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The version promulgated by the Emperor Meiji in 1889 [CHKD]created a state empowered to direct Japan’s modernisation fusing economic, political and social power in the service of the national purpose, legitimised by an absolute monarchy.1889年由明治天皇颁布的宪法缔造了一个带领日本迈向现代化的国家体制——集中经济、政治和社会力量,为国家目标务,而这一切的合法性来自绝对君主制。The later document decentralised power and divested the state of its military power.和平宪法对权力进行了分散,剥夺了国家的军事力量。Will a new constitution once again seek to mend the social compact? Or will leaders set their sights lower, tinkering, tweaking language or amending the 1947 blueprint of their democracy to meet today’s social needs? It is too early to tell. 新版宪法会寻求再次修改这种社会契约吗?抑或日本领导人会降低期望值、在字面上稍作调整,或是修改1947年制定的民主蓝图以满足当今的社会需求?现在评判还为时过早。The committee to revise the constitution has catalogued the changes Japan’s political parties think could improve their founding document. 修宪委员会已经列出了日本各政党认为可以改进该国宪制文件的修改内容。The governing Liberal Democratic party has a draft to share, as Mr Abe pointed out after the election, a draft he says could serve as a basis for legislative discussion.正如安倍晋三在选举后所指出的那样,执政的自民党制定了自己的草案,安倍称该草案可以作为立法讨论的基础。But it will take far more than the 242 legislators in the upper house or even the roughly 700 in both houses to determine what a new constitution might look like. 但是,制定新宪法所需要的不仅是上42名议员的持——即使获得两院近700名议员的持也不够。Article 96 of the present document declares that two-thirds of all the members of each house of parliament must create a proposal for revision. After that, a national referendum must be held to gain approval.现行宪法6条规定,上下两院各三分之二以上的议员必须拿出一份修订提议。之后必须由全民公投批准修订。And the fact is that, while voters have created an opening for those who advocate revision, they seem deeply ambivalent about the prospect of tampering with the document that has supported their transition to democracy.事实是,尽管选民们为那些提倡修宪的政客创造了一个切入点,但是他们似乎对修订曾经持日本实现民主转型的宪法的前景深感矛盾。Popular sovereignty brings agency to the people; it should not be abandoned easily. All the social institutions must claim a stake in the process and all citizens must take responsibility for the outcome. 人民主权给人民带来能动性;它不应该被轻易抛弃。所有社会机构都应该参与这一过程,所有公民都必须对结果负起责任。Revising simply for the sake of revising will only weaken confidence in Japan’s democracy, at home and abroad.为了修宪而修宪,只会削弱国内外对日本民主的信心。来 /201608/463245

A manhunt is under way across Europe after German authorities issued an appeal for information about the suspect in Monday’s deadly attack on a Berlin Christmas market.德国政府就周一柏林圣诞集市致命袭击案疑犯发出通缉令后,一场追捕行动正在欧洲各国展开。The federal prosecutor issued a European-wide alert yesterday for a 24-year-old Tunisian man, Anis Amri, warning that he could be armed and dangerous.昨日,联邦检察官4岁的突尼斯籍男子阿尼阿姆Anis Amri)发出全欧范围通缉令,并警告他可能持有武器且非常危险。German authorities said they had tried to deport Mr Amri earlier this year but were unable to do so because Tunisia refused to recognise him as a citizen.德国政府表示,他们在今年早些时候曾试图将阿姆里驱逐出境,但并未成功,因为突尼斯方面拒绝承认其为该国公民。The prosecutor is offering a EURO100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. Documents identifying Mr Amri were found in the cab of the truck used in Monday’s assault.德国检方悬0万欧元缉捕阿姆里。在周一袭击所用卡车的驾驶室内发现了可明阿姆里身份的文件。Ralf J#228;ger, interior minister for the region of North Rhine-Westphalia, where the suspect once lived, said he had earlier been investigated in Berlin on suspicion of preparing a terrorist attack but the probe had been closed.来自该疑犯曾经居住过的北莱茵-威斯特法伦州的内政部长拉尔夫.雅格(Ralf J#228;ger)表示,此人早先曾因涉嫌准备发动恐怖袭击在柏林遭到调查,但那项调查已结束。The suspect’s story illustrates the problems Germany has encountered in trying to deport migrants whose asylum applications are unsuccessful. It is also indicative of the broader security challenge posed by the influx of refugees into Germany during the past two years, many of them from Muslim countries in the Middle East.这名疑犯的经历显示出德国在试图驱逐无法成功申请庇护的移民时遭遇的难题。这件事还表明了过去两年大量涌入的难民(其中许多来自中东的穆斯林国家)给德国带来的整体安全挑战。Angela Merkel, chancellor, said this week it would be “particularly sickeningfor the “many, many Germans who every day help refugeesif the perpetrator turned out to be an asylum seeker.德国总理安格默克Angela Merkel)本周表示,对每天都帮助难民的很多德国人来说,如果行凶者最终被明是一名寻求避难者,那将“特别令人恶心”。Mr J#228;ger said German authorities rejected the Tunisian man’s application for asylum in June, but he could not be deported as he did not have a valid passport.雅格表示,今月,德国政府拒绝了这名突尼斯男子的避难申请,但无法将其驱逐出境,因为他没有有效护照。Germany asked the Tunisian authorities to issue him with the necessary papers, but they initially refused, saying he was not Tunisian. “The papers were not issued for a long time. They arrived today. I do not want to comment further on this fact,Mr J#228;ger said.德国方面曾要求突尼斯当局向阿姆里发放必要的身份件,但后者起先表示拒绝,称其并非突尼斯人。“身份件好久都没发来。今天刚到。我不想对此再做评价,”雅格说。He added that Mr Amri, who arrived in Germany in July 2015, had been on the radar of several German security agencies because of apparent links to Islamist extremists. Prosecutors in Berlin had investigated him on suspicion of planning a “serious state-endangering crime Mr J#228;ger added.雅格补充说,2015月抵达德国的阿姆里,曾因与伊斯兰主义极端分子有明显联系而进入多个德国安全机构的视线。他还表示,柏林检方曾因涉嫌策划“严重危害国家的犯罪”对他进行调查。来 /201612/485397

A Turkish cargo plane crashed near Kyrgyzstans main airport early Monday, killing 32 people, including children.一架土耳其货物运输机星期一早上在吉尔吉斯斯坦主要机场附近坠毁,造成32人死亡,包括儿童。At least 15 of those killed were on the ground, as the jet went down in a populated area while attempting to land in thick fog, Kyrgyz authorities said. Among the dead are the planes four pilots.吉尔吉斯斯坦官员说,当时这架运输机试图在浓雾中降落,坠毁在一个人口稠密的区域。死者中至少5个人当时在地面上,还有四名飞行员。The Boeing 747 crashed into homes in Dacha-Suu village near Manas airport, about 25 kilometers north of the capital, Bishkek at about 7:30 am local time (0130 GMT).这架波音747当地时间上午7点半左右坠毁在吉尔吉斯斯坦首都比什凯克25公里外的玛纳斯机场附近的居民区。According to the airport administration, the plane was making a stopover at Manas on its way from Hong Kong to Istanbul, Turkey.机场人员说,这架运输机是从香港飞往伊斯坦布尔的,中途准备在玛纳斯机场停留。The crash damaged at least 15 houses in the village. The Manas airport has been closed.飞机坠毁导致当地至少15座民房被毁坏,事故导致玛纳斯机场关闭。来 /201701/488914

A ceremony has taken place in northeastern China to mark the beginning of a bridge project linking China and Russia.一项于日前在中国东北举行的仪式,标志着连接中俄两国桥梁项目的开始。Construction is now getting underway on a 1.3-kilometer long bridge, which will connect a Chinese border town in Heilongjiang with a Russian community on the other side of the Heilong.这条建设当中.3公里长的桥梁,将位于黑龙江省的中国边境城市黑河与其对岸的俄罗斯布拉戈维申斯克连接起来。Both the Chinese and Russian sides say the new bridge will bring economic benefits on both sides of the ;Black Dragon.;中俄双方都表示,新的桥梁将为黑龙江两岸带来经济效益。Governor of Russias Amur Region, Andrey Kozlov, says the new bridge project will also help cross-border exchanges.俄罗斯阿穆尔地区州长安德烈·科兹洛夫表示,新建大桥项目还将有助于跨国交流;The infrastructure in transportation is one of our priorities. Both heads of state of our two countries are very supportive of this kind of work in the border areas. The bridge, once completed, will play an important role not only in the economy, but also in exchanges in various fields.;“建设交通基础设施也是我们的发展重点。两国领导都非常持此项边境工作。这座桥梁在经济等多领域的交流中都将发挥重要作用。”Local officials in the Chinese border city of Heihe say the project is going to help elevate a major bottle-neck in cross-border trade.中国边境城市黑河市的地方官员表示,该项目将有助于改善跨境贸易的主要瓶颈问题。Around 700-thousand people and 300-thousand tons of goods enter or exit China via Heihe every year. Passenger flows are to double, and cargo volumes increase by 10-fold, once the project is complete.每年有约70万人0万吨货物通过黑河进出中国。一旦项目完成,客流量将增加1倍,货运量则将增0倍。Its also part of a trilateral economic corridor linking China, Russia and Mongolia.它也是连接中囀?俄罗斯和蒙古三边经济走廊的一部分。The bridge project, proposed 28-years ago, is expected to be finished in October of 2019.该桥梁项目于28年前提出,预计将0190月完成。来 /201701/487301

Kuala Lumpur police yesterday made a third arrest as they hunted for Kim Jong Nam’s killers.正在追捕刺杀金正Kim Jong-nam)杀手的吉隆坡警方昨日逮捕了第三名嫌犯。Siti Aishah, 25, who was carrying an Indonesian passport, had been apprehended on the basis of footage from closed-circuit television, police said.警方表示此人名为西蒂?艾莎(Siti Aishah)5岁,持印度尼西亚护照,警方是根据闭路电视的录像画面将其逮捕的。Her Malaysian boyfriend, Muhammad Farid bin Jalaluddin, 26, was remanded in custody on Wednesday, when a 28-year-old woman named as Doan Thi Huong, who holds a Vietnamese passport, was also detained.她的马来西亚男友穆罕默德?法里贾拉勒丁(Muhammad Farid bin Jalaluddin)6岁,于周三被拘留,同日落网的还有一名持越南护照8岁女子Doan Thi Huong。Malaysia also confirmed that it would return Kim’s body at Pyongyang’s request. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, deputy prime minister, said it was Malaysia’s policy “to honour our bilateral relations with any foreign country马来西亚还确认将依照平壤方面的请求交还金正男的遗体。马来西亚副总理艾哈迈德?扎希哈米Ahmad Zahid Hamidi)表示,马来西亚的政策是“尊重我们与任何国家的双边关系”。Authorities suspect a total of four men and two women were involved in the murder, according to Malaysian media reports. Fears are growing that Pyongyang will target Kim Jong Nam’s son, who like his late father has repeatedly and publicly criticised North Korea. Bryan Harris and据马来西亚媒体报道,当局怀疑共有四男两女涉嫌谋杀金正男。目前外界越来越担心平壤方面接下来把金正男的儿子列为目标,他与自己已故的父亲一样,一再公开批评朝鲜。来 /201702/492507

Belgian police have arrested two people on suspicion of planning a terrorist attack on popular sites in Brussels on New Year’s Eve.比利时警方逮捕了两名涉嫌策划于新年除夕夜在布鲁塞尔著名景点发动恐怖袭击的嫌犯。Authorities found “military-style Islamic State propaganda materialduring raids in Brussels and its outskirts, as well as the region surrounding Liège, according to federal prosecutors.据比利时联邦检察官们表示,当局在布鲁塞尔(Brussels)及其郊区,以及列日省(Liège)周边地区采取的突击行动中,发现了“具有军队风格的伊斯兰国(Islamic State)宣传资料”。Belgium has become the main focus of anti-terror operations in Europe following the Paris attacks in November that killed 130 people and were orchestrated from Belgium.1月那起由恐怖分子在比利时策划操纵、在巴黎实施、致30人遇害的恐怖袭击以来,比利时已成为欧洲反恐行动的焦点。Prosecutors stressed that the arrests this week were unconnected to the attacks in France and that no weapons or explosives were found. In total, six people were taken in for questioning but four were later released.检察官们强调,本周的逮捕行动与巴黎的恐袭无关,也没有发现武器或爆炸装置。一共逮捕人,经审问后4人获释。A spokesperson for the federal prosecutor said that the investigation “highlighted the serious threats against several emblematic sites in Brusselsover the holidays.联邦检察官的一名发言人称,此次调查行动“突出了布鲁塞尔几个标志性景点”在节日期间“面临的严峻威胁”。The two people were arrested on a mixture of charges including planning a terrorist attack, making terrorist threats and recruitment of terrorists.被逮捕人面临多项指控,包括策划恐怖袭击、制造恐袭威胁和招募恐怖分子。来 /201601/419758

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