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Apple#39;s done it. Microsoft#39;s doing it. And now Samsung#39;s doing it too. But Google -- at least according to Android head Andy Rubin -- has no plans to open up its own shops.苹果(Apple)有专卖店。微软(Microsoft)也有。现在连三星(Samsung)也加入了这个行列。不过,谷歌(Google)目前暂时没有开店的计划,至少Android业务负责人安迪?鲁宾是这样说的。Rubin addressed recent rumors that Google (GOOG) is looking into opening retail stores at this week#39;s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, telling a small group of journalists that the company ;has no plans; to jump onto the brick and mortar retail bandwagon. ;You don#39;t have to go into the store and feel it anymore,; he said about the purchasing process for consumer handsets. As for Google#39;s Nexus line of products, Rubin said the program isn#39;t ;far enough along; to necessitate a retail presence.此前有消息称,谷歌正考虑开设实体零售店,不过,鲁宾在巴塞罗那移动世界大会(Mobile World Congress in Barcelona)上驳斥了这个传闻。他告诉一小群记者,谷歌“没有计划”进军传统零售领域。鲁宾在谈到消费手机的购买过程时表示:“消费者没必要再去商店体验产品。”至于谷歌的Nexus系列产品,鲁宾称该项目不“足以”构成谷歌开设实体零售店的理由。Some have speculated that physical stores could help consumers experience Google-made products first-hand, much like Apple#39;s (AAPL) retail stores helped turbocharge its epic turnaround. ;We believe having local presence will undoubtedly help Google in building its hardware business where it can showcase its expanding product line including Chromebooks, Nexus and Motorola smartphones and tablets, Google TV, and Google Glass,; Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a recent report. Not to mention, ;it will help build brand and customer loyalty.;有人猜测,实体店可以帮助消费者亲身体验谷歌制造的产品,就像苹果的零售店促成该公司逆转局势、大获成功一样。“我们相信,开设实体店无疑有助于谷歌打造自身硬件业务。同时,它也可以借此展示其不断扩展的产品线,包括Chromebooks、Nexus、托罗拉(Motorola)智能手机和平板电脑、谷歌电视、谷歌眼镜等,”投资Sterne Agee分析师吴肖最近在报告中写道。更不必说,“此举还将有助于提升品牌和客户忠诚度。”Rubin also answered questions about Samsung#39;s growing power as the dominant manufacturer of Android-powered phones. There has been a lot of speculation about Samsung becoming a threat to Google -- for example, Samsung#39;s increased clout could help it negotiate a larger cut of Google#39;s advertising revenue. Google now owns Motorola, which Rubin insisted is kept as a separate structure and isn#39;t given preferential treatment, even though it is a direct competitor to Samsung. Samsung, for its part, is experimenting with other operating systems, including Microsoft#39;s (MSFT) Windows Phone and a little-known open-source effort called Tizen.三星近年来发展迅猛,已然成为名副其实的Android手机霸主,鲁宾针对这一热点问题也给予了解答。目前业界普遍认为三星今后将威胁到谷歌,例如,随着三星市场地位的巩固,它可以向谷歌要求更多的广告提成。谷歌收购了托罗拉,但鲁宾坚持把它作为一个独立部门,即使托罗拉是三星的直接竞争对手,也没有得到特殊照顾。而三星目前正在尝试其它操作系统,例如微软的Windows Phone以及鲜为人知的开源系统Tizen。;It#39;s not just Samsung,; said Rubin. ;I#39;ve seen various other people dabbling in other platforms. I think this is normal, it#39;s fine.;鲁宾称:“这不是三星一家的问题。其它公司都在尝试别的平台。我认为这很正常,很好。”Obviously Google has an interest in making sure other phone manufacturers succeed in selling Android devices -- not just Motorola and Samsung. Rubin said he is here at Mobile World Congress to connect with partners. (This year, Google did not have a booth but operated out of a tiny conference room decorated with the company#39;s iconic little green Androids.) The Android ecosystem has grown to represent the majority of smartphones that are now being shipped. And newer entrants like Chinese manufacturer Huawei could help increase numbers in markets like China even more.显然,谷歌的目标是确保所有手机制造商都能在Android设备上获利,而不仅仅是托罗拉和三星。鲁宾表示,自己参加移动世界大会的目的就是联络合作伙伴。(谷歌今年并没有布置展台,不过它租赁了一个小会议室,在里面装饰了很多标志性的Android小绿人。)Android生态系统日益壮大,就手机发货量而言,Android系统现已成为智能手机领域的老大。而华为(Huawei)等中国制造商的加入,有望进一步提升Android设备在中国市场上的销量。;I#39;ve met a lot of them at the show, and their roadmaps look solid,; Rubin said of China-based phone manufacturers. ;I wouldn#39;t consider them any different than anybody else. I don#39;t really care what country they come from.; As long as they keep selling more Android phones.“我在展会上遇到了很多(来自中国的手机厂商),他们的路线图看起来很靠谱,”鲁宾说。“在我眼中,它们与其他手机厂商没什么不一样。我不介意它们来自哪个国家。”只要他们能销售更多的Android手机就行。(财富中文网) /201303/227715PATTON OSWALT, an American comedian, once told a story about a text exchange with his girlfriend. “I love you,” she texted. Mr Oswalt began to reply “I love you too.” Only the grouchy comic got as far as “I…” and the predictive texting program began to fill out the text based on his habits. “…hate…”, it provided. Mr Oswalt hit “send” before he could stop himself, and his poor girlfriend ended up receiving a rather offensive text.帕顿·奥斯瓦尔特是一名美国喜剧演员,他跟观众讲过自己与女朋友短信交流的故事。“我爱你”,女友在短信中写道。奥斯瓦尔特先生准备回复“我也爱你”。只有爱发牢骚的喜剧演员才懂得“我...”的句式效果,这时文字预测功能开始根据他的习惯自动填写短信,所写的内容是:“...恨...”。奥斯瓦尔特先生还没来得及反应,手一抖就按了“发送”键,结果他女友收到了这条冒犯意味十足的短信。Johnson would expect Mr Oswalt#39;s relationships to have moved on from such moments of communicative meltdown. Predictive texting was fairly new in 2009, when Mr Oswalt told his gag. But five years later, smarter and faster processors, plus better wireless broadband, have allowed smartphones to do much better at predicting what users mean, and what they are likely to say next. Apple has implemented new elements of language analysis and prediction in iOS8, its latest mobile operating system, for texting both with thumbs and with speech recognition.笔者约翰逊希望奥斯瓦尔特先生与女友的关系不要因为这种沟通失败而泡汤。2009年,奥斯瓦尔特先生向观众讲这个噱头时,文字预测还是比较新奇的功能。但是五年后的今天出现了更快更智能的处理器和更先进的无线宽带,使智能手机能更好的预测用户的心思以及下一句想要说什么。苹果公司为最新的手机操作系统IOS8提供了新的语言分析和预测元素,适用于手指打字和语音识别。Speech recognition relies on a big database of natural human English text. An unclear word can be disambiguated by the words around it, as the software tries to match a string of words to a string in its database. If the computer hears ;Four score and seven [mumble] ago;, it can scan its database and guess that the missing word is probably ;years;.语音识别技术依靠普通人类英语文本大型数据库。当软件听到一连串单词时,会从数据库中搜索与之相匹配的语句。所以当软件遇到一个发音模糊的单词时,可根据其前后其他单词来消除歧义。例如,当计算机听到“四十七[发音模糊]前”,它会搜索数据库猜测没听清的那个单词可能是“年”。In iOS7, the user had to dictate an entire passage, hit “done”, and wait for the (usually quite accurate) text to appear after a second or two. In iOS8, though, things get more interesting: the words appear nearly as they are spoken. The real-time appearance of each word allows the curious language pundit to peer into the software’s mind. I tried a deliberate “Four score and seven rrrrs ago.” Each of the first four words appeared almost instantly. After the rrrrs, the system paused for a brief moment, before offering “years ago” on the screen. The software clearly thought “hmm, rrrrs sounds like nothing in my database. But this ‘four score and seven’ is almost always followed by the word ‘years’, and the ‘ago’ seems to prove it.”在IOS7系统中,用户必须先口述一整段语音,点击“完成”键,一两秒后语音被转化成文字,准确率一般都很高。在IOS8系统中,该功能变得更为有趣:语音和文字几乎是同步的。由于每个单词可以实时出现,因此语言专家可以分析软件的思维方式。我故意说了“四十七rrrrs前”,前四个单词中的第一个单词几乎立刻出现。当我说到rrrrs时,系统短暂停顿后在屏幕上显示出“年前”。软件明显在想:“嗯...我的数据库中找不到rrrrs的发音,但“四十七”后面经常出现“年”这个单词,而“前”这个单词似乎明了这一点。To check my intuition, I tried “rrrrs” for “years” in several situations where ;years; is not the obvious word, including a classic line from ;Raiders of the Lost Ark;: “It’s not the years, honey—it’s the mileage.” The software returned things like “It’s not the errors honey it’s the mileage,” and “It’s not Thursday honey it’s the mileage.” The line obviously isn’t in Apple’s training text as frequently as “Four score and seven years ago.”为了验我的直觉判断,我在多个情景中将“年(years)”说成了“rrrrs”,在这些情景中单词“年(years)”并不是显而易见就能推测出来的,包括《夺宝奇兵》中的经典台词:“关键不在于车龄,宝贝,而在于行驶里程”。这时软件显示出的文字是:“关键不在于错误(errors),宝贝,而在于行驶里程”,以及 “关键不在于周四(Thursday),宝贝,而在于行驶里程”。这句话在苹果数据库中出现的频率明显不如 “四十七年前”。Another much-touted advance in iOS8 is predictive text for typing. When composing a text or e-mail, users see three words above the keyboard at any given time—the three words Apple reckons they are most likely to use next. As with speech recognition, the software must first be trained on a bunch of actual English text. But Apple also claims that the software learns from each individual user over time.苹果IOS8系统中另一个备受追捧的进步是打字预测功能。当用户在编辑文字或电子邮件时,随时能看到键盘上会浮现出三个单词,苹果认为这三个单词是你接下来最有可能用到的。与语音识别同理,这款软件也必须事先接受真实英语文本的训练。但苹果也表示该软件随着时间也会学习单个用户的使用习惯。iOS8 has had about a month to learn your columnist’s habits. At present, the three words Apple thinks Johnson is mostly to use to start a text are “I”, “The” and “I’m”. If that sounds depressingly ego-centric, remember that “I” is the most common word in spoken English. Pressing “I” reveals the three words most likely to follow “I”: “love”, “don’t” and “just”. Johnson is apparently not as disagreeable as Mr Oswalt.IOS8系统用了一个月时间学习笔者的习惯。现在苹果认为笔者在编辑文字时,开头最常用的三个单词是“我”,“这”,“我是”。尽管这种以自我为中心的感觉令人郁闷,但请记住“我”是英文口语中最常用的单词。在键盘上点击“我”会显示接下来最有可能用到的三个单词:“爱”,“不”,“仅仅”。笔者显然不像奥斯瓦尔特先生那般不友好。What is striking, however, is that though the software can pick words that are likely to follow the previous word, the trick does not produce great phrases. Repeatedly pressing the middle of the three choices on my phone results in令人惊奇的是,该软件能从先前出现过的预测结果中选词,但这种技巧无法产生令人满意的短语。在我键盘上重复重复点击第二个备选单词,结果产生下面的文本:“The day I have a great way of the year and the other hand is the only thing that would have to go back and I don’t think that I have a great way of life and the day I have to go back and the other hand…”我以一年中良好的方式度过了这一天(The day I have a great way of the year),另一方面(the other hand),这一天是我必须要回顾的(have to go back),我认为自己没有良好的生活方式(I have a great way of life),这一天是我必须要回顾的(have to go back),另一方面(the other hand)...Curiously, sometimes the system repeats its own predictions (“and the other hand” occurs twice). But sometimes it doesn’t (“I have a great way of” is once followed by “the year”, and the second time followed by “of life”). And if I clear the whole mess and begin again, repeatedly tapping the same button gives me a different string. What is going on behind the scenes is unclear. (Apple did not respond to requests to clarify.)令人惊奇的是,系统有时会重复之前的预测结果(“and the other hand”出现过两次)。但有时又不会重复(第一次出现的“I have a great way of”后面跟随的是“the year”,而第二次出现时后面跟随的是“of life”)。如果我删掉这些乱七八糟的文字重新编辑,然后同样重复点击第二个备选单词,产生的一连串单词会与上次不同。这究竟是怎么一回事我不得而知,苹果公司对于澄清此事的请求未作回应。When this new predictive feature was announced, a few observers harrumphed: offering the next potential word allows a writer to skip the work of choosing words. Well, to choose just one word: nonsense. At the most, iOS8 will allow you to avoid typing some fairly long but frequent words. But it’s not y to appease your boss, apologise to your spouse or do your homework for you. In 1965 Michael Frayn imagined automating journalism in his novel The Tin Men, automatically generating catchy headlines and composing predictable stories (like ones on the royal family) with a string of clichés. Fortunately, half a century later, we hacks must still be paid to string out clichés by hand.当这种新潮的文字预测功能刚问世时,少数观察人士曾对此嗤之以鼻:预测下一个可能用到的单词会让写字的人越过选词过程。只能用一个词来形容:荒唐。IOS8系统最多就是让你不必重复写出冗长又经常使用的单词,但它没想代替你去安抚你的老板,向你的爱人道歉,或者帮你做作业。1965年,迈克尔·弗莱恩曾在他的小说《铁皮人》中畅想过新闻工作自动化的情景:自动产生朗朗上口的新闻标题;编写可预测的故事(比如皇室故事);一连串的陈词滥调。幸运的是,半个世纪后的今天,我们这些拿工资的雇佣文人仍需亲手编写陈词滥调。 /201411/340516

  It’s clear anonymous social networks are growing quickly: Whisper has drawn 2.5 billion page views a month, while Secret has 3.5 billion page views; Snapchat has attracted 26 million users. Some call them online confessionals, others believe they’re merely a millennial fad, and most just see them as vehicles for inappropriate commentary. While that may be the case now, the noise will eventually die down. And more importantly, there is a larger lesson to be learned for companies looking to soon capitalize on this new and active audience. Like traditional social networks once were, anonymous ones are in their infancy, and the potential for services like Whisper is huge because there is legitimacy behind what people are saying.匿名社交网络正在快速发展:Whisper每月网页浏览量达25亿次,而Secret则高达35亿;Snapchat的用户也达到了2,600万。有人把匿名社交网络戏称为网络忏悔室,也有人认为它只不过是一股场千禧年的时尚风潮,而绝大部分人把匿名社交网络看成发表某些不当言论的工具。匿名社交网络现在的情况可能确实如此,但是针对它的非议在未来一定会烟消云散。更为重要的是,企业要想尽快利用这种活跃的新锐模式,还需要了解更多背景知识。和传统社交网络当年起步时的状况一样,匿名社交网络现在也正处于萌芽期,但是Whisper这类应用的发展潜力非常巨大,因为匿名用户的言论背后也会存在或多或少的合理性。企业对这种能够给予用户安全感的平台有强烈的需求,借助这个平台,企业就能够了解用户的反馈,从而将这些用户意见付诸实施。但是在做这些之前,让我们先来看看匿名社交网络兴起的原因。There’s a strong need for enterprises to be able to capture public input in a place where customers feel safe in order to turn that feedback into action. But, before that can be done, let’s look at why anonymous social networks are taking off.去年六月份,《卫报》和《华盛顿邮报》上登出爱德华o斯诺登泄露的文件。随着美国国家安全局(the National Security Agency)和其它政府监测项目丑闻的不断披露,人们在分享私人信息时越来越慎重。舆论对信息安全的争论陷入白热化,匿名社交网络却搭建了安全的平台,让人们安心分享信息。借助匿名社交网络,用户的信息不但更加私人化,而且他们发出的信息也无法再反向链接到本人。用户在键盘上敲出文字,发布到网上,没有人可以找他们。匿名社交媒体创造了一个完美的平台,为客户提供了安全共享信息的环境。This month marks the one-year anniversary when documents leaked by Edward Snowden began popping up in the Guardian and the Washington Post. Following the scandal and stories surrounding the National Security Agency and other government surveillance programs, customers are more reluctant than before to share private information. While the debate rages on, anonymous social networks make it easy for online users to feel safer about sharing their opinion. Not only will their information be private, but the information shared will never link back to them. There is no one to hold a user accountable for what comes out of their keyboard, creating the perfect platform for a safe sharing environment.Snapchat出现以前,图片和视频的分享局限于网络站点、网络务和应用程序。这些渠道鼓励用户持续不断地共享信息。人们创建一个路径,与另外的网络相连,其他用户仅需要简单的注册就可以点开他们想看的内容。网站通常会把用户信息转手卖给商业机构,用于定向的广告投放。有些用户因为害怕产生网络遗留内容,或者害怕让陌生人看到自己的私人信息,因而不愿冒险留下路径,匿名社交网络是他们的终极社交媒介解决方案。另外,对七杯茶(7 Cups of Tea)等提供匿名治疗的网站来说,匿名上网是它们持续发展的完美方式。Before Snapchat came along, sharing photos and s was limited to sites, services, and applications that encouraged ongoing information sharing. People created a trail, and that trail was linkable to other networks for an easy registration option. More often than not, that information was then sold to businesses for target advertising. For users that don’t want to risk leaving a trail for fear of creating an online legacy, or allowing strangers into their personal information, anonymous social networks are the ultimate social media solution. Furthermore, staying anonymous online is the perfect recipe for sites like 7 Cups of Tea that offer anonymous therapy.除匿名社交网络之外,难道还有别的平台可以让用户以诚相待、同时在不被人私下窃取个人信息的情况下畅所欲言吗?网络上自白式的言词并非完全可信,但是从商业角度来看,却是有待开发的资产。Secret联合创始人兼CEO大卫o布托就“诚实”举了一个极好的例子,他说:“有人会在Facebook上宣告刚刚订婚的喜讯,但是他们却不会发‘今天晚上我准备求婚’这样的话。”人类是社会性动物,需要分享(这也是Facebook、 Instagram等崛起的原因),但并不是所有事都能拿出来说。在Facebook、 Twitter和Instagram的发展初期,没有人理解社交网站背后的意义,而且几乎没有人相信这些公司除了让网民自我表达和自我陶醉之外还能有其它什么用途。时至今日,一切都清楚了,Facebook公司价值连城——堪称背投广告的领导者,2013年进账了27.5亿美元。据社交图片分享网站提供给《广告周刊》( Adweek)的数据显示,刚成立六个月、只拥有15个精选品牌的Instagram广告公司也已经展露出巨大的发展前景。If not for anonymous social networks, where else can users be truly honest and yet heard without being somehow profiled? There is some truth to the online confessional claim, but from a business perspective, it’s an asset not yet capitalized on. A perfect example of honesty, as Secret co-founder and CEO David Byttow put it, is “People go on Facebook and say they just got engaged. But what you don’t see is ‘I am going to propose today.’” As humans, we’re social animals and we want to share (hence the rise of Facebook, Instagram and so on), but sometimes we just can’t.用户和企业都不清楚如何利用匿名社交网络,但根据Facebook和Twitter的发展经验判断,匿名社交媒体的使用很快会爆发,各家公司必须时刻做好准备,迅速行动,用于市场营销活动。When Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram first launched, few understood the purpose behind the social sharing sites and hardly anyone believed that they were more than a place for self-expression and narcissism. But it’s much clearer today that Facebook is valuable—it’s a leader in display advertising, raking in .75 billion in 2013. Instagram ads, just six months old and limited to a select group of 15 brands, are aly showing promising results, according to data given to Adweek by the social photo-sharing site.在过去十年里,社会化、移动化和云技术的集合式发展培养了一批消息灵通的客户,在与某企业接洽之前,客户大体上做到了了然于心,他们的购买方式也相应地产生了巨大变化。客户再也不是被动的观察者了——他们变成了活跃的参与者。在通过社交媒介和在线网站购买商品之前,他们早已将商品研究了一番。People and companies alike aren’t sure just what to do yet with anonymous social networks, but as Facebook FB 4.60% , Twitter TWTR 2.61% and the like history shows, their usage will soon explode and companies will have to be in the wings, quick to leverage for marketing efforts.然而,部分客户仍然对他们的信息去往何处以及如何被使用心存芥蒂。匿名社交网络为他们提供了保护——为客户主动提供的信息构建了防御体系,使其免遭商业利用或监视;商业机构只能通过倾听和处理反馈信息的方式,认真对待匿名社交网络。Over the last decade, the convergence of social, mobile, and cloud technologies has resulted in extremely informed customers. Before ever engaging with a company, customers know almost everything they need to, leading to massive changes in the way they buy. Customers are no longer passive observers–they’ve become active participants, educating themselves about products prior to making a purchase via social media and online review sites.从市场营销的层面,匿名社交网络也有利用价值——只需思考下企业能够发起的所有话题,以及能从中捕捉的商业信息就能说明这一点。一方面,企业可以注册一个帐号,用来收集人们的声音。人们对某一品牌颇有微词还是非常欣赏?产品的某一部分是否需要改良?客户务是否需要继续改进?Still, there are many customers who fear where their information is going and how it’s being used. Anonymous social networks provide protection–a shelter for unsolicited information that won’t be used for advertising or surveillance; businesses have to start taking anonymous social networks seriously by listening and acting on the feedback.有时候,这些话是谁说的并不重要,重要的是这些话是否真实。另一方面,商业机构也可以主动发起讨论。譬如某零售商想知道客户对本季新推出的热辣颜色感觉如何。那么他们要做的就是发起这个话题,然后看看人们如何回应。尽管这种市场调研方法潜力巨大,但是调研结果仍然算不上精确。There’s also an opportunity to capitalize on these networks from a marketing perspective—just think of all the conversations a business can start and information it can capture. On the one hand, businesses can create accounts and tune into what people are saying. Are they complaining about a brand, or are they happy with it? Do parts of a product need changing? Does customer service need improvement?这也是为何在通过匿名社交网络调研的同时,商业机构仍然要和他们的客户直接沟通,以便顾客们之间可以互相交流看法。商业机构也可以借助其它公司进行调研,这些公司利用透视社区,即保密的线上环境,在使客户确信其资料不会被滥用或出卖的基础上,得到所需的信息。Sometimes it doesn’t matter just who is saying these things, it only matters if it’s honest. On the other hand, businesses can also create discussion. Perhaps a retailer wants to know what customers think about a hot new color this season. All they have to do is begin conversation and see people react. While there is big potential in this type of approach, ambiguity remains.本文作者安德鲁·里德是Vision Critical的创始人、总裁兼首席产品官。Vision Critical是一家云端客户智能平台提供商,总部位于温哥华。 /201406/305767

  When the company introduces its latest device Wednesday, everyone will be watching to see if it can maintain the place it has long held as top-selling smartphone in the U.S. Months of purportedly leaked parts and images have generated enthusiasm, driving up Apple#39;s stock price. 该公司周三推出最新款手机的时候,所有人都会留心,看它能不能保持住长期以来作为美国最畅销智能手机的地位。几个月来,据称是提前泄露出来的手机零部件和照片已经点燃了人们的热情,推动苹果股价走高。But speculation about whether the iPhone─introduced in 2007─can measure up to new devices is brewing. Some bloggers are whining about iPhone fatigue. It will have to be #39;a major step up#39; to keep up with expectations in the media and among consumers, says Rajeev Chand, a managing director at investment bank Rutberg amp; Co. 但已经有人在猜测,2007年首次面市的iPhone还能否比得上其他一些新手机。一些客作者在诉说他们对iPhone的审美疲劳。投资Rutberg amp; Co.的董事总经理昌德(Rajeev Chand)说,要达到媒体和消费者的期望,就得实现重大飞跃。pple also will be looking to beat back Samsung Electronics Co., which took the top spot in overall global smartphone shipments in the second quarter. 苹果还将想办法对竞争对手三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)作出还击。三星电子第二季度全球智能手机发货量升至第一。The next iPhone, which has been referred to internally by the code name N41, has been in the works for more than a year, a person familiar with the matter said. Apple is expected to tweak the smartphone#39;s shape with a slightly larger screen and a different shell, and it will work with wireless carriers#39; fastest LTE networks and run new mobile software. That software, iOS 6, includes improvements to voice-activated assistant Siri, a new digital-coupon-and-passes service called Passbook, and new call-blocking features, among several others. 一位知情人士说,新一代iPhone在内部的代码为“N41”,研发工作已经进行了一年多。预计苹果将调整手机的外形,略微增加屏幕尺寸,改变手机外壳。新手机将兼容无线网络运营商速度最快的LTE网络,并安装新的手机操作系统iOS 6。新系统将包括改进后的Siri语音助理、新的电子优惠券务“Passbook”,以及新的呼叫屏蔽功能等。Consumers have been holding out for the new device, so much so that Apple#39;s last quarterly results disappointed investors. Some economists are predicting sales could even bump up the U.S. economy. 消费者一直在等待这部新手机,以致于苹果最近一个季度的业绩令投资者感到失望。部分经济学家甚至预计新手机的销售可以对整个美国经济起到提振作用。But whether Apple will satisfy expectations is hard to tell as are the consequences if it doesn#39;t. Almost a year ago, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook introduced the iPhone 4S to a lukewarm reception. Yet the gadget went on to be wildly popular and drove Apple#39;s sales and stock to new heights. Apple recently became the most valuable U.S. company in history. 但苹果是否能满足人们的期望却很难讲,如果达不到期望会产生什么后果也很难预料。将近一年前,苹果首席执行长库克(Tim Cook)推出iPhone 4S,反响平平。但后来这部手机大受欢迎,将苹果的销售额、股价都推向新的高度。前不久,苹果成为美国历史上市值最大的公司。Further muddying the picture: Apple#39;s shares often dip after product announcements, losing some of the gains they make in the frenzied lead-up. 更加难以捉摸的是,发布产品之后,苹果股价常常下跌,部分回吐发布前热炒过程中的涨幅。Tim Bajarin, president of research firm Creative Strategies, said competitors will be watching closely for new hardware and software since they will face pressure to match it. 研究公司Creative Strategies的总裁巴扎林(Tim Bajarin)说,竞争对手会密切留意苹果新推出的硬件和软件,因为它们将面临追赶苹果的压力。#39;They#39;ll be holding their breath,#39; he said. 他说,它们会摒住呼吸。 /201209/199357。


  The deadly crash of Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo in California may be raising concerns in the ed States over the safety of space tourism, but so far it does not seem to have dampened the enthusiasm of would-be astronauts in China.上周五维珍(Virgin Galactic)太空船二号(SpaceShipTwo)在加利福尼亚坠毁。这次致死事故或许正在美国各地引发人们对太空旅游的安全担忧。然而在中国,对于那些未来的宇航员来说,这似乎迄今为止还没有打消他们的热情。“Even if my body doesn’t work, my mind will always be determined to go into space,” said Sheng Tianxing, a 41-year-old tea trader from the southeastern province of Zhejiang. In June, he put down 0,000 to reserve a seat on a rocket that promises to carry him into space for about six minutes in 2016.“就算我的身体吃不消了,我的大脑一定还是想上太空的,”41岁来自中国东南省份浙江的茶商盛天行说。今年6月,盛天行花10万美元为自己定下了一个座,将在2016年搭乘太空飞船,在100公里以上的太空停留约6分钟。“I haven’t thought about the money issue at all. Anything can go wrong. If you worry about this, you’ll just have too many things to worry about,” said Mr. Sheng, who had just returned from a holiday in France.“我还根本没有考虑钱的问题。如果你担心这个,那你就担心不完了,”刚刚从法国度假回国的盛天行说。Dexo Travel, a Beijing-based sales agent that sells space trips operated by XCOR Aerospace, Virgin Galactic’s only competitor in offering civilian suborbital space journeys, said that none of its clients had called to cancel a space flight since the crash last Friday, which killed one pilot and seriously injured another.为XCOR Aerospace公司代理中国地区太空游票务的探索旅行公司称,上周五坠毁事故发生,导致一死一重伤,至今还没有一位客户打电话要求退票。XCOR Aerospace和维珍是目前世界上仅有的两家提供亚轨道平民太空游的公司。Wang Luye, a travel agent at Dexo, said the company was continuing to receive inquiries about flights “as if nothing happened.”探索旅行公司的代理王陆叶说,公司还是每天会接到电话咨询太空游,“就好像什么事都没发生过”。(Virgin Galactic is barred by ed States regulations from selling tickets to citizens of China and 21 other countries because its spacecraft are powered by rocket engines manufactured in the ed States, using technology considered to have potential military applications.)(根据美国相关法规,维珍不得向包括中国在内的22个国家的公民售票。原因是维珍的太空飞船使用了在美国生产的火箭发动机,而这种发动机使用的技术可能用于军事。)XCOR has sold 34 tickets for commercially operated space flights in China since it began offering them in the country late last year. That represents about one-tenth of all the bookings the company has received since it started taking orders in 2011. XCOR’s first flight carrying space tourists is expected to take off in late 2015.自从去年底开始在中国售票,XCOR的商业太空游已售出了34张票。对于从2011年开始售票的XCOR公司来说,这大概占了它预定总量的十分之一。按照计划,XCOR第一艘搭载游客的太空飞船将于2015年年底起飞。Zhang Yong, chief executive of Dexo Travel, has predicted that China, with its growing wealth, is set to become the largest market for space tourism.探索旅行公司的总裁张勇预计,随着财富的增加,中国在未来将成为全球最大的太空游市场。Zhang Xiaoyu, a 29-year-old entrepreneur in Beijing who has booked a space flight for next year, said he compared the trips offered by Virgin Galactic and XCOR before he signed the contract, and was confident of the safety of the vehicle that will carry him aloft.北京29岁的创业者张潇雨已经预定了明年飞太空的船票,他说他在签订合同之前就比较过维珍的太空游和XCOR的太空游,他相信飞船的安全性。“They use different technologies,” said Mr. Zhang, whose dream is to see Earth from space by the time he is 30.“两家公司用的技术完全不同,”张潇雨说。他的梦想是能在30岁的时候从太空回望地球。XCOR’s chief executive, Jeff Greason, said in a statement Monday that XCOR’s Lynx is “a very different vehicle” from the SpaceShipTwo that crashed. He promised, though, that XCOR would continue to test and retest the vehicle and its systems.XCOR首席执行官杰夫·格里森(Jeff Greason)在周一的一份声明中表示,XCOR的“山猫(Lynx)”号太空飞船与坠毁的太空船二号是“非常不同的飞船”。但他承诺,XCOR将继续对飞船及其系统进行测试、再测试。In comments on social media, some Chinese reacted to the Virgin Galactic crash as an occasion to complain about the company’s exclusion of Chinese citizens from space flights and to praise China’s own accomplishments.在社交媒体上,一些中国人在谈及维珍飞船的坠毁时,借机抱怨这家公司拒绝为中国公民提供太空游,同时赞美中国在航天领域的成就。A commenter using the name Hanhaihuangsha wrote on the microblog site Sina Weibo: “The company allows anyone who pays to board its spaceship, except for Chinese.”在新浪微上,一位名叫“瀚海黄沙”的用户写道,“这间公司前不久宣布,除中国人以外,全世界人民都可以买票上太空玩。”Wangkang16 wrote: “China has the most reliable space technology, which is achieved by a huge amount of money.”王康16写道,“中国太空技术全球最可靠,可能真是钱烧出来的。”Meanwhile, some Chinese are intent on developing a homegrown space program for civilian use, including tourism.与此同时,一些中国人开始一心研发本土的民用太空项目,包括太空旅游。“No matter how China is progressing in space, I have always had a personal interest in it,” said Hu Zhenyu, 21, a recent graduate of South China University of Technology in Guangzhou.“不管国家在航天领域发展如何,我自己一直都是很感兴趣,”今年毕业于广州华南理工大学的胡振宇说。Earlier this year, Mr. Hu registered China’s first private rocket company, Link Space. His immediate plan is to develop rockets for scientific research, and he hopes to launch an unmanned rocket within a year. In the long term, he said, he hopes to have the technology to carry tourists into space.今年年初,胡振宇注册成立了中国第一家航天系统产品研发制造的私营公司翎客航天。他近期的目标是开发用于科研的火箭,计划能在一年内发射无人火箭。他表示,从长远来说希望能开发出送游客遨游太空的技术。Fu Song, a professor at the School of Aerospace Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said that recent successes in China’s government space program had kindled interest in the wider possibilities of space travel.清华大学航天航空学院教授符松表示,中国政府近年来在航天领域屡屡成功,引发了人们对飞太空的更大信心和兴趣。“When Armstrong walked on the moon, it was a first for mankind,” Mr. Fu said. “Now everyone knows you can go to space. It’s just a question of whether you want to go.”“阿姆斯特朗登月是人类的第一次,”符松说,“现在大家都知道你可以飞太空,只是愿不愿意去的问题。” /201411/341759Companies are quickly introducing an array of smart home appliances that let you use your smartphone to open your blinds or turn off your lights, and, yes, tweet from your fridge. (Thank you Samsung.)各公司正在迅速地推出一系列智能家庭设备,可以让你用智能手机打开百叶窗或关灯,或是利用你的电冰箱发微。【感谢三星(Samsung)吧。】At Fortune, we waded through the piles of gadgets and gizmos, comparing user reviews and product descriptions, to list seven of the most useful smart home devices on the market. We skipped over some popular products like locks (you can open and close them with your smartphone) and light bulbs (you can turn them on or off or dim them with your phone), because we couldn’t find anything hitting the sweet spot in combining automation with simplicity. Here’s what did make our wish list.《财富》(Fortune)杂志仔细研究了一堆新产品,对比了用户的和产品描述,列出了7款市面上最好用的智能家居设备。我们略过了一些流行产品,比如锁具(可以用智能手机控制开关)和灯泡(可以用智能手机开关或调节其亮度),因为我们没有在其中看到将自动化和简洁结合于一体的亮点。以下的产品确实是我们很想拥有的。Home Surveillance: Canary (9)家庭监控:Canary(249美元)A consumer survey by research firm IHS found that most desired smarthome device is is something that detects intruders. The second is for a device that detect hazards like fires, water leaks, and carbon monoxide. Start-up Canary kills two birds with one machine by packaging an HD camera, microphone, motion detector, and a temperature and humidity sensor into a sleek cylinder. When the machine, also called Canary, senses something out of the ordinary happening when you’re away from home, you get an alert with footage and options for responding. Canary, also automatically changes its settings when you get home so the motion detector doesn’t go off when you want some late night milk and cookies.研究公司IHS进行的一项消费者调查发现,人们最想要的智能家居设备需要能够发现家中的入侵者。排名第二的是一些能够发现着火、漏水和一氧化碳的设备。初创公司Canary推出的这款产品同时满足了这两个要求,可谓一箭双雕。其光滑的圆柱体中配有高清摄影机、麦克风、运动检测器,以及温度与湿度感应器。这款设备也叫做Canary,它能够在你离家时察觉异常状况。随后你会收到附带录像片段的警报,还可以选择处理方式。当你到家时,Canary也会自动改变设置,以免在你晚上想来点牛奶和饼干时,被运动检测器发现并示警。Temperature Control: Nest Thermostat (9)/Honeywell Wifi Smart Thermostat (9)温度控制:Nest恒温器(249美元)/霍尼韦尔无线智能恒温器(249美元)Both of these thermostats let you control your home#39;s temperature from anywhere in the world using your smartphone. Furthermore, these two products automatically learn your temperature preferences based on your behavior and adjust your thermostat accordingly. We’re not going to take sides on the Honeywell vs. Google Nest debate. Nest fanatics rave about the ease of installation and minimalistic design, while Honeywell fans like the more nuanced control of Honeywell#39;s Smart Thermostat. Honeywell just introduced a new product, the Lyric (9), which piggybacks off of Nest’s design, with the additional ability use your smartphone’s location to adjust the temperature as you come and go in real-time. However, users are saying it’s still riddled with bugs and to stick to the more useable (but clunkier) Honeywell Smart Thermostat.这两款恒温器都可以让你用智能手机控制家里的温度,无论你在世界的哪个角落。此外,这两款产品还会根据你的行为,自动获悉你的温度偏好,并相应地调整温度。在有关霍尼韦尔(Honeywell)或谷歌Nest(Google Nest)的论战中,我们不会有所偏袒。Nest的拥趸沉醉于其便捷的安装过程和简约的设计,霍尼韦尔的粉丝则喜欢该公司产品更为细致的控制功能。霍尼韦尔最近还推出了一款新产品Lyric(279美元),它模仿了Nest的设计,能够利用你手机的定位功能,在你离家和回家时即刻调节温度。然而,用户表示它仍然存在许多漏洞,还是愿意继续使用更实用(也更笨重)的老款霍尼韦尔智能恒温器。 Hazard Detection: Nest Protect ()危害检测:Nest Protect(99美元)Nest Protect is a home fire alarm that will tell you if there’s smoke or CO in your house and where it’s coming from. You can get phone alerts whenever it goes off or when the battery needs to be changed. Better yet, the phone app lets you create an emergency plan ahead of time (because, be honest now, who among us has gotten around to creating an emergency plan?). In the event of an emergency the app will send you a customized list of useful tips. And for those who care about design, it has the sweet minimalism that’s characteristic of all of Nest#39;s products.Nest Protect是一款家用火灾报警器,如果房间里有烟雾或一氧化碳,它会报警并告知它们的源头。一旦出现这类异常状况,或是设备的电池需要更换,你的智能手机都会发出提醒。更妙的是,手机应用还可以让你预先设定紧急措施。(因为,老实说,我们当中有谁能够在紧急情况下当机立断?)出现紧急状况后,该应用会给你发一份定制的实用指南清单。Protect也拥有所有Nest产品所共有的极简风格,可以满足那些注重设计的顾客的需求。Sprinkler System: RainMachine (9)洒水系统:RainMachine(249美元)This little guy is cuter than the surveillance robot EVE from the Pixar film Wall-E, but it detects water leaks and mold instead of vegetation. SNUPI Technologies’ Wally comes with sensors that you can place anywhere around your house to monitor temperature, moisture and humidity. The sensors send you an alert when they detect leaks. If they find anything outside of an acceptable range they also send you an alert so you can fix the problem before it causes major damage like frozen pipes or mold beneath the drywall.这个小东西比皮克斯动画工作室(Pixar)的电影《机器人总动员》(Wall-E)中的监控机器人EVE更加可爱,但它监控的不是植物,而是漏水和发霉现象。SNUPI Technologies的Wally配备了很多感应器,你可以把它们放在房子周围的任何地方,用来监控温度、水分和湿度。感应器一旦发现漏水情况,就会对你发出警报。如果它们发现外界有任何情况超出了合理范围,也会向你报警,这样你就能在水管结冰或干板墙发霉前防患于未然。Temperature Control: Aros Smart Window Air Conditioner (9)温度控制:Aros智能窗式空调(279美元)For people who want smart cooling without central air, or who just want to switch over to cooling a single room to cut down on energy costs, the Aros window unit by Quirky and GE covers all your bases. Really! Not only does it track your routine and learn when you want to get your cool on, it also tracks your usage and suggests how to adjust the settings so you can save money. It can also automatically turn itself off when you leave and turn back on as you near home - based on your phone#39;s GPS - so it’s the perfect temperature when you walk in the door.对于那些没有中央空调却想要智能制冷,或是只想让一个房间变得凉快以节省能耗的人来说,由Quirky和通用电气公司(GE)联手开发的Aros窗式空调能满足他们的所有需求。真的。它不仅可以追踪你的生活习惯,了解到你想什么时候开始制冷,还能追踪你的使用习惯,给出调整设置的建议来帮你省钱。它还可以利用手机的全球定位系统,在你离家或回家时自动关机或开机,这样当你进门时,家里就能有让你满意的温度。Cooking: Crock-Pot Smart Slow Cooker (9.99)烹饪:Crock-Pot智能慢炖锅(129.99美元)This slow cooker brought to you by The Crock-Pot and Belkin WeMo barely needs you. Just put the food in, set the temperature, and then monitor the cooking from anywhere in the world with your phone. You can change the crock pot#39;s settings remotely— to turn the heat up or add more cooking time. No matter where you are and when you get home, you can make sure dinner will be warm and waiting for you. It doesn’t let you tweet or check Google calendar like Samsung’s infamous smart fridge, but then who has the time for all that, when dinner is waiting?The Crock-Pot公司推出的这款慢炖锅,搭载了贝尔金公司(Belkin)的WeMo无线开关系统,几乎不需要你进行控制。你只需要把食物放进去,设定烹饪温度,就可以利用你的手机在全球任何地方监控烹饪过程了。你可以远程改变慢炖锅的设定,比如提高温度或者增加烹饪时间。无论你在哪里,何时回家,都可以保热气腾腾的晚餐在等着你。它不能像三星智能冰箱一样让你发微或查看谷歌日历,但当晚餐正在等待你大快朵颐的时候,谁会有空做这些事呢? /201410/337920







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