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Britons are the world's biggest fans of fast food, just ahead of Americans, while the famously gastronomic French are the least attracted to quick meals, according to a study published last week。  上周公布的一项调查表明,全世界最爱吃快餐的是英国人,其次是美国人;而以高超烹饪技艺而著称的法国人最不喜爱快餐。  The survey of 13 countries also confirmed growing concern over obesity worldwide, but noted different priorities and strategies in different parts of the world for tackling it。  此外,该项针对13个国家的调查实,世界各地的人们越来越关注肥胖问题,但各国对这个问题的关注程度和应对方法不尽相同。  "People are inherently contradictory and nowhere is it more obvious than on such a sensitive and important issue as their weight," says Steve Garton of polling body Synovate, who produced the survey jointly with the B。  该调查由 Synovate民调机构与B联合开展。Synovate民调机构的史蒂夫?加顿说:“人天生矛盾,而在体重这个敏感重要的问题上体现的尤为明显。”  "The results show there's a world of people who cannot deny themselves that hamburger or extra piece of pizza, but probably make themselves feel better by washing it down with a diet cola."  “调查结果显示,全世界的人们似乎都无法抗拒汉堡或皮萨饼的诱惑,但可能用杯减肥可乐将它们冲下肚感觉会好些。”  In terms of fast food, 45 percent of Britons agreed with the statement "I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up" ahead of 44 percent for Americans and Canadians at 37 percent。  就快餐而言,45%的英国人选择的是“我太喜欢快餐的味道了,简直无法割舍。”;44%的美国人和37%的加拿大人同意该说法。  The French, long proud of their reputation for high-class cuisine, strongly disagree: 81 percent rejected the statement, followed by 75 percent of Singaporeans and 73 percent of people from Romania。  向来以高品位烹饪技艺而著称的法国人强烈反对这一说法,81%的受访者不同意该观点;新加坡和罗马尼亚的这一比例分别为75%和73%。  "Britons love their fish and chips," Garton says。  加顿说:“英国人深爱他们的炸鱼和炸薯条。”  "French people take care of their image as a matter of course. Being thin is part of our culture and a point of pride," he says. "On top of this there is increasing awareness of the devastation obesity can cause to one's health."  他说: “法国人很注重自己的形象,这是件很自然的事。保持苗条的身材是我们文化的一部分,也是一种骄傲。此外,人们也越来越意识到肥胖给健康造成的危害。” /201004/102070Traveling is unarguably one of the most gratifying experiences a person can have in their lifetime. Traveling awakens the soul, stirs the senses and paints the world in a new light. It may seem like a pastime for only a certain kind of person, but in all actuality, anyone and everyone can and should travel.In my opinion, it's better to travel sooner than later in life for a few very key reasons:1. Traveling can help you figure out what you want to do with your life:Exposing yourself to new places, people and cultures can awaken your sense of purpose. Learning about what's out there in the world can help you determine what feels like you - and what doesn't.It's also especially useful in helping people realize that there's no one way to live a lifetime. Every culture is different and so is every person within those cultures. If you wait till later in life, you run the risk of realizing your potential too late. Don't let opportunity pass you by; explore the world while you're young.2. It promotes independence (and hones survival skills):Catching flights, keeping track of passports and navigating foreign-speaking cities, can force you to think on your feet and make decisions quickly. Being away from your comfort zone really pushes a person to think independently.3. It eliminates resentment later in life:How often do you hear someone much older than you comment on how they should have done something when they were younger? No one wants to be sitting in a rocking chair at age 80, wishing that they had taken that trip when they had the chance. Don't let someone or something stop you from traveling. A chance to experience the world now is greater than any excuse you can come up with for not going. It's worth it and you'll be glad you have those memories later in life, trust me!4. It makes you a more interesting person:Nothing sucks more than talking to a person who has absolutely nothing to say. Traveling can create amazing memories and it serves as a great conversation starter. You'd be surprised how many times travel comes up in conversation, whether it be at a party or at the office. Think of how great it would be if you can jump in next time and compare experiences. Whether you are talking about your recent safari in Africa or that time you swam with dolphins in the Caribbean, it makes you seem knowledgeable and worldly which, let's face it, is totally hot.5. You work hard and deserve it:Life can be crazy these days. With the overload of gadgets, work hours and social networking demands, it's no wonder we haven't broken down as a nation, cracking from all the pressure. Today's youth works harder than ever to achieve more than ever, and there's no better way to reward ourselves and take time out than with a good old vacation.Remember, all that hard work is done in vain if there isn't an equal dose of play to go with it. You don't want to look back in 15 years and realize you wasted you're younger years doing nothing but work, right? So save that hard earned cash and go somewhere you've only dared to dream about- today. Turn fantasy into reality and give yourself a pat on the back. You deserve it!I'm sure that one of the main reasons that a young adult would refrain from traveling is lack of funds or overwhelming feelings of not knowing where to start. Traveling doesn't have to be expensive or overwhelming for you to have a great time. There are some affordable deals out there for just about every trip you can imagine; it's all about timing and planning.Understand that airfare is always cheaper in certain months, as are hotel rates and nightlife packages. Travel agents can be really useful in helping you find the best deals and packages. Plus, they know exactly what hotels and attractions to send you to, depending on what your interests are. Also, don't discount your friends and relatives. You never know who has an Uncle with a timeshare or an extra apartment in Miami that their parents rent out during the year. The more you ask, the more you shall receive.Make it a priority to do your homework and planning a vacation will ultimately be fun, exciting, and rewarding - an experience that you will certainly never forget. /200901/60169

On Oct. 4, 2011 Apple Inc. unveiled its long-awaited new iPhone 4S, just one day before the death of its co-founder Steve Jobs. The centerpiece of the new device is the ;virtual assistant; feature, Siri, which is designed to comprehend a broad range of instructions in natural language. For example, when asked ;Do I need a raincoat today?; the device will respond, ;It sure looks like rain today.;2011年10月4日,苹果公司发布了大众期待已久的iPhone 4S手机。就在发布会之后的第二天,苹果公司的创始人之一史蒂夫bull;乔布斯与世长辞。这款新手机最出的地方是设计了一位;虚拟助理;,名为Siri。Siri能理解广泛的、用自然的语言表达的指令。比如说,有人问一台iPhone 4S:;我今天需要带雨衣吗?;手机会回答说:;今天看起来是要下雨的样子。;Millions of iPhone 4S users are fascinated with the voice recognition and talking assistant, which can answer questions, make suggestions and get things done for owners, such as calling people, setting reminders, dictating SMS, looking for weather forecasts and stock information, searching maps, etc.这位语音助手问世之后,成百上千万的iPhone 4S手机用户都为之神魂颠倒。它不但可以答疑解惑,而且还会提出建议;无论是拨打电话、提醒日程安排、录入短信、查找天气预报和股票信息,还是搜索地图,只要一声令下,Siri都能够为主人搞定。Some creative iPhone owners have asked Siri questions about almost everything, from the meaning of life, to religion, love and even sex. To their surprise, Siri has given some quite smart answers.某些富有创造力的手机用户向Siri提问了各种五花八门的问题。他们和Siri聊生命的意义、宗教、爱情,甚至聊两性话题。令人惊讶的是,Siri的有些回答相当巧妙。According to Apple Inc., Siri now understands and can speak English, French and German. In 2012, it will support five additional languages, including Chinese.苹果公司宣布,目前Siri只持英、法、德三种语言的语音识别和输出。而到了2012年, Siri的应用将扩展到另外五种语言,其中就包括中文。See some of Siri#39;s most entertaining answers to user questions here.下面请看用户与Siri的各种爆笑问答:About herselfMaster: Who are you?Siri: I#39;m Siri. But enough about me... how can I help you?Master: How old are you?Siri: I#39;m not allowed to answer that question.Master: Where are you from?Siri: Like it says on the box... I was designed by Apple in California.Master: Are you human?Siri: Does it matter?Master: Are you gay?Siri: We were talking about you, not me.Master: What do you look like?Siri: In the cloud, no one cares what you look like.Master: What are you wearing?Siri: Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel. Nice, huh?Master: Why are you so awesome?Siri: I just am.关于自身主人:你是谁?Siri:我是Siri。有关我的话题就到此为止吧。有什么我能为你效劳的?主人:你多少岁了?Siri:我未获许可回答这个问题。主人:你从哪里来?Siri:就像包装盒上写的;;我来自加利福尼亚,由苹果公司设计。主人:你是人类吗?Siri:是不是又有什么关系?主人:你是同性恋吗?Siri:我们要说的是你,而不是我。主人:你长什么模样?Siri:身在云世界,长相也只是浮云。主人:你身上穿着什么?Siri:硅铝酸盐玻璃面板和不锈钢外套。漂亮吧?主人:你为什么这么给力?Siri:天生如此。 /201202/170271

夏天快要结束了,它的结束就意味着你的好心情也要结束?诚然,那些慵懒的假期快要结束了,但季节的变换也会带来很多的期待,这里有一些建议使你适应新的季节的来到。1. Snapshot of summerCuring yourself of the summer blues doesn’t mean you have to get rid of your summer memories. Put your favorite picture from this summer in a frame, set summer photos as the screensaver on your computer, or create a summer scrapbook. Not only will this make the transition easier, but it will also be a nice keepsake to look back on.夏天的拍照治愈你的夏日忧伤并不是说你就得摆脱夏天的记忆,把你喜欢的夏天照片摆上书桌,或者设置成你的电脑屏保,还可以制作相册簿。这不仅使你更好的应对季节的变换,更是你回忆夏天时的纪念品。 /201108/149471

  Beep, beep, beep. Then the text comes: " President Bush calls for a timetable for the withdrawal of the Iraqi people from Iraq." It's not a news update. It's Omar Abdul Kareem's relentlessly beeping cell phone - and one of the 20 or so humorous text messages he gets every day from his friends. In a city bereft of entertainment, text messaging and swapping ringtones are all the rage for young Iraqis trying to lighten their lives. Most restaurants, cafes and movies have closed due to the country's security situation. The content of the text messages and ringtones speak volumes about the state of affairs here: jokes and songs about suicide bombings, sectarianism, power outages, gas prices, Saddam Hussein and George Bush. Cell phone shops, the only crowded stores these days, sell special CDs with ringtones at about apiece. Collections of short jokes especially written for texters are best-sellers. Iraqis fiddling with their cell phones on the streets look like New Yorkers hooked on iPods. "It's not like there's much to do around here," Abdul Kareem said. "It's perhaps the only venue to express ourselves." He used to buy worth of prepaid phone cards a month to text to his girlfriend - until they broke up. After sending her a lot of "I miss you" texts, he's moved on. Now he sends his aunt dozens of jokes, most of them at the expense of ethnic Kurds. The daily reality of violence and explosions has influenced every aspect of Iraqi life - including love notes. "I send you the tanks of my love, bullets of my admiration and a rocket of my yearning," one popular message s. A popular ringtone features the music from Coolio's "Gangsta's Paradise." But the local version includes a voice similar to Saddam's rapping in English: "I'm Saddam, I don't have a bomb/Bush wants to kick me/I don't know why/smoking weed and getting high/I know the devil's by my side." The song concludes with: "My days are over and I'm gonna die/all I need is chili fries" as a crowd yells "Goodbye forever, may God curse you." 嘟--嘟--嘟!短信来了:“布什总统拟订将全体伊拉克人赶出伊拉克的时间表。” 这不是一条新闻,而是阿布杜勒·卡里姆收到的一条手机短信,卡里姆每天都会从朋友那里收到20条左右的搞笑短信,所以,他的手机总是嘟嘟嘟的响个不停。 在这个了无生趣的城市,发短信和互发手机铃声成了伊拉克年轻人用来调节生活的流行时尚。由于受到国内安全形势的影响,伊拉克的大多数餐馆、咖啡馆和电影院都停止营业了。 手机短信和铃声的内容充分反映了国内局势,其中包括自杀性爆炸、宗派主义、能源断供、油价以及萨达姆和美国总统乔治·布什的一些笑话和歌曲。 眼下,手机商店成了伊拉克唯一生意兴隆的商店,店里出售各种手机铃音光盘,价格在每张2美元左右。那些专门为“短信族”编写的短篇笑话集也十分畅销。 伊拉克人摆弄着手机招摇过市就像纽约人身上挂着iPod一样,是一种时尚。 阿布杜勒·卡里姆说:“这里没有更多的事可做,手机可能是我们表达自己心声的唯一场所。” 过去,卡里姆每个月要买60美元的充值卡,给女朋友发很多“我想你”的短信。 和女友分手后,卡里姆开始改发别的短信了。现在,他每天都给他的阿姨发很多搞笑短信,其中最多的是关于库尔德族人的笑话。 在伊拉克,暴力和爆炸事件成为家常便饭,影响到人民生活的各个方面,甚至包括爱情短信。有一条流行短信是这样写的:“我为你送上爱的坦克,倾慕的子弹和一架思念的火箭。” 还有一段由库里欧的《黑帮天堂》改编而成的手机铃音颇为流行。而伊拉克的这个版本则是一段酷似萨达姆声音的英文说唱:“我是萨达姆,我没有炸弹/布什想要我下台/但我不知道为什么/吸口大麻爽到家/我知道魔鬼就在我身边。” 这首搞笑歌曲的结尾是:“我没多少日子了,我要完蛋了/现在我只想吃辣薯条”,这时,一群人集体喊道“永别了,上帝诅咒你!”Vocabulary: bereft of : deprived of (剥夺;夺走;如:They are bereft of their dignity.他们丧失了尊严。) all the rage : 风靡一时的事物;时尚(Short dresses and long boots were all the rage last year.去年短裙配长靴风靡一时。)speak volumes about/for : 清楚的表明;充分的说明fiddle with : 摆弄(fiddle with a clock 摆弄钟) /200809/47189

  ;I had an operation,; said a man to his friend, ;and the doctor left a sponge in me.;;That#39;s terrible!; said the friend. ;Got any pain?;;No, but I am always thirsty!;一个男人对他的朋友说:;我动了一次手术,手术后医生把一块海绵忘在我的身体里了。;;真是太糟糕了!;朋友说道:;你觉得疼吗?;;不疼,可是我总感到口渴。; /201201/168944。

  Fame is a big joke. Stars need to stop taking themselves so seriously.名气是一个大笑话。明星需要停止把他们自己看得太重了。 /201107/145790

  A briefnapcould boost people's memory, according to new research.Researchers at The City University of New York found that having a brief sleep improved people's ability to remember things.Volunteers were told to memorise pairs of words. When they were tested straight afterwards and six hours later, those who had been allowed a nap of up to one hour before the retest achieved 15 percent higher scores than the volunteers who had not been allowed to go to sleep.The researchers told New Scientist magazine: "Traditionally, time devoted to daytime napping has been consideredcounterproductive."But they added that it now seemed that sleep was "an important mechanism for memory formation".The study was published in the journal Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, the magazine said. 一项最新调查表明,小睡能增强。纽约城市大学的研究者们发现,小睡一觉能提高人的。研究人员让参加调查的志愿者记住几组单词,并在分别记完之后和6小时后对他们进行测试。结果发现,那些在接受再次测试前小睡了1小时的人比未小睡的人得分高出15个百分点。研究人员在接受《新科学家》杂志采访时说:"人们一直认为白天小睡起不到什么积极作用。"但是,现在看来,睡眠"是形成记忆的一个重要途径"。据《新科学家》杂志介绍,此项研究结果发表在《学习和记忆神经生物学》上。 /200809/47096It Seemed Like HoursAs a band instructor at an elementary school, I require my students to turn in practice sheets signed by their parents so I can be sure they are putting in enough time. I had to laugh, however, when one parent wrote on her child's sheet, "Practiced 17 minutes, but it seemed like hours.犹如几个时辰作为一个小学的乐队指挥,为了确保学生投入足够的时间练习,我要求他们上交由他们父母签字的练习单。可是有一次,一位家长的签字把我逗乐了。练习单上写着:“练习了17分钟,但犹如几个时辰。” /201106/141241

  6:45 AM: Get Some Early Exercise早上6:45:晨练Morning exercise raises your heart rate and metabolism early to give you physical energy for hours, it also helps burn more calories throughout the day. There are also generally lower pollution levels in the morning.晨练可以提高心率和代谢能力,早上做运动可以带给你几个小时的活力。晨练还可以加速一天的脂肪燃烧。此外,早上空气污染少,适合运动。7:30 AM: Have Breakfast早上7:30:吃早餐Eating breakfast starts your metabolism. Aim to get 25 percent of your total day#39;s calories at breakfast, with other small meals throughout the day. Think breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, dinner like a pauper - and two dainty snacks - like a princess!吃早餐可以唤起你一天的新陈代谢。你一天的饮食安排应该是少食多餐,早餐最丰盛,它所摄取的热量要达到一天摄取的总热量的四分之一。记住这句谚语,早餐吃得像国王,午餐吃得像王子,晚餐吃得像乞丐,你还可以多加两餐小零嘴,吃的时候就像公主那样吧!9:00 AM: Skip the Morning Latte早上9:00:放下那杯拿铁Forgo the large, full-fat latte in favor of a small, skim latte, or better still, try tea. This will save a lot of calories. It will also help keep sugar cravings in check, and blood sugar levels on an even keel.放下那杯高脂的大杯拿铁吧,换成纤体瘦身的拿铁,最好是换成茶。这样的热量摄取就会少很多,对糖分的渴望也能得到控制,血糖水平也能保持在正常状态。11:00 AM: Ditch the Juice早上11:00:吃水果 别喝果汁Have an apple instead of a glass of apple juice which has the calories of almost three apples. Studies also show that regular fruit juice intake may increase diabetes risk by 50% due to massive sugar hits. Also, the fiber - which is what helps you fill up faster - is left out of the juice. By making this one swap you#39;ll save calories every day.这段时间,可以吃一个苹果来代替喝一杯苹果汁,要知道一杯果汁的热量相当于三个苹果的总热量!有研究表明,长期食用果汁的人由于摄入了大量的糖分,其患糖尿病的风险要高出50%。同时,苹果中含有的纤维在榨成果汁后也都流失了。正是这些纤维有助于增加人的饱腹感。所以,每咬一口苹果,你就等于咬掉了一点热量。1:00 PM: Love Your Lunch下午1:00:爱上吃午餐Don#39;t eat at your desk. Get outside, go for a walk and be conscious when you do eat of what#39;s going into your mouth. If you want to cut carbs, have a stir-fry with extra sprouts and vegies, but ask for fewer noodles.别在办公桌前用餐。到户外去走走,对每一口吃进嘴里的食物都留个心眼。如果你不想吃碳水化合物,可以多吃点炒蔬菜,但记住,少要点面条。3:00 PM: Avoid the Afternoon Sugar Slump下午3:00:下午别喝含糖饮料Drink water and avoid soft drinks. A Harvard study of 6000 people found that drinking just one soft drink a day (diet or standard) increased the risk of obesity by 31%. And now there#39;s more evidence that diet drinks are as bad as normal ones.喝水,别喝软饮料。哈佛大学对6000人进行的一项研究发现,一天喝一杯软饮料的人(无论是含糖的还是不含糖的),患肥胖症的风险要高出31%。而且,有更多的研究表明,无糖饮料和含糖饮料一样,对身体都没好处。4:00 PM: Breathe Easier下午4:00:轻松地呼吸一下For those who are asthmatic or easily exhausted - working out between 4pm and 5pm may be best. One study of 4800 people by the American College of Chest Physicians found that lung function peaks (at about 20% higher) during this period, with midday exercise returning the lowest lung function.对于那些气喘吁吁和容易疲劳的人,在下午四五点钟的时候,做几次轻松的呼吸是最好不过的了。美国胸科医师学会对4800人进行的一项研究表明,肺功能在这段时间内达到顶峰(比平常高出20%),而在中午的时候运动,肺功能则处在最低水平。7:00 PM: Enjoy a Drink晚上7:00:小酌一杯There have been countless studies trumpeting the health benefits of moderate daily alcohol intake (emphasis on ;moderate;), with wines linked to reductions in arterial and cardiovascular diseases. So go ahead, we#39;re not saints or robots.无数的研究实每天适量饮酒对身体有益(注意是适量饮酒)。每天小酌一杯红酒,可以减少动脉和心血管疾病。所以,喝吧,我们又不是圣人,也不是机器人。8:30 PM: Stop Eating晚上8:00:停止进食It#39;s better not to eat two to three hours before bed. If you are tempted, give your body an #39;automatic#39; brain signal that eating is over for the night. This might include washing the dishes, putting away all the leftovers and flossing and cleaning your teeth thoroughly. If you#39;ve done this, you#39;re less likely to be tempted to put anything but herbal tea past your lips late at night.临睡前两到三小时,最好停止进食。如果你忍不住诱惑,那就给你的身体发出一个“自动”信号,告诉自己晚上的进食已经结束了。你可以把碗碟洗干净了,把残羹剩菜收起来,彻底清洁牙齿,如果你做了以上这些事的话,那除了喝几口草本茶之外,你就不太会想再吃其他东西了。 /201207/192741A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that 'individuality' is the key to success. - Robert Orben  毕业典礼就是演讲人对着几千名头戴一样帽子、身穿统一制的学生说“个性”是成功的关键。  Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine. - Anthony J. D'Angelo  不管你去往何方,不管将来迎接你的是什么,请你带着阳光般的心情启程。 /201106/141403

  Did you ever think there was a better, different way to live? Did you ever think, “Maybe I don’t have to go to a job and work 40+ hours a week, feel exhausted, wish for more time for myself or my family, and wonder when the fun stuff begins?” If so, get y: your life’s about to change.When I was a little girl, I woke up every morning with the sun. I opened my eyes, heard birds chirping outside my window, and smiled, thinking about the adventures of the coming day. Fast forward to my last corporate job, when I woke up with the alarm clock, slammed my hand down on the snooze button and laid in bed, a feeling of d in the pit of my stomach, thinking about the eight hours I was about to spend working under fluorescent lights, in a small cubicle, so my boss could take credit for my work and someone else could profit.Why do we do this to ourselves? When I look back on the time I spent in Corporate America, I realize that I didn’t know any better. Despite the entrepreneurial spirit I’ve felt through my entire life, there was a period of time when it simply didn’t occur to me that my life belonged to me and I didn’t have to live according to the narrow path that had been defined for me.It took carpal tunnel syndrome and an inflexible corporate environment for me to realize that I desperately needed a change. And that’s what it took to remind me of the philosophy my dad taught me as a little girl, something I’d long forgotten: that work is what makes the rest of your life possible.From this perspective, “work” takes on substantially less meaning, while “life” takes center stage. I like this because it reminds me where my priorities lie. I’d much rather my tombstone , “She truly lived,” than “She worked a lot.”It’s easy to say “work makes the rest of my life possible,” but how does it look in real life, and how do you put this into play in your own life? How it looks in real life:I wake up each morning, knowing that the day belongs to me. I have a schedule, but I’m not beholden to a boss or supervisor who will dock my pay or fire me if I decide the schedule doesn’t suit my mood that day. One of my priorities is my health and physical well-being, so most mornings I start my day off with a workout at the gym. Since my day is my own, I can work out without rushing, and that allows me to get to know the other members of my gym, which means it’s a social event as well.Then, depending on the day and what I’ve committed to, I may work with clients, do some writing for my blog, e-zine, the book I’m working on, or the other sites I write for, or one of the several books I’m into at any given moment. Aside from scheduled meetings with clients and deadlines, I do what suits my mood the best - if I’m struggling for inspiration for my articles, I spend more time ing. If I’m in the mood to bake b with my husband, I do. And I’ve structured my businesses so that if I want to get on a plane and fly to South America, England, or New Orleans for a weekend or a month, I can do it without a second thought and my income doesn’t change a bit.The point is, no day is completely consumed by work, it’s all flexible, and everything I do for “work” is something that I enjoy doing. If I don’t enjoy it, I either don’t do it or I find someone who does and I outsource that work to them.When I speak to groups, I’m often asked, “How many hours a week do you work?” Sure, just like Tim Ferriss, author of The 4-Hour Workweek, some weeks I only work four hours. But if I’m working on a book or one of my one-on-one clients is launching his/her business, I work at least forty. Those are the extremes: most weeks I stay somewhere in the twenty to twenty five hour range. But I can tell you this: I wake up with the sun and the birds chirping, just like I did when I was a little girl. I always wake up smiling, and I love what I do.But I’m not that different from you. I’m not overly lucky and nothing that special has happened that made this possible for me. Virtually anyone can do this. So how can you incorporate this into your own life?The mindset comes first. You have to take responsibility for your life and know that it is yours to live in whatever way that you want. Think this is easy? It’s not. This can be one of the scariest things you’ll ever do. But as Seth Godin recently wrote, “the riskiest thing you can do is play it safe.” So take a risk and believe that your life belongs to you.Second, figure out your priorities and your goals. What’s most important to you? Are there things you want to do, places you want to see? Maybe you just want more quality time with your family, or want more time to relax- that’s okay. The point is to figure out what’s most important to you.Third, design a business to suit your lifestyle goals. This is the most challenging aspect of applying this philosophy, because it requires some extra knowledge- what opportunities are out there, how to repurpose what you aly know and/or do, how to brand yourself and market your business. There is no one-size-fits-all solution- a business model that works for one person may not be suited to another. Your best bet, the easiest and fastest way to accomplish this, is to work with someone who has successfully made the transition themselves, who knows the opportunities out there, can help you figure out what suits you best, help you put it all together and show you the ropes.Finally, be prepared to work to get to the point of living the dream. I’m not going to lie to you. It rarely happens overnight. Some of my clients have transitioned into this lifestyle (what I call the “Business in Blue Jeans lifestyle”) within a month or two, while others have taken a bit longer. Some of it depends on the industry you’re in and some depends on what you’re willing to put into it and how focused you are. Because the fact is, even though you aren’t working as much or as hard as before, in this lifestyle, when you are working, you need to be really focused.Ultimately, the bottom line is that when you’re working for a life that you’ve designed, when you love what you’re doing and when you know that you aren’t just putting in the time, everything changes. Change the way you view work, and you’ll completely change your life. /200902/62549

  Graphic shows that China#39;s GDP change from 2006 to 2011, delivered at the Fifth Session of the Eleventh National People#39;s Congress on March 5, 2012.3月5日,十一届全国人大五次会议于开幕,中国国务院总理温家宝作政府工作报告,回顾2011年各项工作进展情况,并提出2012年的主要任务:China#39;s economy expand by 9.2 percent in 2011China#39;s economy expanded by 9.2 percent in 2011 to 47.2 trillion yuan (about US.49 trillion) from a year earlier after it grew 10.4 percent in 2010. China lowered its GDP growth target to 7.5 percent this year after projecting it around 8 percent for seven consecutive years, in face of global turbulence and a pressing domestic demand for economic restructuring.2011年中国经济增速同比增长9.2%2011年中国国内生产总值47.2万亿元,比上年增长9.2%;2010年国内生产总值增长10.4%。为应对复杂多变的国际政治经济环境和艰巨繁重的国内改革发展任务,中国将2012年国内生产总值预期增速定为7.5%,这是国内生产总值预期增长目标八年来首次低于8%。 /201203/173760。

  "Slumdog Millionaire", the rags-to-riches movie that took the Oscars by storm, also produced two of the most influential words of the 2008 Hollywood awards season, a language monitoring group said on Thursday."Jai Ho!", Hindi for Let There be Victory and the title of the movie's Oscar-winning best song, and "Slumdog" -- the controversial term coined by the filmmakers for young slum-dwellers in Mumbai -- were named the top "HollyWords" of the year that closed with last Sunday's Oscars.The Global Language Monitor, which uses an algorithm to track the frequency of words and phrases in the world's print and electronic media, said it was rare for two words from the same movie to be ranked in its annual list."Slumdog Millionaire" crowned its awards sweep by winning eight Oscars, also including best picture and director.Last summer's "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" inspired the new expression "Nuke the Fridge" -- a phrase coined on the Internet to describe a moment when a cinematic franchise has run its course.The phrase came in third on the list, followed by "Hmong" -- a mountain dwelling people in Laos -- from the Clint Eastwood movie "Gran Torino"."What doesn't kill you makes you....stranger", the Joker's twist on German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's epigram that was spoken by Heath Ledger in Batman blockbuster "The Dark Knight" was also among the Top Ten. along with the line "There are no coincidences" from the animated movie "Kung Fu Panda."coin: to make; invent; fabricate(创造或杜撰新词、新语等) /200903/63522

  A chap barely even needs to have spoken to the object of his desire before declaring she is the one, a survey has found. 据英国《每日邮报》16日报道,调查发现,男性甚至不需要和他所仰慕的女性说一句话便可认定这个女人就是自己的理想伴侣。  Women, on the other hand, appear to take much longer to give their hearts away. 相反,女人看起来则需要更长时间才会付出自己的真心。  While a man may be swooning at first sight, most women waited until at least the sixth date before deciding whether or not they had found the “real thing”. 男性在第一眼看到一个女性时,就可能被迷得神魂颠倒,而大多数女性则会等到至少6次约会后才会确定此人是否就是自己的“真命天子”。  One in five men claimed to have fallen in love at first sight. 有1/5的男人称自己曾有过一见钟情的经历。  In contrast, only one in ten women said they had experienced love at first sight. 相比之下,只有1/10的女性有过一见钟情经历。  Professor Alexander Gordon, a chartered psychologist and member of the British Psychological Society, said: “Men tended to tick more superficial boxes, such as looks, to help them decide whether they were ‘in love’. Women were a little more complicated and likely to weigh up the pros and cons before settling on their choice.” 亚历山大?戈登教授是一名皇家心理学家,同时也是英国心理学协会会员,他说:“男性往往会通过外在,比如长相,来确定是否要‘坠入爱河’。而女性则会想得多一些,她们在做决定前可能就要把利弊权衡一番。”  "Women are cannier than men at making a lifetime choice," added Professor Gordon. “在终身大事上,女性比男性更谨慎”,戈登教授补充说。  According to the findings, the average British man falls in love just over three times in his life while the average woman falls in love only once. 调查发现,每名英国男子一生中平均会坠入情网三次,而女性平均只有一次。  And more men than women claimed to have loved someone who did not love them back. 很多男性称曾陷入单恋的漩涡。  Men were also more likely to say “I love you” first and to pine after their first love. 男性更可能首先说“我爱你”,并在初恋结束后更易憔悴痛苦。 /201108/151103

  Stephen Hawking, one of the world#39;s smartest physicists, once said: ;I#39;m obsessed by time. ;作为世界最为智慧的物理学家之一,斯蒂芬;霍金曾说过:;我对时间非常痴迷。; Many of us are, and the popularity of time travel TV series has just proved that. 我们中的很多人亦是如此,因为;穿越剧;的走红已经实了这一点。 After Palace and Startling by Each Step achieved startling ratings last year, Palace 2 aired on January 20, attracting time travel fans back to TV. 随着去年《宫》和《步步惊心》接连获得令人赞叹的收视率之后,《宫2》于今年1月20日开播,引来无数;穿越迷;的追捧。 ;It#39;s fun to watch characters travel back in time and deal with the conflicts between modernity and ancient times,; Xia Xiaoyan, who works for a foreign-owned enterprise in Shanghai, told China Daily. 上海某外企职员夏晓燕(音译)在接受《中国日报》记者采访时表示:;看到剧中人物穿越到过去,应对古今之间的矛盾冲突,真是太好玩了。; Time travel series connect both today and the past, thus offering room for imagination, said Cai Yinong, the producer of Startling by Each Step. 《步步惊心》制片人蔡艺侬认为,;穿越剧;将古代和现代连接起来,为观众提供了更多的想象空间。 Dream of heroism 英雄主义情节 Imagination creates a chance for the young to fulfill a dream that#39;s hard to achieve in reality. 丰富的想象力使得青年人能够有机会实现那些现实中难以企及的梦想。 Taiwan writer Xi Juan is a pioneer of time-travel stories in China. In 1993 she published a love story about a young woman time traveling to ancient times. 台湾作家席绢可谓是中国;穿越剧;的鼻祖。1993年,她出版了一本讲述一名年轻女子穿越回古代的爱情小说。 The protagonist#39;s modern personality and perception of love helps her win the heart of a cool, handsome martial art master. Such a plot satisfies female fans#39; love fantasy. 主人公凭借现代社会的个性以及对爱情的独特观点,令冷俊帅气的侠客为之倾心。这样的情节满足了女性读者们对爱情的幻想。 Starting from late 1990s, novels about men traveling back to the past prevailed, with A Step Into the Past as the most popular example. 从上世纪90年代末开始,有关男主角穿越回古代的小说作品盛行于市,《寻秦记》便是当时最火的一部。 In these stories, the male protagonists accomplish great things with their modern skills and wisdom. 在这些故事中,男主角运用现代的记忆和智慧干成了许多大事。 It#39;s usually a ;dream of heroism come true;, along with enviable romances. 此类作品通常讲述的是 ;英雄梦成真;的故事,此外还伴随着令人艳羡的恋情。 The big success of the TV series adapted from A Step Into the Past in 2001 has inspired TV production companies to buy up similar time travel tales. Last year saw their popularity peak. 2001年,电视剧《寻秦记》获得的巨大成功使得电视剧制作公司纷纷收购类似;穿越;题材剧本。就在去年,;穿越剧;达到了鼎盛时期。 Eye candy 人物养眼 ;I#39;m hooked by the shows because they are characterized by dramatic and poetic love and have eye-pleasing actors,; Xia explained her love for time travel TV series. 谈及自己对于穿越剧的喜爱,夏晓燕(音译)解释说:;我之所以对这类戏十分着迷,主要是它们主打惊心动魄、同时又充满诗情画意的爱情故事和一众养眼的男演员。; Her comment echoes a 2011 survey by Great Marketing Research Co Ltd in China. When asked about what#39;s so appealing about time travel TV series, 21 percent of respondents answered: ;Those attractive characters.; 她的想法正好与国内一家市场信息有限公司于2011年进行的一项调查相呼应。当被问及;穿越剧;为何如此吸引人时,有21%的受访者回答:;极具魅力的人物角色。; A bigger reason behind the popularity of time travel stories, however, is the relaxation they offer, according to the survey. 该调查还发现其更为主要的原因在于此类剧可以让人感觉到很放松。 Cai Yinong agrees. ;Many people are facing tremendous pressures in their fast-paced lives, so this genre is more relaxing than other shows as it provides people with a terrific outlet to escape reality,; Cai told. 蔡艺侬(音译)也对这一观点表示赞同:;现代人总是要在快节奏的生活中面对无穷无尽的压力,所以这类题材的电视比其他节目更能让人感到放松,也为人们提供了一个极佳的逃离现实的宣泄途径。;Cultural nostalgia 文化怀旧 ;Which dynasty would you like to live in if you could travel to the past?; asked a survey jointly launched by Shanghai University and Shanghai Social Sciences Association last December. 去年12月,由上海大学和上海社会科学院联合推出的一份调查报告问及:;如果穿越到过去,最你想回到哪个朝代?; About 60 percent of the 2,543 respondents chose Tang Dynasty, while Qing Dynasty, and the Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods were the other top two destinations. 在2543名受访者中,有60%的人选择唐朝,另外两个热门选项分别是清朝和春秋战国时期。 Ouyang Guangming, professor at Shanghai University, said at the press release: ;The survey result reflects people#39;s definition of the good days: prosperous economy and culture, steady society, fair and uncorrupted politics, and opening up to the outside world.;上海大学教授欧阳光明在该活动的新闻发布会上表示:;该调查结果反映出人们对美好时代的定义:即经济文化繁荣昌盛,社会安定,官场公正廉洁,对外开放不闭塞。; The love for time traveling is universal. 人们普遍存在一种;穿越;情结。 Woody Allen#39;s latest movie Midnight in Paris, which has been nominated for Best Picture, Directing, Original Screenplay and Art Direction for the 2012 Academy Awards, features modernity versus cultural nostalgia. 伍迪;艾伦的新作《午夜巴黎》已经被提名角逐2012年奥斯卡最佳影片,最佳导演,最佳原创剧本和最佳艺术指导等奖项。该片一大亮点就在于现代与文化怀旧的对抗。 ;The past seems so much more vivid, more substantial, than the present... The good old days are so alluring because we were not around, however much we wish we were,; The New York Times commented. 《纽约时报》道:;过去的日子似乎比当下更生动,更充实;过去的美好时光一直诱惑着我们,因为时光不能倒流,无论我们多么希望也无法回到过去。; /201202/170791

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