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达州市妇幼保健院全瓷牙怎么样成都口腔医院牙套价格China will lower retail prices of gasoline and diesel due to falling international crude prices.由于国际原油价格下跌,我国下调了汽油和柴油的零售价格。The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced last Sunday that gasoline prices would be cut by 155 yuan per ton and diesel prices by 150 yuan per ton.国家发展和改革委员会上周日宣布,我国汽、柴油价格每吨将分别降低155元和150元。This has reduced gas prices in some provinces to around 5 yuan per liter.这使得一些省份的汽油价格回归了“5元时代”。Under the current pricing mechanism, if international crude oil prices change by more than 50 yuan per tonne and remain so for 10 working days, then refined oil products such as gasoline and diesel in China are adjusted accordingly.根据现行定价机制,如果国际原油价格每吨变化超过50元,并保持10个工作日,那么中国的成品油,如汽油和柴油等产品的价格也会相应进行调整。This year the NDRC has cut retail fuel prices four times and raised them six times.今年,国家发改委下调了4次汽油零售价,上调了6次。NDRC researcher Zhao Gongzheng said global crude oil prices are no longer rising due to market worries about an agreement on freezing production, rising yields in countries including Iran and weak US demand.发改委研究员赵公正称,由于市场对冻产协议的疑虑,伊朗等国产量的增加及美国需求的低迷,国际油价将不再上涨。;The prices will likely remain low in the short term, fluctuating between and per barrel,;Zhao said.赵公正表示:“短期内油价很可能维持低位,在每桶40至50美元间波动。”The NDRC also asked the country#39;s three State-owned oil giants to ensure supplies during the price downturn.发改委还要求国内三家国有石油巨头在油价低迷期间,保汽油供应。 /201609/468167成飞医院烤瓷牙全瓷牙瓷嵌体多少钱 邛崃地包天隐形矫正多少钱

四川省中医药研究院中医医院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱Bigger isn’t always better. 体积大未必就是好的。People who are skeptical about this argument just need look at smartphones and personal computers, which have served as the technological driving force of the past century. 智能手机和电脑代表了20世纪科技发展的驱动力,任何人只要看到它们,就会打消对上述这句话的疑虑。It is the continual shrinkage of components that have unleashed the explosion of computing power and enabled these gadgets to be accessible to people across the world.正是由于零部件的不断缩小,这些科技设备的运算效率才得以释放,让它火遍全球。Inspired by this, researchers and scientists have been working on areas where making things small may mean big results. 受此启发,研究者和科学家们都致力于研发体积小却意义重大的科技成果。And this year, the Nobel Prize has defied the convention of celebrating big by presenting the biggest prizes to discoveries on the smallest scales.而今年的诺贝尔奖,更是一反过往青睐大型科技成果的传统,将大奖颁给了体积最小的科学新发现。The Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to a cellular-level experiment. 今年的诺贝尔生理学或医学奖花落一项细胞层面的实验成果。The committee *bestowed the award upon Yoshinori Ohsumi of the Tokyo Institute of Technology, for his research on *autophagy, which is a self-eating process seen in cells.评委会将奖项授予了来自东京工业大学的大隅良典,以表彰他在细胞自噬作用研究上所做的贡献。What’s more, in recognition of their working on the bizarre properties of matter in extreme states and taking their research all the way down to an atomic scale, the Nobel Prize for physics was awarded to three British-born scientists who currently work in the US.而诺贝尔物理学奖则颁给了三位生于英国、目前正在美国工作的科学家,肯定了他们对极端状态下物质的特异属性所做的原子级研究。Another exceptional new field is that of nanotechnology. 另一个出人意料的新领域是纳米技术。The Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded to a scientist who managed to build the world’s tiniest machines out of molecules. 诺贝尔化学奖颁给了一位尝试制作世界上最小的分子机器的科学家。These contraptions, including a nano-sized car, are so small that they’re invisible to the human eye.这些包括纳米汽车在内的轻巧设计小得甚至连肉眼都不可见。Microscopic as the subjects are, the benefits of the scientists’ research are set to be huge. 尽管这些物质都十分微小,但相关科研成果的意义却是巨大的。More importantly, their inventions may even eventually be turned into products that benefit mankind.更重要的是,这些发明在将来或许还能投入生产,造福人类。Ohsumi’s research on autophagy shines a light on ubiquitous diseases such as Parkinson’s and diabetes.大隅在自噬作用上的研究成果,为帕金森病、糖尿病等常见疾病的治疗带来了一线希望。As for the molecular motors, they’re geared up to bring huge potential to the fields of medicine and energy. 而分子马达将会为医药和能源领域带来巨大的潜力。The ground-breaking discoveries in physics, have ignited a firestorm of research, and it’s only a matter of time before their research leads to advances as unimaginable to us now as lasers and computer chips were a hundred years ago, Laura H. Greene, president-elect of the American Physical Society told The New York Times.物理学界这一开拓性的发现已经点燃科学研究的星星之火,而他们的这项研究发展为前沿科技,也不过是时间早晚的事罢了,就像100年前我们无法想象今天的激光和电脑芯片那样,美国物理学会候选会长劳拉#8226;H#8226;格林在接受《纽约时报》采访时表示。 /201610/472224阿坝藏族芜族自治州做口腔医院哪家好 Protests erupted in Louisiana Tuesday after a of a man being shot and killed by a police officer outside a convenience store was made public.星期二,美国路易斯安那州爆发示威抗议,原因是警察在一家便利店外开打死一名男子的视频被公开。Alton Sterling, 37, suffered multiple gunshot wounds to the chest and back, according to the autopsy report.尸检报告显示,37岁的死者奥尔顿·斯特林的胸部和背部多处受到伤。Two officers responded to an anonymous caller who said someone was selling CDs and had threatened him with a gun outside the store. A brief altercation ensued when the officers arrived. The store owner, Abdul Muflahi, told local media that one officer tackled Sterling, and when he resisted, the second officer shot him ;four to six times;.当时警方接到匿名报案,说有人在便利店外卖CD光盘,而且用威胁他。两个警察接报后到达现场,双方发生争吵。便利店店主穆法希告诉当地媒体说,其中一名警察将斯特林扑倒,斯特林反抗,另一名警察朝斯特林打了“4到6”。Sterling, father of five, died at the scene.身为五个孩子父亲的斯特林当场死亡。Police have not released what lead to the situation#39;s escalation. They also have not confirmed that a shot on a witness#39;s phone is of the incident in question. Both officers have been put on administrative leave.警方尚未公开导致事态升级的原因,也没有实一名目击者用电话拍摄的视频是不是这次事件的视频。两名涉案警察已被停职。The corresponds to Muflahi#39;s testimony, showing the victim being wrestled to the ground and shot. The police officer in question is heard saying ;If you move I swear to God; before firing his gun.那段视频的内容与店主穆法希的词吻合,显示死者被按倒在地,然后被开射杀。视频显示开的警察喊道,“如果你乱动,我向上帝发誓”,然后他开了。 /201607/453060成都牙科洗牙多少钱

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