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遂宁市妇幼保健院烤瓷牙好不好成都镶牙专家Travellers to China worried that their view of the Great Wall will be obscured by Beijing’s pollution can rest easy with a “smog insurance” product being introduced this week.前往中国的游客如果担心长城风景可能受到北京污染的影响,那么本周推出的“雾霾险”产品有望让他们安心。“Smog insurance” is the latest response to choking air pollution in China and follows efforts that include closing industrial plants and do-it-yourself air filter specialists dispensing advice online.“雾霾险”是对中国令人不敢呼吸的空气污染的最新回应,之前的努力包括政府勒令工厂停产,以及DIY空气过滤器专家在网上提供咨询。Panasonic, the Japanese electronics group, said last week it would offer a pollution bonus to expatriate employees working in China.日本电子集团松下(Panasonic)上周表示,将向外派至中国工作的非中国籍员工提供污染奖金。Li Keqiang, Chinese premier, declared a “war on pollution” in his annual speech to the legislature in March. Only three Chinese cities meet national air quality standards, two of which are on islands.中国总理李克强3月在全国人大年会上发表讲话时,宣布“向污染宣战”。中国只有三个城市达到国家空气质量标准,其中两个位于岛上。CTrip, an online travel agent, and Ping An, the state-owned insurance company, have teamed up to offer “smog insurance” to travellers and residents in seven cities plagued by smog. The scheme pays out when the air quality index, or AQI, exceeds set levels for two days in a row.在线旅游代理携程(CTrip)和国有保险公司平安(Ping An)联手推出“雾霾险”,面向受到雾霾困扰的7个城市的游客和市民。该产品将在空气质量指数(AQI)连续两天超过设定水平时作出赔付。A week of the index being over 300, a level deemed hazardous at prolonged exposure, yields the policy holder a free lung check while those who need hospitalisation because of it would receive Rmb1,500 (0).如果空气质量指数持续一周高于300(被视为长时间接触有危险的水平),保单持有人将得到一次免费的肺部检查,而污染导致需要住院接受治疗的保单持有人将得到1500元人民币(合240美元)。If pollution exceeds the charts, as happened this winter in the northern city of Shijiazhuang for several days, policy holders can compete for a free trip to the subtropical island of Hainan to “clear their lungs”.如果污染达到“爆表”水平(北方城市石家庄在这个冬天有好几天出现这样的情况),保单持有人有机会获取海南“洗肺”旅游。It is not unknown for cities in northern China to see pollution in hazardous levels for a week at a time, particularly in the winter. But Ping An is on safer ground in the springtime, when breezes and bright skies tend to keep the AQI within more comfortable limits.在冬季的华北城市,危险级别的污染持续一周的情况并非罕见。但春天意味着平安保险较有把握:微风和明媚的天空往往使空气质量指数保持在比较舒适的范围内。Haikou, the capital of subtropical Hainan Island, Zhoushan, on an archipelago south of Shanghai that consists of 1,390 islands and 1.1m inhabitants, and Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, were the only three to meet national standards in a survey of 74 of the largest cities, the vice minister for the environment said this month.中国环保部副部长本月表示,全国74个城市的全年监测结果显示,仅3个城市达到空气质量二级标准。这3个城市是:海口(地处亚热带的海南岛的首府)、舟山(上海以南的一个群岛,共有1390个岛屿和110万居民),以及西藏首府拉萨。The air quality index assesses the level of air pollution with a grading system from 0 to 500. The higher the value, the more polluted the air and the greater the health concern: 50 represents good air quality with little potential to affect public health and over 300 is well within the hazardous range.空气质量指数采用从0到500的数值来评估空气污染水平。该值越高,空气污染就越严重,健康担忧就更大: 50代表空气质量状况属于优,不致影响公众健康,而超过300就进入危险范围了。The air in Beijing on Thursday was rated “good” by the US embassy and “excellent” on the Chinese index.周四,北京的空气被美国大使馆评为“良好”,被中国的指数评为“优”。 /201403/281252四川齿科医院哪个好 As scalpers offered smuggled new iPhones in front of an Apple store in Beijing on Thursday, a day before the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were officially to go on sale in mainland China, two men seated on a nearby bench arranged on the floor before them an iPhone 5s, an iPhone 6 and a string of six apples — all attached to leashes. One of the men had just taken a bite out of each of the apples.在iPhone 6和iPhone 6 Plus在中国大陆正式发售的前一天,黄牛们周四正在北京一家苹果店门前兜售走私得来的新款iPhone。而附近长椅上坐着的两个男人,却在他们面前的地上摆放了一部iPhone 5s,一部iPhone 6,和一串苹果——它们都被绳拴着。这两个男人中的一个刚才在每个苹果上都咬了一口。Passers-by, and even the scalpers, were instantly riveted. They gathered around and tossed out questions. But the two men just smiled and said nothing. They wanted to maintain the suspense as they prepared to take the iPhones and apples for a walk at Taikoo Li, a shopping center in the city’s trendy Sanlitun district.过路的人,甚至那些黄牛,都立刻被吸引了。它们纷纷围过来,丢出各种问题。但是那两个男人微笑着,什么都没有说。他们想保持一份悬疑——他们准备在北京潮人地带三里屯的一家名叫太古里的购物中心,遛这两部苹果手机和那些苹果。It was all part of a performance artwork the two men, the artists Han Bing and Hui Li, planned to satirize consumers’ hunger for the newest iPhones and encourage reflection on urbanites’ addiction to smartphones in general, said Mr. Han, who came up with the idea.这是艺术家韩冰和翚力的一个行为艺术作品。据设计出这个构想的韩冰说,这件作品是为了讽刺消费者对于最新iPhone的渴求,以及引发都市人对智能手机上瘾的反思。But they were forced to abort their plan before they could even begin their apple walk. Members of the management staff at the shopping center approached and asked them to leave, setting off a squabble that soon turned into a vigorous debate between the staff members and bystanders defending the artists.但是他们这次在还没开始遛苹果之前,就被迫放弃了计划。购物中心的管理人员走上前来,叫他们离开,引起了一场口角,并很快演变成了一场管理人员和持这两位艺术家的旁观者之间的激辩。“Why should we leave?” Mr. Han asked.“我们为什么要走?”韩冰问。“Just leave,” said a uniformed staff member. “What do you mean by placing these objects on the floor?”“你们就走吧,”一位身穿制的管理人员说。“你们把这些东西放地上什么意思?”“It’s a game,” Mr. Han answered.“就是玩儿的,”韩冰回答道。“Then play the game somewhere else,” the staffer said.“那上别处玩儿去,”那位管理人员说。“But this is public space,” Mr. Han said. “I can do whatever I want in here as long as I’m not blocking traffic or disturbing the peace. I don’t think I’d even be stopped if I did this in Tiananmen Square.”“但是这里是公共区域,”韩冰说。“我在这儿做什么都可以,我又没有阻塞交通,又没有破坏社会秩序。我到天安门去遛都不会有人管我。”“Then go do it in Tiananmen Square and find out,” the staffer said.“那你去天安门遛去试试吧,”管理人员说。“I never got stopped when I walked objects in other countries,” Mr. Han said.“我在国外遛东西从来没有人阻止我,”韩冰说。“This is China,” countered the staffer, who later threatened to call the police.“这是中国,”管理人员反驳道。他随后威胁报警。A group of bystanders intervened.一群围观者加入了辩论。“What’s wrong with you?” one man asked the staffer. “They were just having fun. Everyone was orderly until you guys showed up. Look who’s causing the trouble.”“你怎么回事啊?”一个男人问那位管理人员。“他们就是玩儿。你们来之前大家的秩序很好。所以你看看到底是谁在制造麻烦呢?”“It’s only art! It’s because of people like you that China has no imagination!” shouted a woman, as Apple personnel gathered near the entrance of the store and watched.“他们就是搞艺术!就是因为有你们这样的人,中国才没有想象力!”一个女人喊道。苹果店员在店门口处聚集,围观这一场面。In the end, Mr. Han and Mr. Hui left. Dragging the leashed iPhones and apples, the two walked out of the shopping center, tailed by a group of management staff members and turning many heads.最后,韩冰和翚力离开了。他们拖着iPhone和苹果走出了购物中心,一组管理人员尾随着他们,回头率甚高。“In this country, whenever you do something different, it becomes political,” Mr. Han said as he walked along the street.“在这个国家就是,只要你做的和他们不一样,这就是政治,”韩冰在路上走时说道。According to the original plan, Mr. Han, who was walking the iPhones, was to have played the role of a “gaofushuai,” Chinese for “tall, rich and handsome.” The term is commonly used by young Chinese to refer to men who have it all, and presumably can easily afford the new iPhones. Mr. Hui, by contrast, was to drag the bitten apples in the role of a “diaosi,” a slang term for a loser. A diaosi can only afford actual apples, not the high-tech ones.按照原本的计划,韩冰负责遛iPhone,演“高富帅”的角色。这个词常被中国的年轻人用来指代那些什么都有的男人,可以想见,他们也可以轻易买下新款iPhone。翚力则负责遛那些被咬过的苹果,演一个“屌丝”,一个指代人生输家的俚语词。屌丝只买得起真苹果,却买不起那些高科技的“苹果”。Mr. Han said the performance was intended to ridicule how Chinese people have embraced iPhones as status symbols, as if one could become a gaofushuai merely by having the newest model.韩冰说,这件艺术作品也是讽刺中国人把iPhone当成身份的象征,好像买了最新的iPhone就能跻身高富帅行列。The iPhone craze has continued unabated in China since the smartphones’ third generation entered the mainland market in 2009.中国的iPhone热潮在这款智能手机的第三代于2009年进入中国大陆市场后,就一直热度不减。Mr. Han said he also intended a commentary on people’s over-reliance on smartphones. They are never not attached to their phones, he said, just as he was while leashed to the iPhones.韩冰说,他还想指出人们过度依赖智能手机的问题。他们无时无刻不和他们的手机在一起,他说,就像他牵着iPhone遛一样。“People take their iPhones with them wherever they go,” he said. “They communicate only through their phones, even when there are people face to face with them.”“现在的人不管去哪儿都带着手机,”他说。“他们只用手机交流,哪怕有人面对面和他们在一起。”“The smartphones have become a bodily organ,” he said. “They have changed every single aspect of our lives, emotionally and mentally.”“手机已经成了人的一个器官了,”他说。“它们改变了我们生活的每一个层面,情感的,认知的。”This was not the first time Mr. Han had walked something that does not walk on its own. He has been walking cabbages on a leash in public for more than a decade to explore people’s relationship to objects. “I’ve walked a lot of things — cabbages, bricks, even coal briquettes,” he said.这不是韩冰第一次遛自己不会走的东西。他已经在街头遛白菜超过十年了,借此探索人与物的关系。“我遛过很多东西——白菜啊,砖头,还遛过煤球,”他说。In an earlier interview he had said: “Now people are driving fancy cars like the BMW. They live with their cars every day. In some ways, it’s the same thing as my cabbage and I.”在一个早些时候的视频采访中,他说:“很多人开宝马啊,豪车嘛,他们每天与这个车相依为命,其实某种意义上讲它和我和白菜是一个道理。”Sitting by the roadside after being forced out of the shopping center on Thursday, he elaborated.在周四被迫从商场出来后,他坐在路边,继续阐释。“I’ve walked cabbages, and people say I’m insane,” he said. “But nobody says people are insane when they drive their cars.”“我遛白菜,他们说我疯了,”他说。“但是他们开车,就没人说他们疯了。”“Like the people who stopped me just now. I walked my iPhones. That might be my daily, normal behavior. But my normal behavior is unacceptable to him,” he said of the shopping center management.“像刚才那些不让我在那里的人。我遛iPhone,这是我的日常行为。但是我的日常行为是他不能接受的,”他说,指那些购物中心管理人员。Mr. Han paused and lowered his eyes. He said he had been emphasizing his freedom.他停顿了一下,低下眼睛。他说他想强调的是自由。“But freedom is not the ultimate goal. Freedom itself is an empty concept. What we’ve been striving for is actually a sense of ease and comfortableness,” he said.“但是自由本身并不是一个目标。自由它是一个虚无的概念。我们想要争取的其实是自然自在,”他说。“We only think of freedom when we are fettered, don’t we?”“只有你身上有枷锁的时候,你才会想到自由,对吧?” /201410/336838四川中西医结合医院种植牙口腔

成都泰坤堂看补牙镶牙四环素牙怎么样好吗Chinese stockpiles of agricultural commodities have hit historically high levels, complicating efforts to phase out a policy of state buying without causing a steep fall in prices, according to Beijing’s most senior agricultural adviser.按照中国政府最资深农业顾问的说法,中国农业大宗商品库存达到历史高位,这让政府很难做到在不导致价格大幅下跌的前提下逐步取消国家收购政策。Government buying of cotton, wheat, corn, soya, sugar and rice at above market prices has encouraged farmers to grow strategic crops. But the practice has led to bloated warehouses, smuggling and an increase in cheaper imports.近年政府以高于市场的价格买入棉花、小麦、玉米、大豆、糖和大米,这种做法鼓励农民种植具有战略重要地位的农作物。然而,这也导致了库存过高、走私行为、以及相对廉价的进口商品的增长。China has amassed 60 per cent of the world’s cotton stocks, prompting an announcement by Beijing last year that it would release its cotton holdings.目前,中国的棉花库存占全球60%。这一局面促使中国政府在去年宣布,它将释放其棉花库存。The bigger the stockpiles grow, the harder it is for the government to extricate itself. Dumping the glut into the market would reverberate through the international sector because China has become a large buyer of agricultural commodities.库存增长得越高,政府脱身的难度就越大。由于中国已经成为农业大宗商品的大买家,将过剩商品投入市场,会在国际市场引发震荡。Policy makers fear that releasing inventories would depress prices and push farmers towards more lucrative cash crops, increasing reliance on imports.中国政策制定者担心,释放库存会抑制作物价格,促使农民转向更有利可图的经济作物,从而增加对进口的依赖。China’s grain harvest has risen every year for more than a decade, as high prices have encouraged farmers to grow strategic crops. But costs have remained high and the agricultural sector is uncompetitive compared with other countries.由于高价格鼓励了战略性作物的种植,10多年来中国谷物收成年年增长。然而,中国的农作物种植成本居高不下,农业部门的竞争力弱于其他国家。“Since last year we haven’t raised the minimum price [for wheat and rice]. That sends a signal to the farmers,” said Chen Xiwen, director of the office of the central rural work leading group, at a press conference to explain rural policies for the year.在解释今年农村政策的记者会上,中央农村工作领导小组办公室主任陈锡文表示,中国政府自去年以来没有提高小麦和稻谷的最低收购价,此举向农民发出了信号。By capping the state-set minimum purchase price as costs rise, the government hoped to bring it into line with market prices, Mr Chen said. But the steep drop in oil prices meant growers should still have comfortable margins this year, he added. “We just want it to stabilise — that’s all.”陈锡文表示,通过在成本攀升的同时封顶政府设定的最低收购价,中国政府希望让收购价靠拢市场价格。不过,他补充说,油价的暴跌意味着今年农民们仍可达到较高的利润率。“我们只是希望价格稳定下来——这就是我们的目的。” /201502/358436成都市牙科诊所哪家好 成都牙齿正畸需要费用

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