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[00:03.10]His cake is three times bigger than mine. 他的蛋糕比我的大三倍。[00:11.41]I am looking forward to your early reply. 希望早日得到你的答复。[00:19.65]I could say nothing but that I was sorry. 我除了说“对不起”之外,什么也说不出来。[00:29.05]I don't know how to express my gratitude. 我不知道怎样来表达我的感激之情。我要赶飞机[00:39.70]I have to catch a plane. Could you hurry?你能快点吗?我好久没有她的消息了。[00:48.38]I haven't heard from her for a long time. 我好久没有她的消息了。[00:56.08]I would like to wash the clothes for you. 我愿意帮你洗这些衣。[01:03.61]Let me see your driver's license, please. 请让我看看你的驾驶执照。[01:11.92]She goes to work every day except Sunday. 除星期天外,他每天去上班。[01:20.82]Take a seat please, make yourself at home. 请坐,随便一点。[01:28.63]The damage was caused by external forces. 损害是由外力引起的。[01:36.44]The doctor advised me to give up smoking. 医生建议我戒烟。[01:43.57]The flowers make the room more beautiful. 花使房间变得更加美了。[01:51.24]There is a good restaurant on the street. 那条大街上有一个很好的餐馆。[01:59.48]They covered 120 miles in a single night. 他们仅一夜就走了120英里路。[02:08.62]Try to look on the bright side of things. 尽量从好的方面看。[02:16.15]What's your plan for the summer vacation? 你暑假打算干什么?[02:23.49]You may pick whichever one you like best. 你可以挑你最喜欢的。[02:30.66]You're welcome to stay with us next time. 欢迎您下次再光临我们的饭店。[02:39.04]There was a murder in London yesterday. 昨天伦敦发生了一起谋杀案。[02:47.07]They stared at the huge tiger with awe. 他们敬畏地看着那头巨虎。[02:54.81]He never misses a chance to see a movie. 他从不错过看电影的机会。[03:03.13]I cannot put up with my noisy roommates. 我受不了我那些吵闹的室友了。[03:11.55]I will be back by the end of next month. 我下个月底会回来。[03:18.86]I'm good at freestyle and breast stroke. 我擅长自由泳和蛙泳。 /200810/53587

栏目简介:It has been a week since four sniffer dogs in Lujiazui retired and were adopted by local families. Our reporter Lin Yijing visited one of the retired sniffer dogs today and finds he is adjusting well to retirement. Article/201704/499917

新英语900句视频版 第18课:阅读与复习 文本如下:I think I#39;m falling in love with him. Oh, what am I going to do?我想我正与他谈恋爱了, 噢, 我怎么办?Could I be his wife?我能成为他的妻子吗?How long could I live in a little apartment on a poor street?我能在这穷巷小屋住多久呢?He#39;s an artist. He doesn#39;t think about money, but I do.他是个艺术家, 他不在乎钱的问题. 但是我在乎,I like life#39;s little luxuries.我喜欢一点奢华的生活,I like to buy pretty things -- new dresses and jewelry.我喜欢买一些漂亮的东西 -- 新的衣, 珠宝等.I could live without them, I guess, but... do I want to?没有这些固然可以生活, 我想; 但是我希望这样子吗?I guess I could always find a job. I could work in an office or I could teach Portuguese.我想我随时可以找到工作, 我可以在公司里工作, 或教教葡萄牙文.Or could I?我能吗?Maybe Mama is right. Maybe I couldn#39;t live on 88th Street.或许妈妈是对的, 说不定我无法在八十八街过下去,It#39;s a long way from home in Brazil.从这里到巴西太远了,Paulo wants to stay here, but Mama is going to go home soon.保罗希望留在这里, 只是妈就要回家了.She misses Papa and her life there.她怀念爸爸和在那里的生活,And what about me?而我呢?We could live six months here and six months there.我们可以在这里住个半年, 在那边住半年,No. That#39;s ridiculous.不行, 那太荒唐了,What am I going to do?我该怎么办呢?I love his eyes. Who knows?我喜欢他的见解, 谁知道?We all grow and change. Anything could happen.我们都会长大而改变的, 任何事情都可能发生.It#39;s not easy to be the mother of four children, take care of a house, and go to work.当有四个孩子, 又要照料家务, 又要出去工作的母亲是不简单的,I#39;m not complaining, though. Really I#39;m not.可是我不抱怨. 真的, 我不会抱怨.Bill has a good job, and he always works overtime to make as much as he can. But we can always use some extra money.比尔有好工作, 他时常尽可能的加班, 而我们也时常需要额外的钱,Four children eat a lot of food.四个孩子要吃的东西是很多的.I didn#39;t go to college. What could I do?我没读大学, 我能做什么呢?I was a mother at nineteen.我在十九岁的时候当了妈妈.I didn#39;t see much of the world then.因此我对这世界看到的并不多.The children are all in school now, and I want to do something new.现在孩子们都上学去了, 我希望做些新的事情,I#39;m not old yet. I want to live and learn and grow as much as I can.我还不老, 我要尽我所能的生活、学习和成长.This is my first job in eighteen years, and I love it.这是我十八年以来的第一个工作. 我喜欢它,I love to work with flowers. I want to learn about the business, too.我喜欢跟花一起工作, 我也要学习有关做生意的事.Someday, I#39;m going to own a shop like this one.有一天, 我自己将会拥有一间像这样的店.You know my brother, Ali, but you don#39;t know me.你知道我弟弟阿里, 但不认识我,I am Hussein M. Nikzad. I#39;m nine and a half.我是胡辛克萨德, 我九岁半,I am very strong for my age, and I#39;m very smart in school.我很健壮, 在学校里也相当聪明,All my teachers say so.我所有的老师都这么说.I do my homework, and I pay attention to my teachers.我做我的功课, 也听我的老师们的话,I like books. I all the time.我喜欢书, 所有的时间都在看书,I can add, subtract, multiply and divide.我能加、减、乘、除,I can and write English and Farsi,我能读与写英文和波斯语.and I know all about the heroes of my country.我晓得我的国家所有英雄的事,I am going to be famous, too.我也要成为著名的人物,I am going to build cities and roads and bridges and everything.我打算建造城市、道路、桥梁, 以及一切的一切.Ali is a strange kid.阿里是个奇怪的孩子,He thinks everyone is a Martian and ice cream vendors are secret agents.他认为每一个人都是火星人, 以为贩卖冰淇淋的人是密探.Why does he eat ice cream all the time?为什么他老是吃冰淇淋?Sometimes I think Father is right. Ali acts like a child all the time.有时候我认为父亲是对的, 阿里的行为始终像个小孩,He never could sit still.从来不曾安静下来过,He doesn#39;t listen to anyone.他不听任何人的话,He#39;s forgetting Farsi, too.他也逐渐忘了波斯语.What is he going to do next year in Iran?明年在伊朗他将做些什么呢?Ali hates me. It#39;s not my fault.阿里憎恨我, 那并非我的错,He hates me because I#39;m bigger and smarter, and I#39;m Father#39;s favorite.他恨我是因为我长得比较大也比较聪明, 而且我是爸爸所疼爱的,Father doesn#39;t say that, of course, but I know it.爸虽然不说, 但是我了解,And Ali knows it, too.当然, 阿里他也知道.But Ali#39;s okay, really.不过阿里真的也还好,Sure, sometimes he does crazy things,当然, 他有时候会做些疯狂的事来,but he#39;s not a bad kid.但是他不是个坏孩子. /200809/47289

His father, King Henry III, reigned for 56 years.他的父亲 亨利三世国王在位56年He#39;s not remembered for any stirring achievement or bloodsoak conquest,他一生既无赫赫功勋 也未曾暴虐征讨but Henry#39;s time on the throne was driven by a magnificent of session.但亨利在位期间 也曾试图励精图治He wanted to turn the monarchy into England#39;s dominant power.他想要将君主制 发展成英格兰的主导统治力量Henry#39;s great gift to the nation was more than just fine new church.亨利对国家的贡献 不仅仅是全新的大教堂Across the way, its secular counterpart was the great hall of the Palace of Westminster.教堂对面是其世俗的对等物 威斯敏斯特宫的大厅The Palace was both the seat of government and a residence for King Henry,这座宫殿同时充当着 政府办公厅与亨利王的住所who, unlike his Angevin ancestors,didn#39;t much like being in the settle.与金雀花王朝的先王们不同 亨利王不嗜安逸And the hall was a court in both the senses the word suggests,a place of judgement and a theatre of ceremony.这座大厅的功能恰如其称谓 既是审判庭 又是礼堂At Westminster, the king had to be seen to be magnificent,but the king had also to be seen to be just.在威斯敏斯特 国王的形象必须威严雄伟 同时还必须正义凛然Westminster may have been the creation of the monarchy,威斯敏斯特算得上是君主制的产物but it also belonged to England - a nation of laws,the nation of Magna Carta.但它同时属于英格兰 一个法治国家 《大宪章》之国 /201610/470245

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