色的反应速度要快10%。 /201704/502880

What went wrong?出了什么问题?Don’t worry: it happened to all of us before. Even if you spent time looking for the right shade and brand, it can sometimes end up wrong. There can be various reasons behind the problem that you can keep in mind for the next coloring process.不要担心:我们所有人之前都遇到过这个问题。即使你花费了很长时间寻找合适的牌子,但是结果有时候仍是会出现问题。问题背后的原因可能多种多样,在你下次选择染发过程的时候要牢记这一问题。Most often, there is a problem with the development period of the hair dye. If you would like to go from really light to dark, you don’t have to leave it on for as long (and sometimes hair dye descriptions fail to mention that).通常来说,染发剂的着色过程会有问题。如果你想从浅色变成深色,你不必等很长时间(而且有时候染发剂的说明书也没有提到这一点。)Similarly, if your hair is very damaged or has been processed (lightened, permanently straightened), the dye will probably need less time.同样地,如果你的头发受到了很严重的损伤,或者已经被处理过了(染了较浅的颜色,永久性拉直),染发可能会需要较短的时间。The Right Shampoo合适的洗发水Probably the easiest and less damaging way to get your hair color a bit lighter is to use a lightening or clarifying shampoo. If your hair is only one shade darker than desired, this can solve the issue for you. Because these products have a deep-cleansing effect, they can tone down the darkness better than regular shampoos.坑你最简单和最不伤害头发的方式就是把头发染成浅色,使用亮发或者澄清洗发水。如果你的头发只是比你预期的颜色稍微深一点,那这就能解决你的问题。因为这些产品有很强的清洁效果,这些洗发水比其他常规的洗发水,能更好地褪掉深色的染发剂。You can use it like a normal shampoo: leave it on your head for a few minutes, then gently wash off. Repeat the process a few times for better results, but to cure the possible drying effect of using too much deep-cleanse, apply a nourishing conditioner to the ends of your hair.你可以像正常的洗发水一样使用它们:把洗发水放涂在头上几分钟之后,轻轻洗干净。为了达到更好的效果,可以重复几次这一过程,但是为了防治使用过多深度清洁洗发水导致的头发干燥,可以将滋养的护发素涂在你头发的发尾处。Dye Remover染色去除剂Bigger changes require more efficiency. If you are totally freaked out by your dark hair and would like an immediate solution, you can try hair dye removers.更大的变化需要更多的效果。如果你完全被你深色的头发吓到了,想要立刻解决,你可以使用头发染色去除剂。Don’t forget that color removers won’t change your hair back to its original color (unfortunately, it will take a longer time to get back the natural shade of your hair).不要忘了染色去除剂不会让你的头发恢复到原始的颜色(不幸的是,这需要花费更长的时间恢复到你头发的天然颜色)。 /201702/494132

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