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The emergence of Bitcoin and the growth of the Dark Web比特币的出现以及在暗网中的发展was now leading law enforcement in Washington使位于华盛顿的法律部门to take a close interest.开始对其密切关注Transactions in the Dark Web were unbelievably more enabled暗网中交易的可行性变高and in many cases could exist且其存在的主要原因都是because of this virtual currency known as Bitcoin.因为有这个叫比特币的虚拟货币So, as people started to take a look at Bitcoin所以人们开始认识比特币and understand, ;How do we regulate this, how do we monitor this?并意识到;我们要如何监管它 如何监控它;;Oh, my God! Its completely anonymous, we have no record,;;天哪 它是完全匿名的 我们没有任何记录;they started seeing他们开始发现transactions in the sort of the digital exhaust这种数字化排放中的交易that led them into Silk Road.带他们进入了丝绸之路And so, now you had criminal grounds因此 在有了犯罪理由后to start taking a look at this开始着手查看这个网站coupled with the movement再加上from the financial side and regulatory side金融方和监管方on the virtual currency.针对虚拟货币的行动So these two fronts began converging.这两个领域开始融合The FBI began to mount a complex plot联邦调查局开始设下一个局against the alleged lead administrator of Silk Road来对付这个声称是丝绸之路的领导者who used the pseudonym ;D Pirate Roberts;.他用了;恐怖海盗罗伯茨;的假名重点解释:1.because of 由于例句:I did not go to the cinema because of the intense cold.我因为严寒没出去看电影。2.take a look at 看一看; 检查例句:She was greatly tempted to take a look at it.她非常想看一看。3.be coupled with 和 ... 联合(结合)例句:Her name was coupled with his.她的名字与他的连在一起。201703/500830。

TED演讲视频:纸风光舞之乘着纸 风和光舞蹈舞编Aakash Odedra患有诵读困难,他一直觉得动作是他表达的最佳方式。“私语”是他对该体验的歌颂。让我们看他旋转着穿越风暴中央的同时,书本里的纸张在他周围飞扬。201705/509300。

On 30th September, a report of the kings renunciation was to parliament,在9月30日 国王放弃王位的报告 在议会被宣读gathered under the angels of Richards magnificent roof.众人齐聚在理查那用天使装饰的宏伟屋顶下The lords were asked to acclaim Henry Bolingbroke,贵族们被要求承认亨利·林布鲁克Earl of Hereford, Duke of Lancaster, as King Henry IV,which they did to cries of, ;Yes, yes, yes.;赫里福德郡伯爵 兰开斯特公爵为国王亨利四世 他们只好呼喊 ;遵命 遵命;Richard, the divine prince no longer, was spirited away and imprisoned in Pontefract Castle.理查脱去神圣君王的光环 被悄悄带走 并监禁于庞蒂弗拉克特城堡Most likely he was starved to death,a horrible way to end, but one which ensured no compromising marks of assault on his body when it was given a public burial.他很可能由于饥饿而死 生命终结得很惨烈 但在公开下葬之时 身体上并没有被虐待的痕迹Now, oddly enough, it was Henry who orchestrated this big funeral,讽刺的是 正是亨利国王 精心策划了他的盛大葬礼a pre-emptive strike against any conspirators out there who might imagine that Richard could be rescued and restored to the throne.对于那些认为他会获救 并且重登王位的反叛者来说 是先发制人的一击It was Bolingbrokes son, Henry V,who had the body of King Richard buried in Westminster Abbey.林布鲁克的儿子 即亨利五世 将理查国王的遗体 埋葬于威斯敏斯特教堂Perhaps Henry wanted to put the charge of murder,as well as its victim, to rest.也许亨利想将弑君的罪行 与受害者的创伤 慢慢平息He must have hoped somehow that in his reign,the wounds of the contending parties might be healed,but it was not to be.他希望于自己在位期间 抚平敌对双方的伤口 但实则不然 /201612/482647。

Listen, you have to understand just cause youre a human being听着,你要明白你虽然是人,doesnt mean youre entitled to be a successful entrepreneur.但并不意味着你有资格成为一名成功的企业家。They do what everybody else does in every genre.在各个行业,他们做得事和其他人一样。You want to be an NFL player,an NBA player, you try.你想成为一名NFL球员,一名NBA球员,那就试试youre not good enough,you do something else.做得不够好的话就做别的事。You want to be a famous actor, you go to LA, you wait tables,你想成为一个著名的演员,就去洛杉矶,等着机会you try to be on a show, it doesnt happen, you do something else.努力表演,没可能的话就做别的事。I dont know what they do.我不知道他们会做什么。Like, something else, but theyre not gonna build a million dollar business.就是一些其他事情,但他们不会建立一个百万美元的公司。Guys, do you know how many million dollar businesses are actually built that sustain?伙计们,你们知道多少个资产数百万美元的公司能够建立并确实维持下来?The data is not in our favor. And Im not trying to be cloudy in this sun.数据对我们不利。这并不是我消极。Im trying to save people, some money and some heartache and create some upside.我试图救赎人们,挽救一些财产,减少些心痛,创造些好处。This is just practicality. Like...its just data.这是事实。这只是数据。Were not talking about it and listen, a lot of you know my spiel.我们不是在谈论它,很多人知道我喋喋不休。Im not excited to talk about this.我不喜欢谈论这个。Im happy-go-lucky. Im positive. Im crushin, but Im fuckin telling you the truth.我是乐天派。我很积极。我很洒脱,但我要告诉你真相。Its just here right now listen, a lot of you know my spiel.刚刚在这的人听着,我又开始唠叨了。A lot of you have businesses that can actually be successful.你们的很多企业其实是可以成功的The problem is you have 17 employees when you should have five.问题是你应该有5名员工的时候却雇了17名。A lot of you have businesses that can be successful你的很多企业其实能成功,but you want to have a nice office, right, in SoHo instead of being somewhere shitty.但你想在苏豪区而不是恶劣的地方有一间很好的办公室,对吗?Right? A lot of you could have businesses that are successful对?你们很多人本可以创业成功,but you come to fuckin(censored) and waste time instead of building your business.但你却跑去(审查)浪费时间,而不是创业。Not that last part. That last part and all the other shit.这不是最后的部分,而是结尾部分和废话。Are you building a business? You better fuckin work tomorrow.你要开公司吗?你最好明天就去上班。And the only reason some of you will is cause its gonna rain 一些人这样做的唯一原因是认为今天下雨,Cause if it was like this today tomorrowyoud all be somewhere and thats just losing.如果今天明天都像现在这样,那么你早晚会找到自己的位置,这种想法很失败。And thats happening at scale.这也很普遍。How many 25-year-olds dont do the cool ideas on the projected thing that theyre gonna go buy themselves an office.多少25岁的人没有实现给自己买间办公室的想法。Of course and by the way, a good percentage of them are gonna win.当然,顺便说一句,他们中很多人是会赢的。I hope youre sitting there and getting mad at me我希望你们坐在这里,对我生气,and saying, ;Fuck this guy,;and I cant wait to get your emails并说,“他妈的这家伙,我不能迫不及待地想要你的电子邮件,saying, ;Oh you said I wasnt gonna win at (censored).写上:“哦,你说我做审查不会成功。”;I built a 0 million business.; Respect. Great.“但我建了一亿美元的公司。”我尊重你。你很伟大。I want that. I hope every fucking person looking at my face right now wins everything.我想要的就是这点,我希望每个在看着我的人都能赢得一切。Money, life, health, great. I want that more than anybody. Why not? Be the greatest.金钱,生命,健康,伟大。我比任何人都更想要得到那些,为什么不成为最伟大的人呢?I just think theres an enormous lack of practicality right now.我只是觉得现在不实际。Alright, lets move it in the positive direction. That was positive.好吧,让我们朝着积极的方向努力,这很乐观。That was the positive direction. More in the positive direction. That was the positive.那是积极的方向,更多的人在积极的方向上,这很乐观。Lets follow up on that and keep that train going.让我们来聊点积极的东西,I think thats positive instead of people pontificating here like, ;Yeah, were all gonna fucking do it.;我认为这是积极的,而不是人们站在这里喊“耶,我们都要做到。”201706/513790。

栏目简介:Increased competition in the beer market means the price of a bottle at local supermarkets is dropping. Yuan Chenyue tells us more.201704/499944。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201609/463924。

TED演讲集 那些匪夷所思的新奇思想201610/470017。

【视频讲解】On June 3rd, a train loaded with highly volatile crude oil derailed just outside the small town of Mosier in Oregons Columbia River Valley.6月3日,一辆装满高挥发性原油的火车,在俄勒冈州哥伦比亚河流域的莫西尔小镇外脱轨Volatile1. 易挥发的2. 变化无常的There have been riots before and the situation is volatile.先前一直就有暴乱,局势变化无常。3. 情绪不稳定的He accompanied the volatile actress to Hollywood the following year.他次年陪那个情绪反复无常的女演员去了好莱坞。Derail1. 脱轨2. 打乱 (原定计划)The present wave of political killings is the work of people trying to derail peace talks.现在的政治谋杀浪潮是那些试图破坏和平谈判进程的人所为。More than 40,000 gallons of crude spilled out of the train. Some burned away in a 14-hour long fire at the scene.超过4万加仑的原油从火车上倾泻而出。一些原油在现场燃烧了长达四个小时的大火中烧掉。spill out 泄露;He knocks the bucket over and all the water spill out.他撞翻了水桶,水全流出去了。Leak 渗漏Its thought a gas leak may have caused the blast.人们认为可能是煤气泄漏引起了爆炸at the scene 在现场He stated categorically that he was not at the scene of the crime.他一口咬定当时不在现场。Some got into the wastewater treatment system. And some of the spilled crude oil found its way into the nearby groundwater.一些原油进入了污水处理系统。而另外一些泄漏原油则流入了附近的地下水中。Crude1. 处于天然的或未经加工状态的rude, primitive, raw, rough2. 粗略的,Standard measurements of blood pressure are an important but crude way of assessing the risk of heart disease or strokes.标准的血压测量是评估心脏病或中风风险的一种重要却粗略的方法。3. 粗鲁地He hated it when she spoke so crudely.他讨厌她说话那么粗鲁。Crews with Union Pacific Railroad Company and the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality are now focused on getting that groundwater clean again.联合太平洋铁路公司以及俄勒冈州环境质量部门的职员现在将注意力转移到了地下水清理上。Crew1. 全体船员; 全体机务人员2. 一组工作人员...a two-man film crew making a documentary. …一个制作纪录片的两人摄制组。Theyre using a technique called ;biosparging,; which helps the naturally occurring microorganisms at the site consume the oil. The biosparging relies on pumping additional oxygen underground.他们利用了一种叫做“生物注气法”的技术,这种技术可以帮助现场存在的微生物消耗石油。“生物注气法”这种技术依靠的是注入地下的额外氧气。Biospargebio + sparge 生物喷洒Sparge 洒; 撒to sparge water on the street往大马路上喷洒清水;And this additional oxygen will cause the population of microbes to expand very quickly.“ Oregon Department of Environmental Quality project manager Bob Schwarz. ;So the more microbes, the more quickly the oil gets consumed.;“额外的氧气会导致微生物的数量迅速增长。”勒冈州环境质量部门的项目经理鲍勃#8226;施瓦茨说道。“所以微生物越多,石油消耗的速度也就越快。”Population1. 人口2. 种群Weve been talking about single cell or some subset of cells and propagating them so that you get a larger population of cells.我们说到了一个细胞,或者一组细胞进行繁殖以后,你就能得到数目可观的细胞floating population流动人口aging population老年人口;老化人口population explosion人口爆炸;人口激增population census人口普查Schwarz says its unclear exactly how much oil contaminated the groundwater.;Were measuring it in hundreds of parts per billion, with a b, so its a very small mass. But the levels are still high enough for us to have to clean it up.;施瓦茨表示,目前尚不清楚地下水中还有多少石油。“我们估计大约是十亿分之几百,所以,数量非常的小。但是,这对于我们来说,需要清理的量也是非常多的。”Contaminate 污染Have any fish been contaminated in the Arctic Ocean?北冰洋里有鱼受到污染了吗?clean up 清理,清除(污染物);We should clean up the dirty parts of the sea.我们应该清除海里的污染部分。Schwarz says the groundwater treatment system will likely continue for the next year. Meanwhile, trains will resume carrying oil through the area—a move that, according to Oregon Public Broadcasting, local fire chief Jim Appleton called ;insane; at the time of the accident.施瓦茨表示,地下水处理系统可能会持续至明年。同时,火车还会继续装载石油经过该区域,据俄勒冈州公共广播报道,当地消防队长吉姆#8226;阿普尔顿在事故发生时表示这举动“十分疯狂”。Resume(注意和assume词的差别!)重新开始After the war he resumed his duties at Wellesley College.那场战争之后,他恢复了在韦尔斯利学院的任职。Insane 疯狂的; 愚蠢的He asked me what I thought and I said, ;Listen, this is completely insane.;他问我是怎么想的,我说,“听着,这十分愚蠢。”201706/512628。

When they emerged from the vivats and incense,在欢呼喝 袅袅焚香中they were the french-speaking sovereigns of an enormous realm来自法语区的他们接管了幅员辽阔的帝国which stretched from the Pyrenees through to the vineyards of Gascony,自庇里牛斯山起 到加斯科尼的葡萄园along the cod-fish run coastal waters of Brittany,沿着鳕鱼丰富的布列塔尼海域over the Channel to England, along the length and bth of the country to the Welsh borders and the windy moors of Cumbria and Northumbria.跨过海峡直达英格兰 顺着整个威尔士边界 越过广袤乡村 止于坎布里亚和诺森布里亚 多风的原野And it was a perfect time to come into this colossal inheritance.继承如此庞大的财富 任谁都会欢欣喜悦For the mid-12th century really was the springtime of the middle ages.而十二世纪中叶 确实是中世纪的春天Literacy and learning were sping from the cathedral schools in Paris and Canterbury.文化的风潮始于巴黎 及坎特伯雷的教堂学校 迅速席卷开来Monasteries were being founded at a record pace,修道院如雨后春笋般建立起来and although they were supposed to be purged of worldliness,尽管它们应该是远离世俗的清静之地before long they were the engines of economic power,Producers of wool, master of the mills and rivers.而在很久以前 它们却是国家经济的带动者 羊毛的生产者 磨坊与河流的所有者So if this was indeed springtime, Henry and Eleanor had just got themselves the fattest and the ripest fruit.在那个春光明媚的时代 亨利和埃莉诺 刚刚摘得了最为成熟饱满的果实Its unlikely they ever thought of it as a true empire in the Roman sense of a single realm.他们并没有如同罗马统治者那样 视其为绝对统一的帝国Its many regions were treated separately,according to their customs.根据各地的习俗 很多地方也受到区别对待While Westminster was increasingly at the heart of administration,当威斯敏斯特逐渐地 成为权力机构的中心Rouen in Normandy, Chinon in Anjou and Poitiers in Aquitaine were just as important.诺曼底的鲁昂 安茹的希侬 阿基坦的普瓦捷也还是同样重要It was rather the greatest and grandest family estate in all christendom.这些不过是基督教国家中 最雄厚无匹的家族财产罢了That surely was enough to be going on with.当然也就足以应付一时 /201609/464624。