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成都牙齿矫正西南医院口腔美容科成都种牙费用多少 And the function of spatial frequency is something like this.空间频率的函数图象大致是这样的It was full of free-thinking technological radicals那里满是天马行空的技术狂人and inspirational ideas.处处闪现着创意It was just a kind of dream place.简直就是科研人员的天堂We had a general overall vision about what we called我们对今后办公氛围的发展趋势有一个构想;the office of the future.;我们称之为;未来的办公室;And that was it. We were told to figure out how to do that.PARC实现了这个构想 它也是我们的研究目标之一Jobs was desperate to take a look inside乔布斯对个充满了奇思妙想的地方满怀好奇this precious storehouse of ideas.期待能够进去好好参观一番He got his chance when Xerox made an investment in Apple施乐公司随后成为了苹果的股东and invited him in.乔布斯终于如愿以偿I demonstrated various technologies that our group had,我展示了我们团队的各项新技术but the things that stood out to the visitors让观众眼前一亮的were the pointing device, the mouse, which we hadn#39;t invented.是我们的指向设备 也就是鼠标 它并不是我们发明的It had been around for 15 years. We had just improved it,鼠标已经问世15年了 我们只是对它进行了改进but it wasn#39;t something that most people had ever seen before.不过 大部分人在之前并没有机会见到Larry Tesler was demonstrating how a computer with iconsLarry Tesler演示了怎样用这个叫鼠标的小玩意on the screen could be controlled by this novel gadget. A mouse.来控制电脑显示屏上的图标 Jobs couldn#39;t believe what he was seeing.乔布斯简直不敢相信自己的眼睛He started pacing around the room very nervously almost,他开始非常神经质地在房间踱步and then more excitedly and then he just couldn#39;t hold it back.然后兴奋起来 接着就无法克制了He just had to talk.他不吐不快So, he started saying things like, ;You#39;re sitting on a gold mine.;于是他开始说 ;你们这个可以赚大钱;;This is insanely great. It is just amazing.;;这真是好得不得了 太不可思议了;;Why aren#39;t you doing anything with this?;;为什么你们还没把它利用起来?;Unlike the vast XEROX corporation, Jobs acted swiftly.与大公司施乐不同的是 他行动迅速I went into his office, sat down and said,我走到他办公室里坐下后说;Steve, I#39;ve been thinking about a few product ideas;;乔布斯 我最近有些关于新产品的想法...;and hardly had I got the sentence out and he said, ;Stop, Dean.我还没来得及把话说完 他说 ;停 DeanI know exactly what we need to do.;我已经知道我们下一个产品是什么了;When he said ;a mouse;, I looked at him and said ;A mouse?;当他说到鼠标的时候 我一头雾水看着他说 鼠标?I had no clue what a mouse was.我完全不知道鼠标是个什么东西Xerox saw the mouse as part of an expensive business computer.施乐公司把鼠标看作是昂贵的商务电脑配件Jobs saw it very differently.但乔布斯并不这么认为 /201308/251131罗布amp;#8226;霍普金斯Rob Hopkins提醒我们:世界赖以生存的石油即将耗尽。为转变到没有石油的世界,他给出了自己的解答-转变响应。过没有石油的生活,牺牲我们的舒适生活,建立一个完全不依靠石油化石燃料的系统和社区。 Article/201408/319870成都363医院牙齿正畸镶牙龅牙智牙怎么样好吗

成都治疗牙周炎大概多少钱The more people lose their jobs the more competition there is for yours, so heighten your value to your employer.失业的人越多,你面临的竞争越激烈,所以,一定要增加自己在雇主眼中的价值。You Will Need你需要Communication skills沟通技巧A cooperative demeanor合作的态度A team spirit团队精神Steps步骤Step 1 Clarify duties1.明确职责Clarify your duties and tasks and stay focused, asking questions about what’s expected of you.明确你的职责和任务,集中精力,问清楚老板对你的期望。Step 2 Listen and cooperate2.倾听,合作Listen well, cooperating on team objectives. Voice your opinions but be flexible.认真倾听,合作完成团队目标。表明自己的意见,但是要灵活。Share, play fair, clean up, don’t take anything, and say you’re sorry.分享,公平,整理,不要把一切责任都揽在自己身上,总是说抱歉。Step 3 Be punctual3.准时Be punctual and meet deadlines. Get enough sleep and exercise so you can be fresh and y for mental challenges and inevitable pressures.准时,在最后期限前完成任务。保足够的睡眠和锻炼,这样才能精力充沛,能够迎接精神挑战和不可避免的压力。Step 4 Spruce up4.打扮Spruce up and maintain a clean and professional work area. Dress conservatively.修饰打扮一下,工作区域保持整洁和职业化。穿着保守一点。Step 5 Admit mistakes5.承认错误Take responsibility when you are wrong.当你出错的时候用于承担责任。Stay abreast of other occupations that might fit your skill set, in case an opportunity should arise or you need to make a change.与符合你的技能的其他职位并驾齐驱,以防机会来临,或者需要作出改变。Step 6 Save personal stuff for later6.私事留到下班以后Save personal phone calls and e-mails for breaks outside the office.把个人电话和电子邮件留到办公室外的休息时间。Bad credit can negatively impact your chances of keeping a job. Employers sometimes check credit reports to evaluate employees for promotions or retention.不良信用会对你保住工作的机会造成负面影响。雇主评估雇员的升职或保留时有时会检查信用报告。视频听力译文由。 Article/201404/288051成都喷砂洁牙一般需要多少钱 It is so small that it has special problems with, for example, rain.但是这种壁虎太小 所以下雨是个大问题It could drown in a drop...照理说一滴雨就能淹死它but its skin is hydrophobic.但是它的皮肤有疏水性Rain cannot wet it.所以不会淋湿A tumble into a puddle, you might think, would risk death by drowning.这种小壁虎若掉进池塘 淹死是八九不离十的事But the gecko is unsinkable.但小壁虎不会沉下去It#39;s so light and its skin so water-repellent...因为体型轻巧,皮肤又能防水that it can literally stand on water.所以它们能站在水面上Such miniaturisation is certainly very impressive...迷你到这个地步 的确让人佩but the reptile body can be transformed even more dramatically.但两栖类动物的身体 还有更惊人的转变One of the most bizarre of all reptiles hunts insects here in Madagascar.有一种非常奇特的两栖类动物 正在马达加斯加猎食昆虫The praying mantis has 360 degree vision...螳螂有三百六十度的视野but it hasn#39;t seen the danger that is now approaching.但是依然看不到 正在逼近的危机 Article/201307/248710南充市妇幼保健院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱

四川哪家医院瓷嵌体效果最好 The average American family spends several hundred dollars on clothes and supplies at the start of the new school year. Whittle down that bill with these tips.在新学年开始的时候,普通美国家庭要花费几百美元来购买衣和日用品。通过以下建议,尽量减少花费。You Will Need你需要Tax-free shopping days免税购物日Parents who swap乐意交换的父母Refurbished products翻新产品Bulk buying批量购买Price matching对比价格Steps步骤Step 1 Save on taxes1.节省税收Wait until your state#39;s tax-free days to shop. Many states have them in August so parents can save on back-to-school clothing and supplies.等到你所在州的免税日来购物。许多州都在8月设立免税日,这样父母在购买重返学校的衣物和日用品方面可以省钱。Find tax-free shopping dates at ;taxadmin.org;:http://taxadmin.org/.可以登录网站查看免税购物日期。Step 2 Swap for stuff2.交换物品Get together with other parents to swap school supplies. Or look for websites that specialize in parents looking to make trades, like ;swapmamas.com;:http://www.swapmamas.com/.和其他父母聚在一起交换学校用品。或者登录专门供父母进行交易的网站。Step 3 Consider refurbished items3.考虑翻新过的产品Consider buying refurbished products for pricey items if you want to score back-to-school bargains. Many refurbished items aren#39;t even used; they#39;re so-called ;open box; articles that consumers simply removed from the package before deciding to return them.如果想要买到比较便宜的东西,对于价钱昂贵的物品,可以考虑购买翻新过的。许多翻新过的物品甚至没有使用过,消费者刚刚打开包装就想退货。Step 4 Buy in bulk4.批量购买Contact your child#39;s school about participating in retailer programs that organize all supplies for the school year in a single box that parents can order. Because the items are bought in bulk, the savings can be up to 50 percent of the cost of purchasing the supplies on your own.联系孩子所在学校,参加零售项目,这种项目组织所有供应商在新学年开始的时候把所有用品装在一个盒子里,家长可以订购。因为这些物品是批量购买的,费用可以节约高达50%。If your school doesn#39;t offer a retailer program, band together with other parents to buy supplies in bulk.如果学校没有提供零售项目,可以和其他父母联合起来批量购买。Step 5 Ensure the lowest prices5.确保价格最低Check prices online and via circulars at several stores and then buy everything you need at a store that matches their competitors#39; lowest prices. Besides saving money, you#39;ll save the time you#39;d otherwise spend running around town for back-to-school bargains -- and who can put a price on that?在网上查看价格,或者对比几家不同商店的价目表,然后在相对价格最低的商店购买所有物品。除了省钱外,还可以节省在不同的商店之间转来转去的时间。谁又会为你的时间付金钱呢?Back-to-school spending is the second biggest buying spree of the year in the U.S., after winter holiday shopping.返校出是美国全年第二大消费狂欢节,仅次于冬季假期购物。视频听力节目由。 Article/201309/256003成都市妇幼保健院治疗瓷贴面美容冠种植牙价格成都市锦江区妇幼保健院治疗口腔种植牙齿美容多少钱



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