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A survey has revealed what both men and women think is the #39;ideal#39; number of sexual partners - and it is more than you might expect.日前,一项调查揭示了两性关于性伴侣的理想数字--而这个数字可能比你设想的大得多。The study by IllicitEncounters.com, a dating website for married people, found both sexes agreed that 12 was the perfect number of lovers to have had.《非法邂逅》网站(这是一个已婚人士约会网站)展开了这一调查,结果发现两性都认为12个前任是最完美的数字。Asked why a dozen partners was perfect, both sexes said it showed someone was #39;sexually adventurous, liberal and transient#39;.当问到为什么认为12个前任最完美时,两性都表示,这说明某人“在性方面爱冒险、自由无拘无束、不会过分痴缠”。Meanwhile someone who has had fewer than 10 partners is #39;too conservative#39; and #39;sexually inexperienced#39;, according to the research.与此同时,该研究还发现,前任少于10个的人可能“太保守”、“性经验不足”。On the other end of the scale, both men and women agreed that anything above 19 partners is a red flag, as they would consider the person to be #39;too selfish#39;, #39;difficult to please#39; or #39;too eager to jump from partner to partner#39;.而另一方面,两性都认为,有超过19个前任则是一个危险信号,因为他们认为这个人可能“太自私”、“难以取悦”、“太容易变心”。However there was disagreement between the sexes over how important it is to know a partner#39;s #39;magic number#39;.但是在关于知晓对方前任数量重不重要这一问题上,两性的分歧很大。Just 45 per cent of women said they would want to know how many people their partner had slept with, while 53 per cent of men would want to ask the question.只有45%的女性表示她们想知道自己的伴侣有过多少前任,而男性的这一比例则达到了53%。Christian Grant, spokesman for IllicitEncounters.com, said: #39;Men are a little more self-conscious when it comes to competition.#39;《非法邂逅》网站的发言人克里斯汀·格兰特表示:“当牵扯到竞争的时候,男性会更难为情。”#39;They want to be seen as the biggest and best; whether that stems from genuinely wanting to satisfy their partner or to massage their own ego is another matter entirely. Women on the other hand, they#39;re just happy to enjoy the moment, past experiences aside.#39;“男人都希望自己是最大、最棒的,有些可能真的是觉得要满足伴侣,有些则只是为了抚慰自己的自尊心。而另一方面,女性只是想抛开过去的经历,好好享受当下。” /201705/508656It was a beautiful, sunny, Spring day. I had just finished driving my daughter to the airport to catch an early morning flight.这是一个阳光明媚的美好春日。我刚刚开车送女儿去机场赶早班飞机。My sons and I then went to a fast food place for breakfast before heading back home.在回家之前,我和儿子们去一家快餐店吃了早饭。After eating we all got into the car and pulled out of the parking lot.进餐后,我们回到车里,并将车驶出停车场。The restaurant was at the very top of a hill. At the bottom of the hill was a stop sign so we found ourselves at the end of a long line of traffic waiting while the cars at the bottom turned onto the main road one at a time.餐馆在山顶,在山底有个禁止通行的标志,我们排在等待通行一条长队的最后面,而位于山底的车子每次只有一辆能开上主路。As I looked down to the bottom of the hill my eyes saw an elderly man standing by the stop sign.就在我向山下张望的时候,注意到一位长者就站在禁止通行标志的旁边。His clothes were old and worn. He held a cardboard sign with the words: Need Help Please! written on it.他衣衫褴褛,手举着写有“请帮帮我”的牌子。My heart went out to him and I imagined myself in his situation.我的心不由得被他牵动,想象着如果我是他面对这这样的处境会怎样。As car after car turned onto the road without stopping for him, I reached for my wallet to look for whatever cash was left in it.驶入主路的车辆并没有因为这位老人而停留,我寻摸着钱包,然后打开看看里面还有多少现金。As I was pulling it out of my pocket, though, I saw a young woman walk up to him along the side of the road.就在我把钱包从口袋里拿出来的时候,我看到一位姑娘朝着老人走去。She was carrying a bag full of take out food from the restaurant I was just at. I watched as the old man thanked the young girl and smiled as she reached in to give him a hug.她手上提着一袋食物,就是从我刚刚吃早餐的店里买的。姑娘走到老人跟前给了他一个拥抱,老人微笑着向姑娘道谢,这一切我都看在眼里。Suddenly a loud HONK! from the car behind me made me realize that I hadn#39;t been moving forward, because this simple choice for kindness had so captured my attention and my heart.突然我听到一声从后面车子传来的鸣笛声。刚才姑娘举手之劳的善意深深打动了我,我光顾着看了,忘了把车子往前开。By the time I reached the bottom of the hill both the man and lady who had helped him were gone. Yet, as I drove home the sun seemed to shine even brighter and Heaven felt a bit closer to Earth.当我的车子开到山下那位帮助老人的姑娘已经走了。当我开车回家的时候,太阳光变得更加一样了,天堂仿佛也离地面更近了。A choice is such a powerful thing. It can touch a heart and change a life. It can bring us closer to God and make Heaven smile. Each day we are given a thousand choices. May you make all of yours for kindness. May you make your whole life a choice for love, joy, and God.原来选择也是这么有力量的一件事情,它会直击内心,改变生活。让我们离上帝更近,让天堂微笑。每天我们要做上千个选择。愿你的每个选择都带着慈悲。愿你一生的选择都带着爱、愉悦和上帝的名义。 /201703/499380

1. It has been around a long time1.玉米糖历史悠久This irresistible candy was supposedly created by a man named George Renninger back in the 1800s. He worked for Wunderlee Candy Company and was the genius who concocted this spooky treat. Mr. Renninger, we salute you.这一难以抗拒的糖果可能是由19世纪的一位叫做乔治·瑞宁格尔命名的。他在万得利糖果公司工作,是调制出这一可怕美食的天才。我们向瑞宁格尔先生致敬。2. He was not the best at names2.玉米糖的名字并不很好As much as we love George Renninger for coming up with the candy, he did not exactly come up with the best name. When it was first manufactured, it was called “Chicken Feed” since it looked so much like corn kernels. Not exactly appetizing! Luckily, as the sales of the candy stalled, someone had the bright idea to make some adjustments and the name was changed to “Candy Corn”.虽然我们对乔治·瑞宁格尔做出的之一糖果喜爱有加,但是他并没有想出最好的名字。当玉米糖开始第一批的生产的时候,因为糖果看起来非常像玉米粒,所以叫做“家禽饲料”。并不是那么让人有食欲!幸运的是,随着糖果摊上的销售,有人想出了很好的主意来调整这一糖果的名字,后来就改名为“玉米糖”。3. We eat a ton of it3.我们吃了很多玉米糖Apparently, we are not the only ones who love candy corn. Over 35 MILLION pounds of it are made each year. That’s 9 BILLION pieces! Now we do not feel so bad about the hundred or so that we eat each year.很显然,喜欢玉米糖的人并不只有我们。每年玉米糖的产量多达3500万磅以上。那可是90亿块玉米糖啊!现在我们并不因为我们每年吃的100块糖左右感到伤心。4. It is full of sugar4.玉米糖富含糖分As if you didn’t know that, right? But did you know that 19 pieces equal 28 grams sugar? Now, exactly how many pieces did your kid eat last night? No wonder they had so much energy!就像你根本不了解玉米糖一样,对吧?但是你知道19块玉米糖相当于28克的糖吗?现在,你的孩子昨天晚上到底吃了多少块糖?难怪他们有那么多的精力呢!5. It has its own special day5.玉米糖有自己特殊的日子We love Candy Corn so much that it is actually earned its own holiday. October 30th is officially national Candy Corn Day and has actually inspired quite a few candy corn themed desserts that you should try.我们太喜欢玉米糖了,实际上还给它争取了一个节日。10月30日是法定的玉米糖节日,实际上还激发了许多你应该试一试的玉米糖主题甜点。 /201702/490321

8. Swing their tail from left to right8. 尾巴左右甩It shows confidence. They show their strength by walking majestically and swinging their tail from left to right. It is also a sign that they are within their territory.这是自信地表现。它们走路时充满威严,尾巴左右摇摆,以显示自己的力量。这也表示它们是在自己的地盘里。9. Shake a tail rapidly9. 尾巴快速摆动They do this when they are frustrated or are mad. They feel bad so it#39;s better to leave them alone. Be careful of an outburst: they may suddenly bite or scratch you.当它们沮丧或者生气的时候就会快速摆动尾巴。它们心情不好,所以最好让它们自己待着。要小心它们情绪爆发,它们可能会突然咬你或者抓你。10. Wave their tail in rhythm10. 尾巴有节奏地摇摆They do this sign when they are concentrated in order to catch their prey. They also do this when they are thinking something or pondering.当它们集中精神捕捉猎物的时候就会有节奏地摇尾巴。它们在思考的时候也会这么做。11. Wave their tail slowly side by side while sitting11. 坐着的时候缓慢地左右摆尾巴They do this when they are thinking what they should do. They also wave a tail like this when they cradle kittens.这是它们在思考准备要做什么。在哄小猫睡觉的时候它们也会这样摆尾巴。12. Wave the tip of their tail while laying down12. 躺下的时候摇尾巴尖They reply to you only with a tail because it is troublesome to wake up. It is like an amiable reply. It may also like a conditioned reflex.它们只用尾巴来搭理你,因为觉得起身太麻烦了。这是个友好的回应,也可能是条件反射。13. Snuggle their tail when being held13. 被抱起来的时候尾巴紧贴肚子They do this when they feel fear. When animals show their belly, it means they are showing their weakest point. They ;protect; themselves by hiding. On the contrary, it means they are confident if their tail is falling.它们感到害怕的时候就会这样做。露出肚子对动物来说就是把弱点暴露出来了,他们会把肚子藏起来来保护自己。相反,如果它们放下尾巴,就代表它们很自信。14. Shake their tail strongly when being held14. 被抱着的时候用力摇尾巴This sign shows that they don#39;t like being held. On the contrary, it means they are confident when they wave their tail slowly.这代表它们不喜欢被抱着。相反,如果它们慢慢地摇尾巴,就代表它们很自信。 /201705/507967

A man in the U.S. managed to cast off his drug habit after he found something even more alluring: Chinese web novels.最近美国一男子成功戒掉了毒瘾,原因是因为他找到了更让他上瘾的东西:中国网络小说。The books#39; unique content and imaginative plots rejuvenated the troubled man#39;s life, media reported.据媒体报道,网络小说里独一无二的内容和富有想象力的剧情让他重获新生。Kevin Cazad, a software programmer, resorted to drugs to alleviate his pain after breaking up with his girlfriend. Severe drug addiction caused him physical and mental pain, even threatening his life at times.凯文·卡扎德是一名软件工程师,自从和女友分手之后他便一直用毒品来麻痹自己。严重的毒瘾给他带来了身体和心灵上的双重痛苦,甚至多次威胁到了他的生命。But things changed in 2014, when Cazad first came across online Chinese literature.但是2014年事情出现了转机,当时凯文第一次邂逅了中国网络文学。;In the past, whenever I went home, all my attention was on drugs. But when I go home now, the only thing that occupies my mind is Chinese web novels. Like drugs, they can also become an addiction, but the difference is that they can#39;t harm your health,; Cazad told the Southern Weekly during an interview, adding that he used to finish five volumes of a popular Chinese web novel named ;Coiling Dragon; in a single day.凯文在一次采访中对《南方周末》表示:“以前不管什么时候回家,我的注意力都会集中在毒品上。但是现在,回家之后我脑子里想的唯一一件事就是中国网络小说。它们就跟毒品一样会让人上瘾,但是区别在于它们不会损害你的健康。”他还表示,自己之前甚至在一天的时间内就看完了五部《盘龙》。Cazad#39;s story shocked the author of the book, who told the Southern Weekly that he never expected so much enthusiasm from a foreign er.凯文的故事让这本书的作者都感到震惊,后者向《南方周末》表示,他从没想到过一位外国读者会如此痴迷他的作品。;Many ers have written letters to me, saying that my web novel reshaped their understanding of life. Some even attribute their achievements to inspiration they got from my books. It was like, are you guys kidding me?; laughed the writer, who goes under the alias ;I eat tomatoes.;该书的作者“我吃西红柿”大笑着说道:“许多读者给我写了信,说我的小说重塑了他们对生活的理解。有些人甚至把他们取得的成就归功于从我书中得到的灵感。你是在逗我吗?” /201703/500937

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