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Delta CEO: Customer convenience is key CNN#39;s Richard Quest speaks to Delta CEO Richard Anderson about the importance of keeping the customer happy.Atlanta is fortress Delta when it comes to aviation, isn#39;t it? You are a vast presence here. So I ask you how important is Atlanta to you?Oh,Atlanta is incredibly important. It is the largest hub in the world; we have takeoff and landing every 45 seconds. And if you look at the DOT statistics, it is one of the most reliable hubs in the world.So when you look at a place like Atlanta, how did Delta and how did the Atlanta airport grow so big?A great long term partnership between mayor Hartsfield and Mr. Volkmann the founder of delta that started in 1940 and has been carried on until today with the mayor, the leadership of the city of Atlanta, the leadership of Delta decade after decade after decade.And yet at the same time, you have great temptations and you have other hubs that you build out at the west coast, the north east, so as the chief executive how do you prioritize when you still got this big hub here Atlanta?Well, the world is a big place, and we now have 6 hubs in the US and we have 3 hubs outside the US. And the key privatization is where do our customers originate and where do our customer want to go and build the most convenient network to service the customer.But Delta sends many more people to a central hub like Atlanta than the other airlines, don#39;t you? You perfected maximize the use of the Atlanta hub.We do, I mean pretty much everything in the ed States, large population center within 750 miles in Atlanta and any other real airports in the sanity of Atlanta, so we collect the enormous traffic here.What do you do next with Atlanta because clearly you are not going to be attacked by any other major airlines on your home base here?Well, we are going through a massive transformation right now at Delta and we are turning Delta back into a mainline airline. What that means we are up-gagging the flee and we are growing the mainline airline which is airplane flown and operated by Delta employees and dramatically reducing the connection operation rather than what has happened in this industry of the last 25 years which is we put too many people on 50 seats jets for thousand miles, we are stopping that at Delta.Why?Because one the economic in the airplane. Number two I don#39;t believe that customers expect to take a 50 seats jet more than about 250 to 500 miles at the most and number three what allowed us to do in Atlanta is to take a market we would serve with 10-50 seats regional jets 10 flights a day and replaced with 6 a day on a bigger plan.So what is your priority as the chief executive in 2014?Well, we want to continue to successfully up gate the airline the airline. Second we are going to continue to improve the incredible performance from a reliability perspective that Delta so this year today completion factors 1997 and on time performances are 87 per cent those numbers are unheard of in terms of reliability. But we are going the raise the bar next year. /201401/274228摄影师菲尔amp;#8226;鲍杰展示了几张罕见的照片,是他拍摄的印度达兰萨拉山区里的人们,以及亚马逊厄瓜多尔地区的丛林。他的这些照片记录是为了能帮助保存这些濒危的文化。 Article/201409/325299

The 7-year-old Beijing girl infected with the H7N9 strain has been transferred from intensive care to an ordinary ward at Beijing Ditan Hospital. Hospital officials say the girl is now in a good condition and a good state of mind.北京7岁感染H7N9的小患者已经从北京地坛医院的重病监护室转入普通病房。医院负责人说其健康状况和心里状态良好。The girl#39;s infection was confirmed early Saturday. She had been receiving treatment at the Hospital since Thursday. The girl#39;s parents are live poultry traders in a township in suburban Shunyi District.该小女孩于周六早些时候被确认感染。她从周四以来就一直在医院接收治疗。该女孩的父母在顺义区从事活禽交易。Beijing#39;s municipal disease control and prevention center says 2 people who have had close contact with the child have been kept under medical observation and have not shown any flu symptoms.北京市疾病控制与预防中心表示,与小女孩密切接触过的2人已经进行了医学观察并未表现出任何禽流感症状。 Article/201304/235117

Major credit card attack at Target Up to 40 million Target customers could be affected by a major credit and debit card attack.A massive cyber hacker may have breached as many as 40 million credit and debit accounts. If you shopped at a Target store any time between black Friday and this past weekend, your information may have been stolen. Let#39;s bring in chief business correspondent Christine Romans. Important distinction you#39;ve been drawing all morning,it#39;s not online shopping, it#39;s in the store.But still,many millions of people. Yeah,up to 40 million accounts we are talking about here. And this is you know Target is now telling us this is resolved,but this was going on up to four days ago from November 27th to December 15th. If you shopped in a Target store, here is what it is somehow,hackers got access to all that information on your magnetic stripe of your credit card or debit card when you swiped it to that machine. They could potentially make counterfeit cards, they could potentially make a counterfeit card they could potentially go and get an ATM withdrawal if they were able to capture your PIN number from a debit card transaction at a point of sale at a Target ,Target this morning is telling us. if you think that you#39;ve been a victim of unauthorized activity you need to call this number 8668528680 and again Target is saying it is resolved,but this is something that we went on from the 27th basically black Friday weekend all the way until just four days ago.It#39;s amazing,how did they pull it off. I don#39;t understand how they can get the magnetic strip information. I understand if you are at a restaurant someone writes down your numbers. This is no fly-by-night operation ,this is a very sophisticated hacker,very sophisticated. This is about the software inside those machines where you swipe your card. That software that magnetic stripe. Somehow these hackers were able to either tap in or able to put the software into those ers and the information themselves. A lot information is on that card and the potential damage is very very great,you must keep very very close tabs on what you have,what#39;s happening in your credit card and your debit card. This could be you know so experts this morning are telling me for a period of months now you need to be watching all the transactions on your cards because you could see counterfeit activity going forward. The Secret Service, the banks and Target all working together to try to make sure that this gets resolved and as few people hurt as possible. /201312/270726

  Feeling low and depressed? If you want to be able to instantly access a good mood, try this technique from life coach Rebekah Fensome.感觉情绪低落,郁郁寡欢?如果你想迅速获得良好欢快的情绪,跟生活教练Rebekah Fensome来尝试一下下面的技巧。If you suffer from #39;mood dips#39;, mood swings, or spend a lot of time feeling low and depressed, then try a simple technique to access a happier mood, called the #39;finger click#39;. First, access some memories that make you feel happy and content - perhaps quality time with a partner, or a great holiday with friends or family. You may find it easier to access these memories if you close your eyes. Now write these memories down on paper, which will cement them in your mind. Next, start to associate these memories to the act of clicking your fingers. You will need to repeat the process a number of times, but eventually you should be able to access the happy and content feelings simply by clicking your fingers.如果你正遭受情绪低落,情绪不稳,或者长时间感到郁郁寡欢,可以尝试一个简单的技巧,让情绪更高涨,心情更欢快,也就是“敲击手指法”。首先,回顾一些让你感到开心和满足的记忆——或许是与伴侣共度的欢乐时光,或者与亲友欢度的假期。你会发现,如果闭上眼睛,你会更容易回顾起这些。现在,把这些记忆写在纸上,这样可以帮助在脑海中巩固。接下来,开始将这些记忆与敲击手指的动作联系起来。该过程需要多重复几次,但是最终你仅仅通过敲击手指就可以获得开心和满足的感觉。Thanks for watching Instant Fix: Improve Your Mood.感谢收看“怎样快速让情绪高涨”视频节目。视频听力栏目译文属。 /201306/243706

  Fernando Torres!费尔南多·托雷斯!This could be the most dramatic story of the season!这也许是本赛季最有具戏剧性的故事!It#39;s Torres to give Chelsea a place in the Champions League final!托雷斯把切尔西带进了决赛!The headline has been written.这将是新闻的头条。Unbelievable!难以置信!重点词汇: dramatic 戏剧性的例句:These can be dramatic successes.这可能会成为戏剧性的成功。 视频介绍:切尔西在客场凭借托雷斯终场前的进球彻底扼杀了巴塞罗那的希望,成功挺进决赛,在决赛中他们将对阵德甲霸主拜仁慕尼黑。。

  He sold his Apple stock他卖了其苹果股票so Steve Jobs had 0 million.得到1亿美元And he had enough money因为这样他拥有足够的资金that he could spend money until he was satisfied可以用来令到每件事that he was doing everything in the best possible way.都以他所认为的完美方式来进行So this created problerns for也因为这样而令到for NeXT ComputerNeXT电脑遇上麻烦because Steve wanted everything to be perfect.因为乔布斯希望所有东西都完美While Jobs was busy starting NeXT,当乔布斯忙于开展NeXT时a computer animation group电影导演乔治卢卡斯旗下的part of film director George Lucas#39; empire - was for sale.电脑动画公司正在放盘出售So George brought Steve Jobs当时乔治卢卡斯to come in and look at some of this叫乔布斯去看看very early comparatively primitive,他们制作那些比较原始crude computer animation that they were doing at Lucas.和粗糙的电脑动画And Steve Jobs was blown away这令到乔布斯感到非常震惊In 1986, he bought Pixar1986年,他以1000万美元for ten million dollars.买入了皮克斯动画制作室Like NeXT,和NeXT一样Pixar would sell an expensive, high-end computer,皮克斯售卖昂贵的高端电脑but it wouldn#39;t sell very well.不过销情并不理想To help make money,为了赚钱Pixar#39;s animation team皮克斯的动画制作队伍made television commercials除短片之外in addition to their short films.也会制作电视广告Our small group of animators我们的动画制作小组每年也会was making one small short a year制作一条动画短片that we were primarily showing at Trade shows end conferences.主要在各大展览和会议上播出But, these short films started getting a lot of attention.不过这些短片开始受到各界关注We were nominated for an academy award我们凭着顽皮跳跳灯短片in 1986 for Luxo Jr.在1986年得到奥斯卡金像奖提名In 1988 we won the academy award1988年我们的锡玩具短片更荣获for best short film for Tin Toy.奥斯卡金像奖最佳动画短片大奖The story for babies and toys and how they mixed together.讲述一个婴儿和一件玩具的故事,由你追我逐变成一团和气 /201310/261674

  Meltwater flows down from the glaciers.冰雪融水从冰川滚滚而下And on the lower slopes,到了低缓的山坡all this water supports thick jungle...便会滋润茂密的丛林..remnants of the dense, steamy forests那曾经遍布整个东非的that once dominated the whole of East Africa.苍郁茂盛 氤氲淋漓的森林的残余部分But driven by a drying climate beyond the mountains,但是受山外干旱气候的影响the forests began to wither away.森林开始慢慢消亡Today, only small pockets of upland jungle remain -现在就只剩高山区的零星几片丛林了home to animals who once roamed the ancient forests.成为曾经在古森林中漫步的动物们最后的家园The largest living primates on earth.那是地球上现存的最大的灵长动物Mountain gorillas.山地大猩猩 Article/201312/268754


  UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Time for the ;Shoutout.; “大声喊出来”的时间到了!Who is the chief executive of a city? If you think you know it, shout it out! 谁是城市的行政长官?如果你认为你知道,那么大声喊出来吧!Is it alderman, governor, councilman or mayor? You#39;ve got three seconds, go!是市议员、州长、议员还是市长?你有三秒钟的时间,开始!The mayor usually serves as the CEO of his or her town, village or city. That#39;s your answer and that#39;s your shoutout.市长通常是作为他或她的城镇、乡村或城市的首席执行官。那就是你的,那就是你的“大喊”。AZUZ: There#39;s a whole conference of mayors meeting in the U.S. capital. 在美国首都有一场所有市长的集会。For the first time in years, there is a note of optimism when it comes to economies. 这是这几年来的第一次,在谈到经济的时候有一丝乐观的气氛。What we are talking about here is local economies, those of cities around the U.S. 我们在这里所讨论的是当地还有美国各个城市的经济,The conference of mayors says this year could be the one when most U.S. cities put the great recession behind them. 据市长会议,今年可能是大多数美国城市能把巨大的经济衰退抛在脑后的一年。Economic growth is expected almost everywhere. 几乎各个地方都希望看到经济增长。It#39;s good news, not great news. 这是个不错的消息,但不是个好消息。Though local jobs are being created, one challenge ahead for these folks is that many cities won#39;t have the same level of employment they had before the recession hit. 尽管当地有新创造的职位,但摆在他们面前的问题是还有很多城市仍然无法回升到衰退前的就业水平。And they still won#39;t have it by 2018. 直到2018年也回不到那个水平。A slow recovery, but still a recovery, one that President Obama addressed when he stopped by yesterday afternoon.缓慢的恢复仍还是恢复,这是奥巴马总统昨天下午停留时说的。 /201401/274548



  Mammals are supreme in their ability to exploit such fleeting opportunities.哺乳动物善于把握 这种稍纵即逝的机会Chances come and go with the passing of the seasons.随着四季交迭,机会来来去去But for some predators, conditions are tough whatever the time of year.但有些掠食动物的生活环境 一年到头都同样艰困At first glance, these mountains seem barren and empty of life.这片山区乍看之下 遍地荒凉又了无生趣Like islands thrust up into the sky,仿佛大海中的孤岛they tower above the surrounding plains.这些高山耸立在周遭平原上Yet, far from being deserted, they are a refuge.但这片山区绝非荒芜凄凉 而是一座庇护所Isolated here, on the roof of Africa,在与世隔绝的非洲屋顶is one of the rarest hunters in the world.住有世上最罕见的猎人The Ethiopian wolf.阿比西尼亚胡狼The only wolf in the whole of Africa.这是非洲全境仅有的狼 Article/201309/257761

  Abe to revamp cabinet for 1st time since returning to office日本首相安倍晋三上台以来首次重组内阁Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is set to reshuffle his cabinet for the first time since returning to office in December 2012.自2012年12月上台以来日本首相安倍晋三将首次实施改组内阁。Ahead of the Cabinet revamp, Abe#39;s Liberal Democratic Party endorsed the appointment of new executives, led by Sadakazu Tanigaki, currently justice minister, as secretary-general.改造前安倍的自民党通过了新高层管理人员的任命,当前的司法部长谷垣祯一将出任秘书长。 Article/201409/326626

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